Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Day in KC

I did manage to get to an authentic KC style BQ place in Lees Summit. The place was in a former Texaco station and had retro signs on the wall. The group I was with thought this was far and away the best food we had in KC.

NYC types do not see many chains. I did manage to go to a Bob Evans and the food was amazing.
Any place that serves pot roast or meatloaf and mashed potatoes on Texas toast deserves some type of prize.

The KC stint was much quieter and more relaxing than the GA stint. Now it is off to CA, provided that my group is on time. One of my group is always exactly on time and the other is always the last. People who are late drive me up a wall.

Predictable Add Marx and Create Food Shortages

The mindless minions of Marx seem to forget predictable results of their repeated stupidity. The latest example is the shortage of food in Hugo's blunderland. Of course the usual suspects will knowingly lie about such matters. They live in a fantasy world where Venezuelans and Cubans desire to live under Communist hegemony. The fate of Venezuela is entirely predictable it will be identical to that of Zimbabwe.

On other news it seems the Russian economy is booming and luxury goods are available in an area where endemic shortages were the norm. The solution to these problems was simple, ditch the Marxism. The usual suspects presented experts and sob stories. However, the results speak for themselves.

Beamish in 08.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going Well So far

The Kansas City part of the training has been much easier. The fact that we are in a city and have the ability to unwind as we choose is easy. Now part of being a good traveler is being adaptable and flexible. One of our group is a strict vegetarian who also does not eat cheese. I do what I can but I expect something dead on my plate.

Those who know me are aware that I loathe Japanese and French food. I enjoy Jewish, Cuban, Chinese, Italian, Moroccan and Caribbean cuisine. The group put some pressure on me and I went to a Japanese restaurant. The food and service were superior and I found other items besides sushi.I like all of my meat and fish well cooked. I do not eat anything rare as this does not suit my tastes and is potentially dangerous.

On Saturday I will be flying into LA and oddly be staying in Japantown. I will make a quick trip
to Korea town when I decide to dine.

I will try to get together with Zinla and perhaps Freedom Now in the San Diego portion. Debra Harry is performing in LA and I will try to get tickets. Oddly I have seen her in NYC and she is very much part of the landscape in my old locale. I will also try to locate Beakerambo and remind him his primary job is this blog's avatar. He was last seen partying with some swim suit models. We may have to place him in rehab, provided Mariah Carey is in another facility.

Sweeping the web

I want to thank those of you who have been spreading the term Pseudostinians. I coined the phrase long ago in a FPM forum comment. It has now reached unlikely places a blog on Town Hall.
Oddly the moronic Greg, whose blog has disappeared, and his witless side kick have been spreading the term throughout the blogosphere. I also want to than Benning, AOW and a few others for adopting this term.

The amazing part of this story is that the moronic Greg called me a bigot when I explained there is and has never been a Palestinian ethnic group. A nasty fight ensued, those of you who are long term readers are familiar with the events that include criminal behavior by the dynamic dunces.

The insane Greg had a readerless blog except for a communist anti semite and has a death bead reconversion to Zionism. He becomes a cheap immitation of MZ minus any rational thought and declares himself a born again Kahanist. The unstable one has departed Israel and who knows what blog persona will be next. Perhaps he will be a vegetarian anarchist who looks for hidden messages in Scooby Doo cartoons or maybe he will devote his life to watching Beavis and Butthead.

It is interesting the mindless so called web expert has been helping to spread the term he detests. If this blog were a for profit business we would owe him a commision. He should be commited, but that is another story. Maybe I should start making T-shirts, hats and coffee mugs? Maybe the folks in Paris will demand a Parisastan next week. Mr Beamish's idea of New Algeria is amusing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paris Burns

Once again Paris is having another of a series of riots. The prime culprit is always unemployment as whenever rioters are arrested they seldom have steady jobs. This is true for Crown Heights, LA and wherever else disorder happens.

Ultimately, the real culprit is that of the Eurosocialist paternalism. The elitist far left thinks Abdul
wants a pat on the head and a welfare check in perpetuity. These same mindless types co-opt and facilitate the most obnoxious Islamic grievances as a means to power. Sadly, the French are learning that Abdul like the rest of us needs a decent job and will not be satisfied with a welfare check and obnoxious Anti Americanism and Anti Israel mania.

