Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a Year

I have had more ups and downs in this year than in any of my life. I want to thank my friends who are too numerous to mention but especially AOW and TMW. 2009 was many things it was be memorable both good and bad. I am hoping 2010 is sweeter than 2009.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Missing the Point

Some of Obama's defenders are really off base. We are in the worst economy since the Great Depression. He did inherit the mess, but there is the perception he is doing nothing other self promotion.

The defenders who claim that his critics are being racist when they here the phrase "we want our country back". are off base. This criticism is natural and logical given the dire economy. What that phrase means to me is that the person saying it is unhappy with the direction of the country.

The exact same phrase was typically stated at President critics often by people who
call themselves "citizens of the planet". When you hear this phrase you are almost certainly dealing with a Commie or Fruit Loop certified looney tunes nutbar.

Obama's critic's want a return to American values. They do not care what some gin drinking obnoxious Euro's think in a salon. They are more concerned with their neighbors who are shopping at Walmart and are in tough times. These people want to here one word JOBS. They do not care about some idiotic meeting in Copenhagen or health care.

Americans want to work, but it is tough out there. The perception that Obama is more interested in the opinions of European elitists than his constituency is a real problem. He took a major dive in the polls when he went to Europe and seems oblivious to this perception and his popularity rating dive is reflective of someone who is being viewed as out of touch.

None of these issues is racial in any description.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obama misses the point

Obama as usual fails a basic part of the larger story.

Once again the terrorist is clearly not from an impoverished family. Marxists weave a lie that terrorism is the work of poor desperate people. In fact this terrorist was from a wealthy family. The Weatherman were in fact spoiled rich communists who never knew a single moment of poverty in their lives.

Once again this appears to be a student radicalized by the excessive unchecked political rhetoric in a Western University. Obama as a classic University Marxist has no intention of looking into the hiring practices and course content in higher ed.

Basically, what students are fed is a cartoon version of world history. An example in our own culture would be an American history with no mention of Native Americans or slavery. Colonialism and Cultural Imperialism are not exclusive Western Constructs. However, Marxists create a cartoon version of history where Muslims are perpetual victims and Islam was spread by trade. Religious minorities who lived under Islam are treated as non-people. There is no discussion of non Western slavery.

Obama never seems to address the rights of religious minorities who live in Muslim countries. The boorish Euros never seem to talk about Christians in the Middle East unless it is to promote some Communist hack bashing Israel. Commies never seem to grasp that Psuedostinian Christians emigrate from the PA to Israel.

Moreover any look at Pakistan and India or Israel and its adjacent states shows which states are religiously cleansed. Of course the same University hacks never get around to pointing this out to their Islamic radical tenured hacks. Marxists are practicing a form of entryism that should be familiar to those who were alive in 1979. Despite the lies of Comrade Gassy Sandwich Iranian Communists did work with the religious zealots to create the mess in Iran. For a sad but often humorous look at this the works of VS Naipul deal with this tangentially.

Genuine scholars would have addressed some of these themes. However, what we have in higher ed is academic gulags with political hacks like Ayers, Aptheker and Mental Ward Churchill. Churchill is the example of the Universities concept of a Native American who repeats Marxist rhetoric. The fact he was not a Native American and merely repeating cliches they wanted to hear and had zero real credentials shows what higher ed has devolved into.

We will focus on terrorist lists, but the malady of higher ed will go unmentioned.

Monday, December 28, 2009

How much Liberty are we willing to sacrafice

How many of you would be willing to give up full biometrics for a passport. Would you be willing to give a computer 4 biometrics that can be checked by a computer quickly.
Fingerprints, retina scan, height and some non intrusive DNA.

This would be more reliable than name, date of birth and location. There are some non criminal types with non readable finger prints.

Once again we would have to place everyone in the system and it could be used in all sorts of legal ways to aid local law enforcement. We do ask government employees to be fingerprinted so why not for passports.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Liberty vs Security

Many of us are shaken by the recent terrorist scare. No doubt our nation will have more of these episodes as sooner or later one gets through.

