Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Anti-semitic driving Range step up and get wacked

I have a range of new readers so I will rehash blog history. This blog started as a vehicle for my comedy. It was never intended to be a political site and it evolved into its current form rapidly.

We were attacked by the moronic Recidivist who brags about his 167 IQ. He has made a series of flubs that have left him a laughing stock. Warren and I kicked ass of the Recididoofus and his followers and Jason got here for the tail end. The recididope will not venture here as the readership has grown. I still use him as an illustration of left wing communist stupidity and he excells as a court jester. I am
not an anti-semite I just host Simon Jones who posted Joooos created air polution and
alienation. We also allegedly view all gentiles as the enemy in the twisted mind of Simon Jones.

Jones , Recidivist and a new moron Robert Lindsay run obscure little sites read by nobody. They need to restrict comments because they can not stand up to scrutiny. If you are a bigot,communistor plain old disagree bring it on. We do not or never hide and the more venom you bring the better we like it. I have sat back an endured 100%
personal attacks but the usual suspects are too afwaaid to run open commentary.

Lindsay brags about his 147 IQ. So from now on 167 will be the Recididoofus and 147
will be Mr Lunkhead. Now it is not nice to abuse brain impaired people but we will do it anyway.

The Recidivist even had a friend ask me to quit ridiculing the Recidivists IQ and posts. He complained that he is shocked blogger would permit such a ridicule of a blog. Lets see there are sites dedicated to disecting Horowitz, Yeagley and others.
As far as bigotry the Recidivists site stands alone. He likes to lecture the US about free speech and Civil rights but doesn't even allow critical commentary.

The Recidivist, Lindsay and Jones need me. Every time the Recididope runs a tear stained victim bit his readership goes up. We do not need to cry victim here we kick ass. I post on a variety of subjects but always have time for bigots.Yet the recididope knows that his anti- semitism will be revealed here. Kafkaesq does not run to defend him any more. Even the Chemist will not defend specific examples.

The tables have turned Recidivist , Lindsay and Jones. My readership is larger then yours and I do not need help to deal with you. However I have numerous friends and each one of us is capable of dealing with you.

To all bigots enter this blog with caution. This is a bigot driving range and you are entertainment and comedic material. We will wack you mercilessly so be warned.

My consultant is Warren a friend and advisor. Who is loopier 147 or 167. 167 is a coward but has the brain to spare himself the abuse.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Another Mental Midget Robert Lindsay Arrives

The anti-semitic goons are getting desperate to try and divert the attention from the Ridicule we have subjected the Recididoofus. The latest knucle schraping Chimp is Robert Linsay who calls John Loftus a Jew and a Mossad agent. Loftus is an Irish Catholic but that would require basic litteracy. He also refers to the United States of America as the Jewnighted states of America.

His site has the category Jewish question a Nazi term used as a precursor to the Holocaust.

You can view his moronic comments in the May 14 post on Abu Nidal. He is hoping out dedicated readers will not find his filth and kick his tail.

Mr Lindsay show some courage and talk your trash at the top of the page. There are plenty of people waiting to smack you around. Bring all the antisemites you can find.
My readers love it when a genuine antisemite shows up. We take no prisoners and kick ass.

We have an opening for blog troll and you fit the bill. We treat people like you as entertainment.

One last thing if your friends are so brave and correct why do they ban comments. My site is more widely read then your three sites put together. At the time of the original Recididoofus spat I was an upstart. This site has grown exponentialy and any
one of my readers is capable of smaking any of you around with facts.

Jones and the Recididope ban my comments. Well if they were so brave you would think
they could stand a challenge. Guess not as they are not man enough to stand behind their material. We do that here each day . Courage and manliness is not the long suit of anti semites.

Generational Envy in NYC

I am a life long NYC resident and people who do not live here think my descriptions
of events are satire. There really are hordes of hardcore Communists in and around the area of Union Square. Some call themselves progressives, greens or whatever the currently fashionable anarchist school is at the moment.

