Saturday, March 31, 2007

American is not an epithet

I want to thank my friend Amil for his response on the post below dedicated to his vision. There was a time whan most of us took pride in being American. There were always far left subversives and racial power nuts, but the vast majority of us considered Americanism as a source of pride.

The far left likes to talk about xenophobia. Now to those who are stupid this is not the fear of Xena. America does not need lectures from Europeans or leftists about foreigners. Even in a remote section of VT I can visit several Chinese stores and a Pakistani gas station. One of the motels is owned by an Indian and this is a isolated section. If I were in NYC with UI or Jason I could visit almost every ethnic group except for Native American. I would have to travel a few hundred miles and I could visit a reservation if I had a reason. Americans do not need lectures about internationalism from Euros.

However, Americanism is more than a word it is commitment to our country or values.
In America we do not need lectures about freedom as we live it. Even the typical complaints from the far left are mostly trivial, gay marriage and Falwell or Robertson's stupidity of the week.

Amil takes pride in America and it is obvious in his writings that he values our ideals and freedoms. It is important for many of you to understand Persia had a history of tolerance long before it was fashionable elsewhere. Islam itself enters Persia by conquest and imposed an alien culture of intolerance. This may seem odd but at one point the Mongols viewed the system of bigoted Islamic Jim Crow laws to be barbaric and eliminated them.

The other amusing anecdote is Euros calling Americans inbred. Many of us are multi ethnic especially Uptown Steve who is also partially white and Native American. I think Mr Beamish has around three or four ethnicities and Warren roughly the same.
I am one of the few that has just one ethnicity.

Amil reminds all of us of the pride that the vast majority of immigrants used to feel upon arrival. My grandparents considered being an American an honor. One sees the same spirit in your Korean businessman or your Indian IT professional. Even amongst immigrants the gulf between legal and illegal is wide.

There are exceptions to this pride in being America. One can look at a Peace Protest and see Communists and Muslim extreemists. Communists by definition are parasites and advocate the violent overthrow of our govenment. Revolutionary defeatism is a tactic that dates back to Lenin.

The main problem presented by over the top rhetoric by Muslims at protests and in some of the Mosques is free speech does not include criminal acts. If you are upset about cartoons or satire protest or even make your own satire. Making violent threats
is not free speech and should be prosecuted. My problem is that this country hasn't prosecuted anyone for treason or sedition in a long time.

I am an American and this is something I state with pride. My brothers and sisters come in all races, religions and ethnicities, some even wear gasmasks. Amil has embraced our spirit better than many of those who were born here.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Main Event Bert in the Hot Seat

Tonights guest in the hot seat is Bert Mayers who claims the dust storm here has impacted his business. He claims that Gert is satiring his site and trying to steal his customer and giving him a bad name.

1 The confusion between you and Gert is a genuine problem? Even regular posters confuse you with Gert. Has this confusion hurt your business?

2 How does someone with a blog that has no comments become an expert on Developing a Web Presence? What criteria determines who is the real expert on developing a web presence?

3 Does one need social skills to develop a Web Presence? The person who is mistaken for you comes across like a cross between an axe murderer and Snagglepuss.

4 Does nudity enhance your web presence. Sonia Belle uses a naked avatar and nudity on her site. Is Sonia a rare case where nudity is done well and an exception to the rules of enhancing your Web Presence.

5 We have a couple of posters who have blogs with catchy titles Nicotine and Rock is catchy but Jams O'Donnel wins the prize for Plant Porn and Pussycats. Does a catchy title enhance your web presence.

6 There is some rumors about you lifestyle. Some say that you are a chick magnet and others say you are gay. Does lifestyle affect your web presence? Or does sex change to a noun when your web presence is large enough?

7 Does creativity enhance your web presence? Your immitator does not seem to write his own posts everything is cut and paste?

8 Does being too predictable diminish your web presence? This Gert guy runs attacks on Israel almost every day? On the rare day he isn't he is running a post about homosexuality?

9 Should a site that is supposedly about developing your web presence have content
about web presence? This Gert detractor doesn't write about developing anything on his site? The Crankfiles does write posts about Cranks.

10 Speaking of the Crankfiles, does the use of subliminal messages enhance your web presence? It seems Mr Beamish has been placing hidden messages in his blog such as Beamish in 08 and Lees Fries Chicken Rules encoded in the text.

11 How does one measure the size of his web presence?

12 There is also the notion that free publicity is good for developing your Web Presence? Is posting I am not Gay on several sites an effective publicity campaign?
I look at that ad campaign and can't figure it out. Posting I am not gay does not seem like an effective strategy to boost your web presence.

13 This immitator also seems to think unprovoked attacks on people who never even heard of him is a valid way to enhance his web presence. He was on Florian's site launching an incoherent attack on Florian who never even heard of the guy?

14 Do incoherent statements like I am not an ant-semite you Jewish idiot enhance your web presence? This Gert guy seems to spend alot of time writing about things he
is? Lets see he isn't gay? He isn't an anti-semite. He isn't a communist? He isn't Creative? He isn't Sane? He spends alot of time and effort writing about what he isn't? Is this a poor marketing strategy for developing your web presence?

15 Does one even need a blog to have a large web presence? This Ducky guy and Kuhnkat seem to have large web presences without blogs.

16 Does an efective avatar exhance your web presence? Obvious Sonia's avatar does get
attention. The Duck's avatar still reminds me of Carlos the Jackal. The Avatars of AOW, Mr Beamish, TMW and Warren seem to be effective. Mark Alexander even uses his book as an avatar and gets free advertising. Is the avatar of this pretender telling us he is some sort of couch potato?

17 The blog of Jam's ODonnel features botanical pornography and felines behaving badly. Are these effective ways to enhance a web presence.

18 What does one do with a web presence anyway? You can't take it to the bank. Why is it so vital to develop a web presence?

19 How does one become an expert at developing a web presence?

20 Does having a good sense of humor develop your web presence? Mr Beamish, Kuhnkat
and Farmer John are well known for their sense of humor. One of the thinks that seperates you from this Gert guy is he has no sense of humor.

21 Does being a web expert provide you with a good income? Who would want to hire a web expert that can't even anyone to comment on his site?

22 How does one measure a web presence? Is it the number of visitors, comments, trolls or is something more subtle?

23 Florian inquired about boosting his readership the other day. Would an enhanced
web presence boost his readership?

24 Were thoses pictures of you and Pam Anderson an attempt to lure some of Sonia's readers?

25 Is there anything more important than a web presence?

Psychology of the Beak

Many of us have been alarmed over the possibility that Bert is Gert. Why on earth would he construct such a great self satire. No doubt he could come here and rail against Bert and scream he has never been creative or humorous.

Gert tends to take himself way to seriously. His blog is pretentious and loaded with cut and paste articles. Self satire, humor and creativity are not the traits we would associate with him.

If this were a creation of Gert one would have to tip their hat a brilliant creation of self satire and humor. Any reading of the site is just comedic brilliance. It is genuinely funny in a brilliant but not over the top satire like Brown's Mullah Beak blog.

As I am in moderation no comments will be posted that are offensive. Tommorow's interview will be mostly light humor with nothing over the top. Bert is an expert in Developing a Web presence so I will ask him questions about our blogs. Think of this as a cross between a cyber roast and an interview.

Tommorow's interview will be funny because it is obvious whomever Bert is has a great sense of humor. I invite everyone except the following people John Brown, Socrates and Greg. Do note we have invited Gert if he isn't Bert, but only if he can behave. Let him explain why Bert's answers are wrong Bert vs Gert in theories about developing a web presence might be interesting. We have even invited MZ whose behavior has been less than stellar, just leave Greg in daycare. Of course we have invited Nanc and Freedomnow as well.

Tommorow's focus will be on humor. How should we best develop our Web presence. If Gert thinks Bert's theories are wrong he will have to explain why without any gourd or muppet baiting. We have alot to learn about building a web presence. Bring your sense of humor and curiosity as whatever happens promises to be fun.

I am planning a series of familar website and avatar reviews. We will be provided expert opinions and advice from Bert. Read learn laugh and enjoy and come in with an open mind.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Restoring The Fun to this Site

Recently all the fighting and back and forth have detracted from the fun nature of this blog. This blog was well known for its lively posts before a series of troll related events disrupted the lively spirit this blog was known for.

One of the long forgotten features of this site was the long forgotten Hot Seat interviews. Florian has done an excellent job of continuing the spirit and style of the interview series.

I have a special guest who claims his business has been impacted by all the negativity and petty squabling going on in our circle of friends. In a tragic case of mistaken identity his business has hurt by recent events.

I would like to make a special invite to everyone not named John Brown,Socrates or Greg. Those of you who were former commenters are welcomed in for this special interview.A fun time will be had by all with one possible exception.

MZ, this invite even includes you and I assure you that none of the levity will be at your expense.

Hat Tip AOW Cyber Terror Hits A Friend

AOW noticed that my friend Amil's website was down as were a few other familiar sites. It would seem the forces of Jihad would like to censor his message. However, Amil has assured me the problem is being addressed and worked on. Amil is a fighter and friend who will be getting his message out soon.

The problem faced by this blog is we have attracted a different kind of problem. First I would like to state the Duck is not a troll and is more of a cast member. He does not issue threats, unless you talk of making him sit through a Sylvester Stalone film festival.

Most trolls are like John Brown in that they are motivated by a desire for attention.
The question is should you fight or ignore them. In reality when you fight them we are feeding their ego's. Thus when Brown was restricted to AC's site he got bored. One can't even think of spamming AC in that he is too human. AC did more to kill Brown's ego with his benign manner than I did. Brown couldn't fight with AC because he was too agreeable. He got bored and has left for now seeking another areas.

Our partical irritant lives in a fantasy world where he dreams that our group of friends have nothing better to do than to talk about his pecadiloes. The truth is nobody cares about this person who has made a regular practice of abusing sites to issue terrorist threats. If his desire for peace were honest, he would avoid sites that I post on. He has a very good idea of where I post as he visits here arond twice daily makes a series of notes for his next stunt. Moreover, an attack on Florian, AOW, TMW or any of my friends will be viewed as an attack on me. Most of this group of friends will aid each other when one is under attack with one glaring exception.

