Thursday, August 31, 2006

Newsflash for Gay Communist Anti Semites

The moronic 167 is so out of touch with reality he refers to Israel as a " deeply homophobic society ". 167 has also praised Saudi and Iranian justice that executes homosexuals. According to 167, all those accused in Iran and Saudi Arabia were pedophiles and deserve to die. The fact that these confessions were likely the result of genuine torture does not seem to concern 167. To 167, torture is wearing panties on the head or playing naked twister at Abu Gharib. The real reason 167 is likely upset about the naked twister is that he was not invited.

From Yahoo News Muslim Force The Cancelation of Freddy Mercury Birthday Bash On Zanzibar.

It seems the religion of Peace and tolerance has a major problem with celebrating the birthday of Native Son and flamboyant homosexual Freddy Mercury. Freddy Mercury was a talented musician and the lead singer of the rock group Queen. The song We Are The Champions is played at the end of every Championship sporting event in the USA. What did Freddy Mercury do to offend the Islamo-nazis? It seems that all Feddy had to do was be himself.

Thus the hypocrites and anti semitic liars of the left have yet another reminder of the depths of the insanity their warped views have taken them to.

I can picture 167 in Gaza at his beheading

Jihadi: You are an offense to Allah. You must die for your sins.
167: You shouldn't wear white it makes you look fat.
Jihadi: Allah Ahkbar does this idiot not know what is comming next.
167: It is not your fault, you masculine brute. The Zionists drove you to behead me. Did I mention my 167 IQ?
Jihadi: What does this infidel think this isd Queer Eye for the Jihadi Guy.
167: Now remember when you blow up them Jews, red dynamite sticks do not go with kafiyahs. Oh Farouk I got a red hot dynamite stick for you.
Jihadi; Forget the prayer, this is almost as bad as listening to Barbara Striesand.
167: She is such an ugly zionist hag
Jihadi: Now you die Allah Ahkbar !!!! What is this he is still talking.
167: Did I tell you about my 167 IQ. I am an expert on grammar 247 sentences with 23 ...... and 17 commas are my norm. Jews stole the Holocaust. The Judea fascist, Neocon America war on terron............
Jihadi: Being a blood thirsty Jihadi is as George Bush says hard work. Will someone shut that idiot Communist up allready.

The decline of Union usefulness

The agency I work for has two classes of employees. There are full time employees with rights and there are term employees. Some of the term employees have been on the job longer than permanents and many out produce the permanent employees. On September 30 and the week that follows around thiry five excellent employees will be terminated because their four year terms have expired. They will collect unemployment until the next term.

I just became eligible to take the test for a permanent position. However, even if I am one of the lucky 15% that pass I would still remain a mere candidate. Should I fail I would not be able to take the test for another year. The test itself is no predictor of job performance as people who have been graded incompetant have passed
and people who have been judged superior have failed.

A viable union would at least give these employees two points for every year served on the job. A friend of mine who is a disabled vet would get an additional eight points in addition to his ten point preference. Another friend would start with sixteen points, she has worked eight years and qualified three times for the same job. I would get a mere two points but that is often the difference of being hired or
being unemployed.

Our Union has done absolutely nothing for the terms. Our local political hack Bernie
Sanders has not lifted a finger to save his constituents jobs. He has been seen at concerts with Willie Nelson, so it is a matter of priorities.

Next week around this time I will recieve the results of my test. Even if I failed it was an honor to be considered. Moreover, if by some miracle I passed my odds are still fairly long. I would also have to remain silent or lie, because several of my coworkers are really nasty. It seems they like to tilt the playing field by snitching
on their fellow candidates. This is an evil tactic and management should disqualify people who behave in this manner. When several of my friends were promoted I immediately went over and congratulated them. However, my behavior is apparently not the norm.

What has the Union done to help the terms? 0 However, I gladly pay my dues, because I was always brought up to respect the institution. Sadly, the institution has forgotten its original purpose.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Socialism/Marxism is theft

The obvious failures of Socialsm can be seen in any border town. I live about twenty minutes from the border and there are Canadian Plates all over the place.Where are these refugees from Duncy's nanny state going.

We have heard endlessly about Americans buying oresciption drugs in Canada. The truth is we are subsidizing the Canadian market as they are not payig for R&D. Canadian and other countries price is based on production costs with a low percentage of proffit. In short the US consumer is footing the bill for the nanny state.

A quick look at the medical professionals in town reveals that almost half the plates in the parking lot are Canadian. Canadians flock in droves to buy alcohol, gas and tobacco. It seems that the nanny state keeps taxing these comodities. Some of you might not have a problem with this.

A trip to a Walmart in Northern VT shows big families from Canada buying food and clothing. In fact if one goes along route 89 or 87 one sees scores of Canadians border shopping. Now it is true that I might cross the border to get Jewish food or to look for an exotic resturant in Montreal. However, I do not go to Canada and buy household staples.

While people think about medecine they forget the host of taxes that make life miserable in Canada. Moreover, I see scores of H1B cases moving from Canada to the USA daily. It seems that Canadians also like high paying jobs with lower taxation.

The nany state should be reserved only for those who need help. Nationalizing, resources is economically inefficient and also theft of goods and services. Remember, the next time a socialist/communist starts to prattle, this is the response:

You are just a thief with good PR. Vote Beamish in 08

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Warning to John Brown

This is not Cuba or Stalin's Soviet Union and you have zero say over content on this blog. Rest assured if you continue to invade this blog or those of my friends we will respondin kind. You have no right to post a single letter. The right to post anywhere is predicated on civil behavior.

I keep my word and you continue trying to provoke a response. Maybe your friends are getting tired of footing the bill for your childish behavior. Get your %&^*& *()&) off my blog and out of my community. I have demonstrated how easily we can place a swarm of people on Commie sites.

Now get your mentally deranged pro drug pusher crap off my blog Comwad. I keep and honor my word and Renegade doesn't care for my visits.

There is no negotiation or talk. Your days in this community are over.

Limitations of the Shadow Party

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Richard Poe and David Horowitz. However, the Shadow party of Soros is severly over estimating its power. The basic problem is you can get all the Daily Kos yahoo types out for a primary. However, these same types are poison in general elections.

In 08 Hillary will find a way to walk away from her stance. However, if Hillary moves to the left, or the Democrats renominate, Gore or John "Gomer" Kerry it is over. In fact there are plenty of Democrats that seem to loathe Hillary as well. What she has done in the Senate remains a mystery. Any reasonable comparison to her Co-Senator Chuck Schumer reveals her to be a joke. Steven Brill, who is no rightwinger, compared Schumers efforts after 9-11 and Hillary's and found that while Schumer did plenty Hillary did very little.

The Democrats will find this new recipie of courting people who belong in the Green or Communist party to be a disaster. Gas taxes are a serious issue in rural America
and catering to econazis will drive voters away. Campaigning against our military
will drive scores of people away. The problem with allowing shrill anti American voices into the Democratic tent is that it drives voters away.

The Democrats had a winning formula, but they have been neglecting their base to appease shrill anti American types for years. What are John " Gomer" Kerry, Tom " Walter Mitty" Harkin, John Conyers, Nancy Pelosi and Charle Rangel doing in the Democratic party. The winning recipie was to appeal to Union voters and talk about
issues that mattered to the little guy.

The Unions sold themselves out by not maintaining any relations with Republicans. Rather than focus on workplace issues like seniority, they marched lock-step with the far left elements in the Democratic Party off the cliff. Unions dues are paid to
protect workers rights, and my Union is an example of failure. There is one woman in my office who is a term and has qualified for the same job three times. She has been passed over for permanent slots several times. The Union has done nothing to help her. The Union gives money to Candidates who spend their time on College Campuses and at Willie Nelson Concerts.

In the end when Soros leads the Dumbocrats to defeat in 08 there will not be a hard look at the obvious. Rather than blame born agains, maybe they should look in the mirror at the freaks they have allowed into the party. Let " Gomer" Kerry run in the Green/ or Red Party . Run candidates like Gov Richardson who have a chance of winning. Soros is leading the Democrats to the abyss.

Beamish in 08

Monday, August 28, 2006

The decline of NYC talk radio

WOR is the most mismanaged station in the country. Who is station manager Lou Costello? First they allowed the legendary Bob Grant to retire and now they remove Ed Walsh in favor of Donna Hanover.

WABC is not much better the lineup after Rush, Shawn and Levin is a joke. It starts with Curtis Sliwa and Ron " Commie " Kuby in the morning. John Gamnbling is average at best. Then I can live without Laura Ingraham. Their best show, the John Batchelor show, leaves the air this week. Then it is the idiocys of Art Bell. Hey idiots, how about ditching Ron Kuby and running Curtis and Crowley. WABC also had Glenn Beck on the weekends and that would be better than some of the garbage they are running.

Who is running WABC? What do you expect from a Mickey Mouse outfit like Disney.

Beakerkin goes to the State Fair

I do enjoy the state fair. I do not go for the rides, although there was a NYC themed horror ride that tempted me. The most dangerous ride is still called get out of the Parking Lot.

I enjoy the agricultural shows. The giant produce is amusing and 700 pound pumkins are always intersting. There didn't seem to be the 4 foot rat or freak show routine this year. This means that Uptown will have to find a new vocation.

I went to the livestock shows and found an interesting tidbit. Apparently, this Communist poultry bit is a New England thing, because the place was loaded with Muscovy " Commie " Ducks. The fair was sponsored by Proressive " Commie" insurance.
There were plenty of Chickens breeds, but no subversive fowl were noticed among about nine breeds. However, make mine fried and I could care less what breed it is.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why the lack of a Palestinian ethnicity is important

The lack of a Palestinian ethnicity is vital as it shows the clear reason for the Arab- Israeli conflict is Pan Arabism. Far left types talk in arrogant tones about colonialism, but they omit the greatest practitioners are Arabs. Thus on this blog and elsewhere we have had a series of far left types attempting philosophical backflips to hide their anti-semitic bias.

The new variant is that Arabs have a right to demand yet more land from one of many people they brutalized for 1400 years. Excuse me, but Arabs have plenty of stolen land and should settle their kin.

The far left loves to spin fantasies about "greater Israel". However, the left ignores Islamo-Arab land greed and the reality of greater Arabia. There is no logic or intelligent thought amongst the far left, merely justifications for anti semitism.

