Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Communist Conspiracy Cranks and Mental Health Defects

I want to point out a comment that many of you missed. The essence of Communism is arrogance towards people who are their betters. Many of you took part in the discussion of AIDS on a global level. Most of us across the political spectrum want to reduce suffering. The key difference is on personal responsability and its role in the illness. I personally am somewhat fed up with the notion of AIDS patients as saintly victims. The vast majority of AIDS patients contribute to their own demise. The same people who hector us about AIDS have zero sympathy for smokers and alcoholics who contribute to their own demise.

In the conversation the Duck pointed out a need to control the religious people. No doubt if we had made any similar comments about needing to control Muslims the Duck would be talking non stop. The comment that the Duck made illustrates the arrogance that typifies Commies. Commies feel that they hold the sacred divine wisdom. As possesors of this divine wisdom they alone know what is best for the unwashed masses.
The logical progression of this arrogance is gulags, class genocide and theft. This theft is perpetrated by a self absorbed deluded elite. The Duck has praised Cuban Health care. This Health Care also placed gays in mental institutions, Aids patients
in Gulag lite and used labotomies as a treatment decades after it was stopped in the West. Moreover, when Castro needed medical care he called in for Spanish doctors.

Most of the hard left types are mental health rejects. A Joooo obsession is common amongst the most disturbed members. Uptown Steve seems to think dem Jooooos controlled the Slave trade. He dismisses the overwhelming role of Muslims and other Blacks with a fantasy of dem Jooooooos running a world wide phenomena. The Duck frequently goes off the deep end accusing me of trying to cover up the Ukranian famine. Why an anti Communist would cover up a communist crime his own family lived throgh is incoherent. Even a discussion of Renoir, becomes a long winded diatribe about dem Joooos and art. We also have the 9-11 conspiracy freaks John Brown and Weazie. His stock line to a poster he ham handedly attempted to flirt with was " you would be a good person if you just changed your views on Israel". Brown is the Progressive friend to all drug dealers.Hugo, Hezbollah, Taliban, FARC and many other Commie vermin just so happen to be linked to drug dealers. Lets rail about the plantation and Vanilla Sam while hailing drug dealers ,not.

The truth is there are far left types who are sincere. They do not go around spouting insane conspiracy theories and idiotic slogans. Moreover, they are not consumed with irrational bigotries such as mindless anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. However, the problem these far left types have is many that claim to be their bretheren are seriously mentally ill.

Normal people do not run around spouting idiocy such as Holocaust denial, 9-11 conspiracy idiocy, fake moonlandings, Princess Di conspiracy idiocy and so forth.
This is the work of seriously unhinged and deranged people. Conspiracy clowns are deranged people that take an irrelevant fact and add their own bigotry, usually against Joooos with code names thrown in for good measure.

I am always amused when a far left type seems to point the finger of bigotry at Christians and Joooos. One can read actual hate eminating from Mosques translated by Memri. My favorite quote was from the Disturbed Chemist who calls Americans in the USA chanting USA USA USA hate speech. He ignored the blatant anti-semitism by his far left peers who disrupted a meeting by screaming at Jewish American writer Lee Kaplan "you are a Mossad agent".

The truth is almost every time I hear an anti-semite I scratch and there is the stench of Marx. Everytime I hear someone talking about inane conspiracies I scratch and the stench of Marx again fills the air. There are some absurd nuts in the NOI and KKK that also spout this idiocy bgut they are few and far between. I have been to many Churches of various denominations and have never heard a single anti-semitic vowel. I have seen plenty of anti-semites on college campuses. Maybe Borat should visit Columbia and talk with the faculty in the ME studies department. Then Borat can go speak to Prof Leonard Jeffries and visit the New School for Communist Treason
and NYU. Why is melanin theory in American Universities anyway?

There are decent people who are on the left but the difference is tone. I can disagree with some over the merrits of the death penalty and abortion and recognize the validity in the opposition. Do note I admire India despite the abomination of gender abortion. Now if I were to rail about every single aspect of Indian history
and society it would be another story. The Duck has the need to praise every enemy of America. Sharia is worse than Jim Crow, but the Duck will make excuses for placing Jim Crow (Sharia) on Jews, Christians and others. The practice of Jim Crow is evil only in an American context. Colonialism is evil in a Western context, but does not exist in an Islamic context. Minorities like Bat Yeor, Bridgitte Gabriel, Fred Isaac have no right to tell their version of history, because they are hostile to Islam. The Duck views the work of Communist interlopers Fanon and Chomsky as less

Scratch a Commie smell the mental illness.


