Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You Daily News

In the early days of this blog we had an unusually stupid far left gay Dane living in the UK lecturing people about the USA, Israel and so forth. One comedic rant was about the numbers of gays killed in NYC exceeded the total murders in London. This was shown to be worthy of comedy central. Especially comedic were his odd claims that the PA was gay friendly based upon his travels when in fact gay Pseudostinians flee to Israel regularly. There were strange claims that all the gays executed in Iran were guilty of something else. Justin had some fun with his series of comedic rants about justice in China vs the USA.

The Daily News reported that gays are fleeing Jamaica to come to NYC. This is a fact that anyone who works in the immigration field in NYC would be aware of. The cliche left would have one think that Jamaica is fine based upon trips to posh resorts where the locals are segregated in a manner that is reminiscent of a plantation punctuated by trips to markets where corrupt police are all over the place. There is some scary hatred of gays in the West Indies and in Africa. The odd claim that it is religious conservatism is pure hot air. The governments of Jamaica have been on the left and have not done much.

We will all be in a better place when we adopt the Beakerkin "who cares" attitude.
Baseless prejudice against anyone for an entirely private matter is wrong. That being said the rants of people being victims of AIDS is a bit much. AIDS is a tragic
situation but then again so is cancer and heart disease and so forth. The same people that have zero sympathy for smokers who develop health problems will wax on about the noble virtues of AIDS patients.

Lets show everyone who is ill respect without the moral rants.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Protests are good except when the Tea Party does it non violently

The usual self righteous lefties are quick to point to every fringe racist in the almost entirely peaceful Tea Party protests. A person allegedly uses the N word surrounded by tons of cameras that can not corroberate ther story and Barney Frank is called a gay slur and the media is in over drive.

As noted before the leftists marches are Marxist led and frequently violent. Of course the self righteous fools on the left even the responsible folks at Harry's Place are quick to point out they share the goals but are upset by manipulation of a mass movement.

Lets also not pretend Khadafy and Assad are anything other than Marxist hack governments. When Syria kills or Hamas kills fellow Psuedostinians the left yawns.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farakhan Sells Out Obama and Blacks Over the Dollar

Screwy Louie is at it again. One really should not expect much from a loon whose brain has spent a lifetime in neutral. However, his latest rant at Obama on behalf of his friend Khadafy who he tried to seek cash from is low even by his nadir standards. Then again while Arabs were butchering and enslaving Blacks in Sudan, he was ranting about Jews as usual.

The Obama administration should find out if he has acquired any money from the Libyan madman and declare Farakhan an enemy agent. A nice investigation into the finances of Screwy Louie who should not be confused with the benign nephews of Donald Duck is warranted.

The claim that the bigotry of Farakhan and Pastor Wright is somehow acceptable because it addresses Black self help or has Marxist undertones in the case of Wright is in error. No doubt there are those who make similar idiotic claims about folks like Amren or the KKK. Neither group is socially acceptable.

Off to spend a weekend with my beloved family. I celebrated Phagua last week and found myself covered in dyes. My daughter in law is due to give birth any day now.
The daughter in law is the most functional of the adult relatives.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lybian Mess

Obama seems to finally have done something with Hillary leading the charge. The problem is as he is hostage to the idiotic world views of imbeciles like his mentor
Frank Davis we can expect no plan. The notion that a military action led by the UK or France is somehow more acceptable to the Arabs and the demented left is failed logic. While we certainly want to see the crazy Col. leave, his good friend Hugo is guuilty of similar crimes and should be next.

The big domino is Syria and if that goes the Assad family will be brutal. The Alawite clique knows that they will be massacred in any revolution and they will fight much harder and with more disregard for the public than the goofy Col.

Maybe if we offer the Crazy Col a set of KFC franchises he will step down. Khadafy Fried Chicken does have a nice ring.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Attending to family

My mother is out of the hospital and is home. The surgery went better than expected.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mess in the Globe

My sympathies go out to the people of Japan. No doubt many people have suffered from
the terrible tragedy. The people of Japan will rebuild and flourish because they are a normal society run by responsible adults. It will take for longer for the Cuban people to overcome the ineptitude of Castro than the disaster in Japan.

Once again the Pseudostinians by their behavior show why they are not fit for self rule. It would be wrong to blame an entire people for the actions of a depraved killer.Such tragedies do take place in the USA. However, one does not see people handing out sweets after such a wantonly crime against human nature. The reality is most of us do not have the capacity to stab young children to death. This is because most of us by nature of our common humanity are programmed to protect children. The actions of these terrorists once again shows how radical Islam and Communism violate human nature. Of course the Duck will pretend that commies killing Kulaks or whomever is just an aberration that just happens again and again.