Lets look at the logic of this latest far left farce. Germans conquered Poland and mistreated the locals. Following the far left idiocy Germany should claim the right
to create a German State on Polish soil. Arabs conquered and colonized Spain, they should have a right to demand an Arab state in Spain. Turks brutalized Greeks and Serbs for several hundred years and should have rights to establish states there.

The Muslims create yet another fake ethnicity in Kosovo and proclaim the right to create another state. This creation of fake ethnicities is a replay of the Nazi living space argument. Muslims just need living space, and demand more of it from the very people they brutalize. We should not be surprised by the far left's receptiveness to new Nazi like Islamic movements. Communists and Nazis have a long history of colaberation.

Typical of this dementia is a person who rants about Uncle Sam's Plantation and embraces a series of drug lords. Hezbollah, FARC, Taliban and the current Iranian regime all are involved in the narcotics trade. Thus our demented far left type hails the rebuilding of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Has it occured to the dunce, that the homes wouldn't have been destroyed in the first place had Hezbollah not launched rockets from civilian areas.

The far left is guilty of a mindless deception that is a paper thin attempt to hide its anti-semitism. What is the basis of this Palestinian ethnicity. How do Jews colonize the land from which they are indigenous? Shall we ignore 1400 years of Islamo colonialism? Why can't Arabs settle their own on the multitudes of stolen land they allready posess. How many Judenfrei states do Arabs need?

I do not blame the Arabs as they are reacting in typical historic fashion. I do blame the PC far left for sanitizing and distorting the sanguinary facts of Islamic culture and history. This is yet another reason why Marxists should not be allowed in or around classrooms.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cleaning house

My friend MZ and I disagree about many things. MZ is religious and I am secular, he is conservative and I am much more moderate. However, at all times I respect MZ as a friend and even when we disagree. There are many times I disagree with some of you, but that is the nature and reality of friendship.

I do not base my friendships on political views. However, there does come a time where one has to walk away and wish someone good luck. The person whom this mesage is intended for has been contacted off line. I run a decent blog with a basic core of readers. I do not run an adult day care center. Nor are my posts based upon emotions, they are based upon facts you may or may not like.

In the future we will be more vigilant with deletions. Uptown is gone, Brown is gone
and if Weazie doesn't post on topic he will be gone shotly. My blog does not cater to
Special Ed types (Uptown), we do not cater to the crimianally insane ( Weaszie) and we will not cater to Peter Pan types.

This blog will resume normal functions. We will do more interviews, blog roasts, book reviews and general anti left mayhem. My blog has always been designed to provide fresh content. We will maintain our standards of fresh lively posts that you
probably will not see elsewhere.

Uptown Steve All Race and Ignorance 24/7

I have no idea why the dimwit Uptown Steve is here? However, he is a phony and a liar. He claims that he is here to fight racism. Yet when genuine KKK types invade FPM, Uptown did nothing. The task of kicking KKK butt was taking up by a variety of types but Uptown remained silent.

More amusing, Uptown Steve claims to know my position on immigration. Obviously, observers of Uptown are well aware that he does not read. He asks a series of dumb questions and demands proof. I go out and find the book and page, but does the dimwit
ever check it.

Uptown was banned because of a promise he made. Nobody forced Uptown to make this promise. However, he has violated his word several times. Uptown, in his own description, clearly sexually harassed LaShawn Barber. Rather than keep his word, Uptown has attempted to WEASEL his way out.

We do not talk about race on this blog. This blog has scant offerings on that subject. One may find that on other blogs, but not here. Uptown is too lazy to start
his own blog. Moreover, as Weasie is finding out building an audience requires social
sills. Thus Uptown attempts to steal what he can not create.

Now that I am well rested, all furter posts from Uptown will be deletted. Posting on this blog or any other is not a right. Uptown has the right to free speech, elsewhere. This blog is about me and my opinions. People come to this site to read those opinions. Nobody comes here looking to read Uptown Steve communist racial diatribes.

Some of you think that the description of Uptown as a Communist was inaccurate. Uptown is a classic Marcuse based group rights communist kook. Most of us, are well aware that Paul Robeson was a Communist traitor. Few of us need reminders of what the Black Panthers were. Michael Lerner calls himself a Marxist, but that is not good enough for Uptown. Noam Chimpanzee's red roots have been a discussion for years,
but Uptown does not seem to read much of anything.

Vaya Con Dios Uptown. Do not write and get lost. Weazie and John Brown need readers.
My site does quite well without your stupidity.

Beamish in 08

Friday, August 25, 2006

Catching Zzzzzs and a hat tip to Mark Alexander

Over the last few day I had been preparing for a Federal examination. Only 15% of people pass this paerticular test. In order to be hired permanently one must pass this examination. The test is given with almost no advance notice, often less than a week. Even if I pass it is highly improbable I will be hired permanently, but I would remain a viable candidate for three years. If selected I would have to go to GA. for six weeks of training.

Astute observers of this blog may notice some stylistic changes in my writting. I have spent five days studying the classic writing style of Mark Alexander. Any rumors that I have been kidnapped by Communists or Jihadis, and someone else has been writting this blog are false. You will still see beakeristic spelling disasters
that many of you have grown to adore.

Mr Beamish in 08 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Dementia of Uptown Steve

Uptown Steve has many problems, but his racial mania 24/7 is fairly obvious. We do not post on the subject of race on this blog. Stories like the Duke Rape case were never featured here because that has never been the type of story we cover here. If one reads the post directly below this one we have a classic example of Uptown hijacking a thread. What does this post have to do with New Orleans? However Uptown
has decided he wants to use something he did not create, my blog. Sorry Uptown, build your own blog and audience. Moreover, I was asleep otherwise every comment of yours would have been deleted.

We hold readers to their words, nor did I hold a gun to Uptowns head and force him to make a promise. Your posts to La Shawn Barber do constitute sexual harassment. Any comment written to a female mentioning motels or hotels and possible group sex
are clesrly sexual harassment.

Adios Uptown build your own blog and audience.

The Beak Speaks Proudly Present A Blog Roast FOR FELIS !!!!!!!!!!!

Today our guest of honor is Felis of Democracy Frontline. Felis maintains a huge site
and his high quality links are valuble. Do you want to find out about news directly
from Indonesia. Felis has a high quality link from an interesting blogger there. He has a link to high quality Danish Blogger as well. Felis even has an excellent blog written by a Marsupial, Possum.

Felis is apparently well versed in the Koran. We had a fake Muslim female post for a few weeks. Felis's thorough checking of the Koran as well as my familiarity with Baluchi customs ended that fiasco.

Felis is an important anti-Communist voice on the web. Felis has actually lived in one of these "workers paradises" and will readilly tell sane leftists the reallities
about life under Communism. Okay what was that, I stand corrected Mr Beamish. Mr. Beamish assures me that there has never been a sane leftist.

On a personal level Felis is a good friend to all but he may have picked up some bad habits from us. There is still some debate but it is believed roadkill culture was started in America. Australians may have added a few wrinkles but we started this new
culinary trend.

Ladies and clods ( myself included) let the roast begin.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It is official Tommorow We Will Roast Felis

Tommorow will mark the return of a much beloved segment the Dean Martin blog roast of Felis from Democracy Front Line. Our crack team of experts is hard at work preparing for the festivities. MZ has been driving the scenic roads in search of the finest roadkill. Warren is preparing the cheap booze for the festivity. Nanc is trying on several sequined outfits.



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How to build your blog

There are several factors that go into building a blog. The point of this post is to
help new bloggers and learn from my numerous mistakes. Anyone can point to a blog and roughly determine its growth and management.

Falacy Blog growth is determined by the quality of its posts.

The highest quality of posts that I have read so far belong to two smaller blogs. Freedom Now and Possum have high quality original posts with low traffic. Possum does not push her blog and is not a part of a community. Freedom Now is a part of a community but his frequency of fresh content is not as high as some of the otherers.
His social skills are superior and he does have a caustic wit. You may find yourself insulted and not figure it out for a month.

Learn Fresh original content keeps ratings high

The best example of this is AOW. She has quality that rivals Possum and Freedom Now but serves fresh material daily. This blog also works on the fresh lively content but our quality is clarly lower then most.

Learn Be Yourself unless you are a natural jerk.

AOW is an excellent hostess and is charming in real life. MZ is a suprisingly adept moderator. Mr Beamish is an amazing comedic talent. My style is more unpredictable
and this keeps readers interested. Am I going to go off on a rant, veer into Coulter mode or be a good host. People fail to note that when I do an interview my tone rather different than the one used in normal moderation. When I am interviewing I am functioning as a host a host never mistreats his guests.

Weazie and Gertie are examples of failures due largely to a decided lack of Social Skills. Weazie has the mannerisms of an axe murder, consequently he has no readers.
Gertie, projects as an arrogant prissy fop much like Dr Smith in Lost in Space. This may amuse people for a short period of time but it wears thin quickly.

Learn Less is more

Gert is also the clearest example of how to bore the daylights out of readers. His long winded sominex style posts are a chore to read. Even people that interact with him do not seem to read his posts. Mr Beamish provides short snippy posts that are often master pieces. AOW is the ideal as her posts run just the right length. Freedom Now can run long at times but his quality is so high you seriously don't notice it.

Learn Be Unpredictable and Experiment

Mr Beamish may have a comedic gem, photoshop classics or a high quality post. This blog has several staples book reviews, interviews, rants, serious posts and the rare Dean Martin style Blog Roast. There are many who complain that I focus on the far left too much but that is my niche.

When I visit AOW I may get a movie clip, a studendts poem or general news. When I visit Jason Pappas I know what I am likely about to read. He does have superior readable content and is an effective moderator.

Join a Community and build relationships

Building a community takes time and is a long process. Warren and I built this community from scratch. Warren's social skills and a talented newcomer AOW were the key factors in the growth of our community. Welcome people in but be careful there are drama queens and psychos.

Pychos are stalkers who spam a blog saying look at me and clutter your boars with off
topic craziness. Posts about head coffins and Muslim goblins were the norm for my psycho.

Drama Queens- These are posters whose up and down emotioal twists are a chore. Who wants to deal with a wacko who wants to be the center of attention everywhere. This
is in reference to our friend in Israel who is unstable. MZ had the correct solution,
ditch them and move ahead.

