Monday, June 30, 2014

The Obama Administration is the greatest disaster

There are those who compare Nixon to Obama. Nixon was neither stupid nor incompetent. Watergate was trivial compared to the Obama scandals. The difference is the media anointed Obama on an entirely false narrative. Part of the blame falls squarely on Democrats who have been silent. Allegedly Bill Clintoon has described Obama as incompetent in private but in public he remains silent.

The leftwing talking points on the IRS scandal have shifted. First it is out of control low level agents in Cincinnati. Then its talk of "phony scandals". Then Lois Lerner who is allegedly an attorney states I have done nothing wrong but invokes the Fifth Amendment. This is not how this amendment is wrong. Furthermore, government employees are protected from actions when they act within their job. Example an FBI agent reads a report incorrectly and lets a criminal go or misinterprets a law. These are honest mistakes that occur while performing a job. This is far different than the actions of Lerner who needs to go to jail for her actions.

The latest excuse is Lerners Emails have magically disappeared from her hard drive. Emails are stored on a server and if they disappeared it requires an act of immense efforts. Unlike erasing tapes taking key peoples names out of servers requires multiple tech pros. If Lerners emails were stored off the server she is in violation of  the records rules. In this case we have no reason to give her the benefit of the doubt. One can assume the worst and Lerner should be held in contempt until she talks with no immunity. Let her rot in jail for her actions. Why would someone store their emails in such a manner unless they were up to some criminal endeavor.

In my own emails there are all types of jokes, but none off color. A Guyanese person asked me what village my people are from? I said the one with the Village People and the YMCA. Someone asked me about a weird musical group from NYC that dressed in crazy costumes and I said are you referring to KISS. Yes, I do joke about the Village People as they are along with Blondie a part of NYC landscape. Somehow in homophobic NYC YMCA is played at every sporting event alongside "We are the Champions" by Queen
if a team wins. Gays are just part of NYC culture and other than the tacky parades are fairly innocuous and mainstream. There were a few jokes about a Surf Band that dresses up like Hasidic Jews. They are pretty good and most members are Jewish so this is proof almost anyone except my brother can potentially be cool. I still can't find a CD but someday....

The disaster at the border is Obama inspired. In the fantasy land where Obama lives immigrants don't react to our policies and abide by our laws. Obama initiates a policy of non enforcement of settled law and grants benefits to people illegally smuggled in as children. Then is shocked by a tidal wave of children seeking similar amnesty.

The impact of the Obama policies on the lives of the working poor  is worse than hurricane Katrina and Sandy. Lets cut hours for low paid workers to avoid Obamacare but raise the minimum wage. The result is underemployment and the working poor are worse off than ever. Of course there are jobs in the energy
sector, but Obama is more concerned with his University faculty loafers than working families.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Arrest Lois Lerner

The scandal at the IRS is bigger than Obama. The entire integrity of the Federal government has been compromised by the actions of Lois Lerner and her cohorts. This is the USA, we do not permit government officials to abuse their authority for partisan purposes. The actions of Lerner are straight out of the Hugo Chavez playbook.

The basic rule is that US government employees are protected from legal liabilities if their actions fall within their job. Lois Lerner's actions violated every principle of ethics and she should be punished to the full extent of the law including jail time and forfeiture of her pension. Employees are protected from liability in the case of an honest mistake if they believed they were acting within the law or were just incompetant. Lerner's actions rise to malfeasance and was well aware of her violations of the law and is not protected.

The GOP needs to play hardball with the IRS and treat it as a corrupt agency. I do not favor collective punishment in most circumstances. In this case,the actions are so heinous that they dwarf Watergate. The goal should be to smoke out all the managers who had anything to do with the illegal activities of Lerner and the subsequent cover up.

1) Pay and Hiring freeze at the agency until employees step forward and co-operate with the investigation of Lerners activities and cover up.

2) Criminal prosecution of those responsible for ethics violations.

3) Early retirement for those eligible.

4) Demotion and reduction in grade and reassignment to other agencies for lower level participants.

Those who assist the prosecution of Lerner should be awarded step increases.

Lerner may fancy herself an Obama loyalist. Lets see how she fancies herself when her actions cause financial hardship on her peers.