How does one make peace with a group that condones these types of acts?

My mother's operation is this week. I have placed in a blanket sick leave for the next ten days. I do not intend to miss any time, but the paperwork was filed as a precaution in case the need should arise.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day out with the Maltese

My daughter and I took the Maltese to the dog run in Union Square. The dog did not want to stay in the dog carier. He jumped out when I made a small space for his head. He trembled with fear as the train took him to Manhattan.

The dog runs are used by locals who have small apartments and big dogs. Rex as a Malttese was smaller than the rest and mostly played with one or two dogs. He didn't want to leave. Finally when I got the leash on him he enjoyed his first trip to Manhattan. He was relaxed going home and I kept him on a short leash on the train.
He fell asleep until his friend Prince the Maltese visited.

I will try and visit Forrest Park. The area is dense woods and it will be his first trip into such an environment.

We send our deepest sympathies to the people of Japan. They lead the world in eartquake technology, but floods are a tough problem.

Taking my Little Buddy to the Dig Run

The little Maltese loves to play so I am taking him to the dog run. Dogs of all sizes and breeds run there. He seems to enjoy playtime with other dogs,

Saturday, March 12, 2011


What started out as a trip tom the bookstore in Forrest Hills ended up as a trip to
the movies. My daughter derailed the trip with well timed whining. The movie was fairly good especially if you are a fan of Sergio Leone. The "Spirit of the West" was
the man with no name.

Watching a film with your daughter is an experience that overcomes an average offering with the exception of the Spirit of the West scene.

I was going to do an emergency trip to Guyana. Unfortunately, my mothers surgery takes priority. I did send some odd items to Guyana electronics, oatmeal soap, surf music, classic horror comics and cash. Hopefully, my instructions will help and get the job done. Just going to thecapital for 72 hours is not an option.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Second G uessing the Ft Hood Events

The Senate has issued a report about the Ft Hood shooter and has recommended action.
The truth is that all of this is Monday Morning QB material. The governments training
material and fear of being labeled a bigot prevented any action from being taken.

All of us should respect the rights of others to freely practice their faith so long as it does not cross the line into criminal activity. Now many of us disagree on various points, but all should respect our traditions of nonviolent political activity.

Part of me ponders what the reaction of the same people in the case would have been like had this been a misguided Christian who advocated bombing abortion clinics in College. The likely response would be a mental health referral as there is zero fear of being labeled a bigot. No doubt if this was Bill Ayers redux, there would be an army of apologists and accusations of witch hunts. Communists unlike witches are real and have an unparalleled history of crime.

The reality is Farouk in the next cube should be given the same scrutiny that one gives any other coworker. In this day and age with workplace violence and workplace bullying these are real dangers. Everyone workplace is political where cliques and slings and arrows occur. In reality there are just some workers who appear creepy. many of these people require mental health treatments and or meds, but are harmless otherwise.

Warning signs that you should be on alert for.

1) A person giving away his possessions without cause. If Leonard is in the next office is retiring or changing jobs this is no cause for concern. If Hilda starts giving away her office supplies take a second look.

2) Excessive humor about death. An occasional joke about death is not an issue. All of us have made those at times. I pondered if listening to my step daughters dreadful tastes in music is worse than an eternity in a pine box. Given the vile sounds produced by the spawn of Will Smith this is a running theme. Sadly, I can not listen to Surf Music in another room as my step daughter has separation issues.

3) Politics on the extreme edges. Vic is a Marxist and is a bore. If he starts talking about revolution at work let HR deal with it. If anyone starts rationalizing criminality like violence against a group such as Detroit Lion fans call HR. Do not go to a supervisor who is usually not trained to deal with such matters. Do not argue with the person. Merely, excuse yourself and walk away.

4) A supervisor who goes beyond normal managerial tyranny. Zelda you screwed up this report is normal. Going into daily threats of termination, public humiliation and personal rants on a regular basis is also cause for a trip to HR. If this person has personal issues it does not excuse this type of behavior. Long term bullied people can explode in many ways and people witnessing it are bothered by the hostile work atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with a demanding boss, demanding and demeaning are different and should not be confused.

These new work place challenges need skilled professionals in HR. Sadly, many of the best are few and far between.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Real Union Mess

The real battle is over the governments ability to make deductions from the paycheck in order to fund unions. I grasp the potential for reducing union ranks with this idea.

