Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beakerkin vs the Duck just who is the Nazi

Our friend the bird brained Duck seems to think that cliche anti semnitism is okay because as a Commie anyone who opposes all forms of Marxism must be a Nazi. Some pairings are no good because of their history and context depicting GW Bush as a chimp does not have the same context as describing a Black man like Obama in similar terms. Similarly Jew as Nazi for obvious reasons is similarly odious, not that lefties are ever held to any standards.

Who is more Nazi like

Symptoms that you may be a Nazi

1) Odd preoccupations with who is Jewish and Israel. The Ducks obsessive rants about Israel and fixations are self evident.

2) Dehumanizing those who are opposed to your vision

The Duck will point to my Pseudostinian rants. The term was created to annoy holier than thou commies whose claims that Palestinians are a unique nationality are false. One can look at the PLO charter and history does not start in 1948. Does Josephus write a single sentence about them in his writings on the subject? No. He writes page after page about them Jews.

One does not see me calling Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. I do call Rabbi Lerner Rabbi Snagglepuss. The litigious one hasn't threatened to sue over that line. If anything Snagglepus is more lion like than Rabbi Lerner is Rabbinical.

3) Wanting to control your life.

I don't care who sleeps with whom. It is not my business who eats what. Do not get me started on regressive taxation such as gas, beer and cigarette taxes.

It is obvious which person more closely resembles a Nazi.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Profiloing of Muslims

There is a certain amount of far left outrage about NYPD monitoring Muslims groups. If the truth be told the first job of the police is to protect the public. Terrorism has basically two major components Islam and
Marxism/ Anarchism. Not every member of these groups is a threat to the public but law enforcement has the right to due dillegence.

One of the problems with the end of the Cold War is that when it ended GW Bush senior made no effort to gain acess to the files of the former Soviet Union and show exactly how much treason the far left in the USA was guilty of for decades. Now that we have a KGB man running the show in Moscow we are not likely to get those files.

There are plenty of Muslim Patriots like Stephen Schwartz of the CIP. Do ordinary people going about their ordinary lives care if NYPD has a dosier that says Ahmed X prays four times a day and likes Strawberry Pancakes at IHOP. Person Y went to the library and read the Communist Manifesto and Wuthering Heights. Person Z was critical of US environmental policy and led a protest at KFC. These are ordinary facts in everyday lives. Now if the NYPD started looking at the drug habits of student radicals this is an ordinary law enforcement area.

I would also like to change the laws regarding student visas. Students arrested for vandalism in protests should be deported. Students arrested three times for any reason including disorderly conducts and protests should be deported and barred from the USA for five years. Students who enter the USA should post bond
that their college is liable for should they fail to return home. If a student gets legal status or returns home the money should be returned.

Sorry, but in this day and age of high stakes terrorism routine scrutiny is part of the new reality. Do I really care if the government keeps tabs on my routine. Went to restroom at 11:11 and read the Crankfiles at 2pm. Big deal

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twice In a Lifetime

The Victor Cruz story was the improbable story of an athlette not even considered worthy of a combine invite becoming a star. Much of the story rest with his hard work that he did with Eli Manning in NJ durring the strike. Not all the players showed the dedication but Cruz attended nearly every practice. Still the team did not feel confident in giving the unknown a chance and they brought in a grizled vet Brandon Stokely who did next to nothing before getting hurt and cut. All of us know how the story ends with a Superbowl. Cruz probably won't have another year like this again but it was charming.

The Knicks have been the poster child for over paid self important athlettes. The team is owned by the dumbest man in NYC whose sole claim to fame is his father founded a cable company. Out of nowhere comes a Chinese American point guard from Harvard who was ignored in the NCAA. He has had some week beating players who are household names. NY never quite experienced anything like Fernando mania or the Bird Fydrich type of rookies. Jeter was solid and we knew he would be a good pro but nobody can predict greatness over a long haul and being injury free.

Even if Lin fades into the just being a regular player this was some ride. I still hate the Knicks and there imbecile owner, but all of us can root for Jeremy Lin.

Bird Brains Hero Ranting About Jews and Gays

Lefties feign outrage when rational sorts point to the rhetoric and criminal behavior of Chavez. They parse words in a manner similar to Holocaust Denniers to protect their own. Of course if Pat Robertson had called Obama a gay Muslim the lefties would be swinging from the trees in outrage.

Despite BS rhetoric leftist countries have a mixed at best record on gays. Gays were once placed in mental hospitals in Cubas famed health care. The record of the moron in Zimbabwe is pretty bad as well but lefties yawn.

President Obama will likely never comment on Chavez's latest rant. The media never does ask him tough questions like how does one hold an Alice in Wonderland themed Party in this economy.