While I risk irritation Amil risks something far greater. The people who are upset by his writtings have been known to kill people for exactly the types of material that he writes. Amil is a brave man and is well aware of the risks that he takes with
each and every post. Amil is the best of what immigration should be about. American is every bit a title of endearment to him as it is to almost all of us. Many far left types bandy that term as an epithet. Amil want to see our freedoms and liberties embraces in a new Iran. Do note he has never endorsed the idea of an invasion of Iran. He would like to see an Iran without a religious goon squad enforcing theocratic law. He would love to Iran with a more robust economy. He also is well aware of the troubles minorities like the Bhai, Jews and Zoroastrians face in Iran. Amil is truly a man all of us should respect on many levels.

On April 27 I will have the honor of being the guest on AOW's radio show. I am going to see if I can talk Amil into calling in. I would like him to explain the Persian history of tolerance that predates the Islamic invasions. One can see a glimpse of his thoughts on this subject where he talks of the movie 300's negative portrayal of Persians in the Persian section of Bad Eagle. In many ways the Persians were at least
as civilized if not more so than the Spartans. Many Jewish people think of Xerxes in particular as Achashverosh of Purim fame. Exactly which monarch is depicted in the familiar Purim remains a much debated topic.

Beamish in 08.

Incoherent Terrorists in the Philipinnes

What is going on in the Philipinnes? Terrorists hold school kids hostage to improve slum conditions. Yes lets try to improve the conditions here by taking kids hostage traumatising them even if there is a peaceful solution. If the solution isn't peaceful well we will kill a few to improve the lot of the rest.

Has there been an escape from the local mental hospital? I wonder if these nuts were motivated by reading Ducky's memior "I Duck memoirs of a Socially Progressive Vidiot". Anyone want to guess which film review of the Duck motivated these idiots?

The three nominees are

1 John Q
2 Dog Day Afternoon
3 Day of the Jackass er Jackal.

People may nominate other films that motivated this idiocy.

This is classic Marxist illogic we shall kill the children to better their lives.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My friend Amil

Sometimes those who are not born here understand what America is about better than those who were born here. I was surprised to learn that some of you followed the link to Amil on the right.

Amil is an immigrant from Iran. He wants to see his country embrace our values and freedoms. He comes from a country that is a theocracy. A theocracy byits nature must be totalitarian. Its laws must be enforced by religious police who oppress people. There has been some humor about theocracy on this site, but in Iran it is a national tragedy. Something as inocuous as two young people of oposite sexes talking is an activity that must be stopped by the religious goon squad. In the works of Naipul the religious goons tell the communist guide to put away his playing cards.

Very little actual talk is spent on the future of Iran. The oil is running out quickly. Persians are only 54% of the nations population and many ethnic groups want their own states. There seems to be no plans for a post oil Iran. The economy beyond oil is stagnant and time is running out. Even if the nuclear plant were 100% for peaceful purposes this wouldn't do much more than delay the inevitable.

A viable economy needs foreign investors and a safe place to invest. The mullahocracy scares away foreign investors. Religious minorities have been fleeing since the revolution began. Many of these minorities were professionals and businessmen.

Despite the misrude of the Mullahs Iran has a first rate education system. It would be an excellent place for a new back office IT work like India and China. However, this can never develop with a theocracy restricting the flow of information.

Amil is an example of what hapens when a brutal theocracy is imposed. Its best and its brightest flee for opportunities elsewhere. This will get worse as the Iranian economy implodes

The question is do we have the time to let Iran implode. Are messianic mullahs a genuine threat to the planet. Are Iran's actions an attempt to divert attention from a failed economy? The paradox of the mullahocracy is that it scares away investors who are needed to perpetuate their rule. The mullahocracy will fall and its just a matter of when and how hard.

Amil's love for America reminds me of the love of my Grandparents for this country.
That was the way most legal immigrants feel, but we do not see them very often. If you asked my grandparents if they ever wanted to go home they would tell you I am home. They were happy to leave a bigoted hellish life in the Ukraine and Poland and never wanted to even think of setting foot in Europe again.

There are still plenty of immigrants with a love of country and Amil is hardly alone.
There is my friend at the gas station who lives and dies with the New York Yankees.
There is the owner and workers in the chineese buffet. There are the wonderful Russians of Brighton Beach, Poles in Greenpoint, Guyanese and Trinidadians in Jamaica Queens, Cubans in Union City and Dominicans in Washington Heights. We seldom hear from the hard working legal immigrants.

The far left trots out the disgruntled non legal types who break the law by being here. Often people like Amil appreciate the country more than many people who were born here or provide sermons about leaving.

Some of us forget that Amil's story is not so unique even if we don't read about it often.

Amil has been published in the American Thinker. Click on the link and catch a rising star

Monday, March 26, 2007

A man of God

I am concerned about a hit on my site meter looking for news on the death of Justin.
I am concerned because we haven't heard from him in a while and he has had health issue.

Those of us who are lucky enough to know Justin and call him friend are indeed blessed. He exudes humanity, wisdom, compassion and has a wry sense of humor.

Justin and my younger brother are what religion should be about. My younger brother enjoys his faith and the door is always open. He never talks down to the less religious and he looks foward to the holidays. Justin is like that as well as his faith brings people together.

I remember being upset with some lefties who were critical of me for running on that day. The conspiracy cramks can sometimes say hatefull things to those who were there.
It is true that I was one of many who ran on that day. It was Justin and Warren who let me know that was my role. Many of us live with the illusion that we are John Wayne. The reality is that very few of us are John Wayne including Wayne who hasn't been himself in years.

People like Justin and my younger brother are blessed in that they can see beyond what is on a ledger sheet. There are those of us who can not see beyond what can be added and subtracted and it is our loss.

Justin if you read this can you just let us know you are okay.

Terrorist threats

Gert has placed a terrorist threat on TMW's site. In it he lies several times, but we are used to it.

1 Gert is 100% Beakerpoop. There were no emails but a series of comments about my genitals and sexual proclivities. Warren noticed they used English slang. Beakerpoop has also interacted with Nanc and calls her Nancompoop. Gert uses the exact same name on Florian's site what are the odds of that.

2 We have our own collection of Greggy Emails and these emails were not only addressed to me. Some of Greggy's friends will not like the content.

3 Moreover if my name is revealed retaliation will be immediate and against Greg. I am not the type to do this but it will Gerg who suffers for this stunt.

4 Gert is an antisemite whose greatest hits include Jewish Cunt, Donkey of Zion and telling a Jewish American Patriot " Go to Israel"

5 Gert is a far left Commie who talks of "Amewika" on Greg's blog.

Let all those who doubt Greg is a dangerously unstable nut read Gert's threats on TMW's site, This site and MZ's site. Greg is 100% behind this blackmail attempt and MZ lets him skate.

I severed all contact with any site that Greg or Gert post on, because I want no contact with dangerously unstable lunatics. I wished those friends goods luck and moved on. I post on a few select sites around a dozen. Gert launched an unprovoked attack on Florian and came looking for me.

Those of you having doubts about Gert's motives can see my response to his taunt where he tells me sever ties with Florian. In fact the sicko even pulls out the exact quote verbatim. Make no mistake this is an unstable stalker.

I want to also direct people to TMW's site where we see MZ in his true colors hateful
and vindictive. All his talk of God is just empty words. He pretends he is above it all, but you see the real MZ on TMW's site hateful, pompous and vindictive.

Minimal Standards

One of our problems in our elite Universities fostered by Commies of the Marcuse school of idiocy is that all cultures are equal. The dangerous part of this in that if all cultures are equal that any practice within that culture is a variant. Recently a foreign court ruled that a man can beat his wife based upon the Koran. We can also extend this idiocy to famale infanticide for Indians as it is a cultural practice.

The problem with the Commie left is that it is hyper critical of American imperfections but glosses over major maladies of third world cultures. If people wish to reside in the United States we have a series of Civil Laws and rules. You are allowed one wife, you may not beat her or anyone else, you may not commit infanticide, you may not beat gays, you do not have a right to rape a woman based on her clothing nor do you have the right to decide what I can say or draw. If you can not live under these minimal standards there are plenty of places for you to live but not in my country.

Communists who think that sharia is no big deal should be forced to live under an American version for a few days. Communists should be prohibited from owning weapons. They should be forced to wear all red so it is easier for the rest of us to beat them. Testimony of Commies would be half of that of non-Communists. No repairs
of communist schools like Elizabeth Irwin. Commies may only drive a bicycle and must get out of the way of normal people. Commies must pay a breathing tax for the right to consume our Oxygen of 60% of their income after being beaten by the tax collector.
Commies must open their homes to nonCommie travelers for two days. Commies may not use American names and may only name their kids Mao, Ho, Vladimir.

If the above seems facist and repugnant congrats. These are conditions imposed by Muslims on infidels by Sharia. As an American I have zero problem with stating Jim Crow laws were barbaric. However, commie dupes can not summon the onions to say a peep about Islamo Jim Crow.

Some of you were offended by my mocking the concept of a Theocracy in Israel. The reality is the vast majority of Jews in Israel are secular like me. They do not need or want Kahanist clowns imposing a theocracy on them. One of the reasons Muslim countries have few rights is religious police harass secular people. MZ jokes about Kahanist goons worried about miscegnation, self abuse and enforcing Kosher laws is exactly the idiocy advocated by Kahanists. This idiocy is representitive of less than two percent of the population and is by no means reflective of mainstream Orthox Jews like my brother. The notion of Jackbooted Kahanists snatching my KFC or interuping people engaged in miscegnation is abhorent to members of my own family. Judaism has always recognized the concept of free will and that some people do not live up to the law. Kahanist style theocracy makes a mockery of our traditions.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What is your calling

Many of us struggle through life looking to find our calling. There are some like my brother, Justin, Warren, TMW, AOW and others who feel a spiritual calling. There are others like the Duck who feel drawn to failed economics and class genocide. There are others like Jams whom I respect as a compasionate idealist. Then there is Rob who took control of his life and followed his calling. With the exception of the Duck I respect everyone's calling. Every religion has a point of exclusion and one an not believe in all of them. The most important thing is to respect human life in general until it has proven unworthy of that respect.