Ultimately, the low growth is caused by the public largess with cradle to grave welfare. Cradle to grave welfare is not the true measure of a society. The measure of a society is how few people need such programs. Sarkozy was elected in the aftermath of these absurd riots and if they continue it may be the impetus for the well needed Social Saftey net, immigration and fiscal reforms needed by France.

Beamish in 08

An apology to Mah29001

I owe Mah29001 an apology because I forgot she is the only person on the planet more anti communist than myself. I recommend those of us click the link on the left to the commie crusher.
The commie crusher takes no prisoners and tells it like it is.

I want to relate some personal history. Communists are the enemy of every person on the planet.
However, this is doubly true for Americans and squared for real Jews. Communists are genocidal sociopaths who will kill, steal and deliberately lie to create their false utopia over your dead body.

Many of you seem to forget that Communists are the personification of evil. They pretend you do not know history or logic. When presented with evidence they rant about noble motives. They talk out of both sides of their mouth much like John Kerry. They attempt to put a smiley face on genocide by repackaging it.

Most people would never dream of telling an African American to lay off the KKK. In fact I have had plenty of my own cyber battles with KKK types. Commies are the Jewish equivalent of the KKK. Their history of persecution of Jews is by no means limited to the USSR and continues into the present era. Any comparison of Commies to KKK types is an actual insult to KKK types. KKK types are disgusting and vile, but they have no similar record of whole sale genocide.

Beamish in 08

Obey the Law

Those on the left seem to forget that immigration is not a divine right. The right to immigrate to the US or most other countries is predicated on being an asset and obeying the laws. The idea is simple that if you are going to come here get a job, respect others and obey the laws.

The government tends to frown on any financial transaction without receipts. All commercial financial transactions should be documented. The practice of Hawalla is not illegal but all the transactions should be documented and taxed. Illegal currency trading is a serious problem and needs to be ended. This problem exists in other communities as well. Realistically, one is not concerned with Uncle Claude bringing back a few dollars when he returns to Haiti. Uncle Claude
is not running a business and is not in any way similar to unregulated businesses.

In the NYT a lady from Liberia claims it is her right to eat monkey meat as part of her religion.
She can do this in Liberia and should be encouraged to do so. The consumption of monkey meat poses huge potential problems with disease and unregulated meat products are properly excluded for public safety. She was well aware of these rules when she emigrated. If she can not respect our laws she needs to depart.

Our criminal justice system needs to do a better job identifing and removing criminal aliens. Remaining in the USA is predicated on good behavior and existing policies need to be enforced.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Blog Ownership and Responsability

When one owns a blog one has certain obligations and duties. The owner somewhat caters to a reader base. Sometimes bigoted comments come into a blog. The owner does not have to respond to every such comment. However, when the comments become an avalanche then one should say something.

John Brown's latest alias is LWB. Renegade Eye has allowed Brown to play a bait and switch game.Brown has used other names such as Anum Muhktar. He is probably not Slave Revolt. However, threatening a person's children is never waranted and is probably in line with Brown behavior. Ren is especially stupid, even by low communist standards. He actually thought that I created the Mullah Beak blog including the gay lampooning of Mummia Jammal and John Brown. This is amazing considering that my position on gays is well known. I have always advocated tolerance and respect for gays. The only gays that get satired are those who absurdly claim that Islam is gay friendly. The issue there is really not about gays, it is about being out for lunch.

I want to place the comments by LWB/ John Brown in perspective. The following comments do not represent my opinions. Black Americans are simply Americans. They are my friends, coworkers, serve in the US military and are very much part of the American family.

These are variations of comments of LWB and some of the cyber Nazis found at Renegade Eye's site and many of those on the far left. Troutsky who is incoherent typically ignores the racist drivel. G who is naive also does not interact with actual Nazi drivel espoused by LWB. Ren does interact and encourage the most insane expressions of racism.

1 Askenazi Jews are Khazars and have no connection to the Jews in the Bible. The Nazi part is often highlighted.

A KKK variant of same theme. American Blacks are mongrel mixtures of poor whites and Native Americans. They have no culture and are unrelated to Africans.

