Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Making a pest of yourself

I don't care how the Cowboys spin this one Dez Bryant is a lunatic. Throwing temper tantrums un the sideline is not what winners do. Football is much like life. There is no room for crybabies and psychos when a job must be done. Some team will always take a chance on a talented head case.

These stories do not end well.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Grand Re-opening

My new and improved office will be officially open for business today. The response during down time was overwhelming and I received plenty of visits to the space. Every item that is on display was there but most were off display. In creating the new space the point of why have memorabilia if it can not be enjoyed.

I am working with the back wall. I was looking for a jungle landscape from Guyana or just an outstanding piece of Guyanese art. My efforts to find this have not been successful. On my next trip to Guyana I will try and find some local artist and place something Guyanese there. I am still looking at Nighthawks or prints of Dixville Notch or Smugglers Notch.

Oddly, I can not locate any prints of the classic Catskill Hotels. A nice painting or print of the Concord or Grossingers would have been perfect. The big classic Hotel period is gone save for Kutshers and I am one of the last who both worked and stayed in those grand hotels.

The top boss really loves the space. She visited and could not believe the effect. The smell of the office is controlled by air fresheners located in strategic places.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Odds and ends

While I was out my office was the subject of a makeover. Other then the addition of small American flags every item in the office was there. Most were not visible to the public. The memorabilia was off display
for a while. The office is now known as the best in the area. The sound system is superior and one can enter off hours and just relax to the sounds of early 60's surf instrumentals.

I am looking at the far wall as the last part of the project. That section will hold a historical painting and two smaller landscapes one of Guyana and the other of the Catskills or Western Maine. The Vegan has been very helpful and narrowed the list of paintings. The reaction to Christina's World and The Death of General Wolfe in that space was very negative. 

The reaction to the new office is one of shock. My former boss noticed in 30 seconds. I got visitors from all over the unit and upper management. The cleaning person was caught sitting in my chair just to enjoy the space. What purpose is having memorabilia if it is stored in boxes and drawers. None of it is worth more then $70.00

In essence removing clutter was essential. Broken office equipment isn't going to fix itself. I also don.t like changing equipment. I kept my old keyboard, monitor and printer until IT changed them while I was away. The scanning gun was uniquely programmed to my needs. In fact now this programming is available to   all
that ask for it and can be done in as little as 15 minutes. I created the improvements by tinkering with the code books. 

The office has two air fresheners working in key locations. Someday I will find one that smells like hemlock forests instead of the non floral or lavender varieties. 

On a different note the Tranquil Sea has called many friends asking for a meeting. As these requests are frequent and annoying, I acceded to them. It will be a full family meeting. My position is unchanged, but I suppose a face to face meeting is not unreasonable. In my case I walked out and did not return or call. I did remain in regular contact with my daughter and met whatever obligations were required. When I visit the visits are around 30 minutes.

Friday, October 25, 2013

In the End Obama is Incompetent

Obama threw a temper tantrum and shut down the government to preserve Obamacare while the programs
problems could not be worked out. Obama could have conceded the obvious that the program is not ready.
Instead he dug in his heels closed parks and bullied opponents of this fiasco.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Obscure Music

Oddly, one of the groups that I listen to has become popular among many of the 20 somethings at work. Early in the morning I usually listen to Surf or Garage Music while preparing cases. The Fabulous Wailers is a group that I listen to early in the morning and very late in the day.

They developed a distinctive sound in the Northwest. Long Tall Cool One is a song that I frequently play in the morning. It has developed its own fan base. The live version of I Idolize You with its blistering vocal by Gail Harris is well worth listening to.

Maybe in the future I will put a Junior Brown  or Eliminators CD in the mix.

Unfortunately, J&R Music up the block seems to be cutting back on the oldies. I used to love to drop by and pick up odd titles by ACE records like It Came From The Beach and so forth.

Now others are saying delay Obama care

His imperial majesty Obama stated no negotiations to delay the implementation of the debacle known as Obamacare. Now we have Democrats  seeking to delay this monstrosity.