I have been called many interesting names by people the Duck thinks of as rational.
The Duck is perfect in that he is wrong 100% of the time. Among the names tossed in my direction from the Kahanist nuts are traitor, apostate, self loathing Jooo, liar, bufoon. The reality is that the definition of who and what we are is determined by each and every one of us.

I have never been a religious Jew, it was never something I was drawn to. I had the standard Yeshiva education and have performed all the rites of passage save the last.
Yet it is never something I was drawn to or interested in. I do not go to ceremonies unless there is a need for someone to honor the dead. This is not my calling and it never will be my calling. Religion is much like love and there are those that feel it like my younger brother, TMW and those who just don't. I certainly do not look down upon those who feel the calling. There is no person that I speak with greater efection than my younger brother the Beaker. I named this blog after him Beakerkin means relative of the Beaker. He is an actual Orthodox Rabbi who holds another job but the spiritual calling is the labor of his love.

I fell in love with something different. I fell in love with this wonderful country that treats my people so well. My head was glued into talk radio or some obscure book of history. I was excited about being part of something larger. Each day I get up and I am honored to serve the country I love in a special capacity.

I have written before that I approach life from a sterner perspective than most. I live in the world of honor and it is a much harsher world than most of you inhabit.
The question of keeping your word and doing the right thing is what guides me through life's problems. Thus when Florian or many of you out there come under attack there is no question of what I will do. I have even rushed to help Pim's Ghost who is not a close friend. A friend that some of you know was plauged by a troll Socrates. I never wavered and fought him tooth and nail. You do those things because it is the right thing to do and there is no other way.

Most of my thoughts are an a simpler level. If I do this will it work. Is this the best solution to a problem? I do think the preservation of life is the higest calling.Yet I am practical enough to understand the need to fight for the future.

I am unconcerned with the labels of Kahanist crackpots and kooks. I am not defined by the words of those who provide arrogant lectures. The titles I hold dearest is brother, followed by son, friend and American. In the end we are all defined by the person in the miror.

Security Precautions

Due to some threats my email account has been closed. Those of you who have contacted me off line will need to be patient for a spell. AOW and Warren have my new email acconts.

A sick and demented troll has threatened some stunt on MY Space. My space has been contacted and warned ahead of time. These threats are on this site as well as MZ's.
MZ as usual sees nothing wrong with a threat on his site. This is part of the self centered behavior he is known for.

Gert had been sending me a series of sick comments that dealt mainly with my genitals
and sexual proclivities under the name Beakerpoop. Warren noticed this commenter was from the UK. I had no idea who this nut was until a google search located this nut talking smack about me on Greg's site. On Florian's site he even calls Nanc Nancompoop the exact name used by Beakerpoop.

I appologize for any hassles. My name happens to be shared by thirty people including many lawyers. Lawyers tend to sue over such stunts and only a fool courts legal trouble of this magnitude.

MZ turns Hypocrite

MZ is now acting in the very same manner that he claims was unreasonable. He has asked Florian to ban me over two remarks. The infamous religious fecal matter was a remark I appologized for long ago. The remark was about MZ lecturing me about God. He claims I have no right to be angry with Greg or expect an apology for his attempted blackmail attempt. Greg is trying to become more religious so that makes his criminal invasion of my privacy peachy. MZ's equally impaired toady KY has given me the same speach.

Now MZ and KY are all up in arms and apoplectic about my flip remarks telling MZ to place the entire Talmud where the sun doesn't shine. This was a regretable comment
that I should not have said. However, given MZ's religious condescension it is understandable. MZ seems to think that when his OX is gored people need to move mountains. He let John Brown call me a pedophile for months on his site and never lifted a finger. He sees no need for Greg to appologize for invading my privacy. However, make a flip joke about placing a 40 vollume set of books in his backside and he calls for a ban. Maybe MZ and KY need to take criminal blackmail as seriously
as flip remarks.

MZ did not lift a finger to help Florian until the dust had settled. He never helps anyone, but you better move moutains when MZ's Ox is gored. The description of me by MZ as an anti-semite and a self loathing Jooo is very amusing. I have no need to repent for calling MZ a hypocrite, he proves it every day.

Jiffy Redemption

Are you tired of praying and the painful process of seeking redemption? Come to MZ's Jiffy Teshuvah for $39.99 and kissing MZ's ring with some insincere words you can have your soul saved.

Cusomer 1: I am from Tredington and I had relations with produce.
MZ: Are you Jewish
Customer 1: No I am not
MZ: Get out of the shop and no refund for wasting my time you pervert. KY I wouldn't eat that salad that shmendrick brought in. I think you should toss it.
KY Tossed salad
MZ: Nah into the can. The guy was one of those mutant vegisexuals.
KY: Shouldn't we be stoning him

Customer 2 I am from Miami and I have been abusing myself all day.
MZ: Onanism is a very serious sin you will need the $59.99 MZ special. Now kiss my ring say a few insicere words and stop jerking off.

Customer 3 I am an alcoholic and a pot head. I seek redemtion and some Scooby snacks.
MZ: Did you bring any of this alcohol with you.
Customer 3: Yes I have six pack in the trunk?
MZ: Well give the six pack to my assistant KY, We can't allow you to be tempted. Scooby snacks are not Kosher so thake this Rugelach and pay $79.99 for the deluxe package. Now mumble a few insincere words and make way for the next customer. Remember to give my Toady er assistant the beer as you leave.
KY: Put the beer in the fridge for later.

Customer 4: I am an unstable Israeli mental patient and military reject. I violated
a persons privacy and had a disgusting evil troll attempt blackmail.
MZ: Kiss my ring pay 39.99 and chant Kahane Lives and be incoherent.

Customer5: I am the person blackmailed by the previous customer. I think you are making a mockery of redemtion and are a gasbag.
KL: He is an apikores grab the stones.
Customer 5: I got bigger stones than any of you Kahanist clowns.
MZ: Did you pay the 39.99
Customer 5: No I didn't pay the $39.99.I don't need you to lecture me about God. Leave dangerous mental patients in the hands of skilled professionals. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a section 8 in Israel?
MZ: He didn't pay the fee or kiss my ring grab the stones.
Apikores(Apostate) Alert !!!!! Apikores Alert !!! ALL Kahanist clowns to the stoning stations.

Who needs to do the hard of actual redemption? Come to MZ's Jiffy Redemption now only serving the Chosen People. Pay $39.99 kiss MZ's ring say a few insincere words and all your past wrongs are forgiven. This service does NOT serve homosexuals. We will serve murders, thieves, blackmailers but not homosexuals.

I wonder if God's self appointed messenger can label my site an Apikores site? It would seem those that lecture others need to look in the mirror.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Limitations of Police Work

I have read the confession of Khalid Sheik Mohammad with some deep thoughts. I have read the Laurie Mylroie book that points to Iraq in the WTC 93 blast. I have also heard lengthy discussions on the Batchelor and Alexander show on the topic.

The problem starts with the choice by the Clinton administration to treat the 93 blast as an isolated act by criminals. The notion that the 93 plotters were part of something larger was never explored.

The chief planner of the 93 blast was Ramzi Youseff. Youseff just happens to be Khalid Sheik Mohammad's nephew. They are part of an ethnic minority that has extensive contacts with Iraqi intelligence and make up a large portion of Al Queda.

In fairness Mylroie lays the origins of the 93 blast to the Kahane assasination. Many of the key players in the 93 blast turn up in the Kahane case. The Kahane case was also viewed as the act of a unhinged lunatic.

This seems to be a stock answer from law enforcement. LA Ticket counter, DC Sniper, Jewish agency in Seattle and Ari Halberstam all seem to have come from this unhinged lunatic brigade. However, the notion that it may be part of something larger needs to be considered.

Government by nature moves at a snails pace. These preconcieved biases may have been entrenched in law enforcement long before 9-11. It is abundantly clear that the Clintonian legalistic approach may have ignored larger problems.

Comedy Central

MZ and KY have gone off the deep end and have now described me as a self loathing Jew and as a traitor. It would seem that my rejection of MZ's sermons have upset the deranged Kahane crowd. Can he link this site as an apikores site? Is MZ's latest comedy just more of this condescension and arrogance he is well known for. What took him so long to stick up for Florian?

I have never cared for the Kahanist nuts and they are by no means reflective of the larger Modern Orthodox Jewish Community. Most members of the Orthodox Jewish community including my own family go about their lives in peace. They have no desire to force their way on others. Above all they never arrogantly invoke God at those who disagree with them. The comments about MZ sticking the Talmud in his ass were over the top. However, given MZ and KY's sermons and haughty preaching it is regretable, but understandable.

I have always been a secularist and have never hid that fact. I respect genuine religious people and my blog has always conveyed my respect for religious people.
I have no desire to live under a theocracy of any kind and consider Kahanists nuts.
I am proud of my country America and serve it every day. I also take pride in my heritage and fight real antisemites.

I find MZ and KY's depiction of me as a traitor amusing. They have described an unwavering supporter of Israel as a traitor. Intelligent life on planet MZ doesn't exist.


MZ has been on my blog for three hours and reviewed 36 pages. Who is obsessed with whom???

Now a third clown has shown up stating the he let out a fart in my honor. This is probably his first intelligent action of his life.

Now the Kahanist clowns are woried about my soul. Lets cut this plain and simple worry about your own souls. I have no need of spiritual guidance from easily duped clowns.

Maybe I can go to MZ's new business Jiffy Teshuvah. Pay $39.99 and Kiss MZ's ass with a few empty words and you are redeemed. It doesn't work like that, but whatever floats your boat.

