Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Reading on Deck

Long term readers know of my respect for author Stephen Schwartz. He presents a type of Islam that is more in touch with the modern era. Schwartz fights the uphill fight against Wahabi nuts who make a mockery of his faith.

The new Schwartz book deals with Sufism. While we are familiar with the draconian absolutism from the Wahabi nuts it will be informative to learn about other views. Ultimately, radicalism fails due to its excesses and Islamic radicalism is not immune to history.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Wisdom of Mr B

Mr B correctly points about the affluence of hippies. I am enjoying Flynn's Conservative History of the American Left. Flynn points out the Weathermen were actually 20 year olds still getting allowances from their parents as they were planning

The spoiled children never grew up and went on to higher where they are still spoiled children.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Flynn's A Conservative History of The American Left

I skipped ahead to Flynn's chapters about the 1960's human garbage radical. Flynn correctly portrays them as infantile opportunists. Their often criminal conduct was not treated seriously enough by the police despite repeated provocations. The myth of the popular mass movement changing attitudes about the Vietnam war is also a farce. The protesters remained unpopular outside their drug numbed circles.

The sixties generation depended on the Vietnam War as a stage for their lawlessness and crass opportunism. Today anti-semitism is the glue that cements the far left's bong hit dreams. The left is quite clueless as to the symbolism of boycotting Jews. The parallels of boycotting Jews are up there with book and cross burning. It is hardly surprising that a political hack fake UCU mediocrity would use an article from David Duke's website. The grand alliance even demands the left be silent when Hammas butchers the lefts flunkies,Fattah. The grand alliance of the 60's left had the Black power clods who were in actuality a drug pushing street gang. In a similar manner the grand alliance had Black Power clods and the current version has Jihadis and Nazis.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Harry's Place Saga Ends

Harry's Place is back on line. The UCU has a well deserved Black Eye for its Stalinist
abuse of power. In the end the pen proved mightier than the legal sword. The UCU's draconian abuse of power created free publicity.

The episode demonstrated that the inane libel laws of the UK need to be changed. This example was illustrated best by the David Irving/ Lipstadt trial. The laws prevent
accurate information from being published due to legal threats. Ultimately, this prevents sane political discourse and serves to protect people from malfeasance. The people of the UK need their own version of the First Amendment.

The UCU dimwits botched this episode and tossed the perpetrator under the bus. The cause of this is the harassment of those opposed to its insane obsession with Israel.
In the vacuum far left types become increasingly shrill and self righteous and compete with each other for who can sound the most bellicose. The fact that Boycotting Jews has a past as odious as book burning is lost on the Bolsheviks at the

The episode also shows what happens to organizations once Marxists are permitted to
infiltrate and set the agenda. The job of a Union is to protect the rights of its workers. Harassing Jews and subjecting them to political litmus tests as a prerequisite of hire does not sound like a job of a Union. In fact it is something a responsible Union guards against. This is demonstrated at the Anglican Church where
far leftists unilaterally decided to set precedents without even considering the views of Churches in other regions. The job of a Church is to meet the spiritual needs of its congregation. Why does this Church need a commisioner of Social Justice?
Do sermons about recycling really belong in a Church? As the members die off or leave the Marxists remain clueless and ever more shrill.

The whole episode demonstrates that the person in question has a second rate mind and is probably a political hack appointment rather than a scholar. A scholar should be expected to know who David Duke is or at least notice the White power stuff on the page. Had this material come from the original site 9-11 conspiracies and alien abduction material should have given this so called scholar a clue. When her error
was noticed she should have stated "I made a serious error" and moved ahead. Instead the Marxist thugs attacked the free speech of the folks at Harry's Place and above all their readers for reporting the facts.

The ham handed tactics have damaged the career of this second rate political hack. A google search on the name of this dimwit shows scores of entries on using materials from a racist website.If this person was some type of scholar one seriously needs to
work to find out what subject she teaches. There are serious scholars and political hacks and it is becoming apparent which description describes this individual. Her career was damaged by her brazen malfeasance and stupid response, not by the post at Harry's Place.

Oddly Renegade Eye has now become a free speech advocate. He does not endorse this when Hugo closes down papers. He does link a blog that has been recognized by actual
Nazis for its anti semitic content. He encourages a person who claims Jews control America, Jews are Khazars, Jewish Americans are traitors and that Israel knew about 9-11 to participate in his site. Obviously, the message of the far left tolerating the most rabid expressions of antisemitism is lost on him. Like the folks at the UCU
the clueless Trotskyite continues to link a site that is even more anti semitic than
the fare posted by David Duke and Hammas.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Issue Behind The Harry's Place Mess

The standard far left spin machine is desperately trying to defend what can not or should not be defended.

There is some partial truth in that any blog post can be taken in part or in full by another group. Yet common sense would indicate links from certain sites carry the stench of what they are. A University Faculty member should have the critical judgment to know who and what David Duke is.

I followed the link from the original Duke Post back to a clearly moonbatty site with
a range of conspiracies. The excuse that the original post was on another site and the article was written by a conspiracy nut at another crank site does not pass the credibility test.

This censorship will ultimately backfire and draw more publicity to the brain impaired malfeasance of the UCU hack whose malfeasance started this. I would not be surprised to see this story picked up by LGF, Free Republic among other sites.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Harry's Place and the inane Brittish Libel Laws

Those of us who enjoy blogging and high quality fare make Harry's Place a must read.
The blog is silenced due to the absurd libel laws of the UK and some buffoonery and malfeasance at UCU.

Harry's Place correctly reported that a left wing dolt posted material on her website that originated with David Duke. The facts are not in dispute. Harry's Place was correct to point out this embarrassing fact. Antisemitism is endemic on the so called far left and this point illustrates how far this has progressed.