Wait didn't the Obama administration dig their feet in shut down the government to avoid this.It seems Ted Cruz is smarter then Obama.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Be a nice guy

Many times it is the little things we do that make a difference in lives. I was working with a person with terminal illness. The doctor gave him about three months. I pondered why he was in my office. He said I invested thirteen years in this and the finish line is near. I made the experience light and sunny. His sister thanked me and said officer this is the first time he has laughed in months. 

The thing is that we aren't laughing at someone. We are laughing together at related experiences. My boss heard the exchange and stated it was memorable. We did everything in our power to make his experience positive.

At the end of the interview the applicant thanked me. My boss and the attorney said that was a truly memorable experience. I reminded them that sometimes we are lucky to get a great supporting role in a larger play.  The secret is that sometimes the public servant should thank the applicant for sharing special moments in their lives.

Understanding how to make those moments special is good public service. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Religion on Others Dime

Being Frum means you are really financially ignorant. You send your kids to private schools you can't afford.
When they complete their studies they go to Israel for two years to study religion while their parents mooch off other relatives.

In essence not only has my brothers wife failed to work for two decades. This religious sloth is draining my inheritance because these clowns mooch from my parents.

Instead of grasping that her sloth is impacting me I get reminded I was unemployed for a stretch 12 years ago. That was almost ten years ago. I also did not dip into other peoples pockets or possessions. Being frum means you can claim fake moral high ground for your failings and abnormal behavior.

Essentially, this deranged lifestyle of sloth is at my expense and there is no grasp that this entitlement is wrong.For my brother taking another car after this is a divine right,

Of course my brothers wife states that if I hate her I shouldn't take it out on my brother. Her sloth has hit me in the pocket on multiple levels and my brother has condoned it and made no effort to be financially responsible.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I want to point out there is some confusion over my relationship to the Orthodox Community. I have never been Orthodox or religiously observant. My family decided to become Orthodox when I was seven. I did not accept this and rebelled to gain my freedom. I am familiar with the customs as I was educated in this community took part in functions and so forth. My brother is an Orthodox pulpit Rabbi and if he and family were not in my face I would be fine.

I am not religious by nature. I am not an atheist. Rather, I don't really think about theology. I have disdain for organized faith and live by my own set of ethics. My ethics are similar to a rant from John Wayne in the Shootist. I respect others ( commies excepted) and their possessions and demand the same. I don't look for trouble, but if you  start a fight I will end it. I expect nothing and ask for even less. Character is something you are born with and respect is earned. You come into the world alone and naked and you leave the same way. In between all you have is your name. How you live your life determines the worth of that name.

I quit pretending I was a member of the community long ago.

I can't believe this crap

It is 2AM on a school night and my brothers family is still here. They never go home because this lunatic procrastinates and just bugs the shit out of everyone. They claim the kid has Epstein Barr because she falls asleep all the time in school. The real issue is having an idiot for a parent.

She had the whole day to start laundry but started six loads at 6:00. I tried to go to sleep and she started jabbering away on the phone next door two flights up. Normally, I would sleep next to the washing machine to avoid this moron.

I am annoyed by my family who just doesn't get it. The car isn't worth much money and I seldom drive it. However, this is my choice and is not their business. However, I have to give my brother my car because he is forever broke because his wife won't work. Why should I be out my car because you won't work.

Her thinking as well as that of my family is why this condition is not treated. A normal person says okay sorry but I am doing this. They do not turn around and attack the person they just extorted a handout from. The reason my nephew was stuck here last summer was he had a summer job but his mother procrastinated and yammered until nothing was available. I was stuck with them for 13 weeks.

I was going to buy another car, but my brother said we will do this all over again. Of course he is right and this is annoying. The reason the car is still around is because I maintained it. I am annoyed that whatever down on their luck relative borrowed my car.

This idiot has her own family, but she never seems to be by other relatives. The reason is obvious that she is so annoying that they can't stand her.

