Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Free Market

We live in a free society that allows first amendment rights for all including some really odious types like Norman Finkelstein, David Duke and the publications of forgeries such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or I Rigoberta. The beauty of living in our system is that nobody forces anyone to read any particular book unless it is in an academic situation.

Those on the left get bent out of shape by anything that doesn't march to their tune. We hear the familiar rants about Fox News, Limbaugh and whomever else. If you don't like something don't buy it, don't watch it or do not listen.

Jerome Corsi has said some fairly vile things in the past. This infers little or nothing on the material in the book. Some of this material is likely familiar to many of us. As far as the Barak Obama as a Muslim story it would likely be an improvement
over a racist/ Marxist church led by a crackpot. One can find decent Muslims who do not run around in a blather about AIDS conspiracies or saying "God Damn America".

Has anyone seen a single post about an anti Bush book at the Crank Files or AOW's site. What is it about those on the left that need to throw a temper tantrum about books they haven't read, radio shows they do not listen to or cable networks they don't watch? There is a wide assortment of choices and those on the left need to grow


Always On Watch said...

Corsi's willingness for interviews on The Political Cesspool is most disturbing. Perhaps he is subscribing to the adage "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." I really don't know enough about Corsi to say.

I won't buy Obamanation, but I have reserved a library copy. I'm most curious to see how much documentation he uses in the book. With the list for reserves on Obamanation, I likely won't get the book for several weeks.

As for my reading anti-Bush books, I actually do read one from time to time. I find that most are not even worthy of review. McClellan's book bored me to tears. Another one, by an editor of Slate (I don't recall the title) was filled with lots of psychological analysis and possibilities and containted few facts; it was more interesting than McClellan's book but filled with too much hypothesizing.

beakerkin said...


I am concerned about that particular
appearance. Yet I do not know that show. I can say I have listened to Bob Grant for 25 years and heard many
idiotic comments said about him.

The book is likely bringing stuff together that we already knew.

Justin may be correct in his statements. Yet he engages in the same type of behavior that Corsi does with far less reason.

Obama was a member of a racist/ Marxist church led by a crack pot
pastor for 20 years. We have all seen the tapes and the interviews.
A twenty year relationship with a clergyman saying "god damn america"
vs a few appearances on a questionable radio show.

Corsi must be the only 9-11 conspiracy nut that does not comment on Renegade Eyes site. We can produce similar goofy remarks from Michelle Obama or almost as goofy.

Obama certainly knew about the terrorism of Bill Ayers.

I would rather let people read the
book and decide. Contrary to Justin's opinion I read Unfit for Command and it was accurate.

The Pagan Temple said...

Ann Coulter is another they go nuts about. I think Coulter is hilarious myself even when I disagree with her. She has only said one thing that really pissed me off, and now in retrospect I'm not so sure she was even wrong about that.

Most of her critics though strike me as people that never listen to a word she says or have ever read a word she has written, they just hear the name Ann Coulter and bark like rabid dogs.

beakerkin said...

She says some stuff and you shouldn't
laugh, but you do.

An example of this was the semen and grass stains found in the underwear of one of the Central Park Jogger rapists.

"What was he trying to do fertilize the lawn?"

I have read all of Coulter's books and she does upset the left. Michelle Malkin is a close second.

In the case of Unfit for Command I even read some of the source material. That book was on target.

Always On Watch said...

Obama was a member of a racist/ Marxist church led by a crack pot
pastor for 20 years.


Therefore, giving Obama a pass and frying Corsi is totally inconsistent.