Republicans like myself call ourselves Marannoes in tribute to the Jews who hid durring the inquisition. The point is not hiding but living in peace with neighbors who quite frankly are political labotomies. A Republican has to endure stupidity on a
large scale. A typical example was the book Unfit For Command and the idiot critiques. Did you read this book ? Well no but..... Then read it and shut up .

Part of the problem is that local Liberals have fallen down on the job. The cadre of Leftist Utopians have pushed the dialouge so far to the left that a Rudy Republican like myself is considered a Right Wing extreemist. There are a few good liberals who see that the local left has gone off the deep end. Colaberating with leftist Utopians has twisted reality.

The anti- Israel rhetoric has crossed the line into outright anti-semitism. When you hear the words Zionist occupied Government or Zionist media anti semitism is evident.
When every stupid conpiracy theory contains Jews it is clear Anti-semitism is evident. When Mayor Bloomburg is called the evil Joooo mayor anti-semitism is evident. Even the leftist Radicals themselves conceede it in private.

In my generation we had a different type of Conservative. We were prepared to fight alone and in the trenches. The local extreemists were still singing the praises of Marx during the Contra Aid fights and as the wall fell. We were a mean tough lot because there weren't many of us. The leftist Utopians rarely ever encountered a dissenting liberal much less a conservative. They grew flabby and weak unchallenged
and they spoke ungaurded and were easily ripe for target practice.

However as I got older my instincts to mellow out got the best of me. It was easier to have peace then to slug it out with the leftist utopians. Then came 9-11 and I was a witness to the horror. 9-11 and the reaction of the leftist Utopians to the event changed me back into a fighter.

That Saturday after 9-11 NYC was a somber place. The smell of death hung heavily in the air. The estimate was 15,000 dead and all of us wondered who we knew that was gone. My Uncle who was a Holocaust survivor told me of the haunting smell of burning death and pure evil. I always thought he was nuts and exagerating. However I smelled that odor for weeks afterwards and it was pure evil. One did not get used to that horrid odor.

I have described this event and leftists including liberals do get upset. It would be nicer if they stepped away from the utopians. The event I witnessed is still a sore subject and the participants clam up in embarassment.

The leftist utopians gathered in a dazed city that Saturday and knifed America and my city in the back. They held a peace rally in Union Square Park and started to whine "why do they hate us". They started to blame Israel, Jews , Neocons, Likud, Fox News/ Corporate media as part of . They advanced a series of wacky conspiracy theories. They blamed everybody under the sun but the terrorists. That day changed me forever it was not enough to ignore the extreemists. If they stabbed America in the back amidst burning buildings they would stoop to anything. However to expect anything other then sedition from leftwing utopians is foolish. It would be nice if liberals woke up and stepped away from the traitors. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

I have to admire the younger generation as they band together and spoof the leftist utopians. Communists for Kerry and Protest Warriors have fun lampooning the worst of the extreemists. The use satire and have a blast but I am a product of my generation.
I have been trained in an era where conservatives did not band together. We were just
tougher and well prepared. I respect liberals but only the best of them readily step away from the commies.

An Apology to Simon Jones

There are at least two people on the web with the name of Simon Jones. I would like to appologize to the owner of SimonJones.blogspot.com/. He is a religious and well adjusted man . He has a decent blog and is clearly not anti- semitic . As far as I can tell he is a nice human being.

The other Simon Jones at Simonjones1.blogspot.com/ is a verbose,deranged anti-semite.
He should be medicated and given a vasectomy as there are too many stupid people on the loose . They seem to congregate at the man with the 167 IQ blog.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dr David Yeagley and book potential

Dr David Yeagley is one of several writers that I correspond with. He is one of my favorites because he is modest and has a great sense of humor. Warren and I post at Dr Yeagley's forum Bad Eagle. Bad Eagle is a site dedicated to Native American patriots (Warren) and their allies ( me). I post in the non Indian areas and am most
often found in the Jewish Forum.