The basic problem is that the UK needs a free speech law similar to our own First Amendment. With one frivolous complaint thousands of dedicated fans of a blog were deprived by the arrogant malfeasance of a thug at UCU. Rather than point the finger at the folks at Harry's Place, this person should have acknowledged a serious error and moved on. Thousands of dedicated readers are being inconvenienced because an egomaniac had her precious self righteous feelings hurt.

We support Harry's Place against far left abuse of the law.

The only relevant question is did this person link material from David Duke.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Folks at Harry's Place Agree With The Beak

It has long been the contention that it is almost impossible to discern the far left
antisemitism from that of Neonazis. The latest example is a UCU professor who used
material from David Duke without knowing its odious source.

Many of you think I am joking about the comments at Ren's site strongly resembling those at Stormfront. The exception is when CB, the Farmer and Sonia comment on the most
outlandish of claims.

Ren even links and regularly hosts an actual Nazi whose site is featured by Stormfront.
It seems the grand alliance for communism now includes Nazis.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Dishonesty From Ren

Newer readers to this blog may be puzzled by my odd relationship with the Duck. The Duck has his own code of honor that communists lack. He may say some odious things, yet
he will not knowingly say something he knows is false like the soulless Renegade Eye.

On the blog of Pagan Temple Renegade Eye proclaims Bill Ayers never was a communist.He does tell a partial truth that the members of the Weather Underground were spoiled brats.

The reality is that the crimes of the Weather Underground were committed in the name of Marx. The terrorists were trained by Cuban intelligence with aid from the North Vietnamese. This was reported in the New York Times in the 70's. What has been added through the Freedom of information act it has been learned that the Weathermen received training from the KGB.

There are times too much secrecy has hurt our country. Had the full extent of the ties of the Domestic terrorists been widely known it is unlikely that the American people would have allowed them to escape justice. However, the wall of ignorance allowed criminal terrorists to get jobs via the Old Bolshevik Network.

When the Soviet Union fell we missed a vital opportunity to use the information to
prosecute the traitors in our midst. The full extent of the crimes of the Weathermen
may become common knowledge. It would be ironic if the wrath of the American people
were to rise in anger, just not at the target they desired.

There is a profound difference between poultry and power mad soulless fundamentalist acolytes of the cult of class genocide and property theft.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barak Obama and Weekend at Bernie's

The choice of Joe Biden as vice president is neither beneficial or wise. When has Biden
ever had an original thought. He is a party hack who seems to have substance only when
compared to empty rhetoric of Obama.At his best he is a poor Man's Al Gore minus the Little Lord Fauntleroy act, minus 30 IQ points and with zero Charisma.

While everyone talks about foreign policy what Obama lacks is someone with executive experience and an ability to think outside the box to solve real problems. A big city Mayor or a governor could have done that.

Obama could get the same results by nominating the corpse from the weekend at Bernie's

Flynn's Best so Far A Tale of Leftism Worthy of Paul Harvey

The next part of Flynn's book deal with a lunatic Vermont Minister. The minister had
some rather offbeat ideas and moved from Town to Town looking for followers. He then
later founds a commune in New York. Among his wackier ideas were plural marriage where
sexual encounters are assigned by a committee. He also tried to have selective breeding with himself as the apex impregnating the most attractive younger women.

Unlike other disastrous communes this one produced products that people wanted. Eventually the commune tossed the wacky minister out and changed focus. They made high quality flatware with a name that should be familiar to some of you.

This improbable story is how the Oneida flatware company was formed.

Friday, August 22, 2008

More Stupidity From The Duck

The Duck stupidly assumes as a supporter of Israel I must support the Kibbutz mania.
I do not support any form of communism be it on a Kibbutz or via Hugo Chavez's insane asylum.

In fairness to the Kibbutznicks, Owenites and other fools these were exercises in idiocy carried out by people of their own free will. They did not force their stupidity
on others. As such one should not hold them in the same contempt as Marxists of all idiotic varieties or the even dumber anarchists.

A supporter of Israel is not bound to support every policy or concept in Israel. I certainly do not care for Israeli communists or Kahanists. Israeli communists like communists everywhere should be treated as a mental health issue.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flynn's A Conservative History of The American Left part 2

Flynn moves on to discuss American followers of the French crank Fourier. Several communes started and all failed because the far left dreamers ignored human nature
while passing intellectual gas.

We see attempt after attempt by idiots with no concept of how agriculture works attempt this madness. A commune founded on a dairy farm with poor soil end up importing Milk.
Another one called Fruit land produces no fruit.

Flynn also describes Fourier's ego mania and imbecility Fourier claimed adoption of his system would alter the ecology of the planet. Oceans would desalt and the Siberian coast would be like Naples. This sounds on a par with the idiocies espoused by Al Gore.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flynn's A Conservative History of The American Left

I have read the first two chapters. The first chapter deals with the religious left.
The chapter talks about the debacle of religious attempts at communism. We get several
examples of failures including the pilgrims abolition of private ownership of property.
There are some interesting paragraphs about the Shaker movement.

Chapter Two deals largely with the failure of Robert Owen. Owen unlike Marx, placed his
ideas into action and formed a commune called New Harmony. It failed miserably an Owen
like Communists was authoritarian.

The communities in both chapters fall apart because lefties fail to understand human nature.

"It's not that socialism inevitably leads to oppression. Socialism is oppression."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Adults Only Taboo XXXXX

Do Not Read Below this line if sexual talk offends you


This is no joke

Do you really want to read this


I am starting to wonder what it is that defines us as heterosexual or gay. Every act committed by gays is also done by straight people as well. The only act that straight people perform that gays do not is conventional male to female heterosexual sex.

Thus am I defined as a straight person merely by my proclivity for the one act gays can not perform.

