Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Weekend

I intend to spend the weekend with my daughter. We will likely be going to The Statue of Liberty and Chinatown.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The World Of Beakerkin

Being a Dad is not easy. One has to compromise and do things one would ordinarily avoid. As a father we tend not to think of what items we transmit to our children. In most cases it is innocuous like, my daughter learning to love the local Greek Dinner where she is treated like a diva. I cringe when she asks for crusts cut off her bread or extra sprinkles as I am no maitenence.

Odd things like where we travel do have an impact. My daughter learned about Union Square by accident as I take my little dog to the dog run there. For me the area is like an old home. The Strand, Forbidden Planet, Barnes and Noble are familiar haunts. I can often be found sitting on the steps or nearby Washington Square reading the NY Post or a series of never ending books.

For my daughter the area has an interesting playground an amazing frozen yougart truck. She loves the area, albeit for vastly different reasons. Unfortunately, she wanted to go last Sunday when the local nearby Gay Pride March aka the World's Fair of Bad Taste was nearby and a really stupid environmental fest was in the Park. I chose an approach that would avoid the march. The only comment was "Dad those guys dress funny". My reaction was simply a smile and a gentle nod.

Interestingly, I was more bothered by the environmental fest for its blatant attempts to brainwash children with music, puppets and scare rhetoric. I had a talk about jobs and political activists seeking power by scaring the public.

The passage of Gay Marriage in NYC was inevitable. A politically powerful minority pushed a law that was really not wanted by the public. A vote on the issue with Civil Unions as an option would have revealed the publics true sentiment for acknowledging them as humans but keeping far away from the state sticking its nose into religious terms.

As an officer I am unusual in that I welcome the change so that I do not have to see the comedic Will & Grace farces. I cringe at laws that make otherwise law abiding people into criminals. As an officer we see parts of people's lives for better or worse. The gay asylum cases are ususally a source of pride as it is one of the rare times the asylum laws seem to get it right. The cases are well doccumented and the applicants are credible. My views are not the norm as officers in general are hesitant and cringe at change.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prof misses the memo

There was a news item about a FDU Professor who was arrested for running a brothel in New Mexico. The Pofessor is in hot water for practicing Capitalism. Had this person set bombs in the name of Marx he would be fine. Obviously this Professor has missed the departmental memo about practicing Capitalism. Maybe this person should ask Barney Frank for space in his townhouse.

If you are on the far left there is no accountability.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dad's are heroes

I spent father's day with the Sprite. Dad's perform an odd role. We never rise to the level of Mom no matter how messed up or bizarre she is. Yet at our best the gentle steadiness provides the room to grow.

I took the Sprite to Coney Island to the amusement parks. The rides are super expensive and to be blunt mediocre for the cost. The exception is the Cyclone that is timeless.

The Sprite is enjoying having me around so I do not write as frequently. She is learning my tricks. I really do not like curry except on potatoes and it is served daily. I made an instant NY Deli bag with a loaf of rye, smoked turkey breast, fresh coleslaw, NY Deli Mustard, barrel pickles and Russian dressing so I can avoid daily curry. For safekeeping I labeled the bag dog food. The Sprite quickly figured out the
bag was not dog food. To keep the joke going I would give the dogs some Turkey.

Being a dad is not always easy. The values of my community are quite different than those of the Guyanese community. Kids come first and foremost in my community and amongst the Guyanese holding a series of parties is much more important. I have little desire to waste my time at these parties when child care is required an hour or two tops.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are you jidding me

Barak Obama has made statements that Anthony Wiener should resign. The entite Weiner scandal falls into the category of stupid behavior. While the behavior of Wiener is stupid it pales by comparison to sitting in a racist stridently antisemitic church for two decades and feigning ignorance.

The media has its favorites and Wiener's antics are trivial in comparison to what we accepted from Bill Clinton. This may be the first sex scandal with zero actual sex.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Been Away for a while.

I have been spending time with my daughter full time. It is the happiest I have ever been in my life. Spending time with my daughter and the Maltese is special even if she does not let me listen to Surf Music. The truth is that Surf Music is the greatest music for long drives. Most of the classics are on You Tube.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Weiner vs Clinton

Anthony Weiner did not commit a crime of any sort. His etghical lapses are nowhere near that of Charlie Rangel or either Clinton. Nobody has accused Weiner of rape and his behavior is creepy and boorish as oposed to Clinton's crimual antics. Wiener is easy to hate as he is arrogant and a nerd in the most charitable descriptions.

If Bill Clinton, Rangel, Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank were permitted to continue their careers with more serious ethical lapses so should Weiner.

The tabloids and politcal cartoonists should start a Wiener in 2012 campaign.

Actually if Wiener went on Saturday Night Live and made fun of himself much of this could be spun. We would see a real man who messed up and we could laugh with him and see him as more genuine than most politicians. The ratings of SNL would soar and he would have a national audience. Of course his PR people are likely old school and this is beyond their grasp.

Next up

A Satire of the Searchers with Dr. Yeagley playing the role of Scar.

Ethan Edwards " You speak good American someone teach you"
Yeagley: That is a gramatical error. Read Moby Dick and brush up on the gourd dancing and then we will talk. "