As a proud member of a free society we are vulnerable to this sort of criminality. None of us wants to think that our friends and neighbors as terrorists. The Cold War taught us that our enemies lied repeatedly. There were communist spies in the government. We should not make the same errors and allow unfettered access to government radical Muslims or Marxists.

We need to look at security checks more seriously and consider denaturalization for people who advocate terrorism and treason in the USA. Part of us understands the fear that the folks who dealt with the FT Hood terrorist of being called a racist. However, we need to look at the risks posed by allowing no scrutiny at all.

A free society ponders liberty vs security all the time. We must remain vigilant but never allow ourselves to forget individual rights and procedures. It is a tough job and we are lucky many dedicate their careers to this task. We will get hit again, but the cost of never getting hit again would be to burn our individual rights.

Pleasantly amused at lefties misconceptions of the Tea Parties

I am quite frankly amazed at the paranoia and misconception on the far left of just who the tea bag crowd is. The utter exasperation of the far left shows how out of touch they are with real Americanism. This is the one crowd who will not allow Commies to participate or take their cause off message.

1) Tea Baggers are angry at government but not in a way commies grasp. They want a return to American values and individual liberty. They want nothing to do with a nanny

2) There is no room for bigotry at Tea Party events. The closest one gets to this are the birthers who are protesting because they perceive a cover up with Obama's birth certificate. When one goes to a so called Peace protest one will see Jew hatred in open display.

3) The Tea Parties are on message. They do not veer off the topic of government run amok and the lousy cult of personality that Obama has tried to foster.

4) Hostility to Socialism and all forms of communism. A communist who attempted any form of entryism would find this crowd very hostile.

5) Tea Party participants are respectful to law enforcement officers and military vets not named Gomer Kerry. There were zero incidents in Washington DC and the police were helpful.

6) This is not about big name celebrities or no talent University hacks. The Tea party crowd is a cross section of real America. They come from all walks of life and want the government to get back to basics, like improving the economy.

7) Tea Party participants are proud of their country. The last thing they want to do
is emulate the EU.

No doubt commies are quite upset that they can not infiltrate this group. Commies always seek to subvert local movements. However, this time they found one that excludes them and they are flabbergasted.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remember What Makes Christmas Special

Although I am not a Christian, I respect the life affirming spirit of the religion. A true Christian serves the poor and needy not for power but as a religious calling. Life is to be treasured and there is no such thing as a caste whom the man upstairs does not judge.

I want to wish those who celebrate Christmas a joyous holiday.

The most important part is to be with family and those close to you. It doesn't really matter what the gift is. The true gift is the memories and the special moments.

I am lucky that the special moments are not few and far between. Life is a journey and I have been on the seas of life. The Tranquil Sea is my home. It is great to sail
in calm waters and enjoy life. Every moment is to be treasured as they are priceless.
A trip to the store or restaurant turns into lifetime memories.

Remember if you can not afford a gift this tough season give a smile. A smile is the best present you can give alot of people.

I am looking for clothes from LL Beamish. Perhaps I will post a Beakerambo version
of A Christmas Carol or butcher a popular Christmas story with my version Gift of the Ducki. We might even do How the Marxist Grinch Stole Christmas.

Sad but true

It is sad that some people work in vocations where they must work on Christmas. Sadly
we live in a world where this is unfortunately the case. It would be a much better world if we could all just have one day to be with our loved ones.

Tonight I will be spending time with people who must work on Christmas. I am cooking but the important part is that the family will be together. It is not the first Christmas for me as I have spent them with other families. I just adore the honor of sharing a special moment in time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scenes from the snow

I am taking my time digging out. I was pleasantly surprised to see a huge Blue Jay
in a tree above. We got a foot over here but it is bad snow that is wet and heavy. The walk is 1/3 done and I have to get to the cars.