I think of the sum of those relationships that meant something in my life, and oddly what I remember is a feeling. I remember a closeness in and beyond the bedroom. Yes what went on in those private moments was a part of it. However, so were those moments of couple time like a walk/misadventure on a hiking trip or a drive in the countryside.

Is the sum of my relationship determined by that one act.

Am I missing something?For if this alone is the only act that gays can not perform
than does my proclivity for it define me? Is it just that simple or am I missing something.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Temper Temper

I want to point out the touchiness of certain bloggers. These bloggers are famous for
crying about any critical comment that they post. I can and have disagreed with Mr. Beamish, Nanc or AOW without them going postal. The over the top responses seem to indicate that there is perhaps more substance to my critique than either would admit publicly.

For people that cry about personal attacks this dynamic duo certainly engages in them
quite frequently. A response to criticizing an author of whose book they have not bothered to read is met with the standard "you are a liar". My response is to demonstrate how a personal attack should at least contain some originality. For example what was the last book you have read? Did it have a man in a yellow hat or an over sized red dog? My response at least was original, but being usual suspect number one deleted the whole exchange this is lost.

I will respond to the usual suspects. They know who they are without my saying so. Person A from moment one was always an imbecile. You can search his writings, which he deletes frequently, for intelligent content and you will find nothing. This person
demanded I drop a certain gas masked friend whom he calls evil and the house bigot.
In fact he states that there are many bigots here. He doesn't bother to name these bigots.

His greatest crime was claiming I write these posts to impress my "fundamentalist"
friends. Who these friends are he doesn't name? The positions on this blog are written because it is a representation of what I believe. Oddly, had this person half a brain, he would have seen similar discussions on MZ's site. Why would I dissent from MZ on this subject as far back as two years ago. Moreover, who was I trying to impress on that site?

This person literally reinvents himself every other week. Who knows what person we are dealing with this week or next. Perhaps he is going to be a New Age Folk Singer
next week or perhaps it will be a combination of tarot cards and rap music. While he has been all over the map and has become increasingly hateful I am still the same man. He was tolerable because he was a decent sort with a good sense of humor. He is
now neither a decent sort nor has he evidenced any sort of humor. It is very hard to
have a sense of humor and you are in a self righteous mania at the same time.

On to the last of the dynamic duo. It is with great reluctance that I even start this. I am well aware of words said in anger because a close friend is hurting over whatever ails him. I am also aware of a person desperately trying (not you) to regain credibility within his community by attacking innocent people and saying the most outlandish hateful comments about "fundies".

It is one thing for a TMW or even a Nanc to criticize the remarks about "radical Christians". It is quite another for a non practicing secular Jew to notice this theme. While I do not deny that some dreadful homophobic comments are made there is no mass movement by Brill Cream haired men high on the 700 club to herd gays by force
into NASCAR events, make them eat red meat and make them heterosexuals. There is no mass movement towards a Christian theocracy and this is Henny Penny. The sky is not falling.

Ironically, person A has criticized me in terms that some of his mutual friends have said to me in private. I could switch my name for his in his critique of me and produce identical comments. I honor the man who served his country and was a decent thoughtful person and someone I valued as a friend. His words do not bother me at all because I am aware of the desire and context to protect a friend. I would remind this person that sometimes we try too hard to protect our friends and there is truth to every one of my critiques and points. The truth is also said by a person who has similar training to his own. There are jobs that are best handled by professionals and if you are honestly interested in helping this person you should encourage this person to seek guidance and listen to that guidance.

Person B has reinvented himself several time. At one point he was a Catholic Priest.
Then he was unaffiliated and when we last met him he was claiming to be a messianic Jew. Oddly, I came to his defense, which he forgets, and thanked me at the time. I respect messianic Jews, I respect Christianity in general and I respect the right of gays to individual dignity. I do not respect liberation theology as it is an attempt by Marxists to subvert religious denominations. Oddly, my criticism of this malady is meaningless as the membership either dies or forms a cha cha line to a more traditional Church. When person B talks of "radical Christians" he is leaving out the
people who think the communist manifesto is a sacred text. I am neither the first nor
likely the last to Rowan Williams a Marxist. Moreover, one can take the time and read
the entire entries on "Liberation Theology, Social Justice" and Williams on Discover
The Network.

Person B has not even bothered to read this material and seems to think my critique
on this point is contrived out of thin air. In fact two Popes were quite clear about
liberation theology and agreed with my position. It is a fallacy to say Jesus cared about the poor so we will act in their name to liberate them from oppression. If you wish to serve the poor as a calling it is a noble thing. The poor suffer from many things lack of education, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence but they
are in no definition oppressed. A social worker who mistreats her charges is guilty of malfeasance, not oppression. In reality that social worker is likely a dedicated professional who has helped more people than bug eyed Marxist clerics running between protests, jet setting to every Marxist hot spot, cocktail parties and press interviews. The social worker has rules, procedures and works for the government. Sometimes the self righteous types who seek to exploit (not B) the poor for political
power deliberately exploit their needs.

I am no longer welcomed on their site, but this is merely stating something in public
that has been an unwritten policy for a while. Unlike this blog where we allow dissent that blog pays lip service to dissent. This blog has always allowed dissent
but we do not allow criminal threats or spam. The Duck comes here almost daily and is
almost never if ever censored.

Neither A nor B are banned from this site. They are free to comment if they so desire. I have no interest in A as a friend. It was his choice initially, but upon reflection I concur for reasons of my own. I still consider B a valued friend with whom I disagree even if he no longer describes me as such. I salute B for his service
to America and wish him well.

