Thursday, May 03, 2012

Violating the office and position

I want to point out that the very vocal anti American clowns at OWS who don military and police uniforms at political events are violating US laws. There are numerous laws agaainst this behavior and people like Ray Lewis and Shamar Thomas should be prosecuted.

A mentally deranged Thomas was viewed on tape screaming and foaming at NYPD officers who were remarkably restrained durring his temper tantrums. The media portrayal of the event could not be further from the truth. This was the case of a publicity seeking imbecile abusing his former status as a member of the military to aid and abet Communists and Anarchists seeking to provoke the NYPD and ordinary NYC resdents into violent counter reactions to their provokations.

The script is familiar and really fools nobody who is familiar with the thugs, losers and morons of OWS.  A police officer is provoked by lawless behavior and the cameras film screeching protesters screaming about police brutality. Did you see what happened ten minutes before the film? Do you ever see this or hear about abusive behavior.

Was Shamar viewing actual Police brutality when he made his well rehearsed rant? No. The rant of Shamar was a well rehearsed publicity stunt. The fact that a deranged nut was allowed to abuse NYPD officers in a well rehearsed rant says much about the actual restraint of NYPD.

OWS is not spontaneous nor is it leaderless except in the demented minds of the MSM amen chorus. In fact there were areas of Zuccoti Park that its members tried to illegally close off from the public where the strategy of media manipulation and tactics are discussed. 

Maybe Shamar and Ray Lewis could find some more people in uniforms and sing a few protest songs. There probably are a few actual construction workers and bikers with too much free time. All that is missing is a person dressed up as an Indian and they have mocked the Village People.

The Village People were gainfully employed skilled performers who brought enjoyment to many these words do not describe the mentally unstable Thomas and the attention whore Lewis. Thomas appears to have been in logistics and descriptions of his decorated service are exagerated. He might have done a partol here or there. We thank him for his service and he is free to protest without his uniform and would appreciate if he took his meds and found gainful employment..

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Ducky's here said...

You must love Bloomberg's stop and frisk policy.

The only thing being exaggerated is the volume of paper you push. Tough to fill out the forms while you're subjecting your co-workers to a constant barrage of surf music.