Much of the furor at government unions has some merit. Unions in many cases protect egregious misconduct. Workers can and do make errors and should be held accountable. In many cases the unions have merely become an adjunct of the far left democratic party. In an era where all need to tighten their belts unions must do their share.

The truth is that despite media claims, management can be brutal. Workers do get bullied and harassed and more times than one would suspect it is due to an arbitrary personal grudge. False charges, failure to abide by government rules and creating a hostile work environment are common.

The unions have done a lousy job presenting this to the public. They need to show that work place bullying is a serious issue that can happen to anyone.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Why You Should Read Stephen Schwartz & Random

Reading Stephen Schwartz's writing often illuminates subjects that some over look. Even if you don't agree with him his arguments are well formed and worth reading.

We have seen far left types pretending that the loon in Lybia is not one of them. While Obama is due for his odd actions and statements on a variety of subjects one should heed the words of a patriot like Mr B. and deal with the dissent of a idiotic Marxists in a different manner.

Fact Khadafy did fund many far leftist groups in the UK including Trotskyites. Do not permit self righteous Marxist clowns who venerate the cult of Bronstein waffle.

Fact Khadafy is supported by Chavez and Nelson Mandela. There are those who pretended that Mandela is some sort of moral beacon. Mandela while preferable to more obnoxious
far left types has a few moral blind spots, supporting Khadafy is one of them.

Like a horror show villain heeeee's back. After stabbing his team, coach, QB, NY Giant fans, and wife in the back Tiki Barber wants to play in the NFL again. Is there a coach stupid enough to allow a fumble prone 36 year old cancer in their midst with and ego that rivals Hugo Chavez into the locker room.

Tiki failed at everything he tried because the public can see right through his apple shining amoral no talent act. Michael Strahan may not be as bright as Tiki, but he is a witty guy who remembers football is supposed to be fun. He comes across as charming and real.

Maybe Tiki should apologize for ruining Jim Fassel's career. Maybe he should apologize to Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning who won as soon as he left. Maybe he should apologize for ruining several seasons with his fumbling problems.

I will discuss the book Dupes at a future date.

Beamish in 12

Get Khadafy a job at Christian Dior

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Day out with the Sprite

I endued Gnomeo & Juliet and Big Momma #3 with the Sprite. Gnomeo and Juliet was a rather expensive fare with one adult and a child costing $31.00 because the film was in 3D. It was not as terrible as I thought even with the irritating Elton John campy
double entendres.

I did enjoy the part where Gnomeo was talking to a statue of Shakespeare. That part was writen for adults and decent.

As far as quality it was an enjoyable experience but not as memorable as a Shrek or Monsters Inc.

Generally one would need firearms for me to go near Big Momma. I do not find men in drag funny. My daughter liked it and I have endured far worse. The film did have its annoying cliche moments. All in all it was better than I expected, likely because I set expectations so low.

I took my daughter to the book store which she mistook for a library. Forest Hills is a very different area. There are movie theatres and family type resturesturants.
The Sprite had a good time in a more family friendly area. The waitresses doted on her in Pizzeria Uno. I was going to go to Johny Rockets but as she doesn't eat beef malted and fries did not make sense.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

New Reading

I did go to Borders yesterday. It is disturbing to see the Book Stores I go to go belly up. Fortunately there is still the good old Strand on Broadway and 12. However, I did get a few books mostly my old set of Robert Howard Comics. My favorite is the dour Puritan Solomon Kane who unfortunately comes from MA. I also got Duped which tells of Communist espionage and biographies of Robert Rogers and Thadeus Kosciousco.

I am going to try and to Gnomeo and Juliet with the Sprite. I loathe Elton John but it is my daughter. The things us generically oriented guys endure is sometimes trully amazing.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Going to Be taking some time off

One of the bonuses of working for the Federal Government is the ability to take off when a family member is ill. I will be placing a note in asking for the week of the 17.
I will not be taking the time but have the papers in should family require me to leave

Unfortunately, my mother is having a cancer operation. My father assures me that my driving is likely more dangerous than the procedure.

The Jewish holiday of Purim is approaching. I usually like the festivities and the fruit filled pastries. Perhaps, I will take the beloved Sprite for a bus ride to the local Jewish community and get her a small bag.

The subject of gay Nazis did come up in yesterdays thread. One of the things about working in NYC and specifically in the fashion industry is that one does indeed come into contact with many gay people. One of the greatest shocks I ever had on the blogosphere was encountering foaming mad gay anti-semites. The gay people I encountered in my every day life were professionals and otherwise very ordinary. Yet
it should really surprise no one that there are people in any group who can be bigots
or even Nazis. Yes, Virginia there certainly were gay Nazis and yes there are gay Republicans as well. In fact the Log Cabin Republicans are some of the most decent folks in the city. If we look hard enough we can likely find gay doctors, cab drivers and probably even a cartoonist or two.