There will be no changes as a result of this parting of ways. The content of this blog is determined by the way I see things. It is apparent that those who claim the content of this blog is written to please "fundies or bigots" are projecting their
own foibles on me. The over the top shrill hateful rhetoric of A is clearly an attempt to regain credibility within the gay community. Then again when one is all over the map who knows what the real A is or will be next week. It is almost like watching Dr Who regenerate every two months.

This blog has been clear about our respect for religious people. If you look carefully you will even note that we do not say a word about Islam. It is quite possible to be a patriot and be concerned about your faith as Stephen Schwartz has clearly demonstrated. Schwartz literally places himself in danger for his convictions
and even when I disagree with him it is respect. The limits of religion in this country is when your religious practices violate the law, incite people to criminal acts or infringe upon someone else's liberty.

I believe gays and lesbians should be left alone as a matter of civil law. I also want freaks in black robes, like Bader Ginsberg, as far from religious terms as possible. All religious denominations have strict rules about marriage. Gays are entitled to civil unions that would carry the same legal benefits. This should not be available to heterosexual couples who may marry legally.

I have always been for humanizing both gays and so called "fundamentalist" Christians. One can only hate what one has dehumanized and pointless hate is something I have always been against.

Now B might point out that I hate liberals. This would be amusing if I were a conservative. I hate Utopians and given the crimes against humanity they have committed this is justified. Communism is a religion (Toynbee) that is deceptive in nature and deadly in practice. Communists will practice entryism and seek to subvert
and manipulate people. Liberation theology is an attempt by Communists to subvert religious institutions.

I respect genuine liberals who have the decency to step away from the communists. Freedomnow and Jams are examples of liberals I respect. Pro American social liberals
left the Democratic party long ago when the Harkin, Rangel and Gomer Kerry types started appeasing communists. In fact the Democratic party has allowed these same subversive types into the party. A quick check of the writtings of the Daily Kos crew, Moveon maniacs and Code Pinko cast congregate proves my point. Pro American liberals need to step away from the Marxists who write such wonders as "General Betrayus" or write Jewish conspiracies to blow up the WTC.

While I am still the same guy with the same positions the critics of this blog are always reinventing themselves. This also includes the person in Chicago who is a Kahanist, an ex Kahanist seeking truth, a born again Kahanist and now back on his way to being an ex Kahanist again. Who knows maybe next week he might be a retro beatnick. He has already started the dreadful Prozac poetry and all he needs is a goatee, bongos and some pot.

At least some of the cast remains stable.TMW, Nanc, Warren, AOW, Mr B and many others
are still the same. Sonia is still unclothed and even more anti communist than I. Pagan is still himself as is the ever decent Jams herding befuddled felines through
the seasons.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Free Market

We live in a free society that allows first amendment rights for all including some really odious types like Norman Finkelstein, David Duke and the publications of forgeries such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or I Rigoberta. The beauty of living in our system is that nobody forces anyone to read any particular book unless it is in an academic situation.

Those on the left get bent out of shape by anything that doesn't march to their tune. We hear the familiar rants about Fox News, Limbaugh and whomever else. If you don't like something don't buy it, don't watch it or do not listen.

Jerome Corsi has said some fairly vile things in the past. This infers little or nothing on the material in the book. Some of this material is likely familiar to many of us. As far as the Barak Obama as a Muslim story it would likely be an improvement
over a racist/ Marxist church led by a crackpot. One can find decent Muslims who do not run around in a blather about AIDS conspiracies or saying "God Damn America".

Has anyone seen a single post about an anti Bush book at the Crank Files or AOW's site. What is it about those on the left that need to throw a temper tantrum about books they haven't read, radio shows they do not listen to or cable networks they don't watch? There is a wide assortment of choices and those on the left need to grow

Question for all bibliophiles

Are some of you guilty of reading certain chapters of a book or reading it out of sequence?

Odious Letters Reveal Rowan Williams stance on Gays

I want to stress that the woman who revealed William's private correspondence violated a trust. Her motives are suspect, but now the information is out there it should be dealt with. If this was correspondence in a clinical setting this woman should lose her license.

There are people who have passionate beliefs that I disagree with. Usually, this is the case with a mysterious blogger from Texas whose positions of late need a score card.
Other than communists and Nazis, I respect passion for what one believes in. There is a
nobility in following one's passions. There is a difference between passion and hate as well.

The letters reveal the real Rowan Williams. His actions over the last few days can be viewed as cowardice or pragmatism. In my view, he should have fought for what he believed. Ultimately, his actions postponed a future split at best.

Idoitic Leftists Criticize Books They Have Not Read

We should be used to rabid leftists criticizing books they have not bothered to read.
The familiar attacks on any book by Couter are familar. One can get similar venom by bringing any David Horowitz book to a so called "Peace Protest".

Thus it is not surprising that increasingly rabid leftist Rob pronounces a verdict on a
book he hasn't bothered to read. Rob has decided without bothering to read Corsi's previous book that Corsi is a liar. Of course when I point that out Rob accuses me of making up facts.

Rob on his best days was never known for his intellect. He had a decent sense of humor
but as he goes further into mindless far leftism this is gone.

Now people who have read this blog know I am almost always reading something. You can find book reviews on this site. Sometimes I am guilty of reading a book out of Chapter sequence or just a chapter or two of special interest.

I pointed out to Rob his personal attack wasn't funny.

I asked Rob what was the last book he read. Did it have a man in a yellow hat or a big red dog. I should ave asked if it was a pop up book.

Not surprisingly Rob deleted the sequence. In addition to becoming as hateful as the so called "fundamentalists" he has apparently lost his sense of humor.

Did he bother to read Unfit for Command? Probably not, but that doesn't stop him from
pronouncing a verdict on a book he hasn't bothered to read.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Expecting too much from politicians

I was surprised by the amount of anger in my office for the foolishness of John Edwards
misdeeds. I never liked Edwards and always thought he was a ambulance chasing hack at best.

