Monday, June 23, 2014

Just Stupid but likely

There is a tendency that permits people to use racial expletives among themselves in society. Thus a Black person may use the dreaded N word in addressing fellow Black people without penalty. However, if a white person uses the word a suspension is likely.

This is probably the likely source of the homophobic slurs in the emails observed by Gowdy. The truth is that that type of garbage should never be used in any capacity by a federal employee.

The truth is that at work homophobia does occur. As a way of illustrating the mindless hatred I do jokingly call heterosexuals breeders. I have had more than a few fights over homophobia. The very people who would rightly end your career over the use of the N word will bandy anti gay terms freely.

When the law changed and Gay marriage was added, I asked to be the first to adjudicate such cases in my office. When those who objected to hearing these cases asked me for my support I blasted them. There is no place for bigotry on the job. I do not tolerate it in my personal life either. I have had lunch with gay coworkers on plenty of jobs.

I certainly hope the type of stupidity expressed in the IRS emails was two gays joking about their own preferences. There should be policies that spell out using certain words as terms of endearment are not permitted either.

I find it amazing that our local bird brained poultry fails to grasp that our local AILA chapter has been supportive of my career. I have also attempted to deal with biases against the poor and gender at work.
 I have always stood for fairness and transparency in the system. A lawyer can not serve their client unless we discuss what issues there are openly. For example a person obtained a diplomatic passport falsely and a discussion over the relevance of a certain section of the law ensued. After a short discussion a solution was reached and everyone lived happily ever after.

How Poultry claims to know more about my career than the local legal practitioners is unknown. Then again when one rationalizes communist history and has clear obsessions, he is not playing with a full deck.

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