Dr David Yeagley is a Commanche Patriot who does not buy into the cult of victimology. He does not sit up and blame the white man for the troubles in his community. Rather his message is that one can be a Native American and a patriot.
Yeagley writes of the joys of being a Native American . He celebrates being an American with pride each and every day on Bad Eagle.

I relate to Dr Yeagley on several levels. I am a Jewish Republican and a fervent Cold Warrior. These were not popular positions in my community in the 80's. History
has proven my side correct and it is more common to see Jewish conservatives now.Yeagley has his set of extreemists such as Ward Churchill that paint his comunity as victims in an anti American message. The fact that Churchill was never an
Indian was conveniently overlooked . I have a set of left wing utopian traitors to choose from Chomsky, Zinn, Norman Finkelstein and Koevell etc. These people are no longer Jews but claim to speak for me. They have zero knowledge of Judaism (including faux Rabbi Lerner) and are members of the far left cult of death . I speak for myself in this blog and elsewhere. The fact is that the more one practices the religion the more conservative one becomes.

Like Dr Yeagley I do not blame people who have persecuted my people in the past. I have an admiration for Christianity as a life affirming religon. Those that abused my people in its name were acting contary to the message of Jesus. I relish Western Civ and sadly my people were often the speedbump on the path towards enlightenment. In fact much of the European antisemitism , masking itself in antizionism is just the latest speedbump in the path towards progress. We parody the writings of a Euro-redneck Mr 167 to show the utter ignorance of this mindset. I should also pull more of the scribilings of Simon Jones to demonstrate left wing utopian antisemites are barely funtioning idiots.

I also do not hold todays Germans responsible for the Holocaust. In fact one of my favorite Bad Eagle posters Nora Brinker runs a German Blog and will readily tell you I am too forgiving. I have been trying to get her to post here. She is a friend of America's and the Jewish people and she is brilliant.

The type of book that I love is the personal growth autobiography. Radical Son by David Horowitz and Commies by Prof Radosh are two excellent books on this genre.
Lovesong is Julius Lester's account of growth and identity and one of my favorites.
Sharansky's Fear No Evil is an often comedic but inspirational story of growth. A Yeagley book along the same lines would be a smash hit. He would need to do more PR
on Talk Radio and key sites but it would sell .

Dr Yeagley writes on a wide variety of subjects including Poetry ,Fashion, Persia, Jews, Germany and more. Each trip to Bad Eagle is an intellectual adventure of surprise. One never can predict exactly what will happen there on a given day but it is never dull.

I hope a smart publisher with vision picks up on this opportunity . Talents like Dr Yeagley are rare and should be viewed by as many people as possible.

Dr Yeagley's blog is www.BadEagle.com/Journal
Nora's blog is www.editorsoffice.de/blogger.html it is mostly in English.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wolves do not devour their own ? Left wing Utopians Could learn from watching wolves

Regular readers know that we lampoon a blogger known as the Recidivist. He is the most bigoted and ignorant blogger on the net. If anyone can tell me who trained an earthworm to type I would be apreciative.

Let us get some terminology straight I am a Jew. I do not appologize for being Jew or supporting Israel. Jooooos are leftist utopians who serve the needs of the knuckle
draging left wing Utopian Anti- Semites.

The Recidivist has tried to excuse his pathological bigotries by hiding behing far left Joooooos. Nobody with a functioning brain buys this illogic. Thus an idiot whose site has been linked with a prime contributor of Jooooooish tribal revial and has posted Holocaust Minimization speaks for itself.Now The Recididumbass has turned on his gooooood joooooooooooooo . Mark Elf provides the gooood Joooooo role at his site Jews Sans Fronteires. It should be renamed Jew with head up his tail for his monofocused idiotic content that is focused on Israel and providing cover for real

"Mark Elf is a non-Israeli,anti Zionist Jew who has done as much to show that being a Jew and being a Zionist are very seperable and that there is absolutely no moral contradiction in being pro one and anti the other."