Edwards is still human, despite his monumental lapse in judgment with an airhead. He is not the first, nor will he be the last to fail. His real crime was failing while his wife was battling cancer.

If you are waiting for a human moment from Edwards where he accepts responsibility and understands the anger created by his actions forget it. Few humans have the class and the humanity too make a sincere statement from the heart.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Odd Readings

One of the favorite commie classics is the blow back theory. This is espoused by
commie dolts who peddle fiction about CIA aid going to Bin Ladden. What commies leave out is that public enemy number ten Gulbadin Heckmatyar appears to have been a commie himself. Moreover, at various times he turned coat and worked with the Soviets.

Perhaps when Heckmatyar decides to call it quits he can work in the office next to Bill Ayers. Unlike Ayers, Heckmatyar could never be called incompetent.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Are the Poor Oppressed In America

I want to share a disagreement with a respected peer about the nature of poverty. There are poor in the United States. However, our poor are not on a par with the poverty of India, Haiti or Latin America.

The question of how and why people remain poor is more complex than presented in the classic Communist guise of oppression. Moreover, the communist term includes group rights a concept that is by its nature totalitarian and unamerican. Yet this disagreement is with someone who really should no better. This person and I both want a better country and he is not a communist like Renagade Eye looking to create divisions.

The poor are poor for a variety of reasons. The primary reason is lack of educational and vocational skills. If one drops out of high school the options are very limited.
Realistic job training is an important part of combating poverty. Many of the poor suffer from issues ranging to poor life skills to deep psychological trauma. The life skills areas are often things that can be fixed at community level. There are some poor who suffer from severe mental illness. An example of this was "Billie Bogs" who
the ACLU sued and prevented her treatments for political reasons. Bogs ended up on the same street corner after the ACLU no longer needed her.

Classic liberalism notes that the causes of poverty are as varied as the poor themselves. The group rights Marxist mode attempts to add oppression for sheer political opportunism. Who oppresses the homeless person on the heating vent?

In response to this question we do hear about some rude Civil servants. Rude civil servants are no more oppressive than rude staff anywhere else. Those civil servants do not work for the poor they work for the tax payer. They are charged with enforcing
endless laws and procedures. There is also a lot of benefit fraud and they must be vigilant. The reality is that even the most dedicated civil servant can be sued for no reason. I have witnessed several of these frivolous lawsuits against dedicated professionals.

There are responsible groups that aid the poor every day. They do so for religious or humanitarian reasons without the Marxist political opportunism. In fact the historical record shows a direct line between applications of Marxism and human misery. There is a difference between flowery words, political opportunism and reality.

The social justice model is more similar to the Muslim concept of Zhakat which is mistranslated as charity. Charity is something that is voluntary, unlike zhakat. Under the social justice model land was stolen from farmers in Zimbabwe and the result was starvation. Were the poor helped by this theft? We can witness the shortages in Venezuela.

Moreover, who decided that the property rights of businessmen and farmers could be violated by imperial fiat. This social justice model looks more akin to classic feudalism than America.

The poor have serious needs, but the last thing they need is to have an army of political opportunists acting in their name.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Something there or maybe it is not except in your mind

I am reading a very interesting book about the end of the slave trade. Chapter Eight talks about Haiti and its unique history. There are questions about the actual impact
of Haiti on emancipation. Many point to the fear generated by the Haitian revolution
as a factor in delaying abolition. I was somewhat surprised by the fear of Haitian saboteurs and subversives. There may have been a few examples, but for the most part
Haiti has been plagued by internal strife and extreme cleptocracy. The cycle of political instability has also pushed away investors.

Was there a real prospect of Haitian subversion? At best the example of Haiti led to
hope for people being oppressed. The book notes that freed slaves sometimes looked to Haiti with pride. The truth was that the prospect of slavery and continuing a system
that was foul and evil created the threats of more upheavals.

One could probably cherry pick and find a whole litany of quotes about paranoid version of Haiti in the time period proceeding the Civil War. I am reminded of the paranoid delusions about Haiti when I think of those folks paranoid about theocracy
in the United States. The bottom line is Roe vs Wade is still here and there is zero
law breaking on a Church wide level. One might pick up a story about a lunatic going postal and shooting up a church. However, one can point to similar crimes in a fast food restaurant and jump to the conclusion was motivated by hatred of transfat. The crimes remain crimes but there aren't many of them.

Moreover, unlike Marxist far left Churches there has been no series of violation of the laws of the United States. The United States government should immediately launched a RICO action against the Churches that knowingly violated the laws of immigration. Ultimately these denominations are suffering from empty seat syndrome.
As the people exit or die off the far left rhetoric becomes more bellicose and irrelevant.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Breaking the Law

I am responding to the well constructed arguments of a thoughtful friend. This friend believes that Conservative Churches are somehow political and the far left ones are somehow not.

A certain Baptist denomination knowingly violated US immigration law. My friend pretends this is sanctuary. There was zero evidence that any of the illegal aliens were
in any actual danger. In fact anyone familiar with the process can identify what is commonly known as a boilerplate asylum claim. This Church knowingly inserted itself into US foreign policy and knowingly violated the law. Sanctuary is not aiding and abetting communists in the Cold War. Nobody elected this Church to conduct US foreign policy. Moreover, many of these so called refugees graduated to commit crimes. A similar leap of illogic was presented by Rev Spitz who thinks abortion is an atrocity and killing abortionists is justified. Maybe, someone will start the Church of the Immaculate Reefer and sanction pot smoking next.