That being said on the rare occasion I do encounter frothing mad gay antisemites they are always Marxists or anarchists with too much free time on their hands. I seldom see the stereotype Stormfront Hitler worshiping type. There was a vocal exception at Bad Eagle and some of the familiar blogs who has deservedly disappeared.

I want to point out that what disturbs me the most in the Galiano matter is the cult of excuses. The pressures of work got to the designer. All of us have pressures at work and there is zero excuse or rationale for that type of behavior. For three years, I worked under pressure that would have made most people snap. This was despite being one of the most productive persons in my area. I was placed on trial for charges that an arbitrator dismissed as double hearsay and described as deminimus. Yet throughout my ordeal, I never lashed out and had I done so my career would have been over. In short, I was facing a series of phantom allegations and any real outburst would have ended my career. I have zero sympathy for a frequently drunk and self absorbed designer who has zero idea of the real pressures that almost everyone encounters. There is zero excuse for going off on bigoted tirades aimed at Jews, Blacks, Gays or anyone else. There is zero excuse for obnoxious designers, Hollywood egomaniacs or the cab driver to subject anyone to bigoted rants.

This being said the easy thing to do was for the company to fire its problem child.
What the company should have done was sent the obnoxious designer to rehab and therapy. There was an incident in Kerry Collins career where he did say some racist things. Collins went to alcohol rehab and made amends by working with charities in the inner city. Of course Kerry Collins went on to a decent career as a QB and the matter is forgotten. Then again it is likely that Collins has more humanity and humility in his character than the familiar self absorbed Hollywood Clowns or Obnoxious designers. It is no crime to fall down. The crime is not getting up and dusting yourself off.

Beamish in 12

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Galliano's Stupid Rant

The rants of a certain flamboyant Gay Fashonista prove once again that beyond their niche many artists are imbeciles. Hitler was not fond of gays and a flamboyant and obnoxious loon that looks and dresses like a cartoon would have been placed in a camp in seconds. The Night of the Long Knives where Hitler purged his party in part due to the homosexuality of Roehm is a fact.

The policy of Nazis towards gays outside Germany was indifference.

Like our own Ducky, this is yet another art student who earned his F in history.

Inquiring minds want to know if this loon has been designing Khadafy's idiotic clothes.

Next on Fox

Job Switch

Fashionista Galliano and Khadafy trade jobs. Perhaps Khadafy can be eased into retirement with the promising job opening at Christian Dior or just design clothes for Elton John.

The people of Lybia would probably not notice much difference except that Khadafy allegedly has lucid moments and can occasionally wear a decent military uniform and not look like something out of the Village People.

Actually having Galliano replace Charlie Sheen on a familiar sitcom would be the ultimate network revenge. It would also be worth watching for at least two episodes.
Of course the network execs would never see the potential of this comedic revenge on two people who should have been in rehab long ago.

I usually do not do popular culture posts, but this stupidity warrants an exception.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Union Man Speaks

I am considered by management a "hardcore union activists". I have always supported the right of unions to protect the rights of workers in the work place. Despite having productivity that was in the top 10% of my unit, I found myself being bullied for no apparent reason. The union was there with me and protected my rights and job. I in turn have helped the union prepare defenses for other similarly treated officers.

There is zero rhyme and reason for much of the mayhem.

Much of the fiasco in WI is about the union having to get the dues directly from the members as opposed to a payroll deduction. I work in an atmosphere where union membership is optional. I am slightly annoyed that at least two people whose jobs were saved by the union legal action have not paid a nickel in dues. In short this is a classic illustration of the need for people who are not in the union to pay some dues for services rendered. In one case the person involved is a close friend and a very marginal officer who I help daily.

I am proud of the excellent job my union does each and every day. If a worker whose productivity is in the top ten percent can be targeted for arbitrary abuse it can happen to anyone. I am not defending shoddy work or incompetence, but government can be a brutal taskmaster and at times the conditions do resemble a sweatshop.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Who Cares

I am getting annoyed with the tabloid entertainment stories. I could care less if Charlie Sheen is employed or not. The Oscars are a waste of time and news. I really would be happier with no idiotic stories about British royalty.

We are watching historic times.

Our future is being written in the Middle East and in the series of labor unrest around the globe.