Good Dissent: Ducky excells in this role and is fresh. A good dissenter is seldom vulgar and has some social skills. Duckie has above average social skills and his banter promotes interesting responses most of the time.

Rob Bayn also excelled at this and never should apologize for posting his on topic views. If you are on topic it is okay to be passionate.

Comedian: I fill this role on some other blogs. Mr Beamish is a star and the Purple Avenger also adept in this area.

These are the basics but the best place to learn is at AOW or Democracy Frontline.

There is a rumor that we may do a blog Roast on Friday. The guest of honor may be from OZ but this is only a rumor. Warren is gathering cheap alcohol. Mr Beamish is out creating fress Roadkill. Nanc is going to serve as hostess for the this new event.

The Palestinain Shell Game

The left likes to cling to the myth of a Palestinian ethnicity. What this ethnicity is based upon remains a mystery. Modern Palestinians are Arabs and this fact is contained in the great zionist source the PLO charter. Arabs have no connection to Bilical Phillistines or Cananities. Both are nations that disappeared a long time ago.

When challenged to ask what is the basis of this cultural ethnicty the left including ( Greg) cry racist hate monger. They still can't answer the question what makes a Palestinian different from any other Arab. The issue is not race it is ethnicity and there never was a Palestine or a Palestinian ethnicity.

The burden falls on the left if Palestinians are Arabs why do they need a twenty third state. Don't they have enough real estate allready. The left talks of the greater Israel myth while ignoring blatant Arab hegemony and greed for land.

The question is who colonized and opressed whom. The facts are that Arabs colonized the lands of a variety of people. Islam is a colonial religion adopted by nomads to justify a pattern of land thefts. The earliest coverts were nomadic Turks, Berbers and Tartars lured by religious sanctification of plunder. Jews and others were sedentary people who were preyed upon and treated with great malice by invading Arab and Muslim hordes. Contrary, to the halfwit Greg's opinion Muslim rule was brutal.
This same story could be repeated by Jews, Assyrians, Egyptian Copts, Hindus, Bhudists and Zoroastrians. Never ever forget that the Armenian/Assyrian/Greek genocide was the model for the Holocaust. Jews of Tel Aviv were also gathered for similar treatment but pressure stopped the genocide.

The absurd assumption by the left is that Arabs have a right to land they colonized
and from a people they abued for 1400 years. The left aso wants you to just ignore that Arabs allready have tons of real estate most aquired via colonialism. The left also dismisses genuine indigenous people such as Assyrians with thousand year histories for in favor of yet another ethnically cleansed Arab State.

The left case for Palestine rests on two lies
1 Palestinians are a unique ethnicity
2 Jews colonized Arab land.

Andrew is a well meaning Palestinian advocate unlike Gert or 167. His point is that since Arabs are Semites they have a right to the land, obviously this does not work both ways. This would be the same as Italians invading Spain and demaning land based on that similarity.

Then Andrew moves to the absurd point Jews invaded North Africa and colonized lands.
This is so far fetched it does not deserve commetary. Jews themselves are invaders they displaced North Africans. There is no archeological record of such an invasion
nor does this have anything to do with Arab colonial predation. Arabs are not Canaanites or Philistines.

The question becomes why is there such a clamor from the left for a twenty third ethnically cleansed Arab State when Arabs have a plethora of stolen real estate allready. Where is Assyria? Where is a home for the abused Egyptian Copts? Where is the home for Tibetians? Where is the home for Basques, Indian and African tribes and many people with superior claims to nation status then Arabs claiming to be Palestians.Palestinians do not even have a better case for nation status than the residents of Brooklyn NY who according to the left must be Canarsie Indians.

The left is in denial about the true issue of the Israeli Arab conflict. The whole issue has been Pan Arabism and a never ending lust for land that they colonized. The same logic would have Greeks giving up sections of Greece because the Ottomans once colonized the area. Some of the alleged Palestinians are actually descended from the
Muslim Colonialist who were kicked out of the Balkans and Greece. This also would give the left a pretext for another Muslim state in Spain. In fact this flawed logic would allow for the creation of ethnically cleansed section of Spain.

The Spanish and Greek bit may seem far fetched but Al Queda does seek the return of Muslim rule in Spain.

A two state solution is not workable and there is no partner for Peace. One can not negotiate with someone whose sole aim is your demise. Moreover, there is no case or basis for negotiation. Arabs already have plenty of land let them settle their own.
If the Europeans are so concerned place the Arabs in France. Israel is not responsible for a problem created and maintained by Arab neglect of their kin.

Monday, August 21, 2006

A Study in Stupidity

A recent post noted that all of the terrorist as well as Communist rebels in Columbia raise funds through drug running. Hezbollah and the Taliban actively push Heroin. The Mullahs of Iran are also known to be in the poppy trade. FARC is also pushing cocaine but our far left goon still praise these drug pushing parasites.

Then our far left clown likes to lecture us on the problems of the inner city. One of the greatest problems is pushing drugs. The question remains is a clown that praises Hezbollah endorsing drugs pushing into America.

All Americans behold Nashrallah Drug Pusher!!!! Yes the great lion of Jihad also pushes heroin. He also deliberately hides among civilians and excacerbates their misery. Hail the creator of the fake photo op Qana Massacre. How much garbage can one dolt put into his brain in a single day.

Communists claim to be for the working man, However, all morality with Communists is rather flexible. The inner city Americans who die from Nasrallah, FARC and the Taliban drug exports are just a necessary ingredient to bring about revolutionary utopia.

Then after we support the drug dealing terrorists; we can rail about the plight of the inner city. Yes you Capalists are all to blame for drug abuse in the inner city.
The drug problem in the USA is just another example of the racist Capitalist system.

As the great writer VS Naiplul once wrote "...... never align your self with a big cause like Communism or Islamisism as you will have to lie and make sacrafices" Those sacrafices are the lives of Americans living in poverty amidst drug use.

Beamish in 08

The First Mr Beamish in 08 advertisement

Many of the Democrat's seem to think we can negotiate with Al Queda. Mr Beamish believes in a different approach

Jihadi: You die now!!!!!
John Kerry: How about I die fifty years from now and send you a lifetime supply of Ketchup.
Jihadi: You die now!!!!!
Kerry: How about I give you a couple of Neocons. You seem to love to behead Jews. I'll see if I can find some Jewish Republicans but they don't grow on trees. Where did I put that phone number of that Beakerkin chap.
Jihadi: You die now!!!!!
Kerry: You know you remind me of someone I knew in Vietnam. I was ther in
Jihadi: Allah Ahkbar slice the infidel's head ALLAH AHKBAR. What is this the head is still talking.
Kerry: You know I am a Vietnam Veteran. I spent three months in the actual combat zone and the next thirty three years talking about it.
Jihadi: I can not take this blathering infidel moron any longer. Hand me my suicide bomber vest and I will get rid of this headache.

Our candidate Mr Beamish Has another method.

Jihadi You Die Now!!!!
Mr Beamish..........
Jihadi YOU Die Now!!!!!
Mr Beamish..........
Jihadi: Ahmed, is it possible to smirk in a gasmask. By Allah's will he seems to be smirking.
Mr Beamish.............
Jihadi: This Mr Beamish guy is tougher than most Americans. We will raise it to the next level. We will use your women as sex slaves and Janet Reno will guard my harem.
Mr Beamish...........
Jihadi: Just don't sit there I am a blood thirsty Jihadi. YOU DIE NOW!!!!!!!
What is this red dot it follows me everywhere? I move left it moves with me. What is going on? Say something you infidel dog.
Mr Beamish: You Die Now Bombs Away !!!!!

Vote Beamish in 08. This message was paid for by friends of Mr Beamish

Giving MZ his due

MZ is and always will be a friend I disaree with on issues. However, I have to point out that he is 100% correct about Greg's child like temperment.

Greg chose adhominem rather than deal with my points.

Enemies Called Communist

John Brown Calls himself a Communist
167: Defends Communism is several exchanges with Justin, Rob Bayn, Jason among others
147 : Calls himself a communist
Ducky: Not an enemy but readily admits Marxist inclinations
Uptown Steve: Classic Marcuse based victims rights Marxist who will defend Paul Robeson, Black Panthers, Michael Lerner and Noam Chomsky.
Gert: Any simple reading of his verbose blog backs my contention.
Weazie: Read above

I guess in Greg's fantasy world people who call themselves Communist are midgets. In Greg's fantasy genuine Communists are always honest about what they really are and all look like Robert Redford and Susan Sarandon.

Unlike Greg I am a genuine Cold Warrior with twenty years of experience. I also have lived in Union Square and have dealt with the genuine article for well over a decade. Greg by his own admission " does not know what a Communist is".

My spelling is poor.

This is valid but one also sees coherent original thought. Somehow my many readers and detractors seem to understand my points. My site also gets plenty and is designed for infotainment ( contrived word) and we explore issues but do not drone on and on like Gert or Weazie. The posts are designed to be the starting point of lively comments. In fact some people have become so obsessed they post the same post ninety times.

I treat my rerader as a customer. My goals are to provide fresh fun and enjoyable content. If you prefer long winded verbose points that bore the vast majority of people this is not the blog for you.

This also all has zero to do with my comments that he disagrees with. Rather than point out where I am wrong he cries whines and lies. MZ was 100% correct you are immature.

Lastly Greg close the door as you depart.

Beamish in 08

Always resort to emotion and cries of race when you have zero facts.

I hate to go over this once again, however some of us need a history lesson. The context of the Arab Israeli wars prior to 1967 was Pan Arabism. The notion was that Jews are on Arab soil and we shall drive them into the sea. Well Pan Arabism died after the Six day war. Egypt with the help of its Communist masters created a new argument Palestinism as a distinct ethnicity. This dates back to the 1960s unlike other ethnic groups that have been around for hundreds of years.

The entire notion that Palestinians are a unique ethnic group is a marketing fraud. The great zionist fraud known as the PLO charter has the words " Arab Unity" and Palestinian Arabs all over the doccument. If Palestinians are Arabs they allready have a vast ammounts of stolen real estate. Arabs are colonial invaders who arrived in the area in the Seventh Century and colonized and brutalized the entire area with a system more evil than Jim Crow. The colonized Indigenous people were Jews, Christian and some pagans. There is zero connection between Phillistines and Palestinians. Nations rise and fall and we do not see many Moabites running around.