American Crusader said...

Usually I don't try to push products on fellow bloggers and friends but I bought this "melanin enhancer" last week that I just can't help but brag about. I feel like a new man, kicking ass and taking names.
Well..I gotta go, I heard Bush was headed into Hymie Town to spread lies about Mooslems again.

kuhnkat said...


please do not scratch the Commies. When you do, you raise your chances of being exposed to AIDS by several orders of magnitude!!!


kuhnkat said...


ya gotta love that Cuban Medical system. Where else do thay have to send their ELITE to SPAIN for better care?!?!?!?!


France, Britain, the US, even Canada, but SPAIN!??!?!?!?!


The Cuban medical system is based on their population being kept low on calories and fats (near fasting), getting exercise (walking everywhere), and no exposure to the stresses of modern societies (lack of cententious news, books, magazines, liberal education, political parties, employment opportunities, choices in sotres and contents...!!)

3 things which would improve the health of MOST people. How many of us are willing to make that trade?? How about YOU DUCKTARD?? Are YOU willing to give up all the advantages of being a citizen of the US for your health?? Apparently NOT since you are still apouting your DuckSh!t here!!!


Mr. Ducky said...

So Beak is going to leave AIDS victims to the tender "abstinence only" ministrations of our thumper brethren? Aren't they satisfied with destroying te effectiveness of Uganda's program which was the most effective in the underdeveloped world?

Let us know when you become coherent, Beak.

Mr. Ducky said...

Couldn't beat North Korea?

Damn, Beak. Pretty pathetic showing.Of course feral animals like Mad Zionist don't help your cause.

beakerkin said...


It is interesting you point to MZ who has never been a friend of mine in any description. He has his own fans but I have never been amongst them. The only feral animal on his site is a gender confused halfwit from the UK who shares your philosophy. The mindless MZ epigone is more mental patient than blogger. His next intelligent thought will be his first, just like you.

Lets see I should be worried about hospital building "thumpers". This sentiment comes from the sons of treason and class genocide. Given their own natural inclinations those thumpers have created the political freedoms you abuse. They also might create hospitals, schools and orphanages. Now Commies fill the hospitals, gulagags and orphanages. I will cast my lot with the Christians and the sane rather than the Commies.

Mr. Ducky said...

Spot the fallacy:

All anti-semites are obsessed with Jooos
Beak is obsessed with Joooos.
Beak is an anti-semite.

beakerkin said...

Spot the stupidity

As a American of Jewish heritage it is natural for me to write about Joooos with some frequency. In a similar form of logic Dr Yeagley is Native American and would tend to write about Nayive Americans more than others. Nobody complains about Uptown writing about blacks 24/7. Most of the complaints about Uptown are about is Jooooo obsession much like yours only more insane.

It is a Commie myopia that is inherent in your entire history.
Anti-semitism and class genocide define your mental pathologies.
Commies are a dangerous pathology and you should be under constant governmental scrutiny and punished when you violate the law. Denaturalization and deportation should be the punishment for most forms of treason. You would have to live in the messes your kind created. In your case some time with Kim Jong Mentally Ill would be suitable.

American Crusader said...

I know this will be unpopular, but Castro has done what I feel is a good job under the circumstances in providing medical care and education for the Cuban people. The problem is that after school is over, there aren't many jobs as the economy is almost nonexistent..and would be without the help of his Socialist Brother Hugo Chavez. Of course using the United States as a pressure valve to release dissidents and anti-Castro forces makes it easier for him.

American Crusader said...

Ducky, I bet if those same 28,000 were asked which country they would like to live in, you would have gotten a completely different answer.

Mr. Ducky said...

american crusader, is the situation much better in other central american countries.

Why concentrate strictly on Cuba when the entire region is poor? Castro does have a high quality biotech industry in Cuba and it is one of the few advanced industries operating in the Carribean or Central America.