It is amusing to see the Blue Jay sit in a snow divot that I made. The lawn is exposed in that spot. There is a small family of sparrows that lives under the awning protected from snow and rain. They made their home above a porch light that we never use. I think I turned it on when it was below zero. The area is also protected from the wind as it almost always blows the other way

Friday, December 18, 2009

The wacky Duck

The cartoonish Duck is under a false impression that the early relationship between Far left lunatic Idi Amin,sort for Idiot, and the Israelis was due to a desire to destabilize Sudan. As Sudan is an incoherent colonial mishmash that has never been stable this statement shows more about the mania of the Duck.

Amin was a man of the far left. If he had better PR and was not so inherently stupid
he could have been his era's Chavez. Lets see he deported his countries middle class minorities and stole their possessions, aid to terrorists and a maniacal obsession with Israel.

The far left needs to take credit for the crimes of Idi Amin. Even its drug impaired criminal messiah has gone around praising Amin. Lefties are lemming like morons who follow their messiah, so logic and history goes out the window again.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who was Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was a person like the rest of us. He was marketed and packaged in a way to make him a hero for everyone. His accomplishments are still real even if the packaging is tainted. In this media age we are past the era of heroes.

Woods is just an average man spoiled by fame and athletes and performers get plenty of offers. They are human as such subject to temptations.

My hero would never be an athlete or a star. My hero is the man who works two jobs to support his kids. My hero is a priest who helps the truly needy in court. My hero is the kid who takes a job after school to help her family survive. My hero is the woman who loves her husband when times are tough. My hero is the person who thanks a harried waiter. My hero is the man who brings his wife flowers because he feels like it.

Sports are games. They are interesting and fun to watch but life is real.

My hero is the person that calls a recently laid off friends and buys them lunch. My hero is child who thanks his parents.

Maybe we need to look closer to home for heroes.

Woods was just a great athlete and we expected too much.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This may sound funny but the quickest way to cure one of the belief that government can solve problems is to see the dysfunctional way that government works from the inside. In an ideal world government functions to serve and be accountable to the public.

One of the saddest parts of governance is a function I call proceduralism. The ritual of procedures and forms becomes larger than the function. Who really benefits from cases that go on for decades?

Perhaps some day we will see true government service. A person comes in seeking a benefit and a person gets a straight answer you need to do X or a simple no. Too often the atmosphere is adversarial. Public servants should remember our job is to serve. Management should also do everything in its power to get workers the tools they need to accomplish reasonable goals.

It is important to understand all players are a mix of good and bad. I was not too fond of lawyers but after working with them one sees a mix of good and bad. It takes a larger mind to see their role as advocate. Sometimes their information is vital and it never hurts to listen. One must listen first,evaluate and if action is needed
clearly convey what is expected. In short you want X but we need you to provide Y. In situations that can not be resolved one should explain what the impasse is with a
description of options in a hopeful tone.

Government workers should understand our role is to deal with existing laws, rules and policies. We may have feelings on certain issues but our jobs are to follow the law, albeit with a lot of common sense. While we do serve the people in front of us our larger service is to the nation as a whole.

I did not enter governance with the mindset I could change the world. However, more often than one thinks we do change lives. Sometimes all it takes to make a day is that smile of the person in front of you. Other times it is important to acknowledge the frustration of the person in front of you. I understand things are tough, but we are doing out best to see this gets resolved if possible. Sometimes explaining what steps are being taken or the obstacles does help matters. This alleviated the concerns of a person who had been waiting for years and did get a happy ending.

In essence government needs to understand our ultimate boss is the people we govern.
While our jobs are important, so is our mission to serve to the best of our abilities. Procedures, rules and policies are guidelines how to carry out our functions. However, the rote of procedure should not become larger than the mission

Monday, December 14, 2009

Politics of Slobs

I want to point out that in an earlier era politicians could mix and mingle with the general public. Sadly the assault om Berlesconi reminds us they can't and it is our loss. The security screening of people keeps the public at a distance. In the case of Hillary and likely Obama the people in the room are scanned to be party faithful. This is why the encounter with Joe the Plumber was rare.