This statement should tell you all one needs to know about Mark Elf . If a person who
is a fan of Simon Jones a key contributor of the virulently Anti Semitic Jewish Tribal review likes a Jew there is a reason. As we have said here before left wing utopians are not Jews, Americans or whatever other ethnic group they belong to. Far Left utopians are seditious by nature and are heirs to the Marxist cult of death and 100,000,000.

" Peter Tatchell is a looney - left Gay Propogandist and terrorist who over the years done infinate damage to the gay community he claims to speak for.....He is to be quite honest a single issue bore who seems blind to the fact that Gay Issues aren't always the most important challenges facing society "

The first part matches what we say about the Recidivist who claims to have an IQ of 167 except for the terrorist part. We would add the words stupid and bigoted. On the last part he must think it is better to me a serial bigot and a multi issue moron.He
does spend an absurd amount of time on Jooos and Israel

"However reading Mark Elf's latest scathing and disengenous attack on Peter Taschell
I have to wonder if Mark Elf Has complettely lost the plot and joined Tasscell on the rabid athoritarian left that refuses to accept that all issues aren't simple black and white."

The same authoritarian left where the Recididummy hails from no doubt.

Taschell's crime according to Mark Elf was carrying the following signs at one of his idiot Pro Palestine Nuremberg Rallies.

Taschell is not a zionist in any description.He is honestly concerned about his gay bretheren in the PA . You can read the Recididope lie spin and avoid this issue in the archives. We would live for him to move to the PA and join Hamas. He would not last 30 seconds before aquiring a toe tag.

Mark (Gooood Jooooo) Elf wites .....Now by conflating Homophobia in the thirdworld with extreeme domestic violence, and putting a negative spin on it as he could think of,he's crossed the line from seeking to embarass Palestinian Officialdom to full blown Anti Arab Racism and Islamophobia"

The fact that Taschell tells the truth is lost on Elf. The fact that Elf also calls any critique of Arabs as racist is telling. He is as stupid as the Recididupe as Arabs are not a race.

He spends the next part crying about what Warren and I have said on the subject. We have kicked his tail on this subject.

" maybe Mark Elf should engage his little brain ( look wh is talking) and actualy try and put himself in the position of a Gay supporter of that movement.. ( essentialy a moron) ..not only accused of being Anti-semitic for being antizionist, not only accused of being a terrorist symathizer and supporter for daring to speak up for Palestinian rights.... ( Not to mention holocaust minimization , hosting Simon Jones who claims Jooos are responsible for alienation and polution. Even Elf is not that stupid ) but also being a hypocrite for supporting a people who place so little value on the lives of Gay men and women generaly -the issue on which the debate bogs down ".

No he denied that the abuse exists saying he traveled there with no problem. He blamed the persecution on individuals not the government. He lied about the matter
entirely for the sake of his audience. Meanwhile he is so concerned about persecution of Gays in the USA. Persecution of Gays is treated as a law enforcement matter and should be. We do not accept lynching of Gays or anyone else here. This is a law enforcement matter.

He contradicts his earlier accounts
" The simple truth is that the predjudice is there in Palestine and so long as it is there and so long as propogandist for the zionist cause are able to use and exploit such facts, then it does weaken the cause of the Palestinians...and that in refusing to even discuss this sort of oppression the PSC and PLO /PA do undeniaably end up as being viewed as colluding with it."

" From the gay perspective , failure on the part of the PA to do something about the persecution of Gays simply allows Israel to be painted as some sort of gay utopia which Palestinian Gays flee , considering that living illegaly in Israel with the present fear of discovery by Israeli authorities is a better fate than living legally and persecuted in Palestine.In actual fact it is a smallhandfull who have chosen to flee to Israel , but those few examples are well publicized and are used against the Gay community every single day "

Here is where he starts playing with the truth.

