Saturday, May 28, 2011

Darkest before the dawn

I look back and am amazed at where I am today. I have never been happier than spending time with my daughter, the Sprite and the little Maltese. I bought some chicken breast from the butcher for the little guy.

I spent my birthday with my daughter remembering a different world I lived in. Maybe the greatest mistake we ever did was allow lefties to denigrate motherhood and make the stay at home mom seem irrelevant.

I lived in a world where mom was always there. The Sprite's mom works nights so going to the play ground is a treat even if it is with dad.

The new world is not better than my era. The video games are better but the music is dreadful and the TV is not as good as Happy Days, All in the Family and Kojak. The era where all the kids had a sibling or two has been changed to only child.

Are we better off today than in the 80's or 70's? I don't think so. The Obama economic mess has good people doing nothing. The workplace is nastier than its ever been if you have a job.

Yet in spite of everything I am happier than ever being a father was not something that I thought

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Editrix is correct

Today is my birthday. It is also thye birthday of John Wayne, James Arness and Guyana. I am celebrating with the Sprite and the little Maltese at the Greek Place on Lefferts.

In bizzarre news that did not make the MSM Guyana arested a spokesman from the NOI on terrorism and drug charges and let him go. Akbar Muhammed was released and has not decided if he will ever return to Guyana. If hedoes not return the nation of Guyana is improved by his absence.

Compare the lack of news to Israel not allowing genuine apologists for terrorists into its borders such as Finky. No doubt Gnome Chimpanzee neeeds similar treatment for his delusions of relevance. Havel spent years in jail and the Chimpanzee spent his time in the faculty lounge upset that a peasant might have looked at his parking space.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hard to say good bye

I find it hard to say goodbye to a close family friend that knows me my entire life. It is in many ways harder to lose a neighbor like that than a relative you see whenever.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

French Buffonery

The French have discovered that the food in Rikers Island is not high quality. Jail is not meant to be a four star resort. No doubt the verminous politician will likely pay off the victim who will disappear from view. Of course buying justice is okay when the sexual predator is a socialist.

The nation of France should hold its head in shame for the media treatment of the victim who just happens to be an African Immigrant with AIDS from French West Africa.
Perhaps there are those on the left who view themselves as neo royalty free to abuse the poor peasants as they prattle on about "social justice" in the name of the poor with whom they know less than zero about. These far left imbeciles may actually talk to their exploited cleaning lady, but that is about it.

The French left seem to think that they have a monopoly on enlightenment. Sorry, but I will take no lectures from the deluded European Salonistas who need to return to their alcoholic stupor while the rest of us live real lives.

May this criminal rot in jail and hopefully get a nasty case of AIDS from the woman he assaulted.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Future

In reality the notion of retiring in the 60's for people other than the military and police needs to go unless there is a clear health issue. The time to raise the retirement age and fix the pension rot is now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Media BS

The sex criminal politician just happens to be a SOCIALIST. Now whenever a scandal real or imagined has anything to do with the GOP the papers place GOP all over the place.He was exploiting the working class far worse than the capitalist owners. Why does a self absorbed egomanical Socialist need to stay in a luxury hotel. What sort of idiots place a fiscal illiterate in charge of the IMF?

Socialists should never be allowed near banks, young children and small animals.

I returned from the Bronx Zoo with the Sprite. She is not easy to travel with and rushed me through everything. The Madagascar Exhibit was amazing but she pushed me through this visual wonder in less than ten minutes. The World of Darkness closed due to budget cuts. I am hoping they build something like the Madagascar exhibit with Indonesia in mind or a huge Amazon themed building like the one in DC in its place. The world of Darkness was revolutionary in its time and I always enjoyed it. However, it has not held up over the years. The World of Birds also needs a makeover.

I am also disappointed in that there were no Aligator Snapping Turtles on display.

The Sprite had her face painted to look like a butterfly. Apparently she has something against the undead. Perhaps we can make a spoof dawn of the Undead Marxists for next Halloween.

Number 45 is next week. It will also be fathers day. Having a young daughter, great friends, a small Maltese, a great job and a wonderful family has given me pause to be thankful. Many good people are suffering from the Obama economy. At this point he has done little to create jobs other than massage his ego.

Osama was great about how about jobs.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Was a certain Indian in the Village People

Non white, white supremacist Dr Yeagley was not the Indian in the Village People. To the best of our insider sources there was no gourd dancing in Studio 54 between long lines of cocaine and talks with Andy Warhol.

Happy Mothers Day

I want to wish all the mothers out there a happy mothers day. The wishes do not extend to the usual suspect Marxist mother somethings who need to join Osama on a deep sea cruise.

From Beamish & Beakerkin Studios a new video game for the kiddies. Grand Theft Cooking Mama. Steal Vehicles and run over dinner with late model trucks. Steal your neighbors food and deep six the guy who burns your toast.

Order your copy today.

Cameos of Mr. Beamish, Beakerambo and The Anti Semitic Poutry included

Actually, I started a riot at my local Gamestop. Several kids were asking for Grand Theft Cooking Mama. They like the idea of Rex the Maltese as a secret charachter who chews your toes off if his turkey is not made well.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Military does its job no matter who is in office

The US military does its job no matter who is in office. The media has largely been silent about the Obama administrations increased use of drone strikes.

The Obama saga raises many questions about Pakistan. It is inconceivable that the government had no clue where Osama was. Pakistan needs to produce Dr. Zawaheri and Muhlah Omar yesterday. There needs to be congressional hearings onto the topic of who in Pakistan protected and sheltered Osama.

At some point the civilized world needs to have a serious conversation with Muslims and their leftist agitators. The era where mindless slaughter of civilians as a publicity stunt is over. There is zero excuse or rationalization for this activity and its continuation stigmatizes Muslims everywhere. The leftist rationalization of these war crimes is a willing accomplice to the mayhem that is a cancer for society.

Lefties like to pretend that the government of Syria, Lybia and yes post Nasser Egypt have nothing to do with Arab Marxism. The truth is that the age of mindless lefties pushing Arab rage against Jews does not get Abdul a job. If Abdul and Fatima have jobs and are working then there is no time for anticivilization mindless hate preachers to spread mayhem. Of course creating jobs in the Arab world is a tall order, but future peace depends on it.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Media morons

I have been on record opposing the claims of the birthers. I have not seen the names of the doccument experts or qualifications of those who have proclaimed this doccument genuine. In the past I have been hostile to birthers as some of them are indeed racist.

The doccument has anomolies that do warrant a full investigation at the document lab.
The term African was not used in 1961. This could bwe a clerical oddity or something greater. The self proclaimed media experts have zero qualifications in this area. This is done by a narrow team of professionals from an original in a lab.

Sorry, just as the birthers can't wish a doccument fake, the Obama labotomy media serfs can't wish it real without forensic examination. Given the anomoly this doccument does need further review.

My daughter visited the Greek place twice. I expected a disaster but she ate waffles with fruit and had fries and a grilled cheese sandwich the next day. The owner and waitresses took special care of her.

Onto fast food news.

The UTZ Crabseasoned Potato Chips are out. Every year a good buddy tries to find them
and usually succeeds. I bought six bags. Also of note are the amazing Honey BBQ Cheese Doodles. My daughter loves those.

Given the choice between fast food and the Greek Dinner I choose the latter. I like spinach pie and mousaka. However with a Hindu daughter I won't be seeing the latter.

On personal news I won a commendation for my service. Those whom I talk to off line know which communities reccomended me for the award. Remember officers are heroes and bird brained Marxist doodlers may only dream of being relevant.