B Mindless Moronic Bigot Gays are genetic mutants.

Most of us would know how to react to A. We would probably take the person who said A or B into the cyber woodshed for a beating. I certainly would never cater to an audience that made comments A or B. Above all, I would state my own positions clearly.

2 American Jews who support Israel are traitors.

Oddly no group has as clear a record of being actual traitors as Communists. This treason also
involed espionage and terrorism against the US government. The maximum leader has started to defend Bill Ayers on lack of skill.

A Black Americans have dual loyalty and are more concerned with Haiti than the USA.

B Gays want to convert everyone into homosexuals.

A is absurd and there is zero reason why Blacks should not have an affinity for Haiti. I have an affinity for Haiti, Guyana, India and the Philipinnes.

B is even more insane. The more acceptable criticism of the gay community is the in your face element. These sentiments are also those of many gays themselves. Those few people who walk around in absurd outfits such as clown shoes deserve a chuckle.

I could bore you with more examples. However, the point is made and demonstated. Almost all of us know what to do with a series of bigoted remarks. Moreover, this is exacerbated when the poster himself becomes a kazoo and comments on no other issue.

The truth is that anti-semitism is and has always been central to being a Communist. Communists have always obsessed about Jews and wanted to erase our culture with a failed utopia. Many times these obsessions are veiled in code words like neocon, capitalist, corporate media, zionist and financiers. The obsession with zionism started in Russia as Commies viewed it as a competitor.

Orwell was correct "some animals are more equal than others"

Beamish in 08

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sounds to good to be true

I was reading about a new technology that allows one to place their avatars into movies. If this is true Beakerambo will have to leave Hollywood and resume his earlier contract. He was last seen
on the set of the next Spiderman film playing a confused member of the Kingpin's gang.

Enjoying MO

I am enjoying being in Middle America. Some of the food items are not seen in NYC. I have no idea what Big Red soda is supposed to be but it should be avoided.

The experience here is much more relaxed than the attmosphere in GA. However, they are very strict about the basic rules here. It is mostly minor matters such is make sure you go through door x and not y and your ID should be worn here. It is a pleasant surprise so far and not related to the nasty hype.

Beamish in 08

Friday, November 23, 2007

Just Strange

I had to drive into a facility in a cave. Driving a car into a cave is an unusual experience and I expected to see Alfred the butler somewhere. The cave is 65 degrees year round with low humidity. However, such an attmosphere without water does preserve documents.

I expected to feel cramped but the cave was quite comfortable and spacious. However, I will still take the NYC office and street vendors any day of the week.

I learned a valuable lesson. Most of my fellow trainees are very religious. I went to the local Hooters for dinner. It is obvious that one does not go there for the food. There was a rather strange item on the menu fried pickles. Most NYC types enjoy a barrel pickle and I was curious.
The item did have an interesting taste but I have been sick for the rest of the night.

One of my coworkers was upset that I decided to eat there. However, I am a generic heterosexual man with ordinary proclivities. The old adage is what would a dog ever do with a car if he caught it rings true. As a NYer we are always cool with all type of unusual places. I reminded everyone that a cool type would never be caught dead in bowling shoes or plaid pants.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Who let the freaks into the GOP?

I am amazed that the GOP has not encouraged the Ron Paul freak show to leave. There should be no place in a noble party for 9-11 conspiracy nuts, Stormfront racists or political freaks. These sorts belong in the Democratic party with the Soros crowd.

I am proud that Rudy ridiculed Paul in the first debate. I am even prouder that Mark Levin derides Paul for his general stupidity.

There are those of you who will point out that Paul is a liberterian. My good friend Jason Pappas is a Liberterian and in no way endorses this type of lunacy. There are freaks that call themselves Anarcho Liberterians who are basically unhindged types to read the inane writings of Murray Rothbard in the same manner the moron from MN reads Trotsky. These freaks should not be confused with Jason Pappas or Pam of Atlas.

I am not a religious conservative but I respect their membership and values in the big GOP tent. I loathe the idea of litmus tests, but the Paul crowd does not belong in the GOP. The two qualifications for the GOP should be commitment to Capitalism and being reality based. Paul is not reality based and the bigots belong in the Democratic party.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Beaker has Landed

I arrived in Lees Summit without major problems except I forgot to take my cell phone charger.
It is off to find toiletries, I forgot them as well.

