Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Close it Down

NYC has a tax payer subsidized Communist high school. The El Puente school for Peace and Social Justice is yet another example of Commies taking our tax dollars to indoctrinate students. Communism is a dangerous ideaology that has killed 100 million.

There is something obscene about the very people who rail about tuition tax credits for religious education setting up a communist schools on the tax payers dole. If parents want a Communist education for their children let them pay for it at their own expense.

The school is sponsoring a conference in April called "Math and Social Justice". Among the attendees is terrorist Cathy Wilkerson. Wilkerson is another exWeatherman
criminal who just happens to land a job in higher ed.

Communists need to get off the public dole and stop stealing tax payer dollars to spread their message of property theft and class genocide. Political activism has no place in tax payer funded education. Moreover teacher who abuse their positions to
advance their political activism should be terminated.

Mayor Bloomburg should immediately close the school down.


Anonymous said...

Damn beak, and I wanted to apply to their CHE Institute.

The SDS must love that school... Port Huron Statement, 1962:

The University and Social Change. There is perhaps little reason to be optimistic about the above analysis. True, the Dixiecrat-GOP coalition is the weakest point in the dominating complex of corporate, military and political power. But the civil rights and peace and student movements are too poor and socially slighted, and the labor movement too quiescent, to be counted with enthusiasm. From where else can power and vision be summoned? We believe that the universities are an overlooked seat of influence.

First, the university is located in a permanent position of social influence. Its educational function makes it indispensable and automatically makes it a crucial institution in the formation of social attitudes. Second, in an unbelievably complicated world, it is the central institution for organizing, evaluating, and transmitting knowledge. Third, the extent to which academic resources presently is used to buttress immoral social practice is revealed first, by the extent to which defense contracts make the universities engineers of the arms race. Too, the use of modern social science as a manipulative tool reveals itself in the "human relations" consultants to the modern corporation, who introduce trivial sops to give laborers feelings of "participation" or "belonging", while actually deluding them in order to further exploit their labor. And, of course, the use of motivational research is already infamous as a manipulative aspect of American politics. But these social uses of the universities' resources also demonstrate the unchangeable reliance by men of power on the men and storehouses of knowledge: this makes the university functionally tied to society in new ways, revealing new potentialities, new levers for change. Fourth, the university is the only mainstream institution that is open to participation by individuals of nearly any viewpoint.

These, at least, are facts, no matter how dull the teaching, how paternalistic the rules, how irrelevant the research that goes on. Social relevance, the accessibility to knowledge, and internal openness

these together make the university a potential base and agency in a movement of social change.
1. Any new left in America must be, in large measure, a left with real intellectual skills, committed to deliberativeness, honesty, reflection as working tools. The university permits the political life to be an adjunct to the academic one, and action to be informed by reason.

2. A new left must be distributed in significant social roles throughout the country. The universities are distributed in such a manner.

3. A new left must consist of younger people who matured in the postwar world, and partially be directed to the recruitment of younger people. The university is an obvious beginning point.

4. A new left must include liberals and socialists, the former for their relevance, the latter for their sense of thoroughgoing reforms in the system. The university is a more sensible place than a political party for these two traditions to begin to discuss their differences and look for political synthesis.

5. A new left must start controversy across the land, if national policies and national apathy are to be reversed. The ideal university is a community of controversy, within itself and in its effects on communities beyond.

6. A new left must transform modern complexity into issues that can be understood and felt close-up by every human being. It must give form to the feelings of helplessness and indifference, so that people may see the political, social and economic sources of their private troubles and organize to change society. In a time of supposed prosperity, moral complacency and political manipulation, a new left cannot rely on only aching stomachs to be the engine force of social reform. The case for change, for alternatives that will involve uncomfortable personal efforts, must be argued as never before. The university is a relevant place for all of these activities.

But we need not indulge in allusions: the university system cannot complete a movement of ordinary people making demands for a better life. From its schools and colleges across the nation, a militant left might awaken its allies, and by beginning the process towards peace, civil rights, and labor struggles, reinsert theory and idealism where too often reign confusion and political barter. The power of students and faculty united is not only potential; it has shown its actuality in the South, and in the reform movements of the North.

The bridge to political power, though, will be built through genuine cooperation, locally, nationally, and internationally, between a new left of young people, and an awakening community of allies. In each community we must look within the university and act with confidence that we can be powerful, but we must look outwards to the less exotic but more lasting struggles for justice.

