Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Found My Maltese

I found my dog on the internet. A dog matching the description of my Maltese showed up nearby. I pointed out the description matched but I could not see the picture. My daughter in law saw the pictures and was almost certain it was Rex. I gave the girlfriend the words and got a call two hours later Rex is home. Not believing her or my daughter I went to see. My daughter was seeing him everywhere and the girlfriend are not as good as I am under stress.

In seconds I knew it was Rex. He was eating vanilla ice cream and enjoying the attention. He is so loved by all in the house.  I was pricing out a West Highland or Cairn terrier as another Maltese would be not good for the house.

Times may be rough, but  it isn't a home without Rex. Four generations of our family love the little guy.

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Always On Watch said...

So glad that you got your dog back home, Beak!