I have few hopes that she will do well in vocational therapy or any other sort of therapy. She is never wrong
and everyone else has the issues. Funny, but whatever issues I have one can count on me to wake up at 4:00
get prepared walk a mile and make a 5:02 bus. I do it rain or shine. On the job one can count on a solid days production each and every time. No matter how bad things are I make my deadlines. No matter what happens one can count on me getting it done each and every day.

I get the bus and the driver looks at me and says house guests. I look and ask how did you know. He says you are usually bright and cheery and joke in the morning but... Then I get to work and my clerk notices and says " They're back". I respond how did you know. He tells me " Normally you have cheery music on but you are paying the blues". My coworkers notice that I am not joking and sometimes my hands shake. I go to my second home and just by my order the waiter knows. I never eat pork unless my brother is here with his messed up wife.

I honestly considered going to Iraq to get away from these visits. My parents just don't get why I am so annoyed and she will be going home soon. She never does leave and finds an excuse to return again and again.

My brother is a nice guy with a soft heart. It is not in his nature to just say enough shape up. He has endured this for twenty plus years. He works three jobs because she can't work one and the Yeshiva bills don't wait.
Long ago I would have ended the relationship. I have done so many times in my time for far less then this.

The religion was a cover for mental illness. Much of frummie culture does cover or provide excuses for this type of loser behavior. Being frum limits job choices. It is not a matter of taking two holidays but one must leave early for the Sabbath for half of the year. Add in scores of holidays and employers will not put up with this. Even in NYC where this kind is common, this type works in relatively a few places. In the IRS there are a plenty of frum types. In my agency with hundreds of jobs we have a few Jewish officers and no clerks. We had a disabled clerk with severe behavioral issues who was fired. If the reports were true this was a rare case of termination for cause.

If the behaviors were done by an under privileged type professionals would recognize it immediately. The 24/7 cell phone internet bit and the always being late. The inability to follow directions or prioritize things at work. The inability to get along with any supervisor at any job. These are classic pathologies familiar to people who work with addicted types. Of course because the patient is frum we keep giving the benefit of the doubt and holding our tongues.

Now my brother and I have had a huge fight caused by his wife's behavior. She knows this and doesn't understand why I asked to terminate our relationship. I told her that her behavior is driving me up a wall and I can't take it anymore. My brother has to put up with it, but I won't. I openly admit I despise her. I guess in some ways I behave like the clod from Doc Martin.Normally, people respond I don't really hate you to this line. In my case I have stopped lying to myself and others.

Rather then grasp her problems she attacks me. I have had a few failed relationships, but that isn't the issue.
The issue is why are you here every second and get a job. She yammers on and goes on the attack how my family puts up with me. Funny, I earn a living and talk to very few of them. I had a rough patch twelve years back. However, I took whatever jobs I could find and endured abuse that was frightening. However, I was at my current job nearly ten years. I had jobs in the fashion industry for five years three times and one of the departures was due to bankruptcy. My former rough stretch is not the issue as I did have ample history of being with multiple employers for more than five years.

The term for this is passive aggressive. She manipulates through procrastination, makes herself into the victim and points the finger everywhere else.  On the job her issues with punctuality, decisiveness and toxic victimology make her an employee you don't want and we have seen the results.

In my days as an executive this is what you want

1) Reliable punctual people
2) Follow directions
3) Team players

In essence as this person is neither punctual nor reliable even a job that would tailor itself to all the religious quirks would not put up with her for long. I seriously doubt she can follow the simplest of direction due to procrastination issues and indecisveness.

For twenty years I held my tongue. My parents and other relatives have not made things better by making excuses. She can't work she is disabled. She knows she has problems. The issue is now her problems are my problems and I am out a car. The reality is I can't buy another because in a few months we will be doing this all over again.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

After 20 Years

I loathe my sister in law. 90% of the fights with my brother are caused by her idiotic habits and mental issues. She hides behind the religious pious bull shit and hasn't worked in twenty years. Beaky you don't use your car. How about you get off your ass and buy your own car.

