Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gene Zitver the lefts laziest blogger

The mindless Gene Zitver of the Obamunist Koolaide Cocktail brigade is upset the Trump won an election. His echo chamber of dimwits are railing about Putin and Trump forming concentration camps for Muslims. The left has been reduced to paranoid droning on and on and nobody quite gets why they lost.

They don't ask about IT workers in pharmacies while H1B steal kilos their jobs
They don't ask a person whose OBamacare premiums skyrocket
They don't ask energy workers

Lefties talk about workers while killing their jobs to please environmental and immigration radicals.

Gene is not American in any meaningful definition. He never defends his country from even the most unhinged comments from the left.
If you don't believe me read the comments and look for Gene to say a word as Euros and a senile Canadian describe Americans as uncivilized or quaint because they don't believe in gun control or socialized medicine.


Ducky's here said...

They don't ask about IT workers in pharmacies while H1B steal kilos their jobs

I assume you mean "still kills their jobs.
Why are pharmacy workers especially impacted? You're not clear.

They don't ask a person whose OBamacare premiums skyrocket

A post hoc erg propter hoc fallacy.
Since the affordable care act id nothing (nor did it intend to) to contain costs why do
you attribute the increases to ACA? Did you costs increase?

They don't ask energy workers
I assume you mean coal workers. Are you aware that there is a worldwide glut of coal?
Large producers from India to Australia to America to Russia are looking for export markets.
Combined with the increased production and lower cost of natural gas it explains the loss of
jobs in the coal industry.
Are you proposing a way to bypass market economics?

beakerkin said...

Are you denying the increased premiums.

beakerkin said...

You need to speak to the displaced IT workers sold out by Washingtons corporate welfare. Then again the GOP doesn't talk A about the working man. Obama pretends he is the man of the people flooding the country with immigrants and deporting nobody.

We need a president who is more concerned with energy workers than urban dwelling wealthy greens who are more mentally disturbed than political.

Ducky's here said...

Am I denying the premium increases?

No, they're a fact of life in America. I'm simply said that the ACA does nothing to restrain costs so you can expect the normal premium increases. Nothing is restraining the insurance companies.

What do Greens have to do with the market economics of coal?
Again, there is a worldwide glut of coal coupled with the increased fracking (which I'm sure you're all for) of cheap natural gas. Tell me how you propose to get the jobs back.