Violating the very core of ethical standards for partisan purposes is a heinous crime. Anyone familiar with the ethics training that government employees get annually know that these abuses are prominently covered in annual training. Lerner is allegedly a lawyer and as such should be held to a higher standard.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

RIP Tuco

Eli Wallach was a talented actor who was in two of the most memorable films ever The Good The Bad and The Ugly and The Magnificent Seven. Ironically, he claims the most fan mail he ever got was from playing Mr. Freeze on Batman. He also starred in a two part episode in Kojak.

Hopefully the movie channels will set up some tribute.

I would also like to state a RIP wish to Steve Rossi. He was a decent humble man who occasionally worked in the Catskills. He had an interesting show. I was somewhat surprised to read Mart Allen is still with us. May he live to be 100 and then some.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Just Stupid but likely

There is a tendency that permits people to use racial expletives among themselves in society. Thus a Black person may use the dreaded N word in addressing fellow Black people without penalty. However, if a white person uses the word a suspension is likely.

This is probably the likely source of the homophobic slurs in the emails observed by Gowdy. The truth is that that type of garbage should never be used in any capacity by a federal employee.

The truth is that at work homophobia does occur. As a way of illustrating the mindless hatred I do jokingly call heterosexuals breeders. I have had more than a few fights over homophobia. The very people who would rightly end your career over the use of the N word will bandy anti gay terms freely.

When the law changed and Gay marriage was added, I asked to be the first to adjudicate such cases in my office. When those who objected to hearing these cases asked me for my support I blasted them. There is no place for bigotry on the job. I do not tolerate it in my personal life either. I have had lunch with gay coworkers on plenty of jobs.

I certainly hope the type of stupidity expressed in the IRS emails was two gays joking about their own preferences. There should be policies that spell out using certain words as terms of endearment are not permitted either.

I find it amazing that our local bird brained poultry fails to grasp that our local AILA chapter has been supportive of my career. I have also attempted to deal with biases against the poor and gender at work.
 I have always stood for fairness and transparency in the system. A lawyer can not serve their client unless we discuss what issues there are openly. For example a person obtained a diplomatic passport falsely and a discussion over the relevance of a certain section of the law ensued. After a short discussion a solution was reached and everyone lived happily ever after.

How Poultry claims to know more about my career than the local legal practitioners is unknown. Then again when one rationalizes communist history and has clear obsessions, he is not playing with a full deck.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Don't get mad get Guyanese

Those who know me personally know I am a complex person. I stand for certain things and I don't tolerate two legged rats. My reaction to those who rat on their peers unless serious ethical issues are involved is shunning. You become an unperson and my normal reaction is to turn my back. If the dialogue is work related the response is state your business and go. This treatment is permanent and lasts years and there is no forgiveness.

A rather mundane episode was spun into something bigger. Cooler heads warned this person don't mess with that one. Her boss tangled with me and wanted no part in round two. I explained that this one is different and there will be no round two. After two months the rat decided to move. Most people want a friendly neighbor and it is smarter to head out quickly.

I will finally have peace and quiet. I don't mind occasional noise, but constant non stop yapping unrelated to work gets on my nerves.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Found My Maltese

I found my dog on the internet. A dog matching the description of my Maltese showed up nearby. I pointed out the description matched but I could not see the picture. My daughter in law saw the pictures and was almost certain it was Rex. I gave the girlfriend the words and got a call two hours later Rex is home. Not believing her or my daughter I went to see. My daughter was seeing him everywhere and the girlfriend are not as good as I am under stress.

In seconds I knew it was Rex. He was eating vanilla ice cream and enjoying the attention. He is so loved by all in the house.  I was pricing out a West Highland or Cairn terrier as another Maltese would be not good for the house.

Times may be rough, but  it isn't a home without Rex. Four generations of our family love the little guy.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama's Invisible People

You hear much rhetoric from the administration about the working poor. However, the administration has done anything and everything to make their lives hell. A typical example is in my own family. The Daily News wrote about the low wage jobs at the airport. It carefully avoids discussing 29 hour work weeks caused by Obamacare.

Obama has pushed aliens into the laborforce. Low skilled Americans now have countless people looking for the same job.  Employers have no rationale to raise wages or hire full time employees.

Its time to stop pretending that Obama cares about poor people because he is Black. His policies have hurt the working poor, young Americans and scores of other groups. He seems more focused on the TEA Party than Al Queda.