On a school night she starts a laundry at 8:00 pm and will leave with her daughter at 2AM. Six weeks to buy a single plane ticket.

Then of course her issues are messing me up and she turns shit around. I can't take it anymore. Why is her inability to function my problem. The answer everyone says is you didn't drive the car and its work 3,000.
The answer is get a (^%^(& job and stop %^&*(^(*)& my life. I don't want anything to do with my brother until this asshole gets her shit together. Baruch hashem doesn't cut it when you keep messing up and can't think straight.

Cultural Retardation

This occurs when people fail to grasp how others live. Its poster children are clueless morons around you who are so self centered they fail to grasp how others live.

In the news we have seen the rant of a spoiled kid the the New School. The New School is an Academic Gulag. The rant of this baboon has shown that Marxist clowns can not brainwash someone who has no brains to begin with. Alternately, class warfare diatribes are wasted on someone with no class.

A supervisor at work who looked with disbelief that poor people rent a bed for eight hours. Obviously working with people from poor slums and living in NYC has not provided enough contact with the unwashed massed to grasp how they live.

Dimwit frummies who think that Rabbis playing Tony Soprano for huge sums of cash are misunderstood community pillars. Dimwit frummies who blame and abuse the family of a child abuse victim for turning her abuser in.

In order to grow as a person one must grasp there are alternatives. Of course Marxist morons usually have no contact with actual poor people but feign moral authority to speak for them.

Final Rant

Getting rid of a sibling is a serious choice. It is a choice I understand and have done with malice and no regrets. Those who know the parties in question need to understand this has been building for a while and the last straw was my car.

My brother is a loser and a disgrace on all levels. He is a whimp who hides behind his faith and his wife's uselessness to mooch off others. He was not born a loser and incompetent but has gone through great lengths to become so. He lives in a fantasy world that is as real as dungeons and dragons. Rabbis that engage in criminal activities are victims. My moron son will become an actuary. My lazy wife is perfectly fine. I look at him and am embarrassed at his cultural retardation. He might read a book if it had pictures and beyond religious texts is a functional illiterate. 

My sister in law is a low life moron. Her fake pious act is an excuse to get out of working for a living. She might observe the faith, but it is only as a crutch to avoid gainful employment. I have more respect for crack addict hookers who at least earn a living then her. She has not been employed in 25 years Baruch Hashem and has raised two messed up useless kids. My parents except all kinds of excuses claiming she can not work. She can't work, because she doesn't want to work. Why should she when she can live the life of a Frummie Ghetto Hoochie. She has time management issues and a rotten personality. A cell phone is always attached to her ear. Long term planning is impossible for someone who has an Olympic Gold Medal in uselessness. Six weeks to buy a plane ticket. Watching her do mundane tasks is like watching a punch line in how many of X does it take to screw in a light bulb Funny it took Israel Six days to win a war. If this relative was in charge everyone would be in the sea, baruch hashem.

She has finally grasped after years of cluelessness that I despise her. She was waiting for me to say I don't hate her in one of my fights with my brother. My response was now that we have this covered... It is impossible not to hate this obnoxious lazy useless imbecile. She knows everything, except how to get a job
and to accomplish the most simple of tasks. You tell her to leave you alone and she doesn't listen. She refuses to get a job or go for help and I am out of a car and this is peachy.

You can easily afford another one or you can borrow mine another relative says. What they fail to see is why must I be burdened by sloth. She wants another car go out and buy one. The way this crew treats cars it will be totaled in a year or less. They would repeat this process again and again. I should not have to give up my car because she refuses to work.

My nephew is a clueless moron and a certified loser. Three years of Yeshiva and pipe dreams of being an actuary. His mathematical aptitude is nowhere near that level. His low IQ and lack of drive might qualify him to be an employee in a very low level of customer service. He has the leadership and charisma of a paper towel. You mean you won't come to my wedding ....You mean you won't visit... He fails to grasp that I despise them and want no part of frummie life.