How much of a better candidate would we get if the process allowed for unscripted, unscreened questions from the public. We probably would have been spared most of the current Presidents save Reagan.

Sadly in an era of political assassinations mainly by far leftists and mental patients we get a diet of security that allows spin men a clean slate.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Christmas in rough times

I wonder how many of us are thinking about economic choices in this rough climate. The holidays are rough on poor people. My favorite Christmas fiction is Gift of the Magi. I
remember being in Vermont and being invited by Northwind's family to spend Christmas with them. Of course I bought the Turkey and most of the food. They found a tree out back and I gave her mom a cashmere blanket that she loved but never used. The home was very poor, but for a day they feasted and had plenty.

Northwind is long gone, but I will never forget that Christmas with her family. Times were tough, but the Turkey wasn't even if her mother wouldn't let me cook it. It was a huge bird and nobody complained about leftovers or the odd ingredients I brought with me that remained. It was a great meal in a poor house with people I barely knew who were timeless as the holiday itself.

The youngsters gathered around as I read a childrens book from my youth. When I was a child the story of the Little Red Lighthouse was a favorite.

Its funny how there wasn't much there, but it was special.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays. Some of the best memories such as a parent reading a book or eating a meal together do not cost much.

Friday, December 11, 2009

You can't make some of this up part 2

The soulless Communist hack Renegade Eye is upset about Abner Louima. Most of us are not to fond of the indecent either. However, what makes this amazing is the exponent of a system that killed 100,000,000 mostly during peacetime neglects the facts of the case.

1) A crime did occur and the officer who committed this crime was given a harsher sentence than if he had shot a cop.

2) Louima's cousin did in fact assault a cop. He left his cousin to take the consequences for his actions. This does not excuse the actions subsequently even if Louima had been guilty of assaulting the cop which he did not.

3) Louima perjured himself with the famous Giuliani time quote. Louima lied about this detail to gain publicity and money.

The crime that happened was inexcusable, but Justice was swift and severe for the Officer. Louima's cousin got away with assaulting a cop. Louima also got away with perjury for financial gain.

We will point out peasants who were starved to death would have been happy to trade places with Louima. Residents of Gulags also have tons of worse stories about communist brutality that are far worse than the Louima story.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

You can't make some of this up

There are some small pockets of insanity in America who view the actions of a drugged out lunatic in Caracas in messianic terms. The illegal acts in support of a criminal narcotics gang FARC warrant any response Colombia deems fit including invasion or openly allowing Contras to similarly use its soil.

The insane Chavez goes on to praise Idi Amin. Amin like Chavez was a thief who stole property he did not own. He expelled indians from Uganda and the countries economy went down hill. Typical commies like to point out that the Israelis had an early relationship with Amin. The butchery accelerated as he drifted into the left/ islamic
fantasy world. Amin was a Soviet client and his comical hosting of Psuedostinian and Red Army Terrorists was no accident. Then again commies pretend that terrorizing school kids and tossing senior citizens in wheel chairs off of ocean liners is an act of virtue.

Chavez is an imbecile. An investigation should immediately commence into how many of his American supporters have received cash, subsidized travel and have met with intelligence or military operatives. The offenders should be placed on 24/7 security scrutiny and prosecuted for any violation of US Law.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Human Failure

The news of a local officer being accused of bribery in Long Island is a sad story. However, in any large group of people there are rouges. Of course in a nation of laws this person will have their day in court. If they are innocent, they will never get their lives back.

Public servants are held to a very high standard. This may sound odd but crimes that have nothing to do with our jobs would get us fired or lose a security clearance. It is a responsibility that goes with the profession. I just hope that no peer ever loses their job over reckless charges that come up in divorce proceedings.

If the officer did solicit bribes or sold the integrity of his office he deserves to be punished. However, this needs to be proven in a court proceeding after a fair defense.