Religious freedom ends at criminal acts. You do not have the right to kill abortionists in the name of religious freedom. You do not have the right to knowingly
violate the immigration laws of the United States in the name of religious freedom. In fact the United States government should have immediately launched a RICO lawsuit
and seized Church property and jailed the leaders. The Clinton administration did abuse the RICO statute against anti abortion groups for far less than this Church is clearly guilty of.

Contrary to my knowledgeable friends opinion liberation theology is indeed Communism.
Pope John Paul knew plenty about communism as he lived under it. One of the Pope's greatest achievements was ridding the Catholic church of communists. Sadly other denominations were not so lucky.

Off Base

One of the constant critiques that is off base is that the conservative Churches are political and responding to "outside forces".

Why does the Anglican Church have a Commissioner for "social justice"? This term is a communist codeword. Sorry, but this critique is pure insanity as liberation theology itself is a Marxist attempt to subvert whole denominations.

The Anglican bishop from NYC complained based on conjecture that her peers "beat their wives". Perhaps the comment was made in the notion of probability that in any large gathering of men a certain percentage will beat their spouses.

The NY Sun pointed out that in NYC Anglican church membership is down 4%. One can go to a Church and hear sermons on the UN and recycling. The job of a house of worship is generally the spiritual needs of its members. What does recycling have to do with those needs?

I want to point out my disgust when I was forced to listen to far left BS at a reformed Temple. The absurd claim that Vegetarianism is Judaic is odd considering
there are whole sections of the Old Testament that deal with what animals you can eat and sacrafice. The rest of the sermon was on global warming which also has nothing to
do with Judaic worship.

One can joke about the more conservative preachers having the nerve to talk about scripture in a house of worship. Who put the scripture in the sermon... Oh wait wasn't that what we were supposed to be talking about in the first place before leftist clowns grabbed the pulpit.

I imagine myself as a thinking if an actual sermon was read the members might react with "who put the Torah or the Talmud in the weekly sermon?". Sorry the leftist critics of the conservative Churches fail to grasp that those Churches do talk about scripture as if it were quaint. I also have not witnessed Conservative Churhes knowingly violating immigration law or sections dealing with private individuals engaing in foreign policy.

This critique of the left is BS.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Commie Brain Impairment

Commie Lance Thwuster moron deluxe shows more stupidity.

Jim Jones is the apex of Communism as he practiced class genocide on himself.

Thruster ponders if I think Israeli Kibutznicks should all just kill themselves.

People who live on Kibbutzes do not impose their lifestyle on others. Moreover, fortunately there are fewer of these every year. Members osf these groups do not lack
for patriotism and tend to serve with distinction in the IDF. A better alternative is for these farmers to grab Lance Thrusters Jawbone and smite the members of the ISM or
Communist Peacekeeping Teams.

Communists should follow the example of Jim Jones and kill themselves. Class genocide is far too important to waste on the masses. Jim Jones understood that this act should be done on the faithful. Why kill Kulaks or starve the masses when you can kill yourself instead? Jim Jones is the ultimate role model and I encourage commies
everywhere to follow his example.

Thruster also wonders what the testimony of the Venezuelans in my office means. As a communist imbecile Thruster has no ability to understand that beyond his communist orthodoxy.

The Venezuelans in my office are fleeing the mess created by Chavez. They expressly tell horror stories of the mess created by Chavez. I have yet to hear a single sentence of support for Chavez by any applicant. Commies tend to ignore the testimony
of people fleeing the pest holes they create. They think a Theresienstadt tour arranged by Chavez represents what goes on in the country. I encourage all commies to
renounce their citizenship and live with Hugo permanently. If you advocate communism
for others you should be required to live under it permanently.

I literally see Colombians every day and have never heard a bad word about the government. The same Colombians have plenty of bad words for FARC and communists.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Minimal Standards

While we do post personal attacks we do not post criminal threats. A person who has crossed that line has just earned a lifetime ban. This blog has been known to unhinge commies, but there are limits.

Frankfurt School Crapola

Some of us are under the delusion that minorities can not be bigoted. This is definitely not the case as Blacks can be as racist as whites. Moreover, there are some who seem to think that all "fundamentalist" Christians are bigots.

I do not like anti religious bigotry at all. It is not acceptable when aimed at Jews, Christians, Mormons, Hindus and even Muslims. There are some self righteous types who
think it is acceptable to rail at "fundamentalist" Christians. This is neither right nor acceptable and in many cases bigoted.

There are countless ways to interpret scripture. It is bigoted and wrong of far left activists to demand that the scripture be interpreted in a pro gay manner. Interpretation of scripture is something that is personal and we are blessed with a multitude of churches with different interpretations.

There are those who insist that liberation theology has nothing to do with communism.
This is false and one denomination actively took it upon themselves to violate immigration law in an effort to undermine US foreign policy. That congregation should
be held liable for the crimes and social services of the people they illegally brought into the United States.

Other clowns calling themselves "Christian Peacekeeper Teams" regularly violate the laws against private individuals engaging in their own foreign policy. Nobody elected
or appointed these stooges to run foreign policy and their actions are in violation of the law.

There are those on the left who are clueless as to why some Anglicans rebelled against authority. The cause was the arrogance of a far left clique who decided unilaterally to change policies without a discussion. While the media focused on gays
the idiocy of Rowan Williams was apparent on Sharia. If you are an Anglican living in Nigeria Williams comments about Sharia are arrogance. Williams limited understanding of the term is based upon the examples of a Jewish court handling some matters. In Africa where non-Muslims are sometimes subject to Sharia this is no laughing matter.
Williams is a stereotypical Marxist cleric whose involvement with the nuclear freeze movement and statements on foreign policy leave zero room for doubt. Oddly, this is precisely the type that lectures people about "Eurocentrism", but when Africans talk they practice the colonial arrogance they rail about.