Beamish in 08

Preparing for flight

I returned to my office and had found that everyone has been moved all over the place. I did expect a move to the lower floor. I do not think that I will have to interview. My role will likely be support of the other officers. For now it is easier to have me read a file and tab it than to kill it myself. There are many parts of a team and for now I am in a supporting role.

It was good to see so many friends again and my mentor has been moved to the new area along with a few friends. I have a cramped cube but it is easier to keep clean. I will have to earn tougher assignments and that will come with time. For now I can relax and enjoy climbing the mountain.
Often it is more fun climbing the mountain than being on the top. One can appreciate the rewards of hard work only by gradual advancement.

Beamish in 08

Monday, November 19, 2007

Onto KC

My brief return home will end tommorow . I will be leaving Newark Airport for a trip to KC. On December 01 I arrive in LA.

This blog will be more active from the road as all the future stops are in real hotels.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bittersweet Return

I am in NJ with Drumaster. My trip out of Jacksonville was a pain in the behind. The bus to the airport left at 5:30 AM. Many of my classmates were late and loading eighteen sets of bags onto a bus was not easy.

Continental moved my departure up by an hour. Sadly, I was on a plane with four infants who seemed intent on crying and stinking up the cabin in order. The smell in the cabin brought back memories of Vermont.

I did not enjoy the classes, but at least they are over. I was issued a shield and retook the oath of office. It was a nice end to a sad event.

Those of you who are long term readers know that I was a manager in the private sector prior to working in government. My style is called the Israeli method. In other words I lead from the front and tell my workers follow me. Administrative functions are delegated to an assistant or a senior workers. This style keeps everyone on the same page and does not allow a manager to hide behind their desk. It also does not allow individual failures. The unit achieves or it fails as a team. The approach has always worked in repeated applications. Sadly, this approach did not work this time.

For whatever reason studying has always been easy for me. I read the material once at high speed and walk away with a B plus. Many people have to work harder to get the same result. In some ways this is a curse as I sometimes forget this. I also have a desire to overcome whatever is out there and get the job done despite overwhelming odds. I also insist upon going down fighting even if the odds are long.

The bottom line was I did my best. Yet sometimes your best is not good enough.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ballgame Over

I scored a 90 on test three and for all intents and purpose I have passed the class. The score required to pass is 70 and I have currently earned 75.9 points before the final exam. I was surprised my grade was so high. However, even a 50 would have placed me near passing.

The next leg of my trip is on Saturday. I return home before flying into Kansas City on Tuesday.
I will try to take the Greyhound to visit Mr B in St Louis to find out where Lee's Chicken is.

Onto more mundane topics.

When one lives in NYC, one does not get to partake in many middle America experiences. I had a chance to eat at a Golden Corral and this is not a NYC experience. It was my honor to sit in with so many Veterans enjoying a free meal and listening to the assorted Vets. I was one of the few that paid full price.

Beamish in 08.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

One week to go

I will be home in NYC this time next week. Drummaster will be picking me up at the airport. My first trip will be to a genuine Greek Diner. I will enjoy the amazing food the breath taking waitresses and the family drama all at a decent price.

The next test is for 25% of my grade. I have 53.6 in the bank a score of 50 would place me at 66.1 with a final test of 15% on Friday. I am aiming to finnish it out on Monday and a score of 70 would make it a done deal.

I am trying to figure a way to meet Mr B in St. Louis. I will be arriving on next Tuesday. I will be looking for this Lee's Chicken and small critters barbequed. I will be moving from there to CA in two weeks. I am planning a few trips to San Diego. Now some of you are under the ipression I will be jumping through some hoops for herring in Sea World. I will not do this for anything less than lox.

I will try to meet with my friend Zinla in LA. I am quite curious as to what a Fatburger??? or a fish Taco is about???

A true NYer does not wear a Hawain shirt on vacation. I will be wearing khakis and a shirt from the LL Beamish Too Cool for the rest of you line.

