Friday, December 30, 2016

The Gadfly Zitver finally speaks

After years of nauseating defenses of every Obama disaster the shallow Zitver has finally mildly walked away from the false savior.
Those of us who looked honestly at Obama saw a petulant ignoamus socially promoted over his head. In the end, Zitver has egg on his face for pretending that despite overwhelming evidence his savior was equipped for gainful employment.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

RIP Debbie Reynolds

The first thing I thought of when Carrie Fisher had a heart attack was her mother was still with us. Sadly it wasn't for very long.
Her final words were those of a parent. I do hope she got that wish. I ponder when we had a more serious similar situation and did not tell my grandmother her brother dieD. At that point she had not left home for yearns. This option was not likely realistic for the Reynolds family.

I don't know how Debbie Reynolds would feel about mother being listed before her other accomplishment

Monday, December 26, 2016

The silence of Harry's Place

The site was formerly well worth reading save the inane hackneyed musings of the predictable drone Goldberg and the Champagne socialist Gene Zitver. Now that it is clear his chosen savior has once again knifed Israel in the back he has taken the code of Omertà. He took this vow of silence as his saviors actions became cartoonishly anti Semitic during the Iran deal. He said nothing as
the left slimed men of consciousness like Charles Schumer and Mendez for defying the imperial Obama.

We have heard concern about the alleged antisemism of Glenn Beck for quoting Soros and conveying the actual life of a criminal anti Semitic lunatic Soros. Last I checked Beck is welcome in actual synagogues and perhaps Soros can sit in Circus Clown Michael Lerners place if he makes a decent donation. If Michael Lerner had a concussion would anyone notice. He is the clerical equivalent of Flounder in Animal House, except that Flounder was a mensch but a nebish.

In the Comments you see idiots ranting about Trump concentration camps. Perhaps they will be the first ones in history with buffets, slot machines and golf courses. Then there is the failed Psychogist with Obama inspired outbursts of profanity at anyone who disagrees with Dear Leader Obama. Even the diaper wearing senile leftist Camadian thinks he's bonkers. Let's blame the elected lemd
elected leaders of Israel for Obamas lame duck betrayal of Israel. He always waits to do his worst after elections. He did a series of illegal executive orders on immigration right after yet another midterm bloodbath. Lab rats learn, but Champagne socialist Zitver
is not capable of higher thought.

Zitver yearns for the mythical 60s. He wants to return to the time when Jews and Blacks fought a noble cause together. The notion that Blacks could be virulently anti Semitic eludes Gene. Men of decency like MLK and Bayard Rustin gave way to hustlers like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan. Of course we will ponder the mythical contributions of the NOI to the Civil rights struggle as the DNC pushes a Farakhanite for leadership. I want to point out the NOI is not mainstream Islam, it is a racist cartoon
Version much worse than anything penned by Geller. Of course, even Zitver can't explain two decades of membership in a racist church with a pastor who frequently emulated Farakhan.

Obama is Zitvers Champagne socialist version of a Black man. He was raised in a white Marxist Adams family and milked the Old Bolshevik Boys club network of Prep schools, Elite Universities and left wing foundations as a community activist. Obama is a left wing cartoon of every cliche lefties think of Blacks. It is frequently biracial Blacks who have the most outrageous political views
about race think Obama, Guineer and Kapernick. I point out plenty of Blacks are tired of the crime and know that Trayvon or the next
BLM martyr is more dangerous than the men in blue.

Zitver is a Jurassic socialist caught in a bong hit 60s flashback. He is a cartoon stuck in a Sidney Sheldon and Norman Lear world.
Times move on, but Champagne socialists yearn for a long gone era. As evil as Communists were they didn't make snuff films. Other than Obamas buddy Ayers playing a cross between Little Lord Fauntleroy boskevik terrorist the domestic bloodshed was sparse. Now we
have religious losers committing crimes against humanity while Obama is lecturing Christians about Disneyfied Islamic history and the religion of Islam. While I don't favor bashing people turning Muslims into victims should not be considered by any rational observer of history.

Harry's Place is a joke.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gene Zitver the lefts laziest blogger

The mindless Gene Zitver of the Obamunist Koolaide Cocktail brigade is upset the Trump won an election. His echo chamber of dimwits are railing about Putin and Trump forming concentration camps for Muslims. The left has been reduced to paranoid droning on and on and nobody quite gets why they lost.

They don't ask about IT workers in pharmacies while H1B steal kilos their jobs
They don't ask a person whose OBamacare premiums skyrocket
They don't ask energy workers

Lefties talk about workers while killing their jobs to please environmental and immigration radicals.

Gene is not American in any meaningful definition. He never defends his country from even the most unhinged comments from the left.
If you don't believe me read the comments and look for Gene to say a word as Euros and a senile Canadian describe Americans as uncivilized or quaint because they don't believe in gun control or socialized medicine.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Alt right

I want to point out that I can disagree with a man but consider him a friend. I respected and considered Dr Yeagley a dear friend. He clearly loved America and Jesus. He loved the Jewish people. Sadly perhaps in an all too human way hey, his love blinded him to what is the common denominator of all of his loved inclusiven
Reagan opened the door to those Who love America. Those of us who weren't conservative and were serious about the Cold War found a logical home. Who could be in a party with John Kerry and those that celebrated the spread of communism. I joked that the late Ted Weiss was the representative of Managua.

Reagan wasn't about hate. He was the target of hateful rhetoric during the rise of AIDS. These remarks were unfair and devisive on a man who knew and was friendly with gays in his private life. The rhetoric of Act Up set back gay rights years. Any progress came from reasonable conversations between friends at water coolers.

In many ways Trump is more Presidential than Obama. He wants the Israelis to sit with the Palestinians but won't sit with Ted Cruz.
Obama won't call Muslims throwing bombs terrorists. He uses terrorist to describe those opposed to his policies.

The NYT has no issue with Communist and black power extremists supporting Obama. We are told those advocating violence and Jew hatred at OWS are not reflective of the wider group. Racism on the part of many in the Alt right is seen as the ultimate evil unless it is directed at Whites. Sorry but the hypocrisy is just too absurd.

I liked Yeagley the person. He certainly had some mistaken beliefs that I disagreed with publicly and in private. Similarly the Alt right is comprised of a variety of people who are wrong

Monday, December 05, 2016

The mindless left

The left is quite unhinged by the election of Trump. Some of the verbiage is just absurd even by their low standards. He is going to build concentration camps for Muslims. He is going to sick the IRS on his political enemies, Obama did that. He is going to piss off our enemies. This is opposed to pissing off our allies like Israel and the U.K. After watching years of boorish behavior by Obama the left should give it a rest.

Burning objects is not free speech. However, those upset about lefties burning the flag ahould feel free to burn the Palestinian flag and toss pictures of Obama on the fire and see how they like it. Urning an object is not political discourse and I encourage anyone nearby to pour sofa on lefties burning the flag.