Now the far left calls this analysis hateful and racist. Muslims, like Jews come in all races. Arabs are a Semitic people but are clearly not racial. There is not such animal as a Palestinian ethnicity much less race.

If there is no such ethnicity then the entire notion of a Palestinian Nation hood becomes a farce. The real joke is that 70% of Jordanians call themselves Palestinians. All of the states in the region were created by an Anglo French treaty of 1920. There were never Iraqis, Jordanians, Syrians, Saudis or Kuwatis prior. This treaty disenfranchised two people Assyrian Christians and Kurds to Arab hegemony. The Kurds would be carved up into Iran, Turkey and a limited amount in Russia. All have better cases for nationhood then yet another Arab state. Jordan was also made Juden frei in 1920 despite the fact that families lived there long before Mohammed was a concept.

Most countries have one of three factors.

1 A clear historical past and identity. Jews clearly have this, Assyrians have this, Coptic Christians who are the indigenous people of Egypt and were there long before
the religion of the same name, Kurds have this, Most American Indian and African tribes have this, Pashtuns posses this, Karen of Burma posses this, Basques posses this. Palestinian do not even come close on any reasonable standard.

2 Language all of the above have a unique language. Coptic language is repressed and used only in religious ceremonies. Palestinians have a regional dialect of Arabic much like Brooklynese. All of the above have distinct languages but not state.

3 Religious Heritage Assyrians, Copts, Jews and many tribal groups have their own unique religious heritage. Alleged Palestinians have the same religious practices as any other Arab group with a tad more Christians who are fleeing the area in droves.

The point is clearly made and Arabs are colonial invaders who arrived in the Seventh Century. They spread a Jim Crow type culture wherever they invaded. Yet whenever there is a pocket of Muslims we create new ethnicities like Palestinians and Kosovars. Meanwhile where is the Assyrian home state or a Coptic State in Egypt.Both groups have a better claim to nation status then Palestinians.

What makes the case for Palestinian statehood more crucial then Basques, Kurds, Pastuns, Karen and most American Indian tribes. Unlike the rest they are at best a subgroup of Arabs and are not indigenous. How much land do Arabs need? With the exception of Iran and Morocco they have a series of Juden Frei states that are becoming Christian Frei as people run for their lives. Even in India and Pakistan where Muslims are given a state they still remained in India while Pakistan has been nearly ethnically cleansed.

We hear the left drone on and on about Western Colonialism and genuine abuses against indigenous people. We hear next to nothing from the left about Islamo Colonialism and Islamo Jim Crow. The best excuse was Jews were treated worse in country Y as a justification for Islamo abuses but it is illogical to justify brutality to pointing to someones greater brutality. The far left with some surprising exceptions do mostly gloss over their own human rights abuses.

If Palestinians are Arabs then there is zero need for a 23rd Arab state. The tragedy
of this shell game is that Arabs would use their own brothers as hockey pucks rather than settle them like humans. Arabs should settle their own and the refugees are an Arab problem.

On another Blog it was pointed out that many Jews were born elsewhere. Jews are a unique ethnic group in all respects. Like Armenians, Parsis and other unique ethnic groups we have a distinct culture wherever we are. Does one speek Methodist or Epicopalian? Do Baptists have an identity as a nation ever.

My critique is not with Arabs who are behaving true to their colonial history. My problem is with the far left that claims to be against nationalism but raises its most absurd manifistations as cause celebre. The far left has also nutured several nationalist terrorist groups such as ETA ect. The only nationalism that ever get vilified is the Jewish variant of nationalism.

I do not belive in fairy tales or guilt trips. Arabs need to settle and take care of their own.

Stick a fork in the Red Sox and Mets

The Red Sox are finnished for this year and the key failure was Beckett. Beckett is starting to look like a New England version of Jeff Weaver. Some people do not do well under pressure. The Red Sox should be able to scratch out a win. There is no Proctor, Mariano or Villone. This leaves Dotel, Farnsworth, Myers and a couple of kids.

The possible injury to Glavine and Pedros uncertain health doom the Mets. They will make the playoffs but have no shot at reaching the World Series.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

KFC as a metaphor for life

I have had a rough day today Commies, Unbalenced nuts, Leftwingers, Rightwingers and Kahanist. I will relax with my bucket of KFC to serve as a metaphor.

Jason Pappas: Lets legalize the herbs and spices it will take out the need for Black Market Fried Chicken.

Nanc: KFC and Golf do not mix

Kahane Loyalist: You will go into the Unkosher closet with your unnatural lifestyle

Mister Beamish: That stuff stinks try Lee's

Ducky: Well if you must consume food that is Bad for you we will place a $20.OO tax on every bucket. The money will go to useless Communist Social Science research to find out about Noam Chimppanzee's theory of Corporate Chicken.

TMW: That stuff is really bad for you

Warren: Hey lets get a bigger bucket next time

Uptown: Look at you pathetic wanting to be black fried chicken eating fool. Whers is the Grape Soda and the Watermelon. Holy smokes its there. Beakerkin is living incognegro because he wants to be black.

MD: Look Beakerkin there is a copy of Profootball weekly. ( Switches buckets to Kosher KFC)

Farmer John: Did Plato say anything about herbs and spices.

Rob Bayn: Save some for American Idol you glutton.

AOW: A Peach Cobler goes well with KFC.

Justin: Now Beakerkin civilization did not begin with Col Sanders. There are plenty of other creatures we can serve fried but lets leave the armadillos in the yard.

Freedom Now: Hey Beaker Lawrence Taylor is snorting your biscuts. He falls for that every time it is the only way to get his hands out of the Bucket.

John Brown: We are nationalizing this bucket of zionist apathied capatailist assault
weapons grade artery cloggings WMD for the revoilution. Beakerkin you can't bite a hand. Damn he drew blood #%$#% Capatalist ^*^*y6798 Mullah Beak ^*&^*(&(.

Saba; That is quail do not tell me that that is chicken just because it looks tastes and apppears to be a Chicken.

167: Zionist Meadia Facist Chicken eating American vermin and you are all too fat. Did I tell you about my 167 IQ. I built a Leggo Concentration Camp with wee Craigee.
You American Joooos are so evil and do not know your place and stop calling me an anti semite.

Greg: MZ should not tell anyone about KFC down with MZ. Down with KFC.

Jeff Barholtz Hey Lard $^&%^% pass some of the $%&%&^ chicken down.

What a day. This is one for the ages.

You might be an anti semie if........

Criticizing actions of the Israeli government is not in and of itself anti semitic.
My friend MZ has an entire blog that is critical of the Israeli government. You are not an anti semite if you desire a two state solution, just unrealistic. We will deal with that topic in another post if need be.

You are an anti semite if you place the worlds only Jewish state up to unrealistic standards of behavior and 24/7 scrutiny and say nothing about any other country or the adjacent states.

You are an anti semite if you play word games with Jooo and Zionism. Even the brain adled Richard Cohen who described Israel as a mistake noted the mindlessness of this shallow anti semitic shell game. Jews clearly are a people with a distinct language and historical identity dating back thousands of years. We are clearly indigenous to Israel. There is zero reason to critique only Joooooish nationalism and accept its shallowest Arab counterpart " Palestinianism".

You are a anti semite if you talk of Neocon cabals that are behind the Iraq war. You are an anti semite if you call Israel an aparthied state, jews come in all races. You are an anti semite if you start absurd talk of zionist media.

One can raise their anti semite standard to certified with the use of the following terms Usreal, Zionist Occupied Government or ZOG. One is also certified by blaming Israel or a Jooooish cabal for 9-11. One is also certifid by having a blog that dedicates more then half its content to bashing Israel.

Typical mindless examples of anti semitism come from our bird brained duck. Take a bow Ducky. Ducky blames the huge hoin traficking in Lebanon on Israeli users. If every person in Israel was a junkie this would be an tiny blip in a huge market. Ducky also claimed that Israel invaded Lebanon to steal water from the Litani River.
His catch phrase is no blood for water but he did write that here. More odd was a discussion about the Ducks hatred of Renoir that turned into a diatribe on Jews in Art. We do not spend much time on Isreal but our friend the Duck seems to bring the conversation there by reflex.

TMW will also remind people of a slew of people who visit Bad Eagle and bring every post back to the Jews. These people are always on the far left and this mindless obsession starts to resemble an Elmer Fudd type cartoon obsession

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Warning to John Brown

You have trespassed on my blog again twice. This is my blog and I will post about whatever I wish. You do not determine the content of my blog. If I choose to call you a moron that is my right. You will gain zero sympathy here as you have labeled several of the members of this blog community klansmen for objecting to your spam.
Moreover, you have stolen bandwith and threatened Elmer's children. If that wasn't enough you created a lame blog that portrays me as a pedophile.

This is my response to your attemps at intimidation %&^%&T% you.

Now if you continue to violate the truce I will return to Renegade with help. Keep your agreement and stay off my blog and shut the ^*&^%* up. Stay on your readerless mindless joke of a blog.

Butt kicked By Richard Poe

I want to open up with the start Richard Poe is one of my favorite authors. Every time I disagree with Mr Poe bet the ranch on Mr Poe. That being said lets turn back to the book the Shadow Party. The book is well worth the time and effort to read. Remember when one is challenging conventional wisdom it is a tough proposition. The conventional wisdom is that Soros is borderline insane. Mr Poe's portrayal of Soros is cold and calculating. The two may not be mutualy exclusive and no doubt history is replette with numerous examples of insane cold and calculating people.

Turning to the other criticisms of Soros it is against the law to use the media to promote your financial positions. Has Soros used clout within the media to line his pockets absolutely.

It is against the law for private US citizens to meddle in US foriegn policy. If George Soros is not charged then the law should be scrapped. This concept has been confused with freedom of speech. You do not have the right as a US Citizen to meddle in international affairs. Nobody elected Soros and he wasn't appointed to anything.
This is a fairly serious matter and Soros should be looking at hard time.

The book is excellent reading and if you are unfamiliar with Soros you will learn plenty. Is Soros insane or calculating? What laws has he violated? Who is this unknown coauthor David Horowitz?

Soros will be front and center in 2008. I am guessing he will hedge his bets with Hillary and her opponents.

The drug trade and war on terror.

