Monday, October 21, 2013


I want to point out there is some confusion over my relationship to the Orthodox Community. I have never been Orthodox or religiously observant. My family decided to become Orthodox when I was seven. I did not accept this and rebelled to gain my freedom. I am familiar with the customs as I was educated in this community took part in functions and so forth. My brother is an Orthodox pulpit Rabbi and if he and family were not in my face I would be fine.

I am not religious by nature. I am not an atheist. Rather, I don't really think about theology. I have disdain for organized faith and live by my own set of ethics. My ethics are similar to a rant from John Wayne in the Shootist. I respect others ( commies excepted) and their possessions and demand the same. I don't look for trouble, but if you  start a fight I will end it. I expect nothing and ask for even less. Character is something you are born with and respect is earned. You come into the world alone and naked and you leave the same way. In between all you have is your name. How you live your life determines the worth of that name.

I quit pretending I was a member of the community long ago.

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