Monday, December 07, 2009


I also want to talk about my impression of commissioner Napalitano. She was direct and to the point and showed wit and integrity. She is a better speaker than expected.

I want to point out that the problems in government are largely caused by hacks. We are public servants and our job is simple. Give the public the right benefit at the right time. The problem agencies like ours have is summed up in a phrase procedurism. Nobody benefits from having cases go on for decades. The applicants life becomes a system of legal proceedings. The public has money wasted on cases that cost a fraction of the fee.

This may sound anti PC, but perhaps we should rethink the whole system. Adoption cases cost more to work than regular cases. Why should an adoption case cost the same when ten times more work is done? Country Y has a lousy record keeping system perhaps everyone should be mandated to do DNA tests. One thing that is correct is the dollars filed on motions, appeals and waivers are way too low. A waiver that takes a half a day should not cost $500.00. That fee should be $2000.00 to prevent frivolous filings from jamming the system.

Any case that has three applications denied should be seen by in house counsel. This may sound odd but some of these cases have simple issues that could be resolved long ago and require special attention. We need to focus on the really bad cases of fraud
and criminality and get these resolvable cases out of the way

Friday, December 04, 2009

Americanism and Royalty

I am not fond of any form of royalty. The essence of Americanism is individualism. The notion of aristocracy is offensive. Even in NYC we run into some old timers who still prattle on about "old money" but this is rare.

Communists basically attempted to usurp the aristocracy by creating a surrogate faith.
Their surrogate faith killed and treated people much worse than the inbred buffoon royals.

The Pagan is onto something larger. Commies talk about Eurocentrism, but in fact are the most Eurocentric clowns on the planet. They talk about letting Third worlders speak so long as they agree with Communism. A perfect example is the mess created by Marxist clowns in the Anglican Church. The only African supporter the European Commies
can rely upon is Desmond Tofu.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

communist obsessions

The Duck once again illustrates my point about communist hypocrisy and obsessions with Jews.

1) Communists lie about who they are. Finkelstein calls himself a Green and does not mention he was a Maoist. He presents himself as an ordinary Jew outraged by Israel's actions

2) There is no such thing as a Palestinian. It a term designated by commies who know the obvious stench of Judenfrei real estate. This argument was created by Commies after the six day war which they provoked.

3) How does one destroy or eliminate a people who have been growing exponentially?

4) Typical communist lies include Israel as an apartheid state. The Arab states are ethnically cleansed states that are almost entirely run by theocratic law.

5) We could discuss boycotts of North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. The first two produce nothing anyone would want to buy except some very over rated cigars. The later is a criminal rouge state that has aided and abetted FARC a communist Narco criminal group. Lets start off with drug dealing kidnappings on a scale exponentially
higher than the Contras were accused of. Columbia has a legal right to invade and depose Chavez.

6) Communists do identify Jews as a nationality on ID documents in their beloved Soviet Union but do a 180 and say you are a mere religion with its own language and 3000 year identity when expedient.

7) Many nations have identical laws to the right of return including Poland, Italy, Taiwan and Nigeria.

8) History does not start in 1948. Islamo Jim Crow and Colonialism have a far longer history than the Western counterparts. Colonialism only becomes evil when practiced by the west.

9) Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. Arabs are colonial invaders with tons of stolen real estate.

10) Islam is in conflict with every major religion. Given time it will find a way to be more inclusive and include scientology and Shintoism.

11) Why do Muslims need to create ethnically cleansed states like Pakistan?

The US should have elected to respond to the ban of Mike Savage in the UK by making a similar ban on the insane comedic prop Harold Pinter whose comments illustrate typical leftist dementia.

I do not favor such bans on people based on their speech. Galloway should be exhibited in Museums as the lowest form of politician on the planet. His new targets include the Iranian people sick of the regime. However, illustrating this idiocy by
banning Pinter based upon his mental illness disguised as political speech would serve an excellent point and likely increase his earnings for subpar work.