Saturday, August 19, 2006

The drug trade and war on terror.

This may be a coincedence but the two areas central in current conflicts are also Drug hot spots. Both Lebanon and Afghanistan are major heroin hubs, Moreover the historic home of the Lebanese drug trade is the Bekaa Valley where Hezbollah is located. The romantic notion of resistance chalked up by dimwits like John Brown is also juxtaposed with narco trafficing mullahs.

I have yet to hear the Duck comment about FARC the Communist Narco terror gang in Columbia. Senator John " Gomer" Kerry was all over the Contra/Drug angle but he was silent about Cuban and Sandanista narco activity. Do not hold your breath for Duncy to own up to the fact that FARC is a drug pushing Communist Gang. In reality the drugs that ruin lives in America are more then likely pushed with the aid of Communist thug protection in Columbia and Peru.

The bottom line is that as long as we have a market somebody will produce it. However the reality of jihadi and Communist involvement in the drug trade is the unspoken reality.

This may be ironic but Israel should have targeted the opium fields in the Bekaa Valley. How the world would react to the napalming of small farms is unknown. There are narco distribution facilities in the Bekaa Valley as well and a well placed bomb
could cost millions. It is doubtful that Nasrallahs narco facilities will be harmed by the Lebanese Army or the useless UN force that has done zero allready.


Purple Avenger said...

FARC is also actively being aided and sheltered by Chavez while they perform their cross border raids into Columbia.

beakerkin said...

Good point but I was hoping the Duck would start defending FARC. The Duck is not that stupid. However the Litani River water theft angle has me wondering.

Always On Watch said...

No coincidence.

beakerkin said...


This may be the chicken and the Egg. Do drug pushers create instability or take advantage of it. The story of Hezbollah and Heroin was not discussed at all.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well Beak, if we didn't use so much of the stuff it wouldn't be a problem.

Why is there drug flow through Lebanon? Because israel is a BIG user nation.

Heal thyself.

beakerkin said...


Any attempt to blame the Drug situation in Lebanon on Israelis is absurd. If everyone were a user
the Israeli Market would be chump change. Try looking at Western Europe and in the USA. Iran grows and uses its own heroin and exports it.

Anonymous said...

What up Beak!
I read that 90% [sounds a tad inflated to me] of the worlds heroin is produced in afghanistan.
The Taliban apparently stopped it's production,*chuckle* after they were removed it began again.Tell me it isn't true, a government propped up by drug trade?
A useless U.N force, an effective U.N force would be, what do they call it again, an oxymoron or something.
I believe a good portion of northern afghanistan is covertly controlled by the russians, where the heroin is cultivated.
{elijah} nice to see your still stirring the pot.

MissingLink said...

You touched an interesting topic.
In fact heroin (any drug) producing countries became its main victim.
In Iran, Lebanon, Indonesia, Afghanistan it's heroin and hash.
Major problem.
In Saud and Yemen its qat chewing.
Of course the media exposure of this huge problem is minimal.

beakerkin said...

Elijah Great to see you. We do not talk about drugs too often.

Felis drug use in the Muslim world is the most under reported story in the media. Iran in particular has some serious problems.

Justin said...

Geeeeeee D.B.F.S. I just realized that you are a duck in a insect disquies. Those big black bulging eyes. That triangular head. Yep that would explain your brain capacity. Watch out one of your cronies might just mistake you for lunch.

Gotta love that stretch of blaming Israel on Lebanons drug problem and output. Im still rolling in the floor laughing. Only a bug brain could have come up with that one.

Always On Watch said...

Iran in particular has some serious problems.

Several months back, the WaPo had a long piece on that topic. One of the articles I didn't save--more's the pity.

Those big black bulging eyes. That triangular head.

Familiar with the TV show The Outer Limits? The ants in one particular episode bore a striking resemblance to Hubert Humphrey, who was VP at the time.

beakerkin said...


I am glad someone else saw that. The Duck is off his rocker.

Justin said...

AOW: I always use to watch that show and do I ever remember that episode. I kept looking for old Hubie to expose himself LOL.


I think all one has to do is read one sentence of duckys and there is only one conclusion that they could come to.

Oh By the way Ducky I forgot to tell you. Maqhmed called he said he has your berka ready and is waiting for you in the UAE you will be the new MS Michael Jackson.

John Brown said...

MULLAH BEAK the NAZI LOVING DHS PEDOPHILE: I don't want to see my name on your blog again. Either you shut up, or I stay right here and force you return to the days of censoring my posts.

beakerkin said...

Hey Brown bite me. You do not determine what we say here. Moreover John Brown is a pen name unlike my friend at Citzcom. You maintain a klanwatch and a satire blog dedicated to me. Thus your cries are in vain. STFU and get back to your site of stupidity that nobody reads.

troutsky said...

Powerful stuff, criticizing a guys looks.Brown, you are wasting time here and causing some of us revenge-grief.