Monday, December 07, 2009


I also want to talk about my impression of commissioner Napalitano. She was direct and to the point and showed wit and integrity. She is a better speaker than expected.

I want to point out that the problems in government are largely caused by hacks. We are public servants and our job is simple. Give the public the right benefit at the right time. The problem agencies like ours have is summed up in a phrase procedurism. Nobody benefits from having cases go on for decades. The applicants life becomes a system of legal proceedings. The public has money wasted on cases that cost a fraction of the fee.

This may sound anti PC, but perhaps we should rethink the whole system. Adoption cases cost more to work than regular cases. Why should an adoption case cost the same when ten times more work is done? Country Y has a lousy record keeping system perhaps everyone should be mandated to do DNA tests. One thing that is correct is the dollars filed on motions, appeals and waivers are way too low. A waiver that takes a half a day should not cost $500.00. That fee should be $2000.00 to prevent frivolous filings from jamming the system.

Any case that has three applications denied should be seen by in house counsel. This may sound odd but some of these cases have simple issues that could be resolved long ago and require special attention. We need to focus on the really bad cases of fraud
and criminality and get these resolvable cases out of the way

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