Of course people want to come to America. If you have a small percentage of the world's population consuming over a third of the resources and doing little but acting as a deficit spending consumption sink for the world you'd be crazy to pass it up.

Unlike what you will hear from doctrinaire Randbots we don't consume more because we produce more. We consume more because the world is content to finance our debt. Unfortunately President Chucklenuts wasn't smart enough to keep this system going and having devalued the dollar our currency and bonds are not as desirable.

Drunk up and be merry. Train in the tunnel and the redneck poor are really going to regret their devotion to Chucklenuts. Big train in the tunnel.

beakerkin said...

The situation is much better in Costa Rica and Chile to name a few places. Commies like you create hell holes and make excuses when they fail.

How come you commies don't leave after elections like you promised.
There has been a flood of people leaving Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua. It seems that electing Commies causes people to leave.

I think it is only fair that you should live the lie er life you advocate. I think we should start a send Ducky to North Korea fund.
Take John Brown with you as well and remember to renounce your citizenship as you leave.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

These things tend to happen whenever people make the common mistake of assuming that even if leftists were physically capable of speaking rationally [they're not], they would if given a chance.

So the bullshit passivrauchen [second-hand smoke] scare cooked up in the leftist medical programs of the world's first sucessful leftist state, Nazi Germany, is more a threat to the general public than faggots encrusting each other's genitalia with AIDS-tainted fecal matter.

It's a sad testimony about public education in America that people who display beliefs in leftist ideology aren't shunted into remedial classes for the logically retarded.

Anonymous said...

Ducky: Are you a real practicing communist, or are you just pretending?

beakerkin said...

Mr B

There are many that consider the French Revolution to be the first far left fiasco.

One may make a serious argument that the Islamic invasions were an excersize in far left utopian agression. Islam itself is more close to Communism than many realize. This is why the Duck has a need to gloss over a record of continual bloodshed in its history. Do not allow the Maronites, the Assyrians, Copts, Jews, Zoroastrians or Hindus to convey their interactions with Islam. Those that have been abused by Islam must be silenced.

beakerkin said...


We have laws against class genocide and property theft.

The Duck claims to be a Democratic socialist but runs to defend Cuba at every turn. He is also a rabid 24/7 anti-semite. Only the most deranged of Commies ever mess start with the Holocaust idiocy. In the mind of the Duck noted author, educator and nobel peace prize winner Ellie Wiesel is a "shoah pimp". This rhetoric is only stated by Chomsky, Finkelstein and Cockburn all Commie anti-semites.

Always On Watch Two said...

I forgot what I was going to say when I saw the back-to-back "Spot the fallacy" and "Spot the stupidity" comments. Maybe it's because I've had a long day, but that struck me as hilarious.

Back in a few after I settle down.

Always On Watch Two said...

Islam itself is more close to Communism than many realize.

Islam minus Allah = communism

Or so I've been told several times.

I'm glad that you included that paragraph about the slave trade.

Traditionally, Islam has treated blacks in a deplorable manner. Arab Muslims enslaved African blacks--after castrating the males slaves, of course.

Once again, I recommend Captain James C. Riley's travelogue. This was one of the three books which most influenced Abraham Lincoln's abhorrence of slavery (The other two books which most influenced his life were the Bible and The Pilgrim's Progress.

The fact is that Christians led the movement to abolish slavery. Read about the life of William Wilburforce and how he was influenced by John Newton, who was once himself the captain of a slave ship; Wilburforce led the movement to abolish the English slave-trade shipping industry.

Yes, I know that presently there is a movie out about this story, but that's not the primary source of my knowledge.

Commies feel that they hold the sacred divine wisdom. As possesors of this divine wisdom they alone know what is best for the unwashed masses.

Damn! I'm sick of all utopians, particularly those who want to impose their version of "utopia" on others.

I have been to many Churches of various denominations and have never heard a single anti-semitic vowel.

Sadly, some mainstream denominations are quite anti-Semitic and support the "liberation" of the Pseudostinian people.

beakerkin said...


You would be surprised how many of those congregation members disagree with the positions espoused by the Church. Moreover, many of these so called clergymen beat a hasty retreat in private.

This is also why their membership is declining.

Always On Watch Two said...

So Beak is going to leave AIDS victims to the tender "abstinence only" ministrations of our thumper brethren?