This may be a coincedence but the two areas central in current conflicts are also Drug hot spots. Both Lebanon and Afghanistan are major heroin hubs, Moreover the historic home of the Lebanese drug trade is the Bekaa Valley where Hezbollah is located. The romantic notion of resistance chalked up by dimwits like John Brown is also juxtaposed with narco trafficing mullahs.

I have yet to hear the Duck comment about FARC the Communist Narco terror gang in Columbia. Senator John " Gomer" Kerry was all over the Contra/Drug angle but he was silent about Cuban and Sandanista narco activity. Do not hold your breath for Duncy to own up to the fact that FARC is a drug pushing Communist Gang. In reality the drugs that ruin lives in America are more then likely pushed with the aid of Communist thug protection in Columbia and Peru.

The bottom line is that as long as we have a market somebody will produce it. However the reality of jihadi and Communist involvement in the drug trade is the unspoken reality.

This may be ironic but Israel should have targeted the opium fields in the Bekaa Valley. How the world would react to the napalming of small farms is unknown. There are narco distribution facilities in the Bekaa Valley as well and a well placed bomb
could cost millions. It is doubtful that Nasrallahs narco facilities will be harmed by the Lebanese Army or the useless UN force that has done zero allready.

Note To Poultry

The NY Yankees swept a double header from the Commie Sox. Where was Gomer Kerry mugging for the cameras. Does he do this only in Presidential elections? Has he found Manny Ortiz yet. At least Rudy looks like he belongs in Yankee Stadium. If the Yankees sweep will angered locals take owner John Henry (no relation to a genuine folk hero) out for a drive with the swimmer.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Rethinking Asia and Africa and Hypernationalism

Many of the problems of Asia and Africa are due to the absurd way states were lumped together by the colonial powers. The folly of the left is that it can make Nationalism irrelevant.

Sudan is the ultimate example of people who loathe each other being lumped together for no sane reason. Arabs and Blacks have a history of annimosity but some colonial paper pusher placed them together with tragic results.

There are many available options such as local autonomy or a type of statism. There is the example of the peaceful Chech Slovak split. Individual countries may opt for different solutions.

Nationalism is real and is not going away.

Troutsky's Question

Troutsky asked an interesting question yeaterday what would I do to people like himself and Noam Chomsky. I also find his comments about the readers of this blog being extreemists amusing. Renegade's comments about hate sites were amusing as well.

Lets start at the top

You have a right to free speech but this is far different then a right to be heard or to do it on the government payroll or to be subsidized via student loans. Your right to free speech also gives me the right to react to it.

So you are a Marxist.

Many Marxists are mental health defectives who have a cult like attachment to a warped ideaology. This is my experience from well over twenty years of dealing with Communists in NYC's notorious Union Square district. This is also the observation of a person with extensive training in psychology. John Brown is so mentally ill he could have an entire mental disorder named after him. The great Ronald Reagan said scratch a communist and smell the fear.

The entire basis of law enforcement is probable cause. If you are a Marxist you have
announced that you are an accolyte of a group with a history of subversion, treason, espionage and terrorism in the United States. Marxists world wide are distinguished for their ability to create human misery, death and economic ruin in their wake. The goal of Marxists is the overthrowing of the capatalist system the second one advocates violence like Lynne Stewart one should undergo denaturalization and deportation proceedings. Communists have no loyalty to the United States and should as such be sent to live in any workers paradise such as North Korea.

Employment of Marxist by federal and local government should be prohibited as Marxists have loyalty issues and are classic security risks. Marxist should also be prohibited from Employment in any job that conveys information. Marxists have a long track record of deception and there exponential over representation in Universities
is a serious problem. We do not employ pedophiles in day care centers. We do not employ bank robbers as guards in banks. In the same train of thought we should not employ people who are sympathetic to an ideaology well known for deception to convey
information. Universities are unlikely to hire Nazis, KKK nuts and should follow suit with Marxists. Black Racial power nuts like Prof Leonard Jefferies are hired because they fit the bill for the Frankfurt school of dementia. Schools that do not purge the Marxists can do so without without student loans or research grants.

Communists do have a right to form their own media companies. However once you veer into talk of violence you have crossed the line into incitement. Once you have broken the law off to denaturalization and deportation. I am sure Ducky would enjoy living in a workers paradise with Fidel. Ducky has never advocated violence so he would have zero to fear.

The question remains as a Marxist are you more likely to be a terrorist then any other group? Yes. As a Marxist are you exponentially more predisposed to treason and espoinage then average Americans. Yes and as such probable cause has been established. If you violate our laws as the leaders of Code Pink did by giving money to our enemies in Falujah you should be prosecuted. If you act as a human shield or decide to coduct your own foriegn policy ala the CPT or ISM you should be prosecuted.
Being an American citizen and remaining here is predicated on loyalty to the system if you have no such loyalty or are dedicated to subverting the system you have zero right to remain.

My point is Marxist should be prosecuted when they violate the law. They should also not be employed by government as a security risk. Marxists by the nature of what and who you are unsuitable for employment in Education. If you think there is any difference between Nazi racial extermination or Marxist class based extermination you are deluded.

Renegade if you claim that I am hateful you are 100% correct. I loathe a system that has procuced 100,000,000 deaths and its accolytes. Reasonable people should loathe Marxist, Nazis, Jihadist, Racial Power Nuts and Criminals. I would add that the hoop game of labeling ones self an Anarchist, Progressive, Green, liberal or labor socialist does not work on trained observers.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, August 17, 2006

If and when Israel falls

Remember these words and this post.

" If Israel falls and is erased from the map it will not be by suicide bombers of jihadi efforts. If Israel falls it will be based upon the refusal to understand the reality of its own far left. Far left types are natural traitors and are beholden to a criminal ideaology. The notion that a nation at war should allow a seditious element to run amok is anathema to its own survival.

Isreal will not be deafeated by Mohammeds or Farouks. It will only be defeated by the refusal to deal with its own Chomsky, Zinns and Adam Shapiro types"


Beamish in 08

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A very unusual interview with Greg of Hear O Israel

This interview will not be the standard interview. There will be a section dedicated to the MZ- Gregg spat. I am greatly annoyed by the behavior of both participants I consider to be friends. I am extreemly angry that MZ considers Greg to be the enemy.
I am also angry that Greg has treated MZ worse then a Communist antisemite Gert.

I understand both Greg and MZ's point of view. Unlike MZ I am a secular history based in thought. Greg may be wrong as a rational coherent partner to have a peace treaty with just does not exist. Given the historic nature of Islam this may be a pipe dream. Rational people loathe war and fight reluctantly but when they fight they fight to win.

The MZ Gert stupidity

1 Do you consider MZ to be your enemy? Do you feel your attacks on him were a tad over the top? One may not agree with MZ and I do not at times but I always respect him as a friend.

2 Gert is a standard Communist antisemite who is in fact our genuine enemy. He is devoid of social skills and higher intelligence. He is cowardly, craven, insulting, crass and verbose but you were actually tougher on MZ then you were on Gert. Do note that Freedom Now and myself went to your aid immediately. The moral of the story is that a person is judged by the company they keep. I am proud to surround myself with a wonderful community. The sole exception is the Duck who isn't bad for a Marxist and has far better social skills then Gert.

Describe your relationship with Gert and do you feel that I have mischaracterized him
as a Joooo obsessed Communist antisemite?

3 Our first encounter was not positive where did you get this notion that I am some type of extreemist. I seldom post on Israel as MZ, Pam of Atlas and Lady Esther write eloquently on the subject of Isreal. I do book reviews, blogger roasts and tend to focus on the evils of the far left. Do you still think I am an extreemist and it is okay to say yes.

The enemies of Israel

As I see it Israel faces three types of enemies. Most are familiar with Jihadis who do not look like blood crazed Jack Elam type cartoons. There are the far left Commie types that we encounter on this blog. 167, Ducky, Gert, John Brown are fairly generic
Communist antisemites whose entire world revolves around blaming dem jooos er zionists while making excuses for the entire world. Lastly there is a small contingent of far right wackos some are Nazis others call themselves anarcho liberterians but in reality bear a greater similarity to poultry then Jason Papas or Warren ( familiar liberians on this blog).

4 Do you agree with my assesment of Israel's enemies?
5 The far left likes to point to a publicity hungry small band of yokels Neturai Karta as the voice of genuine religious Jews. What are your views of the Neturai Karta?
6 The left likes to push far left commies and anarchists such as Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein and Adam " ISM" Shapiro as representative of model Jews. Who elected the far left to determine who authentic Jews are.
7 The far left likes to point at the treason of Johnathan Pollard as typical of Jewish dual loyalty. If there is any group that has a history of unparalled dual loyalty it is the far left themselves and they forget the Rosenbergs.
8 Do you hear the antisemitic conspiracy theories spread by the far left in Israel. In the US and the blogosphere Israel and a band of wascaly Jooos ( neocons) are blamed for the Iraq war. Some blame Israel and dem Jooooos for 9-11. How much of the antisemitic far left bunk that we see daily reraches you in Israel or over the web?
9 Who is Israel supposed to negotiate peace with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Al Quedah or Al Roker?

Non Jews and Israel. One of my peves with Greg is his need to thank nonJews for supporting Israel. Most moderates and decent Americans support Israel to some extent.
The exception are far left commie types like Ducky. It takes great effort to rationalize the evil like Gert or Uptown Steve.

10 Do you think it takes courage for an American or European non Jew to speak out for Israel?
11 Do you notice that mainstream Christians tend to be pro Israel as opposed to the PC churches?

Living with terror

12 People seem to think terror is remote but I have been there twice at the WTC. Do you put it out of your mind and learn to live with it?
13 Do you have to walk around with an ID card at all times?

Israeli Life

14 Allegedly Isrealis must take thirty hours of drivers ed . Americans can take the test with no hours of drivers ed. I had six hours of practice and passed on the first shot. Have you taken Israeli Drivers Ed? Describe the class as best as you can.
15 Have you encountered any of the Falashas in your travels?
16 What American TV shows can you watch on TV?
17 Is there an Israeli version of Talk Radio?
18 Is higher education subsidized or is pay as you go as in America?
19 Isreal has socialized Medicine, how long do you wait to go to the doctor months weeks and is the quality of care lower then the USA?
20 Can you describe what this odd chocolate spread is that Israelis eat in the same manner we eat peanut butter. I have seen it in Brooklyn a few times. The beloved Rav Roov has a taste for the odd stuff.
21 Our United States readers and Felis are big fans of roadkill. What animals in Israel most often turn up as road kill? Does a road kill cuisine subculture exist in Israel.
22 Do you root for all the Chicago sports teams?
23 What if any discrimination to homosexuals face in Israel?
24 Are there any American Food Items you miss such as Eggo waffles or Kentucky Fried Chicken?
25 Is Israeli Rap as annoying as American Rap?