To turn these possibilities into realities will involve national efforts at university reform by an alliance of students and faculty. They must wrest control of the educational process from the administrative bureaucracy. They must make fraternal and functional contact with allies in labor, civil rights, and other liberal forces outside the campus. They must import major public issues into the curriculum -- research and teaching on problems of war and peace is an outstanding example. They must make debate and controversy, not dull pedantic cant, the common style for educational life. They must consciously build a base for their assault upon the loci of power.

As students, for a democratic society, we are committed to stimulating this kind of social movement, this kind of vision and program is campus and community across the country. If we appear to seek the unattainable, it has been said, then let it be known that we do so to avoid the unimaginable.

Always On Watch Two said...

Off topic....Bedier was a no-show on Pamela's radio show last night. Surprise, surprise! Not!

Always On Watch Two said...

Is there any hope of this school's being closed down by the mayor?

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Beak, is Harvey Milk High School still open down in the village?

Lot of good alternative high schools in NYC.

That's what happens when the entire population wants to be educated. The best and brightest tell you to stuff the cookie cutter crap. It's best this way, Beak. Keeps the culture lively.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. El Puente, if I am correct, translates to "the bridge" and from what I am reading here, this is either one of those useless multicultural schools (that "bridges" cultures together, or it's one of those magnet schools designed to try and put a stop to de facto segregation.

While I'd site the first choice as useless, I'd say the magnet choice is better, but there's no clear definition to what this school really is.

Would you still call it Communist, though? It sounds like it's a school that draws out a lot more funds than a regular public school.

I can see certain cultures coming together and possibly working out, but I cannot see Muslims in the mix because they refuse to assimilate with non-Muslims.

Mr. Ducky said...

Boost the welfare checks?

American Crusader said...

I missed this story completely. I'm surprised that funds were ever made available to begin with.
I agree that Bloomberg should shut down the school or allow it to be privatized (not at taxpayer expense).

beakerkin said...


This is amazing as you transmogrify into a fiscal conservative only when dem Jooos are involved.

There can be a case made for a school like the Harvey Milk school in a large city like NYC. I would be interested in the views of AOW, Justn and Jason on that subject.

I am personally against the idea that kids are going to have to learn to cope. The school should be supportive of kids with many problems such as speech impediments etc.


I am trying to find a link to the Sol Stern article in yesterdays post. The Duck's bretheren are trying to get a free ride.


Unless talk radio takes up the charge I do not see Bloomburg closing it. Oddly, the school gets money from Bill Gates. One would think Gates would be more prudent with his money.

I am not surprised Bedier was a no show. He doesn't play unless he knows the ball field is stacked.


The person on Sonia's blog Aladin is a fake Arab. This is a commie pretending to be Muslim again.

z said...

AHA. Ducky thinks it keeps the culture "lively" to teach kids that capitalism is wrong and even evil. Imagine Ducky if an Evangelical Christian school opened up with taxpayer funds? Imagine Ducky if a school opened up touting the goodness of capitalism and why it works and the kind of values a society needs within it to make it work? WOW. Hell to pay.

Beak, is there no public outcry?

But, seriously...look at NPR! Our money pays for that, too, and conservatives sit by and watch that, and watch art galleries putting the cross in urine and what happens? IF we complain, we're "mean spirited, unthinking dolts"..........

We must keep's what we've been relegated to by the media. ssshhhh. And, we're doing a good job of compliance.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, I believe Cathy Wilkerson teaches math in public high schools, not higher education.

You might want to check that out.

beakerkin said...


If Wilkerson is in a Public School whoever hired her needs to be fired. There is never an excuse for placing children in the care of violent criminals.


I honestly was thinking that. I would like to send Ducky to Gitmo until he complettes the Jason Pappas school of Liberterianism, AOW's non PC history and TMW's Bible study. Wrong answers would be punished with electrical shocks of Vanilla Ice Music.

z said...


I never thought I'd ever ask anyone this question, but :

COULD I BE THE PRISON GUARD? I could pick the music (Vanilla Ice is a good start...then I'd go progress to a rousing rendition of "Mare's eat oats and does eat oats"......and then "Bringing in the Sheaves"...good starts, I think.

I think AOW ought to write a book on nonPC history, especially American history..with references to TMW's Bible study all the way through (I can dream!)


beakerkin said...


You could be the music director but only the worst songs could be selected for the Duck. The facility would be called the Mr Beamish alternative education facility. Farmer John would have to handle philosophy.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The only way Bloomberg would move to close down that school is if someone told him they were licensed firearms dealers.