I am rooting for the cancer to rid the planet of Chavez. No doubt many of the medications keeping him alive were produced by dem Jooooos. A suicide vest bomb does eliminate the problem of cancer by killing the wearer.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Captain Ray Lewis a disgrace to Police Officers

When one works in professions certain ethical rules prevent abusing your position. Thus when I go to a protest I leave the work gear at home. Wearing my agency sweater at whatever protest would presume agency endorsement of whatever.

Now I do admit the sweater is so darned comfortable I do wear it while watching a sporting event or two at the local Greek Diner. I probably shouldn't do that either but rooting for the Yankees while eating spinach pie is fun.

Public employees are not permitted to abuse their position for personal gain or publicity. I can not endorse a product in my official capacity. If I could it would be Mountain Dew.

Captain Lewis has violated these rules multiple times and should lose his pension. His department has told him multiple times stop wearing your uniform at OWS events and he refuses to heed multiple warnings. He is also urging fellow police officer to disobey orders while in that uniform which is another serious issue.

I want to point out ethics is a serious issue in government and not a year goes by without some scandal at work. We do have training where officers are told what to do when given an illegal order. The reality is following those instructions could end your career. Despite whistle blower protection laws the agency is really at the whims and quirks of local management that is often unaccountable. In reality the Federal Government does need an anti bullying laws to check some of these abuses.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Insert your own laugh track

Barak Obama has claimed that Bill Ayers "is a guy from the neighborhood and an educator". We can say the same thing about noted actor Ron Jeremy. Jeremy lived not to far from me and actually earned his credentials in education, unlike Lord Fauntleroy Ayers whose fathers donations and nepotism likely had some impact on his hiring.

The fact is Ayers is a well known and loathsome terrorist. His claims that his actions were somehow related to the Vietnam war are false. He fancied himself a revolutionary in a country where his rights to peacefully organize are protected. The Che Guevara wanna be makes dubious claims about property damage except noting the criminals blown up in the town house were planning on sending a package to Fort Dix.

Describing Ayers as an educator is quite akin to calling Ron Jeremy an educator. Jeremy did work as a teacher but is clearly knoiwn for something else. Would the media give a free pass to someone making this dubious claim.

I appologize in advance to Ron Jeremy for using him in satire with the loathsome Bill Ayers. Jeremy has never indulged in actual violence or has ever fancied himself as Robin Hood. He can honestly claim to have earned an honest days pay for hard work, unlike Ayers.

Obama claims to have denounced Ayers criminal acts. Where and when did he do this before he was campaigning for President? Is this just another one of the Obama mysteries that the media just ignores like his missing college transcripts. How did a person with mediocre grades at Occidental get into those prestigious schools?

Now there are some false hypocritical lefties all worked up about Peter Brimelow at CPAC. Did the same folks express any concern about a President who sat rapt in a Church with a Pastor Spewing anti American Black Liberation Theology. Did the same crew say a word about a President addressing La Razza? Did they say a word about seperatists and Marxists at that group.

Brimelow has some nasty Unamerican ideas. However, if we pretend that those ideas are nasty and that Back Liberation theology or Hispanic separatists are just flavor of the month it is hypocrisy.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

In the discussion of her career many will forget her version of the National Anthem at the Superbowl. It is the most moving version I can recall.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Clint Eastwood Comercial

I didn't see the commercial as pro Obama. I saw the ad as a vauge plug for a revitalized car industry and a buy American ad. My criticism was the Chrysler logo came way at the end so if it was an ad the ad poorly conveyed whose product was pitched.

A note to the ad men. The Sienfeld ad would have been better if Newman had got the car at the end.  The Coca Cola polar bears stunk. Elton John is not a great pitch man unless he is making fun of his over the top personality.

Santorum is back in the race. What does this mean for the GOP?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Why America likes the Giants

The Giants are the team that is not supposed to be there. They had a 9-7 record and injuries by the score. Yet the face of the franchise is the calm Eli Manning who is supposed to be the third best Quarter back in the Manning household.

In reality Brady carried a team of a few good players and a bunch of nobodies to a near superbowl win. He didn't have a great game and the throw to Welker was not even a good one. He spent much of the night running from the Giants. He is lucky that Canty never got close. Pierre Paul missed him a few times and Linvail Joseph missed him twice. He should not be confused with a QB like Michael Vick who can run to safety or Rothlisberger who can absorb brutal hits or Tebow who han do both.

The Patriots have interesting pieces but that is about it. They have benefitted from playing in a weak confrence where only Rex's mental ward can sometimes make a challenge. If Miami gets a real Quarterback they could easily win the division.