Blogger Insanity

I am trrying to fathom why Florian's account has been flagged by blogger. Florian does not run a hate site in any description. I have been accused of running a hate blog by communists and they are 100% correct. I hate Communists and a vile genocidal
pathology that produces human misery. I do not appologize for my anti communism and being against jihadism and my blog has been flagged as well.

Now lets look at some blogs that are not flagged. A blog that portrays this author as a criminal with stolen avatars is not flagged. Brown's blog that uses a David Duke term Usreal is not flagged perhaps because he has no readers. 167 vile blogs were never censored including such classics as dem Jooooos stole the holocaust. Simon "crank dot net " Jones who classics can be found on Jooooish tribal review and has alleged that Joooos are behind alienation, pollution and bank interest was not tagged. However people do not read those blogs and Florian has a vibrant site.

I want everyone to have a serious laugh at Renegade Eye and Troutsky who label our sites as hateful. I will let the Sons of treason understand we have our reasons for being against Communism 100,000,000. The same sons of treason see nothing hateful about labeling people who do not like spam or vulgariy Klansman or the creation of a blog that claims I am a criminal is hateful. More to the point I want to point out Renegade was merely visited en masse and he was not spammed. We endured six months of spam and he is crying about a single visit and the use of Comwad.

Moving ahead I want everyone to read the interview with the good John Brown of Citzcom. That John Brown is a friend and well worth a visit. He has a great sense of humor and is a friend of Israel and the Jewish people and is not a fan of Communism.

I will prepare an interview with Greg of HearoIsrael. My first encounters with Greg were not positive. A commie loooooser type objected to this blog. Rather then show courage and step into this blog he starts whinning to my friend Freedom Now. Greg mistook Gert for a Socialist but any serious examination of his verbose unread blog also easily indicates his true inclinations as a Commie antisemite who writes about Israel and dem Joooos more often then I do. Greg has learned over time that I am not MZ but MZ is a close friend.

The other part is that a true friend stands up for his friends and thus when MZ was attacked I had no hesitation about defending a friend. I would do the same for all of the members of this community who do not star in AFLAC commercials. I wish that Florian would understand that being a member of a community has some responsabilities. Allowing a person who spams your friends, steals their avatars, threatens Elmers children, labels his friends as klansmen is just wrong. Brown does not deserve any space ever. The issue is not free speech as Ducky is here every day uncensored. The issue is behavior and Brown, Uptown Steve and Socrates are banned forever by virtue of their behavior.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Warning to the Evil John Brown of Savage Justice

Should you or any annoymous spam appear on my blog or any others in this community I will pay another visit to your Comwads. It seems that they have readers on their blogs and do not like interuptions any more than we do.

You may not post a single letter here. Commenting here is predicated on good behavior and ethnic and racial slurs and spam have removed your rights permanently. Now bon vogage and may the sharks have a good feast on your pathetic carcass as you float on an inner tube to your workers paradise Cuba.

General and Random

First I would like everyone to wish Bruno Amato congrats on his role as the Garbageman in a new series. Scatman Carauthers had a similar role in Chico and the man. It is largely forgotten but he was in several episodes.

Second I would like to talk about our community. We have a fine community that one can be proud of. However there is an interloper who goes from blog to blog spreading his vile vulgar comments wherever he goes. One can learn a good lesson in being a great friend from Warren. Warren stands up for the members of our community. I would urge the last member of our community who allows this interloper to know he is on a short leash. Spell out what the limitations are and let the interloper know what the boundaries are. A formal statement that you find his treatment of Nanc, Warren and myself to be wrong would be appreciated.

Third I really want to do a post about religion in art, music and cinema. I need to get Justin, Farmer John, TMW on board for this project. It is not something we talk about normally.

Lastly I am considering removing moderation. If this blog is spammed by the interloper I will immediately pay a visit to Renegade Eye and every other link on Brown's list. My short visit did upset Renegade who like Ducky is not such a bad guy for a Commie traitor. That means he will smile at you and wave before he sends you to the gulag and steals your property.

General and Random

The Reason You have Biased Reporting From The Middle East

The abduction of two Fox News reporters from the PA illustrates why there is a problem. The PA is a thugocracy and Western News agecies fill the void with locals.
These locals spin the news rather then report the facts.

The newest excuse for the Qana fiasco is that Arab media have different standards then Western Media. This is correct in that Arab media is mostly state sponsored or rigidly controlled like the former Soviet Union or Cuba. Most of the news has to go through censors and the degree of censorship varies.

Thus the liberal clods defending the obvious staged theatrics at Qana have a brand new excuse. Holding up dead children as trophies is common in Arab media. This was one of the excuses for the obvious staged theatrics at Qana. One can read this idiocy at the EU referendum blog that has done an excellent job on the story.

The absurd claims that Green Helmet is just another resue worker is fairly typical of the AP and Reuters which are guilty of negligence. The situation is created by the use of locals who cooperate with Hezbollah staging these events.

The following questions still remain unanswered

1 Why has the Red Cross not released the names of the victims.
2 Why were the bodies taken to Tyre if the custom is local burial
3 How did a building Colapse eight hours after an Israeli Airstike that did not touch the building?
4 How do people who were freshly dead get advanced rigamortis?
5 How do these personel unearth these bodies and remain clean. There is one clown in a white T shirt and Green helmet has no dirt?

It is fairly obvious that this is yet another staged event like the 2000 dead at Jenin. The hysterical anti semitic far left whines about dem joos and claim after claim is proven false.

The time has come to place news from the Arab world under scrutiny. If Arab thugs insist on kidnapping reporters the result should be a news blackout. The reports of stringers have been proven unreliable far too many times.

Monday, August 14, 2006

In the Hot Seat with the John Brown Of Citzcom

John Brown of Citzcom is one of my oldest friends. He has zero in common with the troll at Savage Justice. One of my earliest links was John Brown. In fact Drummaster purchased Citizcom stock along with that of Long Range and this blog. He may have had some of Liberty and Culture at some point.

Those of you who were Moonbat Central posters may be familiar with Citzcom, Freedom Now, Mad Zionist, Mr Beamish and Jeff Bargholz may know my friend. I am 100% positve Nanc knows the real John Brown.

The future

1 Who will be the key countries that will be vital to our economic future.
2 Will India become a greater economic super power and surpass China.
3 Is China friend or for or somewhere in between?
4 Should we pursue a more pro India policy?
5 Is Turkey still considered an ally?

Taxes Taxes Taxes even in death we can not escape taxes?

6 Have the Democrats forgotten aout their working man roots. Beer, Cigarette and gasoline taxes adversely impact working people?
7 Would you favor a National Sales tax to eliminate Income taxes?
8 Are user fees a form of hidden taxation?

9 Is a greater emphasis on public transportation part of a solution to our energy problems?
10 What is your position on nuclear energy.
11 Should we place a greater emphasis on building more power plants and refineries?
12 Should we drill for oil in Anwar?

13 Would you rather drive a sports car or an off the road vehicle?
14 Do you watch pro sports? If so who is your favorite team?
15 Pick one Japanese or New Orleans cuisine?

16 Are you in favor of tax credits for private school tuition
17 Do our universities need a series of reforms to meet the competition from India and China?
18 Should we think about extending the school year?

The war on Terror
19 Are we at war with Islamo Fascism? When did it start
20 Were you surprised that there was a husband and wife duo in last weeks plot who planned to martyr their own child?


21 What is the most annoying channel on cable?
22 Pick a film you feel was under rated and one that you feel was over rated?
23 Who is the most annoying celebrity?
24 Who is your favorite pundit? Is Thomas Sowell in your top 15?
25 Do dogs wearing sweaters look absurd?

Say it aint so John Brown in the Hotseat

We are going to interview the real John Brown of Citzcom not the fraud that steals his name. John Brown is one of my earliest blog friends and is pro Israel and a decent articulate individual.

I am going to try and focus as much of the interview on the future of America. We will get the standard off the wall question or two. But this interview will have a slightly different focus.

We have interviewed people from all walks of life actors, chemists, jihadist and many of the best interviews were with people who disagreed with the vast majority of the readers. Being interviewed is a honor I bestow on well mannered articulate people. I do not mind promoting the Chemist's blog although he is a tad off his rocker as he is a serious blogger with readers. I will interview up and coming bloggers like Florian or bloggers who I think you need to be more aware of like Possum.

The latest most wanted interview list.

1 Jason Papas
2 Mustang
3 Farmer John
4 Mark Alexander
5 Woman Honor Thyself
6 Cubed
7 Pims Ghost
8 Greg Of Hear O' Israel
9 Baya of Shiloh Musings
10 Amil of Bad Eagle

From the Sons of Treason Lets Second Guess Rudy G for 9-11

Renegade Eye is like Duncy a polite Communist who seeks the same goals as John Brown but has more social skills. Communists in reality are treasonous criminals who are apologists for a failed gennocidal system. The humor of an advocate for a system that produced 100,000,000 dead and such classic hits as planned starvation, killing fields, gulags, boat people, mines that look like toys to name a few wants to second guess Rudy Guliani for 9-11.

The Mayors handling of 9-11 has been praised by far left critics such as Lynne Samuels and Ron " Commie" Kuby. The flotsdam Chirac who the Sons of treason praise also praised Guliani. The entire civilized world praised the leadership of Rudy G who is a genuine hero. While Rudy was leading what was Hilary Clintoon doing. She concocted a story about Chelsea jogging blocks away from the WTC. In reality she was nowhere near the Trade Center and 5 miles North on Park Avenue South. The media just let this pass as more Clintoon lies. Bill Clintoon blamed 9-11 on slavery, mistreatment of Indians and the Crusades. Excuse us the United States was not even a
thought at the time of the Crusades. The Arabs probably sold many of the blacks into slavery and are still practicing it today. The notion of Muslims being outraged by the mistreatment of indigenous people is a sick joke to anyone familiar with the history of Islam a colonial pathology with a certified record of human rights violations that rivals communism itself.

