Saturday, October 19, 2013

It is the sense of entitlement

The Frummies are here yet again. The excuse this time is their son is going to Yeshiva to study for year three.  God forbid anyone other then me should go to work. It doesn't matter that money is tight because God will find a way, usually by sponging. The excuse was, he is going back in between the holidays six weeks ago.

My parents are less then useful with this act. You don't understand the wife is disabled and she is not mentally fit to work due to time management issues. She isn't going to get help because she doesn't think anything is wrong. Wandering through life aimlessly from one idiotic gathering and sponging to subsidize this boorish piety is not acceptable.

The son has never done much beyond his religious studies. The current pipedream is that he is going to be an actuary. He shows zero talent in this area and has never spent moments working outside the Frummie world. He does not grasp how real people live. More realistic is that he is going to marry a butt ugly woman and have kids he can't afford. He will teach in a school as his charisma is somewhere between that of a tennis ball and a goldfish and make nothing. The daughter is more intelligent, but is obnoxious and is headed for a career as a frummy ex wife from about three husbands. Each marriage will be progressively worse. Whatever education she gets will be wasted as she won't be able to work normal hours and needs a litany of holidays.

What annoys me is my brother thinks we need quality time and I like him and his Frummy Adams family. Even before I became a federal officer his annoying visits made my blood boil. I endured them and was OK, but two summers ago when he stayed the whole summer ended the relationship. The reason this happened was his useless wife messed up his sons summer plans and it became my problem for thirteen weeks of hell.
Frummies like natural disasters don't plan. They walk around in a self righteous fog just sponging off of others.

The latest relaxation is his shock and dismay that several of his rabinical clown friends were arrested in the FBI raids. They are such wonderful pillars of the community who arrange beatings for profit to force husbands to provide a religious divorce. This garbage has gone on for years and the clueless morons are so upset their friend may actually serve jail time with commoners. Maybe in jail he might have to do manual labor that is beneath the lazy scholars.

I went through this garbage with Sunbeam. It is important to look pious for the sake of others. In this world a man who looks pious on the outside and feigns being ethical is more important then actual ethics. Sorry, but I am a man and refuse to let others determine how I live. My ethics are miles above the actual ethics of frummies. I bust my behind at work and treat those that I serve with respect and a sense of fairness. When I am compensated there is no excuse for not giving 100% or taking ethical short cuts.

The reality is few Frummies measure up to the standards of conduct that govern my life each and every day.
I do not walk around in a religious stupor avoiding work and sponging off others. I could care less what the community or anyone else thinks. I live my life and walk the path I choose, because I am not bound by anything other then the laws of the USA and my own sense of ethics. For the frummy being outwardly pious while privately being less then ethical is peachy.

What annoys me about the frummies is not the money or possesions they mooch. What annoys me is their sense of entitlement when imposing on others. They seem to think because they are pious that life and others owe them something. They think nothing of imposing their lifestyle on others and avoid work at all costs. They think they are better then other people and that some of us are born to serve them.

In the world of Beakerkin hard work and responsibility mean more then outward signs of piety. I have more respect for a hard working truck drivers then these boorish frummies with their hands out. I work hard for my possessions, why should I give up my car to my brother who is broke and has a wife that doesn't work.
He says you don't use that car and I need it work and to function. I point out his wife hasn't worked in 25 years and does not function. How about telling her to work like the rest of us. I then get a lecture about respecting his wife. He fails to grasp his wife's refusal to work is now my problem. He cries victim to family members and I am out a car to essentially shut him up. I won't buy another car as he will do this again and again. Of course getting his wife to go to work is unreasonable. Somehow people with actual handicaps do this each and every day.

I live by a simple code. Life owes you nothing. Work hard because to do so is to cheat yourself. Obey the laws of the United States and ask for nothing in return.

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