For those of you upset about the MZ situation

Many of you were upset when I severed ties with MZ. The words that upset many of yu were "MZ is not and has never been a friend of mine in any description". He expects you to stick up for him but when trouble is at your doorstep he is MIA. In fact one could look far and wide and never see MZ stick up for anyone, except the person who frequently calls him Hitler when he is off his meds.

Gert often cries about personal attacks. This does not stop him from launching into a blistering personal attack on Florian. Gert is well aware that I post there. He also quotes my exact policy of severing links with sites that host Greg or Gert. He then tells me to cut ties with Florian. Florian never invited Gert and has since banned Gert.

The question of who is obsessed with whom is obvious. Moreover, Gert has a desperate need for my attention and came looking for me. He has had zero interaction with Florian and launches the exact type of personal attack he wails about.

MZ shows up and did not lift a finger to help Florian. Moreover, he did this despite my pointing it out. He spends his time on a fake pious act trying to retend he is above it all. He leaves out exactly what Greg did and the fact Greg has never expressed any remorse.

Now Gert is wailing to MZ that I stated he should take the talmud and stick it in his
ass. As the Talmud is 40 vollumes this would be a feat of monumental proportions. Moreover, the Talmud does not have the same religious implications as the Torah. I respect the many genuine religious posters we have on this site. They do not ever scold anyone about forgiveness. Moreover the people I respect do not lecture others after listing the site in question as a sin site for months. Moreover Greg has a history of these stunts and then he begs for forgiveness. Greg has never asked for forgiveness and this is a case of been there done that and he has gone way too far this time.

MZ behaved in exactly the manner I described. Florian is attacked and he doesn't aid his friend at all. He is more interested in a fake piety act that doesn't match his behavior. Ask yourselves when has MZ ever stood up for anyone other than the person who called him Hitler?


In an act of desperation MZ who has been here almost an hour and has scrolled through
a dozen pages has decided to ban me from his blog because I am "bigot" who disrespects religious people. How or one needs to ban someone who has severed links with you after the fact is comedic. Moreover, it is apparent to all those who read a blog that I respect genuine religious people. Moreover, this blog is named after an actual Orthodox Rabbi. I also have spent enough time in the Orthodox Jewish community to know a fake. MZ spends plenty of time lecturing other people about their behaviors. However, he never quite practices what he preaches.

The reality is I respect genuine religious people always have always will. MZ's over the top sermons are not sincere and he is a naive fool played like a fiddle by Greg.
Greg should have appologized long ago for behavior way beyond the pale.

Now MZ has decided to ban Gert until he apologizes for his unprovoked attack on Florian. MZ was there the whole time and lifts a finger only after I point out yet another example of him doing nothing while a friend is attacked. This behavior is exactly the reason I severed links with MZ.

Thanks for the ban MZ I enjoyed a good laugh.

Update Two

MZ friend KY has now declared me a traitor to the Jewish people. This is quite amusing and is quite funny. I respect genuine religous people always have always will. Most of my family is modern Orthodox but unlike MZ and KL they walk the walk and talk the talk. They never lecture others about their behavior ever. Many of you who do not have regular contact with the Orthodox community think the views of MZ and KY are reflective of the Jewish community. The views of MZ and KY are a fringe lunatic view of a deranged group. My younger brother is a genuine Orthodox Rabbi and has no desire to impose a theocracy on anyone.

Yes now acording to KY I join the pantheon of traitor to the Jewish people with Julius Rosenberg, Michael Lerner, Mordechai Vanunu and Greg when he is off his meds.
Who needs comedy central with this crew? Has the thought dawned on these dolts my problem is with two religious hypocrites.

Update Number Three

Now according to MZ I am a self loathing Joooo. This gets funnier by the moment. Has it dawned on the Kahanist version of Beavis and Butthead that my problem is with hypocrites. According to MZ I rejected Judaism and am an apostate. Oh my are the going to send the religious goon squad after me.

Kahanist car 54 there is a Jooo miscegnating at 311 Maple. Wait there is a 12 year old taking matters into his own hands at 42 Elm. There will be no Onanism in our Torah state of the mind. Kahanist car 54 there is a clod eating KFC and another who hasn't put on tefilin in a decade at 11 Dawn Lane.

Maybe MZ hasn't deduced that this is a personal matter.What a dope.

Update Four

MZ has spent two hours and gone through 21 pages. It is obvious who is obsessed with

Freedom of Association and Hypocrisy

Many of us have different views on this issue. The usual context we discuss this in is if Churches should be allowed to exclude homosexuals. A church is not a public accomodation like Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is an organization devoted to meeting the spiritual needs of its congregants. All religions have their points of exlusion and pretending otherwise is naive.

Most of the Christians I know follow the notion of love the sinner hate the sin. The reality is that there are minimal rules of behaior in most religions and in society as well. Our country is governed by Civil and not religious law. Yet the notion of if a house of worship as a private organization has the right to determine who its members are is a matter of a different sort. A church does have the right to determine who is a member. One can choose another Church with a less restricive view of scripture.

The Duck sees nothing wrog with freedom of association when a Communist school takes the unprecedented step of interviewing parents. The Duck sees nothing sinister about placing prospective parents through a litmus test. The fact that the religious schools he scoffs at are less elitist has gone over the Ducks head. A religious school like a college interviews people based on ability. The students ability is the sole critera for admission.

People like the Duck tend to ignore communist elitism . The admission process at the notorious Elizabeth Irwin School of treason resembles an elite prep school more than a Yeshiva. Religious school do not need empty words about the working class because most of their students are from the working class.

Beamish in 08

Friday, March 23, 2007

Stay on Topic

One of the reasons the peace movement has failed to gain traction is its inability to stay on topic. If we want to discuss Iraq then lets discuss Iraq alone. The problem is the Peace movement is directed and led by Communists who add extraneous clamor to the table.

The problem of allowing fringe groups into a protest is a familiar one. The subject comes up at Gay Pride events when the NAMBLA contingent is discussed. Even people who are otherwise favorably disposed to gays have a genuine disgust for NAMBLA. Many people object to the over the top antics at these parades and this includes many gays.

When one goes to a typical Peace protest one will see Mummia pictures, Pseudostinian flags, signs about housing, militant vegetarians and marijuana signs. The problem with the peace movement is many people have abused the protests by adding extraneous topics. What does Mummia have to do with the war in Iraq? What does poultry abuse at KFC have to do with Iraq?

The Duck and many others like to pretend that Code Pink, UPJ and ANSWER are not Communist Front Groups. A basic smell test of Code Pink shows that it was founded and led by well known Commie stooge Madea Benjamin. Many leftists see no issue with joining a communist led protest. However, the stench of class genocide and Communism
pervades these protests.

One of the great failures of the peace movement is the inability or refusal of non-Communists to set up their own events. America might respond differently to an on topic debate by people who disagree but are otherwise patriotic. The dissent of someone like Rob or Jams from the UK is an entirely different argument than the one from the Communist Duck of the Disney school of Islamic history.

The basic diference in a nutshell is debate starts with the premise there is a problem. The debate moves onto what is the best way to deal with the problem. This is why when Rob or Jams disagree with policy I treat it with respect.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What the ............

I decided to take a look at the tuition costs at NYC's notorious Little Red School House and Elizabeth Irwin High School. The cost of sending your kid to 12th grade in Elizabeth Irwin is $29,000.

Contrary to Communist rhetoric the school is not egalitarian and conducts interviews of both students and parents. Yeshivas do interview the students at the high school level. The beloved Rav Roov was not accepted to at least one Yeshiva. He did impress
the staff of the Yeshiva High School I attended for a very short time. They were very upset with me when our local Rabbi coaxed him to another school.

I wonder what scores brownie points with the Commie nuts at the Little Red School House. Maybe if little Vladimir builds a Leggo Gulag or Chernobyl this will impress the commisars. Perhaps if the parents are related to noted Communist dupes Paul Robeson or were ex Weathermen they get a legacy discount.

Naturally the commisars want to weed out any independent thinking at high school. On the high school level the ability to recite slogans mindlessly must be demonstrated.
Do note the graduates of this school can then follow the Old Bolshevik network into Accademia, Media or as a Union hack.

It would seem that perhaps NYC had a need to create the Puente school because the working class can not afford 29,000 dollars. Thus what the folks at Elizabeth Irwin have created is the commie equivalent of a warped Prep school. Of course a few token
children from the working class are thrown in as zoo animals. The more exclusive NYC
schools will admit some promising disadvantaged students on scholarship. However, they do not bandy about idiotic notions of Social Justice or claim to speak for the working class.

Florian and Z have pointed out that Commie hacks go nuclear at any non Muslim mention of God in school. In a few districts in California students get to play Muslim for a period. NYC should end this farce and eliminate all alternative schools with the execption of those commited to superior academics or vocation. NYC does have a high school for those who are seeking business careers. It also has schools that focus more on the trades. Unless NYC is prepared to build a series of schools for every political community it needs to close the El Puente school.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Close it Down

NYC has a tax payer subsidized Communist high school. The El Puente school for Peace and Social Justice is yet another example of Commies taking our tax dollars to indoctrinate students. Communism is a dangerous ideaology that has killed 100 million.

There is something obscene about the very people who rail about tuition tax credits for religious education setting up a communist schools on the tax payers dole. If parents want a Communist education for their children let them pay for it at their own expense.

The school is sponsoring a conference in April called "Math and Social Justice". Among the attendees is terrorist Cathy Wilkerson. Wilkerson is another exWeatherman
criminal who just happens to land a job in higher ed.

Communists need to get off the public dole and stop stealing tax payer dollars to spread their message of property theft and class genocide. Political activism has no place in tax payer funded education. Moreover teacher who abuse their positions to
advance their political activism should be terminated.

Mayor Bloomburg should immediately close the school down.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Light reading

I have a new pile of books to read. I am reading Donkey Cons that starts out with the preponderance of corrupt Democrats. This is hardly surprising in that the parties
coalition includes inherently corrupt labor unions, inner city political machines, trial lawyers, Communists masking themselves as activists and Media airheads.

