Monday, November 06, 2017

Good Bye Giants

To the Mara and Tisch family

The Giants have been a part of my life since 1974. I was there with Mike Friede and Floyd Eddings. I have decided to move on and do something else. There is a player on your team who forgets that Freedom of Speech does not infer that you are protected from the consequences of speech.

Oliver Vernon has a right to make his statement. He is protesting police brutality or whatever. These are local matters best discussed with Mayors who are almost always on the left. If his issue is with Trump, whom I didn't vote for he is free to practice whatever free speech he likes after the games.

My response to the protest of Vernon is I have turned the TV off. The anthem is a unifying symbol that unites all of us. I took several oaths before the flag and promised to protect my country and uphold the constitution. My service is not dependent on who sits in the White House as I proudly serve the American people.

We just swore in a new director and every officer stood and recited the pledge your player mocks. It is about commitment to public service. Nobody took a knee or desecrated our unifying ceremony. All types of races and religions were present.

I am used to lousy football as I was there through the lean years. It happens to every franchise. I would be there through the lean years until we rebuild.

I will not return until Oliver Vernon is cut or apologizes to the fans he continues to insult. The NFL is a business and my family thanks you free time. I never imagined a player who could be more annoying than Tiki Barber with the endless fumbles and tears pointing the fingers elsewhere.

The feckless media has not subjected Vernon to anything near the scorn of Tim Tebow. Kneeling to salute God and being a role model for all was considered divisive. It was Tebow who reached out to Aaron Hernandez without acclaim.

Even if these protests end I am not returning until the overpaid pompous Vernon can explain to this public servant why he insults my country and those of us who serve daily. Unlike Tebow who reached out to a dangerous teammate who succumbed to demons you get to talk to a rational person. Do not lecture those of us trained in the Constitution about the First Amendment. If you want to be like Dr King return your paycheck and stop damaging your employers business by insulting the fans