Sorry, but those who rail in arrogant tones about hateful Christians are often themselves quite hateful. These types are fond of cherry picking some dreadful quotes. However, when equally dreadful quotes are pulled out of their own midsts they
faign ignorance. They scour the world looking for hate crimes some of which are very
real. Yet upon closer examination we just do not know the cause. Moreover, the United States government does not tolerate crimes and these episodes are deservedly prosecuted. Conversely when the two nut cases at Columbine shot a Christian the same folks quickly change the subject.

Oddly when dealing with crime we tend to over analyze the cause. The initial reports
were the VT killer was a crazed engineering student who could not relate to people. Later we learned he was an English major. There were whole diatribes over what Ismael
Ax tatooed on the arm meant ranging from Islam to Moby Dick. Oddly, nobody ever blamed learning all the rules of commas or having to read Ethan Frome. In reality we
know that these killers are mentally ill and should not read too much into the causation of clearly unbalanced types.

When people run around shrieking in self righteous tones that the sky is falling they
turn themselves into human cartoons. Moreover, very often they are as bigoted as the folks they complain about.

I want to close with the hypocrisy of this mindset. Long ago there was discussion about Mitt Romney's Mormonism. As a non- Christian I was perplexed by the hostility
of some of you to Mormonism. There was one person who said "I will not vote for a Mormon". Now this very same person starts complaining because he feels some people do
not accept him as a Christian because he is from a liberal Church. This person had zero problems labeling Mormons non-Christian. This sounds like a case of discrimination is whatever I say it is at any point in time.

The truth is that people on the far left are quite adept at bigotry. The far left
variant is self righteous and way more prevalent than the rare rightist type largely based on ignorance.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

A very early post

Normally, I make a special post on 9-11. Long term readers know of my special relationship with that day and February 23, 1993. My city was attacked by a band of blood thirsty, hateful lunatics who declared war on humanity long ago.

I do not blame all Muslims for 9-11. I do blame those Muslims who continue to lie about who is responsible. There is no need to blame the Muslim next door unless he is off into conspiracy land. If Muslims had responsible leaders not named Stephen Schwartz much of the dual loyalty talk would have died. Unfortunately, what Americans see are the folks at CAIR with their familiar word games and rationalizations. There is no excuse for terror aimed at civilians anywhere.

The truth is that there is a familiar mantra on the far left about who exploited 9-11.The truth is Communists exploited 9-11 from its earliest moments to its present day.While the buildings were still smoldering in the distance Commies held a Nuremberg style hate rally in Union Square on the Saturday after 9-11. They blamed their usual targets Jews, Mossad, CIA, Israel and so forth. I was at the protest and heard every last word.

The truth is that it appears communists are writing the scripts that we commonly hear
on the Arab street or at Neonazi sites like Stormfront. Communists stabbed America in the back while we were down and once again sided with our enemies.

Many of us are reluctant to confront them about their treason. The familiar rant of the 9-11 conspiracy kook is identical to that of the Holocaust denier, "I am just asking questions". Conspiracy freaks do not ask questions they look for an incogrous point and add bigotry and conjecture and create a theory. Thus when one deals with a Holocaust Denier one hears all the Jews lied and that repeated confessions in war crimes hearings were coerced. They frequently ignore the vast preponderance of evidence in favor of one or two odd sources.

Some of you will point to the dreadful words of a well know evangelist who blamed 9-11 on gays. That statement was meant on a strictly theological level. The person making the stupid comments immediately apologized. Commies and their Nazi and Jihadi allies were talking about a literal Jewish/zionist/neocon conspiracy to attack America. They continue to spew this hateful venom till this present day.

Most of you know my story on that day. Unlike the far left appointed Jersey Girls I was there. The Jersey girls decided they would give the media the voices they wanted to hear. My reaction was very different as I had a brush with mortality. I decided after that day that my life really had no meaning. I was merely a number on a ledger
pad and it isn't a good feeling. The only feeling worse than being a number on a ledger pad is being nothing.

After my brush with mortality I decided to do work that has meaning. I was too old to
pick up a gun, so I went to work in the Federal government. The process is not easy and at times it seemed to be straight out of a grade D horror flik. When I first started it was the most magical feeling in the world. I was putting families together
and that is a good feeling. I started to get cynical when I started reading the adoption scams. I did not enjoy the vocational work but over time I learned to love it. I moved to a district and learned about the mix of good and evil amongst the applicants. Most days the job is a labor of love.

Out of the ashes of 9-11, I decided to refocus my priorities. I decided to serve that which I love. The highest compliment you can call me is "American" followed by my title Officer.

Some of us are very spiritual and I respect that. However, some of us are in denial
that communists have infiltrated some Churches. One can look at DTN and read which Churches have prostituted themselves into irrelevancy. While familiar cries about
conservative activists are passe it is the liberation theology crew that has aligned itself with Americas enemies and made a mockery of Christianity. There are those who pretend that the problems in the Anglican Church are all about gays. The reality is that a arrogant elite Marxist clique decided it would act on its own. When one hears about nuclear disarmament, Churches knowingly violating immigration laws for a political agenda, divestment in Israel it is Marxist infiltration of organizations at work. Oddly the people who lecture everyone about Eurocentism ignored the wishes of their African members.The comments of Rowan Williams need little explanation.

Every now and then one should examine their lives. I serve that which I love and am content. There is a difference between serving that which you love and being consumed
by hate. Most of you do not need this reminder and those who do know exactly who they are.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Who calls whom a sellout

I am always amused when people claim that I have no beliefs (Communist Imbecile Renegade Eye) or when others claim I am sort of a Jewish sellout to Fundamentalist Christians. Anyone who reads this blog knows that my positions have remained fairly stable over time. While my critics constantly are reinventing themselves from Kahanist to ex Kahanist or gay to ex gay and back to gay I am still the same person.