I also have betrayal by David Pryce Jones. Pan Arabism is a mostly French Socialist creation nutured by the Soviets. This is quite amusing given the flat earth theories by some on Sonia's site. Commies see Saddam as the CIA's man armed with stacks of Soviet Weaponry and thousands of Soviet advisors. The fact remains that the roots of the BAATH party are in the Fwench Socialist Party.

I also have Dore Gold's The Fight For Jerusalem. The real story of how the Dome of the Rock ended up on the site of the Jewish Temple is there. Jerusalem is not in the Koran and the translation of the furthest Mosque was part of a political fight. Muslims placing Mosques on the sacred sites of other religons is a historical fact.

I also have Zell Miller's A National Party No More and David Limbaugh's Bankrupt.

I am in chapter five of Donkey Cons. The history of Democrat debacles includes Aron Burr. Burr combines the Kennedy gift for homicide with the treason of John Kerry. All he needs is some alternative lifestyle scandals and he could be a God in MA.
The connection between inner city political machines and organized crime is explored
in detail. The book touches on the role of the NY Democratic party in the now forgotten infamous draft riots in NYC portrayed in the Gangs of NY.

I like the quote of Charles Schumer to a government witness exploring Union mob activity. " Are space aliens connected to the mob?". The book also lists the donations to Schumer from unions. A New Yorker of his age should be familiar with Mafia and Communist abuses of Unions.

The book should be considered in the category of light but entertaining reading.

Monday, March 19, 2007

What the ........

The first thing I notice is unlike the roads in Jersey or NY the roads are covered with ice. I make my way through gently with a car pressing me. I get into town Main Street is blocked off with 13 foot high piles of snow. It snowed 20'' and it is being loaded into dump trucks.

Northwind let herself in on Saturday and is passed out. Earl wants to be fed and has not touched any of the dry food.

I missed a good one in town.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shore leave

This may sound odd but I am had the most wonderful time at a Greek diner. I ordered Mousaka and a Gyro but Drummaster ordered a burger. There are no classic Greek Diners in St Albans. I may drop by Popeyes before I return. I also found Syrian cheese that tastes softer than feta.

On the way down there are spots with limited radio reception. I heard the dreaded Harrigan song that my buddy Neil sings off key. I switch the station and next station has the same song H-A double RR. I heard the dreaded Harrigan song four times on the way down. I also got to hear Carol Miller who was every teens idea of the dream woman. She was the sultry voice of WPLJ and now she is relegated to late nights. After Mark Levin WABC is a wasteland I do not like Jerry Agar.

I am having a heart attack over my neice's report on Algeria that claims Berbers are invaders and Islam was spreas peacably.

European Arrogance

I remember many conversations with Europeans over crime in America and the treatment of Blacks. The Euros would get on theirhigh horse about America being aviolent culture. Then the lecture would continue about what Black people deserve due their history.

Europe is having a crime wave largely fueled by Muskim immigrants. It seems that patting someone on the head and handing a welfare check doesn't work. High taxes and endless rules reduce job growth. Employed people tend not to riot and are less apt to commit violent crimes.

The American far left rails about welfare when the topic of Israel is mentioned. It fails to mention that expenditures on NATO were many times larger. The left also fails to grasp that the US taxpayer payed for the Eurosocialist wonderland that is teetering on the edge of ruin. The United States bore the expense of NATO and now it is time to disband the agreement. The Europeans should pay for their own defense.

The dream of the arrogant Euros was they would follow and improve the American immigration policy. However, they made several mistakes along the way due to entrenched leftist idiocy. Immigration worked when immigrants were expected to work and respect thelocal customs. The idea works as long the immigrants work and are not part of a violent Jim Crow culture that has never respected any other culture.

Now in the UK there are stories about crime in London that would seem familiar to Americans. The problem starts with a violent underclass and endless welfare checks.
Terrorism and poverty are not linked as the London bombers all had jobs. However, the same could not be said about the French Intifada. The notion of easing the restrictions on job creation has not occured to the Euros. They will opt for another failed leftist remedy affirmative action.

The notion of Americans as more violent than Europeans is quite amusing. Will the culture that produced Communism, Nazism and endless warfare stand up? Will the culture whose longest period of peace was created by American medling stand up?
The question of who is more violent and arrogant is obvious.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Driving in thre Snow

I arrived in NJ exausted but safely and had no mishaps along the way

1 Do not drive in a storm unless you must.
2 Have four good tires.
3 Take your time
4 Try to change lanes as little as possible
5 Understand space and use the five second rule. If you pass an object in less than three seconds than the car in front you are way too close
6 Two hands on the wheel at all times.
7 Pretend you are driving without breaks.
8 If you must accelerate do so gently.
9 If you can try to follow a truck. They make nice wide paths
10 Pay close attention to the driving styles of those around you. If someone wants to pass let them. Many of the cars that passed ended up off the road.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Gays, Ghosts,Goblins and hypocrites

I am constantly amazed at the big deal some of us make over homosexuality. The fact that someone is gay tells me almost nothing about the person. It does not tell me if the person is a dullard or a dimwit. The fact that someone is or isn't gay doesn't tell me if the person is a lowlife.

I seldom talk about commenters I admire but familiar readers will know exactly who I am talking about. One of the commenters I admire the most is a retired US Army Chaplin and father. He is well known for his class, dignity, humor and intellect. All that know him are quite honored and respect him greatly. His comments are among the best I see on any blog. I am proud to call the man a friend and I do not say that about many of the commenters.

If you were to take the known facts about my life and his and use the standard gay stereo types it would appear more probable that I am gay. I lived in the Village and it has been knows as a gay district for decades. I often attend live theatre and frequent art museums. I have no children and would like to keep it that way. I have never served in the US military. I am not religious in any description. I did enjoy the music of Freddy Mercury even though it cracks me up at times. Despite all those stereotypes I am still heterosexual and my good friend is not.

A person's morality is determined by the life they lead. My friend is a religious person and he is widely respected for his class and dignity. When he talks of God it is with the love and compassion that typifies a true believer. This person does not merely spout words about God, they live the life. I respect genuine religious people who live the life and do not condescend to others who do not.

When I think of my friend I remember the person who reminded me there was no shame in running on 9-11. If there was shame in running on that day I have plenty of company. When I think of that person I think of a person who brings joy and happiness wherever he goes. Does the fact that my friend is gay change any of this. No.

I have known many gay people as most New Yorkers. Amazingly the Gay Republicans take more heat for being Republican than being Gay. Most of them were decent people who just liked some different things. There were certainly plenty of nasty gay people, just as there are nasty straight people. Certainly my sister's brother in laws drama queen antics are well known. Waking me in the morning to get salted butter, 1% milk (I do not want to imagine what the other 99% is), Yardley's English Rose Lavender soap is a sure way to find out about the after life. Waking me up in the morning in general is not a good idea unless you are carrying food. It is just one of many quirks and variations that define our lives.

I also understand those who are religious and repect the traditional interpretation of the scripture like Rav Roov. Rav Roov would like to function as a clergyman without hypocritical ACLU Commie types telling him how he can do his job. He does not want a freak like Ruth Bader Ginsburg telling him he must perform Gay marriage or creating lawsuits over who is a member of his congregation. God by nature is not PC and who would want a PC God anyway.

The other issues are when is it appropriate to dicuss homosexuality in the school ciriculum and the left coast gratuitously placing gay themes on TV. I want to use the examples of Wil and Grace of a show that was well written with charachters who were Gay. The Ellen Degeneres show was not funny and was poorly written and above all was peachy. The mass media nuts sometimes place a gay storyline into a show like the Sopranos gratuitously. There have been a few gay mobsters, but the story line added nothing and was the lowlight of the show.

In general we make far too big of an issue of this subject. Now Communism is a dangerous alternative lifestyle. Jihadism is also another violent disgusting alternative lifestyle. Let not go into over drive on a subject that in of iteslf means nothing on a day to day basis.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Off to New Jersey

I am leaving Vermont at 12 Noon. I should be in NJ by around 8pm. I am going to try to talk Drummaster into going to DC on Saturday. So far I have had no luck as I am trying to get to DC.

Other News Kahlid Sheikh Mohammad has confessed to being the mastermind of the 9-11 attack and the Daniel Pearl beheading. No doubt John Brown will claim he was tortured by guards threatining to release pictures of noted Porn Actor and scuzball
Ron Jeremy perfoming unIslamic acts. Ron Jeremy and Khalid Sheikh Mohammad are look alikes.

A mystery witness claims to have seen a gunman shooting at the police in the Sean Bell case. I am somewhat sceptical of this account as the police never recovered shells. However, in the rush to judge the cops the usual suspects ignored the facts. The fact is several of the cops who were involved were black. Many times the local agitators add a racial elements that may not be there.

Hillary's lead over Obama is melting fast. Clinton runs a paradox in that any attacks on Obama must be seen as coming from elsewhere. Any Clintonista attack on Obama might boomarang in the Black community she depends on for support.

If I meet with Rav Roov on Sunday I will do a blog interview. Some of you are under the mistaken impression that Kahanism is a mainstream opinion in the Orthodox Jewish community. This is the view of a few verbose and arrogant types who are mostly screwballs and wingnuts. I will ask Rav Roov how long he has been "Helenized". Oddly, Rav Roov was unaware of this condition and thought he was an Orthodox Rabbi.

Beamish in 08

The Moment

Iran is at its apex of power now. A growing population with dwindling reserves and no other basis for an ecomony are daunting problems. On top if this are the restless minorities Azeris, Kurds, Balluch and a few others.

The paradox of the Mullahocracy is that their belicose rhetoric has scared the investors needed to fix the oil situation and extend its life. The mullocacy wasted its resources on expensive foreign ventures like Hezbollah. It neglected the future of Iran, but this is not surprising considering it is run by a messiah like cult waiting for the hidden Imam to arrive.