On offense the Patriots have four top players. Brady, Gronk, Hernandez and Welker. The best of the linemen was Waters who signed from KC. None of the Running Backs would even make the Giants roster.
The Giants line has aged but Snee is still a top player who has had a bad game or two. Other than Welker none of the recievers matches up with the Giants core. The Tight Ends are world class but Gronk was hurt on Superbowl Sunday.

On defense it is basicaly Wolfork, Mayo and perhaps Chung and the rest is ordinary. The Giants line and secondary is better than the Patriots. The Giants LBs are substandard other than Boley and Williams.They have an extra DE playing LB because they have so much talent on the line.

This next part may sound cruel but even on beauty Eli Mannings wife looks better than Ms. Brady. I never quite understood why Giselle is considered such an icon. Football wives and mothers should be seen on Chunky Soup commercials and not in the sports pages. It is funny and even wholesome when Kurt Warners
mom or someone elses makes a soup commercial. Ripping team mates is something sports writers and fans should do. Sorry, Giselle but the ball thrown to Welker was not in the greatest spot and required a circus catch. Welker tried his best and makes these catches frequently.

The truth is the Patriots are an ordinary team coached by the best. They have over achieved and were beaten by a better team.

Super Models should be seen and not heard. Giselle is not Pam Oliver or even a knowlegeable sideline commentator. For my money I preferhaving a fun ex jock on the sideline like Siragusa who can be funny at times to the reporter types like Pam Oliver. Football is supposed to be fun and shame on NBC for not finding a role for Phil Simms who unlike Aikman knows what he is doing.

Note to Fox please stop inflicting the imbecile Troy Aikman on the NY Audience and get Dierdorf, Matt Millen or anyone else with a pulse in the booth.

Onto next season

I really hate the Knicks and their idiot owner. Unfortunately this Asian point guard who is playing smart and hard is someone worthy of a fan base. Hopefully, they will trade Lin and he can be placed on a more deserving team owned by an adult.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Giants Win

I honestly thought that the Patriots would win this one. Belechikck is the greaest QB of this era and Brady is one of the all time best ever QB. Had he not run into the Giants we would be mentioning him with Montana and Bradshaw.

In the early part of the game I noticed Brady looked frightened. The Giants were in his head and despite two long drives he was not himself. I wish those bashing Welker would strop. If the Patriots lost it had more to do with Brady than Welkrt.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

This one is my fault

Never in my life have I been more perplexed thn to hear my daughter singing along with Beaker on You Tube. My poor kid was laughing at the one where he sings with Demi Lovato. Having your Nine year old sing me meee mee Beaker style is pretty funny.

At least it was not Justin Beiber

Friday, February 03, 2012

The evolution of a lunatic

When this blog first encountered the gay dane from the UK he was posing as a man of the left. His central obsession was always Jews. He has deleted his blogs and changed his name multiple times.

The truth is that his obsessions are quite obvious in any encounter. Thus when he infested the site of Rob Bayn and Justin it did not take too long for them to spot a person with reality issues. Rob Bayn may be to the left, but just the same he doesn't tollerate mindless cliche anti amaericanism and general idiocy. Thus claims that gays in Iran and other places in the Muslim world were all guilty of other offenses does not pass scruitiny.

167 has gone from defending communism on the site of the Chemist to ranting about Jewish Bolshevism on another forum. His latest bit is actual Holocaust denial while championing Norman Maoist Finklestein.

Watching Holocaust Deniers and Truthers is like watching a train wreck. Their technique is to demand moiuntains of evidence and cling to idiotic points year after year while shrieking we are only asking questions. I am kind of sorry the Chemist and all of his dullard friends are not around to see this act.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Time to say goodbye Paultards

The GOP voters have spoken and the numbers in a smaller field speak loudly and clearly. It is time for the racial arsonists, commies, jew haters, confederate apologists, truthers and tin foil hat brigade to get out of the GOP. There is no place in the party for this kind of human garbage.

Speaking of this garbage 167 has deleted a series of blogs and is now feigning to be a white nationalist. He talks of Jewish Bolshevism while quoting Maoist vermin Finklestein. Amazingly he quotes the founder of V-Dare without grasping the racial baggage carried by the Amren crowd. Same obsessions about Jews but he is being dealt with quite effectivvely on the sites he fouls with his presence.

I am an American. My country is open to all who share a common set of ideals. We don't have second class citizens on the basis of race or religion. If we get around to creating second class citizens Ducky and his Communist pals should be told to wear a scarlet I for idiot. Communism is a mental health defect and they should be housed in prisons or mental health facilities according to talents.