" The truth about Israel ? It is a deeply homophobic society. Being Gay is still technically illegal, though decrininalized. What little gay equality you find there is given as a concession by the state which can be taken away at the stroke of an administrative pen not as a fundamental right. What little anti-dicrimination law there is , is rarely enforced.

I am sorry but it is the PA not Peter Taschell who is responsible for the Zionist propogandists being able to exploit the true facts about Palestine rather than seeing the gay attention being directed towards the deeply ingrained homophobia in Israel "

The Recidivist was challenged to back his assertions about Israel's treatment of Gays
on Mark Elf's site. As usual he makes statements and does not back them. There is no deeply ingrained homophobia in Israel . I am still waiting on his claim for Gay bars firebombed in to be verified. This is the latest in a series of silly claims that never stop from the home of the facts free presentation.

Now the Recididope tosses his good Jooooooooooo to the wind . Viper 85 will have to play the gooooood joooooo. Maybe Viper will tell us how he likes his new role as the goooood Joooooo.

Non Political Post

While I was with the sailors certain comments that should not have been understood be 22 year olds were. How do 22 year olds unsderstand the following items

1 Revenge of the Nerds -

2 The Village People-
3 Vanilla Ice

Friday, May 27, 2005

Book Meme

I do not know what a meme is but here goes

1 Number of books I own must be in the hundreds as I am a NYC strand book store rat.
I estimate the number to be in the 900 range.

2 Last book I bought
Embarassingly Eric Breindel's A Passion for Truth the selected writtings of Eric Breindel . Only Pam and Jason know who he was but he is my hero. He was the brilliant Conservative who was cool and unafraid to call a Commie a Commie. His Kristalnacht in Brooklyn changed shook the city with a pen.
This is not glamorous or deep reading.

3 Last book I read the same as two Breindel speaks to us loudly even ten years after he is gone.

4 Five Books That Mean alot to me. Unlike Pam and Jason I am a non fiction man. I read next zero fiction as life is too short.

1 Fear No Evil By Sharansky . Anatoly Sharanskys account of prison life is comedic
and inspiring. There are times when I turn to Anatoly for inspiration

2 Lovesong by Julius Lester . Lester's account of a black man reclaiming his Jewish
roots is unforgettable. I have corresponded with the author and he is the nicest writer. Regular readers of this blog know I have two brothers Rav Roov and another brother who is a Comander in the Navy.There was a Jewish history question that stumped two rabbis and four historians. I asked Prof Lester and he explained why the question was wrong.

3 Indigenous People Under The Rule of Islam by Fred P Isaac. This book is invaluable in the war on Terror. Repeating the premise will get you threatened by a leftist Utopian or Muslim Radical. So unless your name is Jason or Warren do not open that book. Reading that book will change your mind on the role of terrorism in Islam . If you are not prepared for verbal combat leave this book alone. Prof Issac also explained the missing parts in an Email. I was confused as to Islams history with Sikhs , Druze and Alawies . Isaac is an Assyrian please do not forget them.

4 The Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt. This book compares the impact of Christianity
and Islam on their respective societies. This book is invaluable when Islamo apologists say well so did Christianity. The book is upsetting so unless you are Jason , Warren and Always on Watch leave it alone .

5 The Black Book of Communism as it is invaluable to kicking Communists in the rear end. I can not tell you how many Communist I have argued with over this book.I am a life long anticommunist liberal in the mode of Rudy.

5 Tag three people and ask them the same questions
1 I would love to Know what Warrens been reading as he is so tough
2 Always on the Watch is well informed and I am curious
3 I also want to know what Elijah reads .

Beak meets the fleet

I was away from the blog serving as a friendly tour guide for fleet week. I am not as pretty as Pam but I know my city. I showed the sailors the route the brave people took from the investigations unit to the WTC and I showed them my route. Amazingly sexy tourists from the midwest wanted to hear my story.