Time is not on Iran's side and the mullahs know it. The problem is EU, Russian and Chinese medling is stoking a fire that is dangerous. Putin is an enemy of the United
States presiding over a crumbling empire. He has a shrinking population and a mess in Chechnya. The mess could be resolved if the Balts and adjacent states start to send Russians packing but will they return to Russia or emigrate elsewhere. Whenever I pick up a case from Khazakistan it is a Russian or Jew leaving.

I would also take the Muslim threats to riot in France following a Sarkozy victory seriously. How Sarkozy reacts to the challenge is unknown? The possibility of a real intifada in France is quite real. Sarkozy also has Jewish blood that also will lead to all types of anti-semitic standards. He is allready being called by some a "neocon" in Commiespeak co-opted by Buchanan types this means evil Joooish reactionary. How will the sanctimonious Euros react to their own intifada. Maybe the
Muslims of France can whip up a fake ethnicity " New Algerian". Will the EU deploy forces to quell the riots. Left unsaid is that people who work seldom have time to riot. Maybe a Euro version of workfare would have allieviated some of this mess.

Things are looking better in 08. The shrill rhetoric of the Kossacks is pushing the Democrats way to the left. How Hillary or any nominee recaptures the center is unknown. The wild card is still Al Gore who loathes the Clintons in private. Look for a possible Gore last second candidacy to derail Hillary. Rudy owns the center and the only hope of the Dems is to try and drive his numbers down.

This moment is interesting.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Final Review of America Alone by Steyn

The book is interesting and grim. It does deal with demographics in a readable way.
Most of us know the deep trouble Europe is in. Steyn touches upon the causes of population decreases. Most of it does fall in the realm of economics.

The reality is our society has changed. In my fathers generation it was common for a person to work for the same company thirty years. One could start a Mom and Pop business and many did. The reality is jobs and even the nature of employment have changed. One can easily find oneself unemployed and between jobs and offshoring is a real problem. My friends in the fashion industry seem to change employers every three
years. Sometimes they work for three years and miss one year.

The cost of housing and education are at all time highs. Students emerge saddled with debt into an uncertain job market with worthless degrees to find the cost of housing through the roof.

The truth is we need to fix higher Ed ASAP. We need to stop subsidizing worthless degrees and drive the cost of higher ed down. The first step is the elimination of the current liberal arts base. The second step is the elimination of the Marcuse victimology departments. The third step is elimination for funding of studies with zero probaility of a job at the end. An Accounting, Computer and Education majors should find jobs. The fourth step is to eliminate the pretense of research outside the hard sciences. Most of the research is worthless and read in obscure journals by fellow Marxists.

The reality is that we should encourage the growth of genuine trade schools. A trained auto mechanic or even truck driver has a greater probability of finding steady work than a Peace Studies major.

Steyn touches upon the endless saftey net as a problem. However, the nature of the world we live in has changed. The problem is not the saftery net but a lack of focus
on the real problems of dependency. We also need to invest our scarce resources intelligently. Throwing money at worthless degrees and sham research is a waste.

America need to learn from the disaster of Europe. However, we have an entire political party that seeks to emulate these disasters in America. In reality the far left marxist infiltration of the Democratic party may pose a greater threat than jihadis. We have Muslim enclaves in the USA like Dearborn and Patterson. However, we do not permit endless stays on welfare.

Steyn sees the problem and most of us know Europe is in for a rough time. There was a European arrogance about America. America is a violent society yada yada yada. The Euros had the dream that with an endless saftey net and absurd multiculturalism they could do a better job of assimilating immigrants than America. Thus Mahmoud is given a welfare check and a pat on the head like a good dog. Mahmoud is happy to take your money and thinks it is his divine right. Moreover, Mahmoud doesn't respect your culture or values and wants you to live in a theocracy. He will not respect your traditions and laws and you will convert or live under his thumb.

Steyn forgets that work itself is the greatest leveler. The paternalistic arrogant socialistic approach reduces people to domestic animals. You want a welfare check report at 5 AM and do whatever job you are told. Those that need funds will report
and get into the habit of following instructions meeting goals. One will also learn to respect authority. The jobs should be as menial and annoying as possible so people will be motivated to find other jobs. An endless infantilization and subsistence living is crueler than living a pointless subsitence life.

The book is iteresting in places, but you can do much better like the Gabriel Book.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Luck Rob

I was saddened to learn a good friend has closed shop. Warren and I were friends of Rob's before others jumped on the bandwagon later. I will miss his humor and his spelling which is almost as bad as my own.

It was always fun to share a laugh about American Idol and a forgotten segment whose team sucks. I am begining to think Rob had a point about the NY Knicks being the worst. Even if they make the playoffs they still stink.

Rob has grown as a person and as a man. Many of us live a life of excuses. Rob went out and got a GED and is looking to better his life.

I hope wherever he goes that from time to time he checks in.

Mark Steyn America Alone part 2

I am 3/4 through the book and I am struck by the gloom on the horizon for Europe. Justin's prediction of five years may seem more probable than my fifty. Allready there are some Danes fleeing to Australia and Canada.

I handle family based petitions at work but so far these cases have not crossed my desk en masse. I do see Caribs leaving the UK and France regularly. I have no idea what to make of that.

The Europeans have two choices adapt or flee. In theory those who wanted to get away from Islam could go to a less Muslim frindly place like Poland. The more probable destinations are Canada and Australia.

The problem with the European left is its need to make moral equivalences. Islam is not like your own religion. There is no mass movement to make a Christian Theocracy.
The idiotic small Jewish theocracy crowd restricts its deranged Jewish Utopia to Israel. Do note that Kahanism is the opinion of a small vocal minority of deranged nuts. It is not the opion of the vast majority of Orthodox Jews like the Beloved Rav Roov whose birthday is today.

There is some irony in that the European far left will be dealing with its own version of Israel's problem. The French riots was an intifada and resolved in David Dinkins style. Rather than send police to do their job, the French alowed their country to burn for pays. The funiest quote was found by a coworker "get the police out of the occupied territories". What makes this funny was this was an Algerian immigrant talking about occupied territories in FRANCE.

The reality is that such riots often create a backlash. In NYC they resulted in Mayor Guiliani being elected. In France it seems like Sarkozy is being embraced as a law and order candidate. However, Muslims have promised to riot if he wins. Sarkozy
also has some Jewish blood that anti-semitic Euros will be making a large issue of.
Oddly they made no such issue of Gomer Kerry's Joooish roots.

The problem is irreversable and the steps needed to address the problem are unthinkable to Europeans. The first step is workfare. If you want a handout and government services go to work. People who are working have less time to plot jihad.
The work should also be as menial and hard as possible. The next part is to loosen work place rules to allow for firings and hirings. This might provide some economic growth. Deport and denaturalize criminals and illegal aliens. Residing in a host country does not give one the right to criminal activities.

Given the European far left's brain impairment none of the above will happen.

Beamish in 08

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mark Steyn Demographics and Terror

The book America alone paints a bleak picture for Europe and Canada. Europe and the United States are having problems with low fertility rates. The problem in Steyn's view is the preponderance of Social safety nets and high expectations.

The problem is more complicated than mere safety nets. We have become a spoiled society where we must have every conveniece and electronic gadget. It is an easier life where one can jet around the globe and buy second homes than to raise children.
Even in states with subsidized day care, health care, higher education the fertility
rate plummets.

The truth is Muslims are able to live with less. The generous European safety nets provide a more comfortable life than their home country. They also have plenty of free time for religious activities of all kind. There are no cutoffs of aid and this can go on indefinately.

The question of dependency never enters the Socialist mindset. People who work do not have time to riot or wage Jihad. The left also talks about compassion but a subsistence paycheck is not compassion. A real joib created by economic growth is compassion.

Steyn also points out that European Muslims are more agitated than their counterparts in Yemen. Their counterparts in Yemen have to work very hard to survive.
In many cases men leave their families behind in Yemen or Pakistan but have six kids there where it is cheaper. There is no need to do this in Europe as the welfare state
makes having kids in Europe easier.

The reality is that in America the birth rate is low for many reasons. The costs of housing, health care and education are all very high. The era of job stability isn't what it used to be unless one is a government employee. Small companies go in and out of business and work on tight margins. Easy divorce law makes marriage a risky proposition. I am surounded by coworkers who are divorced with kids male and female.
They all have various problems from dead beat spouses to spouses that use the kids as hostages. A divorce with children involved is a lifetime issue. Both halves of the divorced couples have to work harder to make ends meet.

Steyn is correct the world has changed. Will the person in my job be seeing ethnic Germans and Italians leaving sharia just like the Christians of the Middle East fifty years from now. My guess is that the soft Euros will adapt to Sharia just as they did Communism and Nazism.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Who wants to be Abbot in an Abbot and Costello routine

I want to thank those deranged leftists for reminding me what the charm of being divorced from reality is. No matter how absurd the story far left types repeat the same slogans and just fail reading comprehension.

Mr Beamish sends me a story from the BBC about Jihadis abusing Mandeans. In the article people are burned to force them to convert. Way at the bottom it mentions forced circumcision. The key word is forced but the Duck having a single digit IQ see this as an anti circumcision post. Apparently forcing men to undergo circumcision is one of the more odious practices of Jihadism. A quick search found several stories of this in Sudan and Indonesia.

Do note there are no stories of Kahanists ever doing this. Even if they were so inclined they would only do this on Jews who did not have the procedure performed. The thought of Kahanists doing a "member check" is just creepy. I wouldn't want to live in a State with religious police.

Sonia's site has excellent posts on politics and art. I visit Sonia's site and an unhinged leftist in rabid mindless anti American mode and standard anti semitic minlessness repeats the same canard every time. Saddam was a tool of the CIA and the Israelis armed the Iranians. This is a clear example of mindless leftism repeating commedic slogans. I stem into Mr Beamish mode and point out the USA does not make T series tanks, MIGS, AK- 47. We also do not build Mirage Jets or construct nuclear facilities nick named O'Chirac.

