Sunday, June 22, 2014

Don't get mad get Guyanese

Those who know me personally know I am a complex person. I stand for certain things and I don't tolerate two legged rats. My reaction to those who rat on their peers unless serious ethical issues are involved is shunning. You become an unperson and my normal reaction is to turn my back. If the dialogue is work related the response is state your business and go. This treatment is permanent and lasts years and there is no forgiveness.

A rather mundane episode was spun into something bigger. Cooler heads warned this person don't mess with that one. Her boss tangled with me and wanted no part in round two. I explained that this one is different and there will be no round two. After two months the rat decided to move. Most people want a friendly neighbor and it is smarter to head out quickly.

I will finally have peace and quiet. I don't mind occasional noise, but constant non stop yapping unrelated to work gets on my nerves.


Duckys here said...

Speaking of Guyanese, it's near the end of the month and the EBT card (or multiples) must be running low.
Isn't it time to visit your "family"?

Your work adventures prove that it IS virtually impossible to fire a federal employee.

beakerkin said...


What you fail to grasp is that the local AILA chapter holds my work up as an example for its fairness. Management favors those who work hard and the numbers don't lie.

beakerkin said...

I just got back from visiting my family. Now you have issues with the working poor. You seem to forget you are a socialist at times.