I'd like to make one thing clear....As a "thumper," I advocate abstinence as the best course. However, I realize that abstinence will not always be what humans decide to follow.

From Wiki (as a matter of convenience):

Uganda has been hailed as a rare success story in the fight against HIV and AIDS, widely being viewed as the most effective national response to the pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa. President Museveni established the AIDS Control Program (ACP) within the Ministry of Health (MOH) to create policy guidelines for Uganda’s fight against HIV/AIDS. Uganda quickly realized that HIV/AIDS was more than a ‘health’ issue and in 1992 created a “Multi-sectoral AIDS Control Approach.” In addition, the Uganda AIDS Commission, also founded in 1992, has been instrumental in developing a national HIV/AIDS policy. A variety of approaches to AIDS education have been employed, ranging from the promotion of condom use to 'abstinence only' programmes. To further Uganda's efforts in establishing a comprehensive HIV/AIDS program, in 2000 the MOH birth practicies and safe infant feeding counseling. According to the WHO, around 41,000 women received PMTCT services in 2001. Uganda was the first country to open a VCT clinic in Africa and pioneered the concept of voluntary HIV testing centers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The scope of Uganda's success has come under scrutiny from new research. Research published in The Lancet medical journal in 2002 questions the dramatic decline reported. It is claimed statistics have been distorted through the inaccurate extrapolation of data from small urban clinics to the entire population, nearly 90 per cent of whom live in rural areas. Also, recent trials of the HIV drug nevirapine have come under intense scrutiny and criticism.

For the record, I favor the "multi-sectoral approach." Also, I believe that abstinence should be emphasized in that approach--not relegated to the sidelines as an impossibility.

Always On Watch Two said...


American Crusader said...

Ducky...I didn't concentrate on Cuba, I just used it as an example since it had already been brought up.

kuhnkat said...


Ducktard the Greenie Weenie Fascist is a, uh, NAZI!!! Ask him about how he would run things sometime and you will get the menu from Mein Kampf.

Admittedly he does not explicitly talk about purging those who INHIBIT the implementation of his Paradise!!
He leaves that to the natural consequences of implementing the GREENIE WEENIE policies he so strongly pushes!!!


kuhnkat said...

American Crusader,

you need not admire Castro for anything. Here is a list of literacy rates for the World:


Notice they list the US along with many others at 99.9%. If you get around enough in the US I am sure you have already started wondering what it takes to be considered LITERATE based on the number of FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATES graduating from our schools!!!

Additionally, the fact that you have some amount of LITERACY makes no statement as to the amount of KNOWLEDGE you have about Science, Literature, History, Geography, Business, Government...

Being misedumacated does not qualify in my book as something useful anymore than a lot of US Gubmint School graduates!!!

As far as his hi-tech Bio industry, I keep hearing about this and do not see evidence of it. If he is making bio-weapons that would explain it.

Maybe they do, but, with the way our LameStream media jumps on promoting anything Castro, I would think we would hear about these wonderful advances in Bio-Tech continuously. Seriously, has anyone heard of any big announcements in Genetics or Bio-Tech from Cuba???

If they are so darned advanced, they are hiding it quite well!!! As I mentioned in another post, if they are so advanced, why did they have to send Castro to SPAIN of all places, to get stabilised???


Now, you might still say that Castro has done a wonderful job of RAISING his little third world country to such a high level in the midst of the cold war!!!

I would respond that Castro managed to REDUCE a FIRST WORLD country that had Industry, Education, Tourism, Agriculture, and individual quality of living, and DEMOCRACY higher than most countries in the world to its current level IN SPITE OF BILLIONS GIVEN TO THEM BY THE RUSSIANS!!!!!

Sorry, Castro is a piece of filth who is paying and WILL PAY for his crimes!!!

I like to think about him having nightmares about ending up like his homicidal minion Che Guevara!!


Always On Watch Two said...

"State of Emergency in Santiago de Cuba"

Carl said...

"Kuhnkat" appears to be one of the stupidest individuals (excluding David Yeagley) ever to use a computer.

beakerkin said...


Kuhnkat knows his stuff. Dr Yeagley also has a a PHD in theology from and is published on major sites. He also has been on several talk shows while you toil in obsurity.

The position of ignoramus on this blog is allready occupied.