Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Commie Brain Impairment

Commie Lance Thwuster moron deluxe shows more stupidity.

Jim Jones is the apex of Communism as he practiced class genocide on himself.

Thruster ponders if I think Israeli Kibutznicks should all just kill themselves.

People who live on Kibbutzes do not impose their lifestyle on others. Moreover, fortunately there are fewer of these every year. Members osf these groups do not lack
for patriotism and tend to serve with distinction in the IDF. A better alternative is for these farmers to grab Lance Thrusters Jawbone and smite the members of the ISM or
Communist Peacekeeping Teams.

Communists should follow the example of Jim Jones and kill themselves. Class genocide is far too important to waste on the masses. Jim Jones understood that this act should be done on the faithful. Why kill Kulaks or starve the masses when you can kill yourself instead? Jim Jones is the ultimate role model and I encourage commies
everywhere to follow his example.

Thruster also wonders what the testimony of the Venezuelans in my office means. As a communist imbecile Thruster has no ability to understand that beyond his communist orthodoxy.

The Venezuelans in my office are fleeing the mess created by Chavez. They expressly tell horror stories of the mess created by Chavez. I have yet to hear a single sentence of support for Chavez by any applicant. Commies tend to ignore the testimony
of people fleeing the pest holes they create. They think a Theresienstadt tour arranged by Chavez represents what goes on in the country. I encourage all commies to
renounce their citizenship and live with Hugo permanently. If you advocate communism
for others you should be required to live under it permanently.

I literally see Colombians every day and have never heard a bad word about the government. The same Colombians have plenty of bad words for FARC and communists.


Always On Watch said...

Good ol' Jim Jones. At least he offed himself and averted the mess of a trial.

I do, however, feel a twinge of sympathy for some of his deluded followers.

The murders of the children in Jonestown - that brought me to tears.

I remember how shocked I was to turn on the news that night and learn of the atrocity.

The TV film starring Powers Booothe was a pretty good presentation and showed the power of a cult leader.

FJ said...

I admire communists who "voluntarily" live their ideals. I spit on the ones who would attempt to FORCE anyone to live said ideals AGAINST their will.

I say to communists everywhere, "the only thing standing between you and true communism is YOU wanting to drag the rest of us down to your level."

Now go join a commune and live the life... or can't you do it without STEALING MY STUFF, first?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, just a point of order.

If a person believes that single payer systems are the most effective methods of providing universal basic health insurance is that person a:

1. Liberal

2. Commie

3. Muslim

4. Socialist

5. Hugo Chavez's cabana boy

Just curious.

beakerkin said...

4a A Socialist Imbecile.

Few socialist have the genuine authenticity to walk away from Commies. Most are stooges commies infiltrate their ranks.

Beamish said...


The answer is obviously 6.) Useful idiot