Lets see the mayor used 9-11 as a continual photo op according to Renegade Eye. The mayor reassured a frightened nation and world that everything was under control. The main critique is that the emergency headquarters should not have been at the WTC and the radios should have been better. Pardon me we can second guess any administration with a plethora of doomsday scenerios. NYC under Guliani was a well run city that has endured blackouts, hurricanes, blizzards as a normal city should be prepared for.
9-11 was an act of warfare carried out by religious thugs acting in the name of Islam. What else should the mayor prepare for Grizzly Bears, Klingons, Communist infiltration of our educational system, KFC shortages and every request of Sarah Jessica Parker for police escorts.

These are the same people crying don't blame Mayor Nagin. Well the Mayor of New Orleans is not to blame for the Katrina mess. Many of those dollars went to more important projects like the Big Dig. The Mayor of New Orleans showed no leadership
and is guilty on that level. The New Orleans Police Department was shown to be poorly led and corrupt.

A general rule of thumb when dealing with Commies is that the opposite of what they write is the truth.

Mr Beamish in 08

Brown lies yet again

Brown tries to hide his behavior in free speech talk. He was warned that vulgar post repeated daily with zero facts are not welcome. In fact several of the blogs he is banned on host a series of far left types with no complaints. This blog and AOW hosts the Marxist antisemitic Duck.MZ has had demented Dana and warned Brown several times about vulgarity.

Why was Brown alone banned and the Duck permitted to stay.

Number one: The Duck doesn't spam.
Number Two: The Duck doesn't repeat himself
Number Three: The Duck is not vulgar

Moreover, Brown was warned that his continued spamming would create reprisals on Renegade's blog. Brown did not take my warning seriously and showed no concern for his friend. Thus if I were Renegade I would watch my Comwad very closely or consider banning Brown. Brown is not worth the agrivation or headaches and is a certified liar.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Pause in the John Brown Strategy

I want to thank those of you who sent Renegade Eye a message. He has tasted maybe 5%
of the annoying tacticts of John Brown. Lets hold back on Renegade and allow him to talk to Brown.

Should Brown place a single post on any blog the kid gloves come off and we resume. Renegade will be faced with a choice that Brown's obnoxious behavior can have consequences for his friends. Renegade will have to deal with Brown who lies through his teeth.

Renegade is not a bad man for an advocate for a seditious failed philosopher. Like Ducky he has his own Code of Honor unlike Brown who has none. Renegade is smart enough to understand Brown lies and is a psycho.

If Renegade is unable to get Brown to behave he can avoid the mess by banning Brown and removing the link. We will then select another blog that Brown posts on and repeat the process.

I find it amazing that those who cry about proportionalism should whine when we use a proportional response to Brown's spamming.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Great Adventure starts at Daybreak

I will be driving across Vermonts Northeast Kingdom. There are two primary routes across this tundra. There is Route 105 which I used to travel to Maine. The more circular path is 114 goes across the Norther VT Border and lets one out at Beechers Fall NH.

The path will take me to remote lakes like Lake Wallace and Averil. I will drive past miles of swamps and through a notch or two. I planned the gas stops and was informed there are gas station in Averil and Beechers falls. On my return trip I will drive along route 2 through some of Vermonts finest Parkland.

Taking pictures in this region is not easy as the locals drive at high speeds and the State Troopers watch anyone with exotic plates. There is evidence of rampant porcupines but I did not encounter them on my last trip.

John Brown's Weak Point

My venture on Renegade Eye was a huge hit. Now Brown is crying that I spammed his blog. Nobody reads his blog and I get 90 comments a day. I advise the rest of you to visit Renegade Eye and point out that Brown has behaved similarly on your blog. Ninety comments a day is not free speech it is spam.

Let anyone who has a link on Brown's site know that they will become a target for similar visits. I urge the rest of you to follow suit and end this madness. Brown has gone too far and has taken this war to my friends so his few friends are fair game.

Even if his fellow Commie clowns can not control Brown they will find his friendship costly and he will become a non person quickly.

You can see Brown lie through his teeth and cry victim on Renegade Eye/ Visit Renegade Eye's house of treason and let him know how his dog behaves on your site.

Be warned all Brown spam will be returned on Renegade Eye. If Brown puts up ninety posts where is your avatar on my site I will place 90 the Boat for Gitmo leaves in three hours all Commie traitors pack your bags 90 times.

Friday, August 11, 2006

John Brown This Means War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am tired of your spam and ignorance You have no readers or coherent points thus spamming your blog is a waste of time. Why spam a blog that nobody reads? If you do not knock off the spam Renegade Eye will be hit with Spam from me and any others who are sick of your spam.

One more thing remember you have no idea when I will return to NYC for a visit. The radical community is much smaller then you think and it will not be too dificult for me to track you down. This is not a threat but there are plenty of non violent legal ways I can make your life even more miserable then it all ready is.

Be smart and disappear.

Skilled Drivers Only

I took the challenge to drive Hazens Notch in VT. In order to get there I had to clear Smugglers Notch another tough stretch but this is the third time so I was well prepared.

Unlike Smuggler Notch Hazens Notch is unpaved and my car did slip a tad but I was at 30 mph and it was just an annoyance. There was one stretch where logging was taking place on the road. Let me be the first to tell you falling trees, Fords and Beakers are not a good mix.

On Sunday I will leave at Dawn to partake in a Northeast Kindom adventure. I passed through the area on 105 when I went to Maine. Vermont does not get more rustic then route 114. I will have to use the Vermont Atlas as the area is remote.

This is the beginng of the White Mountains and the Tundra.

Same Beaker time Same Beaker Channel

Beaish in 08 and the Purple Avenger to be the VP.

Left unsaid

Many far left anti semites deny the original cause of the Pseudostinian refugee. The original Pseudostinian refugees were told by Arab leaders to get out of the way. When the Arab Armies failed in battle all rules for refugees were twisted to create a never ending generations of human hockey pucks.

The onus is on the Arab countries to settle their own refugees. They allready have twenty two states and loads of real estate. The far left comuno nazis like 167 and to a lesser extent Duncy cling to a fictional ethnicity that seems to have been created in the 1960's . What the basis for the ethnicity is remains unknown as it is not history, religion or language.

All of the states in the region are creation of an Anglo-French treaty. The Kurds and the Assyrians were sold out to Arab domination. In the history of the world there is no such entity as Jordan and do not confuse Syrians with Assyrians who are a Christian people with their own language. The anti semitic far left likes to talk about " Greater Israel" but it remains silent on Arab greed for land. These far left dolts also fail to remember that Jews are the indigenous people and Arabs are colonial invaders with tons of real estate allready.

If the conflict is viewed in its correct frame Pan Arab land theft support for Pseudostinians is zero.

The Duck's new theory about Israel invading Lebanon to steal water from the Litani river is a comedy classic.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

These terrorists are lower then vermin

I was listening to John Loftus on the John Batchelor show. Apparently, the sons of Allah have decided to use families to smuggle in explosives. This apparent disregard for their own women and children should come as no surprise to long term students of the middle east.

Apparently Al Queda is now a family friendly employer. Take your sons and daughters to work and blow them to smithereens in senseless pointless violence. Now we have to profile families and what comes next. Will Al Queda enlist grannies for pointless jihad next?

The hyper critical anti semitic far left wants to screech about faked media driven alleged massacres at Qana. Lost in the mix is the blatant disregard for their own women and children by firing rockets from civilian areas and storing munitions in residential areas. The ensuing civilian deaths allows Communist apologists for terrorists to spin and rationalize barbaric behavior. Well lets play the accountant of mayem. Lets start with 100,000,000 dead via Marx, 3,000 on 9-11 and maybe 500,000 under Saddam. No lets wail about an alleged 28 at Qana that was 58. In an unprecedented move the Red Cross will not release the names of the dead at Qana.

Yes the hysterical anti semitic far left wants you to worry about photo ops at Qana and ignore the reality in Israel, 9-11, London, Madrid and Beslan.

Living with 9-11

Many people forget that the world has changed forever on 9-11. The far left in their crass political opportunism mode would have you believe that there is no terrorist threat. The cynical game of the political opportunism of the far left is odious. They hope that we forget what happened on that day. Then the far left tries to utilize anti semitism to boost its thinning powerless ranks.

Most long term readers are aware that I was an eyewitness to the mayhem in lower Manhattan on 9-11 and a survivor of the 93 blast. One may assume that the traumas of those days go away but this is wishfull thinking. There are some wounds that just do not heal with time.

Even in remote Northern VT the reality does hit here as well. There is a nearby military base and the series of low flying jets unnerved me. My boss recognized my shaking hands and lack of focus. It is true that the series of low flying jets did bring back ugly memories of 9-11. I quietly took an early afternoon and left for home and away from the jets.

I do not have the luxury of far left fantasies. A low flying jet or images of more senseless carnage remind me of that day. I am tired of the rationalization games. This terrorism is an act of barbarism and the mindless equivocations about root causes miss the point. We are facing Islamonazism and they do have a fifth collumn of spin miesters like Ducky and John Brown in the USA.

Back to Bernhard Henri Levi and what a real world country does in the face of suicide bombings is depopulate the surrounding villages and rob the terrorists of local support. This is what the Sinhalese did in reaction to the human rights attrocities of the Tamil Tigers who use the very same tactics the Pseudostinians use. The Russians made Grozny uninhabitable for far less then the steady attrocities the Israelis endure daily but even this is not enough for the far left bad joooooos.

If viewed in the proper context there are no Palestinians. There are Arab invaders who have twenty two states allready. The talk of Greater Israel is a cloak for non stop greed for land of Moooslim invaders. Rather then settle their brothers it is better to create generations of human hockey pucks. Lets slap the hockey pucks around and leave them in refugee camps festering for generations.

Any talk of rationalizing barbaric behavior and this callous waste of life is an insult to our intelligence.

Beamish in 08.

Kudos to MZ

Most people know that I consider MZ among the closest of my blog friends. I do understand the temptation to allow John Brown on a blog as a whipping boy. He excells in illustrating the stupidity and arrogance of actual communists. Brown is a virtual left wing Archie Bunker who does not even cloak his bigotry in PC rhetoric. In Brown's entire life he has never had a single original thought and he seems to confuse vulgarity with content.