My nice is more problematic. She is likely to be a serial ex-wife but has vestiges of intelligence and potential for not being totally useless. There is much of my history beyond her ability to understand. I didn't rebel against anything and I am not lost. I was pulled into a world I wanted nothing to do with. I never accepted it and rebelled for years to be returned to the secular world. My desire to live a secular life was viewed as disturbed thinking. I never accepted or wanted to be a part of the Frum community. I left after Junior high and went to a small secular private school. I was guilted into returning to Yeahiva for one semester and left for good never to return. I am sorry you are not culturally aware to grasp some people reject frumkheit.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The End

I have decided to terminate the relationship with my brother and his family. I am disgusted by their sick lifestyle of pious sloth. The final straw was my car. True I didn't use it but that was my right. His wife has not worked for 25 years and he needs a vehicle. His wife's sloth is now costing me a vehicle. I can buy another car in seconds, but the process will repeat itself. Being frum means you get to take other people's possessions to subsidize sloth and excuses.

Over the next few days I will make the split complete. I will convert to another faith so that I can not be buried near him. Now I understand this cuts me off from my familial history and I am okay. On my next trip abroad I will purchase a resting place there. I am not bound by traditions and history. I write my own path and traditions. The resting place will only be known to one relative who can be trusted and compensated to respect my wishes.

I will still identify with my heritage, but want to erase all connections to family that I consider a personal disgrace. The conversion is not because I believe or embrace other ideals. It is done solely to get me as far away from frummies as possible.

In the end my car is of no great importance. It is a small price to pay for one's freedom. It will keep me out of all family functions and events. A car has a monetary value. Freedom from pious self important relatives is priceless.

As Frummies say if we divide a car... Don't divide the car take it get the F^(*^&() away from me and never talk to me again.

Rename the Redskins the Washington Hacks

Instead of having a picture of a noble Indian warrior on their helmet let the Washington football team wear the image of public service under Obama Lois Lerner on their helmet. Lois Lerner's image is scarier then most Halloween attire.

It is the sense of entitlement

The Frummies are here yet again. The excuse this time is their son is going to Yeshiva to study for year three.  God forbid anyone other then me should go to work. It doesn't matter that money is tight because God will find a way, usually by sponging. The excuse was, he is going back in between the holidays six weeks ago.

My parents are less then useful with this act. You don't understand the wife is disabled and she is not mentally fit to work due to time management issues. She isn't going to get help because she doesn't think anything is wrong. Wandering through life aimlessly from one idiotic gathering and sponging to subsidize this boorish piety is not acceptable.

The son has never done much beyond his religious studies. The current pipedream is that he is going to be an actuary. He shows zero talent in this area and has never spent moments working outside the Frummie world. He does not grasp how real people live. More realistic is that he is going to marry a butt ugly woman and have kids he can't afford. He will teach in a school as his charisma is somewhere between that of a tennis ball and a goldfish and make nothing. The daughter is more intelligent, but is obnoxious and is headed for a career as a frummy ex wife from about three husbands. Each marriage will be progressively worse. Whatever education she gets will be wasted as she won't be able to work normal hours and needs a litany of holidays.

What annoys me is my brother thinks we need quality time and I like him and his Frummy Adams family. Even before I became a federal officer his annoying visits made my blood boil. I endured them and was OK, but two summers ago when he stayed the whole summer ended the relationship. The reason this happened was his useless wife messed up his sons summer plans and it became my problem for thirteen weeks of hell.
Frummies like natural disasters don't plan. They walk around in a self righteous fog just sponging off of others.

The latest relaxation is his shock and dismay that several of his rabinical clown friends were arrested in the FBI raids. They are such wonderful pillars of the community who arrange beatings for profit to force husbands to provide a religious divorce. This garbage has gone on for years and the clueless morons are so upset their friend may actually serve jail time with commoners. Maybe in jail he might have to do manual labor that is beneath the lazy scholars.