The mindless leftist dolt fails to mention most of Iran's arms came from Syria, Lybia, North Korea and China. The Soviets sold arms directly to Saddam and through middlemen to Iran. This is an example of how mindless the left is. The Soviets supply both sides of the war but the blame goes on the USA and Israel.

Then we get the each new Communist attempts to redeem a flawed idea theme. "The Soviet Union wasn't leftist they killed leftists". This is quite amusing if we step into the Beakerkin school of math when one kills 30,000,000 all types die. Yet it was leftist who were giving the orders. Far left types also play this game with Pol Pot as well. The BAATH party is commonly called the Arab Socialist Baath Party. It is a Pan Arab Marxist party with roots in the French Communist party.

When you end up correcting all this foolishness far leftists turn to slogans. Maybe far left types should be required to have the Looney Toons theme as blog music.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

For those of you looking foe WWE style fare

Many of you come to this site to watch me bat around the Duck. The Duck is probably reading Chomsky and buying a supply of lighter fuid and American flags.

You can see a delusional nut who thinks I am bigoted against Catholics and Christians in general Puckpan.blogspot. This is one of those nut jobs that plays the classic Jew as Communist theme. Obviously, this person doesn't read this blog or has a learning disability.

You can also witness the classic Sadam as a CIA stooge armed to the teeth on Sonia's site. This variation makes a big production of the Israelis arming Iran without noting Syria, Lybia, North Korea and China were far greater sources of arms.

Good Lord I have seen everything Hat tip to Mr B

I read a small detail in the link Mr B provided about forced circumcision. We have heard horror stories about women being forced into circumcision. However a quick check in Googe under male forced circumcision reveals this practice does happen and it doesn't take a genuis to figure out who is doing the deed.

There is something seriously wrong and twisted with people who feel compelled to do this by force. We are aware of the health benefits of circumcision. However, forced alteration of genetalia is a new low. Yet should any non lethal behavior in the name of Jihad surprise us.

The Big Ball Game

The nature of the work I handle will be changing. Management has shifted me to industrial work. Most of us enjoy the family type work, but this is about dollars and cents and time. The vocational cases are time sensative and bring in five times as much money. Thus dollar wise if I process one vocational case it is around the came as handling five family based cases. Anyone who has handled this type of case in the past has been moved to the Big Ball Game.

The reality is that I will now be putting far more time in at the office and have less time available to do other things. There is talk of mandatory overtime and any leave has to be scheduled and approved. This also means I may not even be able to get home for the next few months. This will also leave less time for blogging as well. There will be days without fresh posts, but this is the peak season.

Being on vocational work does detach on from the larger world. When one works family cases one sees many things. One sees Chistians fleeing the Middle East and the huge increase in cases fleeing Hugo's blunderland. My prior vocational work led me to look at the high quality of education in India and China. The amusing part is that graduates from those countries are allowed more time in their major without political
classes. On does see foreign students with American degrees from every major University in the Country. If you see a joke class on a transcript it is always from an American University. One does not see students with 20 credits in volleyball, Eskimo folklore, the aesthetics of the sublime, midevil costume or rational thought on a foreign transcript.

The truth is that our Universities are broken and are living on past glory. I have looked at Iranian degrees and students take a maximum of three political classes in Islam. I see one or two political classes in Chinese transcripts and none on Indian
transcripts. The Marxist radicals have created a system with worthless degrees that
force American Students to become triple majors in order to compette. The Indian equivalent of a BBA is the Commerce degree. Their students are undurdened with the 64 credit liberal arts racket. There are the language and math requirements but everything else is vocational related.

The American University system has become a jobs program for unemployable Marxists.
Mumble a few words about Marx toss a few bombs and you can get a job on the faculty of an American University. Wear a pony tail and sunglasses produce no scholarship and falsely claim you are a Native American and you can be a chairman, did I mention the man is a Marxist. Teach absurd theories about melanin and rant about Jooos and gays while dressed like a clown and you have a job waiting for you in higher ed. Then there is the endless offspring of well known Communist activist who just happen to show up in higher ed.

The joke is guess who foots the bill for all these Communist clowns, you do. Educational costs have escalated as Communist dolts pretend their research is every bit as important as the folks in the Sciences. Six figure salaries for work weeks that sometimes are in the teens are quite common. American students leave these colleges with huge debts and are handed worthless degrees. American employer know the difference and actively recruit foreign grads.

The joke is on us.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Hat tip to Florian

On one of the comments by Florian he described a religious order that venerates John
the Baptist and Noah. I mistook this for a garbled account of ther Yezidi as scholars are all over the place with descriptions. However, Florians descriptions match another smaller persecuted group called the Mandeans. They are more commonly known by their Islamic name Sabians. While they venerate John the Baptist they are not Christians.

This is yet another group I will have to devote some time and research on.

Like all other non Muslim groups they are highly persecuted and many have fled to Jordan and Syria.

Just who are the Barbarians ???

One of my favorite lines of wisdom comes from the words of a Comic book hero Conan the Barbarian. In a few situation the alleged civilized people perform acts of brutality. The stoic response of Conan " And they call me a barbarian".

The Yezidi people are a much persecuted people who live a dangerous life under Islam. In their version of creation they were created by a union of the peacock god and Adam. Allegedy the Peacock God is Satan according to the adjacent people. In the Yezidi version Satan is forgiven by God and restored to heaven. The Yezidis also venerate black snakes for pluging a hole in Noah's ark.

One of the under reported aspects of recent history is the Armenian/Assyrian and Greek genocide in the WW1 era. The Ottomans were a far left group that first desired to create a transnational union across religious lines. The Christians wanted freedom from Islamo oppression. The Ottomans ethnically cleansed their country with a massacre of Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. The women and children were marched across the desert where Arabs and Kurdish henchmen raped and murdered the Christians.

Along the was some Armenians were rescued by the Yezidi who are derided as Satan Worshipers. It would seem that massacring unarmed starving people is objectionable to the Yezidi but not to Muslims or their Leftist Ottoman overlords.

I want to thank Kuhnkat for proving written confirmation of the legends of Yezidi rescue of Christians. To their credit the Armenian government has granted refuge to Yezidi facing persecution.

The topic of Kurds is far more complex than one thinks at first glance. They have a history of oppressing Christians. Moreover some of the Kurds practice offshoots that are only marginally Islamic like the Alevi. Apparantly there is an Arab variant of this Kurdish religion and its adherents run the Syrian Government. One of the real reasons the Assad regime is so brutal is that this Alawite clique is 11% of the population but has a stranglehold on power. The Isreal bogey man diverts attention from this serious problem. Also the garb of the Syrian Baath party as a leftist force also diverts attention from their odious human rights records.

Many Muslims rail about depredations of Mongols, Crusaders, Zionists ( mostly fictitious and multiplied by ten) and ignore 1400 years of brutality towards other people. The fact that Islam has brutalized people in its path is just inconvenient.
We are supposed to pretent that Islam was spread through trade. Massacres of Hindus, Zoroastrians, Christians, Budhists, Pagans, Jews, Yezidi and others were just isolated events. The version of Disneyfied Islamic history is false and misleading.

Conan's quip becomes poignant when a group derided as Devil worshipers intervene to prevent genocide. Apparently there are acts of brutality that even pagans can't stomach.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to North Korea and John Brown to be relabotomized in Cuba.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The final post on the Yezid

Throughout the world there are blended religions. Missionaries come to a region and sometimes try to reach common ground with the converts. The results are a mix of the old religion with elements of the new religion ala Santaria. Santaria is a mix of mostly Voodoo and some elements of Christianity.

I have read a tiny book on the Yezidi and there may be some truth to the claim that the Yezidi religion contained the preKurdish religion before Islam was imposed on most. The majority of Yezidi seem to support this line. Others notably from Sinjar stand by their own identity as Yezidi neither Kurd nor Arab.

The Yezidi seem to have blended many elements from other religions. The only thing I see that seems close to Judaism is calling the new year head of the year. Jews do a memorial service for the dead at the same time like the Yezidi. However, the Jewish service takes place in a house of worship and not a cemetary. Moreover only women perform this ritual in the Yezidi culture. As for Christianity they paint eggs in the spring.

What appears to have happened is a Sufi mystic Sheik Adi preached some form of Islam
to the Yezidi. This version of Islam was blended into the Yezidi faith. The Yezidi have their version of Ramadan that lasts three days. The legend has it Mohammed hear the number wrong. The Yeazidi even have their own version of the Haj. The belive this mystic transported the sites where Ishmael and Hagar went to Northern Iraq. Like Muslims they believe Ishmael was the intended sacrafice not Isaac.

The religion contained the legend of peacock angel. The Yezidi to be the children of a union of the peacock angel and Adam. The Yezidi also venerate black snakes. The source of this is that there was a hole in the Ark and a black snake plugged the hole.

The Yezidi lived in remote regions to escape persecution and lived apart from people of other religions. Their scripture and stories were remembered by a select few and until recently not placed on paper. The religion is mostly kept by designated people and lay people don't do much except join in festivals, parades and abide by some odd taboos that involve items that sound like the local word for Satan.

The author has an amusing view that TV is destroying the Yezidi culture. The Yezidi
like most would rather watch TV than listen to people that sing ancient Yezidi balads. I guess if we lived long enough we might defang Muslim extreemists by jamming their TV's with all the Michael Landon shows. I can see it now, Farouk I blow myself up later after I watch Bonanza.

The Yezidi society has rigid castes and who marries whom is controlled by Caste. A Yezidi historically never marries an outsider or accross his Caste. There was a story of a mixed caste marriage where the couple fled to Mosul and was killed. The Yezidi religion seems far less oppressive on women in general than Islam. There is song and dance so it is less austere than Islam.

There are also shrines for every ailmentr with a guardian. A Yezidiwith some sort of problem is supposed to go to the shrine make an offering (cash) and the problem is supposed to be alieviated. Perhaps there is a shrine to cure the mental impairment of Communists or general stupidity for Uptown Steve.