Fuck that punk.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

The Mayor would close it down if they served transfat in the cafeteria or allowed students to smoke within 100 yards. Bloomburg also is known to have zero tollerance of spelling mistakes.

I wish he would do the right thing. What is going on with Bill Gates? We expect politicians to be loopy, but Gates should know better.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Bloomburg also is known to have zero tollerance of spelling mistakes."

Beak, you're a stitch.

beakerkin said...


Early on in Mayor Bloomburgs first term there was a crackdown on illegal signs. A merchant came to the Mayor with a picture of the sign that was the source of the fine. Bloomburg looked at the picture and allegedly pointed out three spelling mistakes including the wrong stationery. This may be an Urban legend.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I only want to teach a class called "Advanced Internecine Human Relations"

beakerkin said...

Well that makes me the Headmaster for the Beakerkin Institute for the Elimination of Marxist Morons

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Nah, you have to state your goals by alternative phrasings. You can't go all cocksure with the name of the gig right out front. Save that for the classroom.

No, instead of the Beakerkin Institute for the Elimination of Marxist Morons, call it the Beakerkin Institute of Historical Literacy.

FLORIAN said...

But a Christian or Jewish school on the gov't dime is ok right?


beakerkin said...

Mr B

That is an excellent idea.


Z had the same sentiments. The Duck would be screaming if a Christian school got Government Cheese. Yet a tax payer subsidized school with a Commie ciriculum is peachy.

The person in charge of this attrocity needs to be terminated.

kevin said...

""If parents want a Communist education for their children let them pay for it at their own expense.""

What kind of commie pays for something himself?

beakerkin said...

Kevin you have an excellent point.
Yet there is the notorious Elizabeth Irwin school. I wonder if all the students pay for this or some wealthy benefactor endowed the place.

Elizabeth Irwin should be familiar to Ronald Radosh readers.

FLORIAN said...

Can you imagine the screams and shrills of the libs if homeschooling would become the norm? And if it was semi-funded by the state?

Less gov't equals a free people....more gov't equals more dependancy.

FLORIAN said...

Commies never pay for anything themselves--it's always from the gov't (taxes you and i pay).

Damn thieves!

Always On Watch Two said...

Can you imagine the screams and shrills of the libs if homeschooling would become the norm? And if it was semi-funded by the state?

Homeschool children, whose parents pay the same real-estate taxes as everybody else, have to fight to get to participate in the sports activities of the public system.

Any funding from the state for homeschoolers? Well, we've been granted access to various materials from the National Endowment for the Arts. Most of their material is not apropo, but the Shakespeare In America and the Jazz in America materials are decent, particularly the former, which I've been using with my groups for many years.

Otherwise, any funding is pretty thin. Which is fine with my group. We don't want state or federal control over our curricula. As long as the students can perform well on standardized testing (Most do!), Virginia has pretty much a hands-off policy. I'm sure that VA policy doesn't set well with the Left, but there you have it.


Meanwhile, CA is fighting CIE (The Council on Islamic Education), which has quite a bit of influence on curricula in CA. Such respect for religion (Islam) in the classroom. Christianity gets no such respect in the public system in CA.

Urban Infidel said...

I know exactly where 'el Puente' is. I used to live on that steet.

There is a beautiful statue of George Washington in the Park across the street from the school:

Z said...

AOW: California is FIGHTING the CIE?? Are you sure? You have to see all the MULTICULTURAL days at the elementary schools around here..they're fighting them? And yes, Christianity gets no respect in public schools in California, but I"m not sure it's getting any respect elsewhere, either. Two years ago, Pacifica Christian High School opened on our church campus and it started with 40 kids, got accreditation its first year, and will be welcoming about 160 this Fall...not bad, huh?

The day MultiCULTURAL took over from MultiETHNIC, America started pushing up daisies. That seems to have been the day after the first African HYPHEN American declared himself something other than good old AMERICAN and the party started.

Urban Infidel..ironic that a statue of George Washington's across the street from the school. You think they'll put a turban on his head and pointy shoes for Islam Day? Or maybe someone should twist his head around to the back so he doesn't see what's going on in his country?

Beak..your line about government cheese is the best!

Always On Watch Two said...

AOW: California is FIGHTING the CIE?? Are you sure?

Some parents were objecting, but the outcome went left--of course.

Good on Pacifica Christian High School!

Urban Infidel said...

Even more ironic is that the building that houses El Puente used to be a Church.

z said...

urban infidel..more 'ironic' and more sickening.

seems like everything's upside down in America these days.