I went through this garbage with Sunbeam. It is important to look pious for the sake of others. In this world a man who looks pious on the outside and feigns being ethical is more important then actual ethics. Sorry, but I am a man and refuse to let others determine how I live. My ethics are miles above the actual ethics of frummies. I bust my behind at work and treat those that I serve with respect and a sense of fairness. When I am compensated there is no excuse for not giving 100% or taking ethical short cuts.

The reality is few Frummies measure up to the standards of conduct that govern my life each and every day.
I do not walk around in a religious stupor avoiding work and sponging off others. I could care less what the community or anyone else thinks. I live my life and walk the path I choose, because I am not bound by anything other then the laws of the USA and my own sense of ethics. For the frummy being outwardly pious while privately being less then ethical is peachy.

What annoys me about the frummies is not the money or possesions they mooch. What annoys me is their sense of entitlement when imposing on others. They seem to think because they are pious that life and others owe them something. They think nothing of imposing their lifestyle on others and avoid work at all costs. They think they are better then other people and that some of us are born to serve them.

In the world of Beakerkin hard work and responsibility mean more then outward signs of piety. I have more respect for a hard working truck drivers then these boorish frummies with their hands out. I work hard for my possessions, why should I give up my car to my brother who is broke and has a wife that doesn't work.
He says you don't use that car and I need it work and to function. I point out his wife hasn't worked in 25 years and does not function. How about telling her to work like the rest of us. I then get a lecture about respecting his wife. He fails to grasp his wife's refusal to work is now my problem. He cries victim to family members and I am out a car to essentially shut him up. I won't buy another car as he will do this again and again. Of course getting his wife to go to work is unreasonable. Somehow people with actual handicaps do this each and every day.

I live by a simple code. Life owes you nothing. Work hard because to do so is to cheat yourself. Obey the laws of the United States and ask for nothing in return.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Vote on your next name change for Warren Wilhelm

Our soon to be elected mayor has had more names then professional criminals and done a fraction of the actual work of actual career criminals.

Lets Propose new names for the new mayor

Chairman Stupid
Che Lazy
First Citizen Couch Potato
Bin Marx
Comrade Incoherent
Throwing Bull
Fidel Tietelbaum
Mao Soprano
Guido Trotsky
Ho Che Chomsky
Clepto Claus
Vladamir Fudd
Grand Master Marxist Moron
LL Cool Clod

At least David Dinkins was living on planet earth.

I can just see Gomer Di Blassio leading a band of Faux hipster revolutionaries ranting on about Webolution and Socialist Webolution between hits of wine coolers.

Does each new alias of Warren Wilhelm get a vote?
Has he figured out Col Klink does not work at the NYPD?

And you thought A Rod needed the performance enhancers for baseball

It would seem that A Rod might have needed the performance enhancers to enable him to enjoy nights with hired hookers. Why he would need to do this when he has scores of celebrity women and air headed groupies available remains unknown.

As usual A Rod claims his innocence.

I wish A Rod would take his millions and just enjoy the rest of his life away from the media. Even if he wins his case the constant media and me first bit is way too annoying.

Mass Stupidity and media malfeasence

The media loves to hype the one or two stupid guys in a Tea Party crowd. One nut says Obama put down the Koran and another brings a Confederate flag and the entire TEA party movement is racist. Funny, but we regularly see the Obama approved OWS carry Soviet Flags, engage in mass acts of crime and engage in rhetoric clearly aimed at Jews that would come right out of 1940's Nazi rallies and engage in active terrorist plots and the media spins the opposite story.

The fact remains that the Obama administration has used the IRS to target political opponents in  direct violation of the law. The actions of Lois Lerner and others are typical of the huge ethical lapses that exceed anything imagined by Richard Nixon.

