Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Clint Eastwood Comercial

I didn't see the commercial as pro Obama. I saw the ad as a vauge plug for a revitalized car industry and a buy American ad. My criticism was the Chrysler logo came way at the end so if it was an ad the ad poorly conveyed whose product was pitched.

A note to the ad men. The Sienfeld ad would have been better if Newman had got the car at the end.  The Coca Cola polar bears stunk. Elton John is not a great pitch man unless he is making fun of his over the top personality.

Santorum is back in the race. What does this mean for the GOP?


sonia said...

I don't agree with many of his positions, but Santorum will be a far better nominee than Romney. After his "I don't care about poor people" comment, Romney is finished.

Ducky's here said...

L'il Ricky Retardo the nominee.

Obama likes it.

Rita said...

I didn't hear all of the Eastwood ad during the Super Bowl, we had too many people at the house that were talking at the time.

I drv'd the SB, since it was in "my" town, so I watched it the next day.

This was before I read anything online about it.

Generally I liked the message, but the "halftime in America" immediately brought to my mind that it "felt" like they were referring to Obama only half way through the game.

I think the "Imported from Detroit" is a great marketing slogan, and it appeared (if I remember right) for the first time during last year's Super Bowl.

That being said, I love the parody of the video even better.

The silliness of the concept of buying only American cars ignores the overwhelming number of American's now employed by foreign cars.

Last year, Honda opened a huge plant just 30 miles from where I live. My nephew was hired, makes great money, great benefits all without being forced to join a union. No UAW thugs.

Our state also have several plants making parts for "foreign cars", so the "Buy American" mantra isn't necessarily creating more jobs for Americans.

beakerkin said...


I didn't see it as an Obama commercial. I did see it as a wasted ad. I should not have been guessing what they were advertising until the last second.

beamish said...

Santorum is back in the race. What does this mean for the GOP?

Santorum never left the race. He's got a pretty good grip on third place.

What it means for the GOP is what it always has meant. Left-moderate Romney has a 25% ceiling he can't break in a party that is 70% conservative.

troutsky said...

The Chinese have set up a casket building company here in my town that also pays pretty good, no contract or pension or healthcare but hey. They sell the caskets mostly to the Syrians.

Patrick Kelley said...

That's real good Troutsky. I hope business keeps booming for them.

Ducky's here said...

L'il Ricky explains the recession. Pure gold.

“We went into a recession in 2008. People forget why. They thought it was a housing bubble. The housing bubble was caused because of a dramatic spike in energy prices that caused the housing bubble to burst,” Santorum told the audience. “People had to pay so much money to air condition and heat their homes or pay for gasoline that they couldn’t pay their mortgage.”