Every person should have a natural starting point. My starting point is that I love my country and am proud of the society we have built. I am a proud participant in WesternCiv that often made progress over the deaths of the Jewish people. Western Civ has its flaws but the notion that Indigenous people have their own rights and that slavery was wrong also originates from Western Civ. I reject the Marxist/Anarchist/Green/Jihadi/Nazi critiques of Western Civ as amoral and ignorant.
Ultimately there is a world of difference between a decent man of the left such as Jamsor even Rob and a traitorous anti American subversive like Renegade Eye. Jams criticizes specific policies and does not pretend that Communist Thugs like Mugabe are Turnips. There is also a decided difference between Jams and the salonista Beatroot whose gin impaired reflexive anti-americanism and arrogance are a different animal han the souless Ren or brain impaired Graeme.

As I enjoy the freedoms and largess of this great society it would be hypocritical to hate those whose founding spirit built that which I love. This country was founded on
Christian principles and many who came here did so because they wanted to get away from angry elitist types that imposed. My respect for nearly all Christians is quite evident upon any basic reading of this blog. The rare Christians I oppose are those who attempt to make Marx into a sacred text and that specifically refers to the insanity of "liberation theology". The other groups I have problems with are racist Church or the terrorist apologism of dullards like Rev Spitz.

While my positions have more or less been predictable and stable my critics have been
all over the place. How does one sell out when your positions are so predictable. In a different time this same critic was lashing out at Mormons to my astonishment.

Those of you who are long term readers are aware of my education and various other types of training. The over the top criticism of "fundamentalist" can also be construed as a person attempting to gain credibility within his own circles after he departed. My support of this individual was never based upon that move either.

My Grandfather who loved everyone except for Commies and Nazis who he saw as crazy people trying to get the rest of us killed has a saying. "When you hate a person or a group dig two graves, one for the person and the other for yourself".

There is no mass movement towards sending Gay people to Concentration camps or impose a Christian based theocracy in this country. There are religious people who see black
robed Marxist freaks trying to impose their idiocy on the rest of us. There are also
Communist clowns at Moveon and the Daily Kos/communist trying to subvert the Democratic party. For all the mass hysteria about the Moral Majority we still have Roe vs Wade.

Friday, August 01, 2008

An Open Note to A Friend

I want to write a note to a friend who has been through a rough time and is lashing out at the wrong people. I was your friend when you were gay and nutty. I was your friend when you were ex-gay and a little less nutty. I am still your friend today when you are in overdrive nutty and gay again. My friendship was never predicated on your sexual proclivities.

In the past you were a good guy with some odd ideas. At no time could anyone describe you as anything other than an amicable type with terrible taste in TV and sports teams. I am glad you decided to make a change that you feel brings happiness to your life. The problem is that you rarely talk of the happiness at all while you lash out with the same hateful tones at those who have a different view of scripture.

It would be nice to read a post about finding peace in your new Church that you claim welcomes you. It would be nice to read a post about returning to a community
that you feel at home with. Instead I read a series of over the top rants and mania about fundamentalist Christians.

Homophobia is a real issue, but in most instances of life it is an annoyance at worst. Ultimately, the life you live is a product of the person in the mirror and the choices you make. For the most part homosexuality is not a big deal, especially in big cities. It would be a nicer place if people would show you human dignity, but only you can make yourself happy. Sometimes, even in the big city I am shocked by the hostility of black women towards gay men. I was floored when a few female coworkers called an applicant a faggot. The same people would have one killed for using the N word. I wish people would not use slurs and I do not do so myself. Calling a Troskyite a commie is a statement of fact, not a slur.

Only you can define yourself and make yourself happy. It is time to come back to reality and look at those who disagree with you in the prism of reality. There is no mass movement towards theocracy in this country. Moreover, the most hateful obsessed people on the planet are far leftist with their never ending paranoid manias about cabals, conspiracies and rationalizing terrorists. I did not see a single comment in support of Rev Spitz on this site.

Where are the posts about your happiness in finding acceptance in your local Anglican Church or being comfortable in your own shoes. The person I knew did feel passion, but also had posts with great humor.

Carreer Advice For the Wacky Rev Spitz

It is quite obvious that you posses no coherent thoughts. However, we here at the this blog will guide you in how to make excellent income with little or no work. It is apparent from your blog you believe in terrorism but your choice of targets and bigotries and quotes are all unsuitable.

1 Gays are not a suitable target for bigotry. You need to target your insane hatred at Joooos but use the code words Neocon or Zionists

2 You must make incoherent conspiracies and ignore actual history while blathering on about your bigotry listed above.

3 Instead of abortion clinics you should rationalize blowing up places where dem Joooos er zionists/ neocons gather.

4 Do not quote from the actual New or Old Testament. Mix a few words of Marx in with the New Testament and be as incoherent as Rev Coffing or the dopey Dellinger Brothers. Think Karl Marx not Groucho or even worse Chico/ Mario Cuomo Marx.

5 You must structure all your hatred and bombings against the United States Governments.

6 Make up some false presidential quotes and lift articles from Communist sources with readerships of less than 100.

If you follow this simple career advice you should be able to get a job in a University near you despite your profound stupidity and total divorce from reality
and lack of morals. Being an actual terrorist with a low IQ was a resume booster for Bill Ayers. Being incoherent, stupid while hating gays is never going to land you a cushy job in higher ed. You must refine your overall ignorance, add Marx or better yet Trotsky and target all your violent amoral impulses at dem Joooos er Zionists duuuhhh neocons.

Rev Spitz seems like an excellent candidate for Renegade Eye to subvert. He merely has to get the Reverend to adopt Trotsky instead of Jesus as his messiah. He can even talk about how Trotsky died via the ice pick to save Communism.