Those on the left like to lecture us about the first amendment when they attend communist led and organized 
protests against GOP administrations. Move On  hysterically has called the actions of the GOP treasonous and has called for arrests. These calls are at the heart of the leftist tendency towards fascism and ethical lapses that are at the center of the moral and mental rot required to be a leftist.

The media portrays the TEA party as a bunch of unhinged lunatics. Funny, but I don't know of any TEA party members who have multiple name changes and have spouses that change sexual orientation on call. I don't recall Tea Party members honeymooning in Cuba and participating in Revolutionary Tourism on the dime of hostile foreign governments. I don't recall Warren Wilhelm, Bill Di Blassio or whatever he calls himself showing any concern for Indians abused by his Sandinista friends. I don't recall any TEA Party people  who have photographs where they look like Chia pets on LSD with head injuries.
 The people in the TEA Party unlike Barak Obama have been gainfully employed on real jobs. None of the ones I met attended elite Prep schools and universities based on combinations of family ties and affirmative action programs. The ones I know don't vacation in Martha's Vineyard waxing about the price of Arugula at Whole Foods or rush off to endless golf games.

Of course the media elite lecture us about the alleged racism of the TEA Party but I recall a guy talking about 9-9-9 leading the polls. Cain unlike Obama has been gainfully employed and has lived in Black neighborhoods The media suddenly discovered sexual harassment might be an issue, unless your name is Clinton. The evidence against Cain was weak compared to mountains of evidence against Clinton. You can even get voted into office when you drive off a bridge in a drunken stupor and a woman dies if the media elite protect you.

Millions are underemployed or uemployed as a direct consequence of Obamacare. The administration and media have condoned the abuse of political opponents of the Obama policies in direct violation of the laws of the United States.At a certain point even the dumbest grasp they are paying more for health care and receive less. The service in my doctors office was excellent and now it is replaced by wonderfully efficient DMV or
IRS agents dressed up like Spock line dancing. Those of us who have had real lives and have been gainfully 
employed ( unlike Obama, Di Blassio, Wiener or Bill Clinton) are familiar with the customer service found at the DMV, IRS or Social Security office. 

Now on top of all this other misery Obama wants to legalize people who knowingly violated the immigration laws of the United States. They can join the rest of us in the never ending search for jobs that don't exist and ger on line at doctors office while political hacks line dance and feign they are overworked.

Remember the words of John Paul Jones. Unlike lefties the rest of us do not engage in criminal acts so the Obama minions at federal agencies can feel free to violate our rights, violate the laws of the USA and make a mockery out of the concept of Public Service.


Return of the Frummies

The planets most annoying house guests are back again. The promise that their son would return to his religious studies right after the holidays went up in smoke. He is finally going allegedly this week. Frummies don't plan ahead.

The Frummies were here yesterday night. How and why they were here instead of being home or near home on a school night is typical. They live irresponsibly and are incapable of maintaining focused lives. Obviously some moron they meet in passing had a family function and they must attend.

It has been over twenty years since my sister in law has been gainfully employed. Of course I could easily arrange factory work, but this is beneath frummies who need make every excuse not to work and think manual labor is beneath them. Meanwhile it is easier to sponge off relatives and annoy them with their inept and insane lifestyle.

There are those who are prejudiced  against gays. Funny, a gay house guest doesn't demand special food
disrupt everyone's lives with their lifestyle quirks. Even criminals steal and don't prolong the sponging for decades. This holier then thou act is a cover for a lifestyle of laziness and sponging off others.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Be back on Friday or Saturday

My computer is in the shop and I got hit hard by hackers. As I don't do any commerce on line or connect to work via my personal PC this was wasted efforts. My computer will be scrubbed by world class experts and reloaded. As I only blog, read emails and watch you tube videos this is quite easy.