It used to be that students who graduated with a nursing degree found work in seconds. My waiter in the Greek Diner can't find work. The stunning Latina single mom has an associates degree and no work.

While Obama and his media elite cronies play golf and eat fondue America suffers. Obama trades hardened terrorists for a deserter. His foreign policy seems designed by pot heads for pot heads. His best friend is the corrupt hypocritical tyrant in Turkey. Yes Turkey, the same one fixated on Israel while ignoring actual indigenous Kurds. Did we mention the suppression of  secular protesters in Turkey?

Electing Obama did not erase the racial sins of the past. No person could do that with a mere elected post.
The election of an incompetent pot head has hurt all kinds of Americans.

Where are these invisible people who work 29 hours. Don't blame the corporations for the mess created by
Obama. Blame Obama for absurd support for programs that hurt the working poor.

Jobs not programs stupid  policy wonks....,

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Missing my Maltese

The girlfriend lost the dog the other day. Prospects for getting him home are dim. Rex was a lovable dog, who loved me most of all. From the hysterical greeting at the door to sleeping by my side he was a great companion. As he is a purebred no doubt he is likely doing well in some other home by now. I miss the little guy and the memories we had. No matter how sick I was he never left my side. He was smart enough to know that little children fear waking up sleeping grownups, especially me.

The daughter is heartbroken.

Eventually, I will get another dog. He won't be Rex. I am thinking more in terms of a corgi.

Friday, June 13, 2014

In the lab

We have a new assignment. Most of the time when we get a new assignment there is a fumbling period until it becomes natural. One of my peers was a tad nervous. I told him to relax as I have tools available for similar projects. It would take no effort to craft a new one. I am old school. give me the tools and point me in the right direction. Apparently, enough people were nervous so that management asked if I have something. I showed them the prototype. One of my peers will do the final touches like selecting better fonts and pasting

It is frustrating when one is asked to do something without training or tools.. We don't have that issue this time.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Kick Ass

My boss asked me why I didn't work Saturdays. I hold myself to high standards and unless the productivity is there won't do it. I had a huge day but wrecked my health doing it. My boss has made me promise no more than three diet dews and not to press. The maniacal focus on numbers has scared the crap out of some.

The 80's music started blaring and I went to work, I focused and gunning down the forms. Unfortunately, I get irritated when my concentration is broken. My boss reminded me that my mentoring and leadership is not to be sacrificed on this project.

My peers did not grasp that if I am flying through these they can be freed up to do other things. The big boss
pulled me off to handle some VIP work. As I am doing pure paper, I can put out fires if management deems the problem worthy of immediate action.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Don't Get Mad..... Get Guyanese

We ran out of toner cartridges. My boss was visiting with the top boss and noticed five spent cartridges. I had to lift some from empty offices to keep going. My boss immediately called supply and got me a fresh one. The top boss was impressed that I kept going without a complaint. However, they said they need to be kept in the loop when shortages go on for days.

I am amazed how playing Guyanese Music keeps people out of the office. Don't get mad get Guyanese. The music reminds me of my family. I will be there tonight. 

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Obama doesn't understand the military

The media protected incompetant Obama continues to show incompetence in every facet of his job performance. A POW is one who is captured while serving in the military. Our latest clod is a deserter who
knowingly sought out the enemy. Of course once he got there, he was not treated to Club Med.

There are those who state this imbecile acted out of a moral belief. A person who has a moral objection does not drop his weapons and go AWOL. Nor was this the case of a soldier sneaking off base on a beer run or trying to see a romantic interest. Those actions would also be wrong but fall into the category of as humans we sometimes use bad judgement. If you have a moral objection to something you just come to the front and say No and accept what the system has as a response. You can voice your concerns as part of the disciplinary process that will follow.

Obama has gotten a free pass throughout his life due to his bio and connections to the far left. Long ago he has established he was not qualified to be President. He has never shown an ability to run anything or outstanding vision. He is a party hack elected on an idiotic story that is entirely false. Obama is merely the Prep School Pothead who got a series of jobs through nepotism.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Managerial Bonuses

One of the items that should be discussed in the Obama scandals is the subject of managerial bonuses. It appears there has been some creative accounting to achieve bonuses. These practices almost certainly predate Obama and the administration.

Trading terrorists for deserters is bad policy.