People do not seem to understand why the Duck is welcomed and Brown is loathed. The Duck is seldom vulgar and does not repeat himself. The Duck is also has a working knowledge outside of the arts. He is not the sole arbiter of good taste that he presumes.

Brown wears out his welcome with vulgar posts aimed at friends of mine. Where he will decide to turn up next is unknown. Freedom Now has not banned him but made it clear that he will not put up with the vitriol such as calling me a pedophile or Nanc Shiitposter.

At a certain point we have to consider Brown emotionally disturbed. Normal people do not post messages on the same blog ninety times. I would love to run my blog live but Brown is intent on spamming where he is unwelcome. He has followed my friends and made a pest of himself. If he does not knock it off on this blog and those of my friends I will follow his example and spam Renegade Eye. Let his fellow comrades understand what their demented friend has done.

One can easily do this when one has like John Brown never held a job in his life. Thus he can spam blogs with hundreds of useless posts as mom and dad are footing the bill.

I hope Florian reminds Brown what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior.

In the Hot Seat with Bruno Amato

Bruno Amato is an actor and a Navy veteran. He is not as Conservative as most of our posters. Then again I am not as Conservative as the majority of our posters. One of the minor points is that contrary to the opinion of waterfowl I am far more well rounded then one generally assumes. I have seen almost onehundred Broadway shows and am a fan of classic art. I do not waste my time and money at Almodar films like the Duck. Interestingly Felis and Farmer John seem to have a working knowledge of many of these obscure films and often disagree with the Duck.

The first section is about acting in general.

1 Actors audition for hundreds of roles and most of us dread going on interviews. How does one deal with rejection that often accompanies the job? Does one develop a thick skin? Does the disappointment sting just as much today as when one was younger?
2 Certain actors seem to have a natural chemistry such as Mathau and Jack Lemmon or John Wayne and Ward Bond is this something that takes experience or is it just unexplainable that certain people just work well with others.
3 Does the snobery of Broadway and live theatre being the apex of the acting craft still exist? Historically those who have done live performances tended to view themselves as a cut above Movie actors and there was a general disdain towards commercials as the nadir of the acting trade. I can say I have seen Richard Dreyfus and Alec Baldwin on Broadway and they were clearly not as skilled as the rest of the cast. Most well known actors and actresses stink when they appear on Broadway. A notable exception was Fritz Weaver who is a genuine world class actor and has uncanny delivery and diction.

US Navy

4 My brother and sister in law are career US Naval Officers. I think Mr Beamish's brother is an Aircraft Carier man. One of the things people do not understand is that working on aircraft carriers is a dangerous occupation. On routine missions people do get swept of the flight deck. There are also plenty of routine vocational accidents on Naval ships. What should civilians understand about life in the Navy?
5 Did you get a chance to visit the Philipinnes? My brother is one of the few sailors who seemed to love Okinawa. What were your favorite ports of call?
6 My brother swears Navy food on a ship is better then advertised? Is this a misperception by the public.


7 Should the United States shift the focus of future immigration from family ties to vocational skills?
8 Do you think people who serve in the US military should get accelerated immigration benefits. Currently, citizenship is reduced by half for servicemen.


9 Do you watch professional sports? Do you have a favorite team or athlete?
10 There are three restuants on the block you have a choice of Tex/Mex, Seafood or a classic NJ Diner where would you go. If you were with a date would you choose the same establishment. I am the first to admit I am guilty of changing culinary tastes for an easier date. Thus if I have the choice of classic Greek cuisine or Seafood and I am on a date I would stick with the sea food.
11 From your blog it is apparent that you are an animal lover. I am a fan of nature myself and spent hours and much travel to get a glimpse of Moose. Is there any animal that you particularly enjoy watching in the wild?

Real life and art

12 Long term readers know I was an eyewitness to 9-11 and a survivor of the 93 blast at the WTC. Do you feel uncomfortable watching things that you have experienced on film? I have no plans to see the Oliver Stone 9-11 movie as I still have flashbacks.
Yet I did enjoy the amazingly accurate depiction of Staten Islanders in Working Girl.
Do some movies hit too close to home?
13 What do you think about reality TV shows. I think they are too contrived and have run their course. If there ever was a show who would like to give Donald Trump a wedgie I would audition for that show.

The environment

14 Long term readers know I am a huge fan of natural beauty such as the White Mountains on New Hampshire and the Rivers of Vermont. Yet I understand the need for jobs in the timber industry in Maine and Northern Vermont. Is the notion of managed use of resources realistic?
15 Are certain parks just too groomed to be enjoyable. A coworker from Vermont went to Central Park and thought it was not natural enough. Central Park was created around the same time as the familiar French Renaisance period. It was modeled after European parks and as such heavily landscaped.
16 Pick one the beach or rugged mountains.

The future

17 What countries will be vital to the economic future of America?
18 Is there a divide between costal communities and flyover country? I see the divide as being between rural and urban populations becoming worse in the future?
19 Is the never ending price increases for higher educaton a threat to our future? Many of our economic rivals have subsidized higher education such as India.

Our vast country

20 One of the criticism is that Americans do not travel. However the Europeans who make that claim have zero idea of the vast distances in the USA? When I travel to NYC I am going 400 plus miles and if I went to Florida we may be talking three times as far. A similar trip in Europe would cross several borders. Is this European complain valid or just condescension.
21 I often point out that I can take a literal trip around the world and not leave the greater NYC area. Are we more diverse and cosmopolitan then our European critics presume.
22 As a NYC native I often take pleasure in helping tourists find locations. However, I do get annoyed when they proceed to give long winded diatribes about domestic politics. Excuse me I didn't elect your President nor do I lecture you about your leaders. Have you experienced this on the West Coast.


23 Do you know how to shoot pool?
24 Have you driven a snow mobile?
25 Are people who send their pets to psychiatrist in need of some professional help themselves?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I would like to see if we can get Bruno Amato to do sit for an interview. Bruno is an actor who has also served in the Navy.

Lets do the top ten most wanted interview list

1 Jason Papas
2 Mustang Social Sense
3 Farmer John
4 Mark Alexander
5 Bruno Amato
6 Cubed
7 Pims Ghost
8 Woman Honor Thyself
9 Amil of Bad Eagle
10 Elijah

I also would like to do another Farmer John/ Beakerkin special where we talk about abstract concepts that intrest a select few.

Possible Topics

1 Religion in Art, Film and Music does it take away or add to the experience
2 The role of the taxpayer in public education
3 Does Socialized medicine lead to the devaluation of life

You can offer your own topics for a possible Farmer John/ Beakerkin trip to the philosophical side of the blogosphere.

In other news John " Certified " Brown has left around 90 posts all not added and removed in seconds.

It is time for Jews to leave the Democratic Party

When I decided to register as a Republican in 1984 this was considered a shocking event. However I had been annoyed at a party that was intent on obstructing the Cold War. Ronald Reagan was attempting to Roll back Communism and these idiot dumbocrats were acting as the Sandanista PR staff. Ted Wiess, Joh Kerry, Harkin, Dodd, Rangel and many others seemed more interested in Commie thugs in Managua then in life in America.

The sad truth is that the Democratic Party as a coherent national party has finnished. They may win a seat or two but they are essentially finished nationally.
Republicans need to start playing tough but the red extreemist Code Pink, Answer and UPJ crowd are a liability.

Even in VT where Bernie " Do nothing but photo op" Sanders has done less for the state then Col Sanders anger is mounting. Sadly, his Republican opponent while a solid business man has failed to hit hard. The worst Tarrant has done is call Sanders a radical. If Tarant had any direction he would point to the exodus of jobs leaving VT. He would point to the Vermont service Center where our union rep has said Sanders has not lifted a finger to save jobs. While Bernie fidles with Willie Nelson native Vermonters lose their jobs or pack their bags and take other jobs across the country. Even with an inept campaign Tarant will get forty percent.

The Democratic party is no longer the party of Joe Sixpack. It is beholden to far left radicals who are using cloak and dagger to impose their socialist fantasies on us. They have a plethora of sacred shiboleths and are the party of victimization, illegal immigration, commie peace nuts, anti semites, the UN, Michael Moore, over paid Marxist educators like Noam Chimpanzee.

It is time for Pro Americans of all types to leave but especially Jews. Lets us vote with our feet and say no to this insanity of worshiping the UN and far left lunacy.
I made my move over twenty years ago over Cold War obstructionism and the very same people who obstructed America in the Cold War are obstructing America again.

Will the last patriotic Democrat turn out the light when you leave the insane assylum that has become the Democraic Party.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The MSM reacts to the blogosphere

The initial uproar in the blogosphere caused by Adnan Hajj was the apparently saged Qana massacre. Mr Greenhelmet and Mr White T Shirt are clearly posing with bodies that are in too advance a state of death to have died from an aleged airstrike in Qana.

Mr Green Helmet seems to still be in the news with another body at Trye held up like a trophy. Who is Mr Greenhelmet? The AP and Reuters do not seem to bother with that question. How does the same man appear in every set of photos dating back to 1996.

Part of the problem was Rueters and A/P reliance on local photographers. Hezbollah has a nasty habit of kidnaping Westerners. Thus we are getting a new form of state sponsored propaganda within a non state. These biases are even more profound then the usual Commie crowd produces. Despite all of this our resident Communist anti semitic labotomy still believes in zionist media. He posted an outraged attack on Israel right after the alleged Qana Massacre. Then when one is consumed by antisemitism and communist biases one can not or should not expect rational thought.

Beamish in 08.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Suicide Bombers seeking heaven and a state of their own.

Most of you thought I was talking about the fake indigenous people champoined by bird brained Marxist antisemites. I am reading Bernard Henri Levi's section on one of the worlds few ethnic conflicts that does not involve the Sons of Allah.

I am struck by the similarities to the pseudostinians except that the Tamil thugs have a greater claim to nation status. Tamils do have their own language and historic identity while Pseudostinians are contrived.

That being said the portrait of the female torpedo and the Tamil Tigers are less then flattering. The charismatic leader, child wariors and suicide bombers promised heaven ( Nirvana) seem familiar. Yet while the world hangs on every fake attrocities of a false ethnicity.

We have a plethora of anti semitic Marxist types whose sole focus is Pseudostinianism. Yet these same people do not write a vowel about the Tamil Tigers as there are no Joooos to bash. The Tigers as portrayed by Levi are as bad as Hezbollah.