The author sees outside influences TV and democracy changing the culture. However, it seems abundantly clear that this culture has been influenced by the adjacent cultures. However, there are a wide range of views on who the Yezidis are and we may never have an answer.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to North Korea and John Brown to be relabotomized by Cuban health care.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wrong Person on Trial

The real story of the Scooter Libby trial is Judicial malfeasence. Valerie Plame is not a covert operative and should have immediately been terminated. The Federal Government has rules and regulations about nepotism. Moreover, we swear an oath to the United States government. The first error by the judge was not allowing the jury to consider if Plame was a covert employee, she wasn't.

Joe Wilson was a hardened Democratic hack and was sent by his wife to Niger in clear violation of the laws of nepotism. Moreover, sending someone who was a political hack to do an investigation with predetermined conclusions was disingenuous. The real truth is Plame and the other managers who facilitated Wilson should have been reprimanded.

The so called furor of the famous 16 word sentence has been backed by Brittish intelligence. Repeated findings in two countries have concluded Joe Wilson lied. Moreover Wilson has maintained that it was Dick Cheeney who sent him to Niger and his wife had nothing to do with it.

Joe Wilson dreamed a Gomer Kerry administration would reward his duplicity with an under Secretary of State position. A normal politician would be wary of treason and duplicity, but this is Gomer Kerry who is well versed in both treason and duplicity.

If there were genuine justice Gomer Kerry would be on the stand right now. Gomer Kerry should explain what contact he had with Wilson and what was promised. Kerry is well versed in perjury as he has lied in the floor of the senate about being sent into Cambodia to kill Col Kurtz while Doors music played. Oh that was Gomer Kerry's review of Apocalypse Now in the Boston Globe. He seems to think that movie is autobiographical. Kerry repeated this claim on the floor of Congress in an effort to save the Sandinazis who were slaughtering Native Americans.

Kerry also had met with NVA officials in Paris while a member of the US Naval Reserve. This offense should have earned him time in a military prison. Kerry also founded a group with a fake Vietnam Veteran who never set foot in Vietnam, he loaded
planes and never piloted them, lied about his rank that was never close to Captain,
lied about injuries that were said to be combat related but in fact were the result of a basketball game in Hoboken. This should come a zero surprise but Al Hubbard was an actual Communist. Kerry also led the discredited Winter Soldier hearing in Detroit that was famous for fake veterans, witnesses prepared by the NOI, people stealing the identity of actual soldiers and testifying in their name.

The questions should not be directed at Scooter Libby or Cheeney. The person who should be on the stand is Joe Wilson. In fact the defense was not allowed to present
Wilson's record of lies or Plame's misconduct. Libby's should now claim he is lying about sex and try the Clinton defense.

This episode also explains why far left types should never be allowed to work in government in any capacity. They do not take their oaths of office seriously and with rare exception are disruptive.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

- 43 wind chill

This morning the wind chill was -43. The sign on the bank read -7 and the local station said with the gusts it feels like minus 43. Luckily I did not have to scrape ice off the car. At that temp it takes about 20 minutes to feel heat.

Earl the cat just dug himself into a blanket by the radiator.He seems to think the reading lamp is a sauna. It will be around 40 on Sunday so Earl can return to the wild. He usually greets me when I return looking for food. I have a few cans in the car in case a friend shows up.

I see him when I read outside always looking for a handout. If the weather gets bad
like a ptotracted period of rain I take him in. There was a three week period where it rained every day and I took him in for a few days.

I have no idea how anything survives out there but it does.

Communist Conspiracy Cranks and Mental Health Defects

I want to point out a comment that many of you missed. The essence of Communism is arrogance towards people who are their betters. Many of you took part in the discussion of AIDS on a global level. Most of us across the political spectrum want to reduce suffering. The key difference is on personal responsability and its role in the illness. I personally am somewhat fed up with the notion of AIDS patients as saintly victims. The vast majority of AIDS patients contribute to their own demise. The same people who hector us about AIDS have zero sympathy for smokers and alcoholics who contribute to their own demise.

In the conversation the Duck pointed out a need to control the religious people. No doubt if we had made any similar comments about needing to control Muslims the Duck would be talking non stop. The comment that the Duck made illustrates the arrogance that typifies Commies. Commies feel that they hold the sacred divine wisdom. As possesors of this divine wisdom they alone know what is best for the unwashed masses.
The logical progression of this arrogance is gulags, class genocide and theft. This theft is perpetrated by a self absorbed deluded elite. The Duck has praised Cuban Health care. This Health Care also placed gays in mental institutions, Aids patients
in Gulag lite and used labotomies as a treatment decades after it was stopped in the West. Moreover, when Castro needed medical care he called in for Spanish doctors.

Most of the hard left types are mental health rejects. A Joooo obsession is common amongst the most disturbed members. Uptown Steve seems to think dem Jooooos controlled the Slave trade. He dismisses the overwhelming role of Muslims and other Blacks with a fantasy of dem Jooooooos running a world wide phenomena. The Duck frequently goes off the deep end accusing me of trying to cover up the Ukranian famine. Why an anti Communist would cover up a communist crime his own family lived throgh is incoherent. Even a discussion of Renoir, becomes a long winded diatribe about dem Joooos and art. We also have the 9-11 conspiracy freaks John Brown and Weazie. His stock line to a poster he ham handedly attempted to flirt with was " you would be a good person if you just changed your views on Israel". Brown is the Progressive friend to all drug dealers.Hugo, Hezbollah, Taliban, FARC and many other Commie vermin just so happen to be linked to drug dealers. Lets rail about the plantation and Vanilla Sam while hailing drug dealers ,not.

The truth is there are far left types who are sincere. They do not go around spouting insane conspiracy theories and idiotic slogans. Moreover, they are not consumed with irrational bigotries such as mindless anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. However, the problem these far left types have is many that claim to be their bretheren are seriously mentally ill.

Normal people do not run around spouting idiocy such as Holocaust denial, 9-11 conspiracy idiocy, fake moonlandings, Princess Di conspiracy idiocy and so forth.
This is the work of seriously unhinged and deranged people. Conspiracy clowns are deranged people that take an irrelevant fact and add their own bigotry, usually against Joooos with code names thrown in for good measure.

I am always amused when a far left type seems to point the finger of bigotry at Christians and Joooos. One can read actual hate eminating from Mosques translated by Memri. My favorite quote was from the Disturbed Chemist who calls Americans in the USA chanting USA USA USA hate speech. He ignored the blatant anti-semitism by his far left peers who disrupted a meeting by screaming at Jewish American writer Lee Kaplan "you are a Mossad agent".

The truth is almost every time I hear an anti-semite I scratch and there is the stench of Marx. Everytime I hear someone talking about inane conspiracies I scratch and the stench of Marx again fills the air. There are some absurd nuts in the NOI and KKK that also spout this idiocy bgut they are few and far between. I have been to many Churches of various denominations and have never heard a single anti-semitic vowel. I have seen plenty of anti-semites on college campuses. Maybe Borat should visit Columbia and talk with the faculty in the ME studies department. Then Borat can go speak to Prof Leonard Jeffries and visit the New School for Communist Treason
and NYU. Why is melanin theory in American Universities anyway?

There are decent people who are on the left but the difference is tone. I can disagree with some over the merrits of the death penalty and abortion and recognize the validity in the opposition. Do note I admire India despite the abomination of gender abortion. Now if I were to rail about every single aspect of Indian history
and society it would be another story. The Duck has the need to praise every enemy of America. Sharia is worse than Jim Crow, but the Duck will make excuses for placing Jim Crow (Sharia) on Jews, Christians and others. The practice of Jim Crow is evil only in an American context. Colonialism is evil in a Western context, but does not exist in an Islamic context. Minorities like Bat Yeor, Bridgitte Gabriel, Fred Isaac have no right to tell their version of history, because they are hostile to Islam. The Duck views the work of Communist interlopers Fanon and Chomsky as less

Scratch a Commie smell the mental illness.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Parallels between the Yezidi and Falasha

I am reading a book on the mysterious Yezidi people of Northern Iraq. They are one of many people who chafe under the term Arab. Bridgitte Gabriel tells you early in her book she considers herself a Phoenician. Assyrians will also tell you they are not Arabs. Copts of Egypt, most Jews, Berbers are among the many people that chafe under the term Arab. Arabs are invaders on much of the land they occupy presently and are not indigenous. The notion of Arabs or Muslims o top of the Marcuse victim pyramid is anti-history. However, as the far left constantly rewrites history they fail to understand anything that falls outside of their naritive.

The Yezidi are a Kurdish people who practice a religion that many believe is the authentic aboriginal Kurdish religion. The Yezidi are one of many highly persecuted people. Many people see their religion as a form of devil worship. Their core belief is that they are descended from a union of the seed of Adam and the Peacock angel.
They also believe i the flood of Noah and point to a spring in their region where they believe the waters came from.

The Yezidi live like the Falasha in seperate villages. The villages are near the mountains where they can flee for safety. This is similar to the Falasha who lived in seperate villages from their Christian and Muslim neighbors. Gypsies had essentially traveling communities that were apart. The notion of persecuted people seperating themselves from a larger community seems to have served these communities well as a survival mechanism.

For those of you who think Saddam was not a Commie. Saddam took many of the Yezidi
off their ancesteral lands where they suffered. Saddam also destroyed the way of life of Marsh Arabs. Ethnic deportation and class genocide are common commie practices.

Who and what the Yezidi are is unknown. There is one group that appears to have migrated back from Lebenon with a Sufi mystic still revered today Sheik Abdi bin Musafir who was from the Bekaa Valley. They are not mentioned in the Talmud, but that does not infer they weren't there.

They seemed to have thrived in the Kudish autonomous region. However, the communities in Turkey emigrated to Germany. There are also Yezidi communities in Armenia. Acccording to legend the Yezidi helped some Armenians survive the genocide. I have not been able to find confirmation of this legend in book form.