I may have the computer altered for overseas duty. This could mean a return to Guyana or elsewhere. I prefer to alter the computer then to alter my phone. Although renting a phone locally or using a "burn phone" is always an option. The last time I went abroad I communicated with coworkers at regular intervals.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Happy Birthday Sprite

I spent some time with my daughter yesterday. I prefer to talk over the phone and keep my distance from the house. Her adult sister in law does a great job raising her and I keep out of day to day matters. Unfortunately, the little dog detected my presence dropping of birthday gifts and I spent some quality time with my daughter, grand daughter and the little dog.  I miss them very much and am careful to not mention or discuss the Tranquil Sea. My daughter showed me some family photos and part of her yearns for those earlier times.

When I leave her it is always with a heavy heart. However, I am lucky her adult sister in law has done such a wonderful job raising her with my financial support.

I am fortunate to have such a good kid. I miss the family, but it is best to keep the visits short and infrequent.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

And You

Lost in the government shutdown are the small people. We forget about the contractors and the small businessmen that make a living catering to government workers.

Obama own this shutdown and has been unwilling to negotiate altering Obamacare. If he were smart he would rush to do so because the plan does not work. If the GOP alters Obamacare, Obama can deflect the criticism of this mess.

Of course only Kool Aide drinkers believe Obama is clever. His inept policies and personnel choices have shown he is not suited for the job. Who in their right mind thinks John Kerry, Biden and Hagel are top level hires.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Who will Bill Diblassio be next week Chico Marx

Circus clown Marxist Bill Diblassio has been through several name changes. He starts off as Kaiser Whilhelm then changes his name to Daffy Duck, Ben Vereen, The Velveteeb Rabbit, Shirley  Temple and currently Bill Diblassio. He has more name changes then most of the people in the witness protection program and more personalities than Sybil.

His next name change is Chico Marx.

NYC is finnished. Diblassio is elected high we get a return to high crime, lousy schools, no jobs, urban riots, punitive taxation and management by morons.

At least David Dinkins was David Dinkiins.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

From Bad to Worse Invasion of The Frummies

Let their be no doubt I am sacrificing for this shutdown. The planets worst relatives are back with free time on their hands. It is not like the Federal Government overworks this relative. Remember, Frummies don't work and the only way to get rid of them is to find them jobs. 

\Even with these toxic relatives shut the government down and derail Obamacare.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Imbecile In Chief

Obamacare was passed without a single Republican vote. It is a trainwreck that has hurt the lives of ordinary Americans. The President told multiple lies that were dismissed by his mainstream media water carrier.

If Obama is so certain that the American people want Obamacare let him place the matter on a referendum now. He won't do it because he is aware of the poll numbers

The refrain that Obamacare is the law is an amusing quip from a Presidents whose minions routinely ignore laws they don't like like enforcing deportation and allowing Federal Employees to abuse their positions to go after opponents of his absurd policies.

The so called man of the people ignores the agony of workers who have had their hours cut to avoid the abomination of Obamacare. Obama feigns big business is greedy when it wants to avoid his costly insane program. However, I don't see Obama and his IRS flunkies signing up for the plan themselves.

Keep up the fight.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The real you

When one reads this blog one reads my thoughts on various subjects. While I abhor the policies and everything associated with the inept one it is never personal. There was a younger coworker that was upset with the shutdown. Well Beakerkin you terrorists got what you wanted.

I find this use of the term Obana fails to use when a person screams Allah Ahkbar and shoots their coworkers and describes it as work place violence oddly applied to Republicans. This is the hypocrisy of Obama's megalomania expressed by his supporters. Last, I checked I live in the USA and have the right to think independently.

Those who believe that Obama is right are not reality based. The truth is it is the Obama supporters who are filled with hate. The rhetoric is familiar. The TEA party is racist from people who never deigned to visit an event in person. Funny in the last month alone I dated women from many communities and the sounds of laughter and smiles fill my office. Even when I was having severe issues with management one would never know it by the way I perform my duties.

Today it was difficult to breathe and painful to move. Yet, I did them with the usual verve. Public service is its own  reward and each day is a blessing.

I want to wish a speedy recovery to a close friend who is going through a rough patch. Strength and courage is all we can ask for in times of challenge.