I will also try to visit with Beakerambo who is allegedly working on another movie. The movie is a remake of Born in East LA. Beakerambo gets picked up in an immigration raid and ends up in Gitmo. Apparently my coworkers in LA mistake his speech impediment for an Al Queda code.
While at Gitmo Beakerambo annoys the rest of the inmates an staff by butchering Air Supply songs and refusing to convert to Islam. Beakerambo beats up the rest of the internees and is sent for amora therapy and anger management.

After he demands Hebrew National products and NY Deli mustard the staff realizes he has a learning disability.

Friday, November 09, 2007

More Commie Hypocrisy

Commies like to cry about Abu Gharib, but scream at the top of their lungs about Posada Cariles. The logic of knowingly seeking to send a person to certain torture while screaming incoherently about panties on the head of Muslim prisoners eludes me. Moreover, the same people who cry about Posada rationalize the actions of Bill Ayers and Cuba providing santctuary to Joanne Chesimard who was tried and convicted.

What we all should learn is that Commies are hypocrites who never seem to hold anyone up to any standards except the USA and Israel. Civilized people do not advocate sending people to be tortured. Communists by definition are clearly not civilized and are likely certified.

Onto the facts about the case. Posada was subjected to an abnormally long interview that was 16 times longer than average. He was not provided with an interpreter. Moreover, the evidence used by the government is routinely tossed out in similar cases. The section he applied under merely requires him to have served for one year in the US military at a time of war. Posada clearly met these conditions.

The question of his culpability in the bombing of the airliner was tried in a pre-Chavez Venezuelan court that ruled he had no responsability. The Cuban government also prevented the government of Barbados from raising the plane for an investigation. One may draw whatever conclusion one likes from that fact.

More to the point Posada is a Cuban who has a tyranical government. All actions taken by civilians againt the Cuban military are 100% warranted. People have a right to fight back against communist tyranny. Moreover, the usual suspects forget that the Argeninian imbecile Che ordered an American sexual offender and confirmed Communist Herman Marks to execute many a Cuban chanting Christ is the King, Cuba Libre and Down with Communism without trials.

Commies also forget Dr Biscet served more time in Cuban jails than Nelson Mandela.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The final stretch

The next section will be especially hairy. However there are only two tests left. The first one on Monday is for another 25 points. I have 53.6 points allready and the last test is 15 points. It is possible that I could be very close to the required 70 on Monday.

In other news Ren is crying victim once again. He certainly does cry frequently and needs to grow up. Any basic inspection of the comments and content does reveal Ren does tolerate anti-semites. The insane comments he permits including frequent off topic Jewish bashing leaves no room for doubt. Many of the comments do resemble the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and are identical to that found on Stormfront.

It would be one thing if Ren would state his disagreement with these repeated comments. However, Ren has never stated his opinions on Neocon/Jooish cabals and the other fare. In fact the normally verbose Ren suddenly gets very quiet except to cry victim. He has been asked to state his own opinions many times and has failed to do so.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Time to get rid of the Chicken Collectivists

People who continue to advocate communism should be required to live under it. It is highly hypocritical for the usual suspects to praise a system they have never lived under. Scores of Venezuelans and Cubans are prevented from fleeing the madness endorsed by Commies. It is hypocritical to endorse a philosophy for others unless one is willing to endure it yourself.

Commies have no loyalty to America and or the Constitution. They frequently claim to be "citizens of the world". They need to make this claim in a US consulate after turning in their Passports.

Remember Comwads Kim Jong Mentally Ill needs you. Should you become a victim of yet another example of class genocide it would be the planets gain. Communists produce nothing except death and needless human misery. Be a good commie and follow Jim Jone's superior example and practice class genocide on yourself.

Beamish in 08

Monday, November 05, 2007


The second exam is done and I scored a 90. My average is 89 going into the last week and two tests. The first two tests are 60% of the grade so I am in good shape.

Beamish in 08.

Friday, November 02, 2007


I am a fortunate man to have so many wonderful friends. I was quite ready to throw in the towel as this is a dreadful place with insane rules. People are thrown together 24/7 and one needs solaceand privacy.

I have three tests more and with a bit more luck I will be free of this pest hole. ain a normal place I would be with my family and could unwind. There is no peace except that one creates for yourself.

Keep me in your prayers. I have three more till freedom.

Beamish in 08