I showed the sailors Wall Street the South Street Seaport . One of the Sailors is getting married in September so I showed him the Bridal building where they have sample sales every Saturday.

We encountered mostly friendly people except for NYU. Teamsters stopped picketing
and hugged the sailors and the Beak. The only place we ran into problem was NYU where the women ran and made snide remarks and at 14 street where the Commies were massing at 14th street. They kept wondering what this bizarre word Neocon was. I explained it means dirty Jewish Republicans.

The women at Staten Island stopped and tried to pick up the sailors. I served as the wingman and picked up the names of the clubs where the girls we rapped with were going to. The sailors learned New Yorkese Fuhget about it . I think only Jason and Pam know New Yorkese.

Blog Policy Alert

I will no longer accept annonymous posts with no name. You do have a right to free speach here. If you wish to be heard kindly give yourself a name. You should register with blogger it is free and you do not have to maintain an account.

This latest idiot follows people around from regular Ron. He fears persecution by conservatives and is a fan of Lynne Stewart. 3000 Americans did not get incinerated by Rush Limbaugh listeners.They were savagely murdered by people who claimed to act in the name of Islam. The WTC may mean nothing to you but I passed through it daily.
All of the people who died were ordinary people minding their business except five
evil Muslim extreemists.

The failure of American Muslims and Leftist Utopians tells us all we need to know. We
were fed a diet of excuses , conspiracies and lies from the usual suspects. The day
that states could hide behind shadowy groups are over. Israel, India, Russia and the Philipines have been fighting the war on terror. The USA took almost 25 years of agression before they put troops of the ground.

The Islamic supermen thought the US was a paper tiger. Nobody is talking about paper
tigers. Saddam had a lengthy history of unprovoked agression , butchering his own people and paying off terrorists such as Abu Nidal, and Abu Abass. He gets zero sympathy from me. All of those crying about Iraq the key is the development of the Army each and every day we get closer to returning our troops.

The Multicultural Trap

I wanted to do one of my lengthy well researched posts. However Multiculturalism and
the road to evil must be discussed. The problems are people do not understand the severe problems associated with multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism starts out noble and it is a good idea to learn about other cultures. However as we progress down this road we run into the axiom that all cultures are equal and that differences are socital variants. The worse crime one can commit is to be judgemental. This mindset is known as Moral Relitivism.

If all cultures are equal then there can be no value judgements.Honor Killing , Stoning of Gays, Slavery and female foot binding become cultural variants. Behavior that does not harm society should be allowed. No lives are threatened if someone wants to worship nature. Thus there is zero need to interfere in this society. Yet when this society sacrafices humans there is a need to halt this.

The problem with the leftist Utopians are they suffer from Moral relivism. Thus a religion thathas engaged in 1300 years of colonialism and Jim Crowe is a cultural variant. While it is okay to rail at European Colonialism we hear next to nothing on the Islamic variant.

The basic problem is that people get a sanitized history of Islam. They do not read about slavery, dhimmi laws and persecution of minorities that continues until this day. They accept human rights violations against real indigenous people and promote fictitious ones. Nor are Jews unique ask a Copt , Armenian, Zoroastian or Assyrian and plenty of Hindus.

The white washing of history of Islam and the third world continues. The cult of low expectations is a form of bigotry.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Baghdad Bob as the face of Air America

The ratings for Air America speak for themselves. The Conservatives on Talk Radio still dominate but it is time to change the line up. Air America should replace Al Franken with Baghdad Bob.

Baghdad Bob is genuinely funny and has a great style. He has a campy style that conservatives would laugh at . Some liberals take a peverse pleasure in flagelation by obnoxious foriegners. Liberals can break out their black berets that have been in the back of the closet since the Lewinsky days. Who else wears black berets other then Saddam cronies and Monica Lewinsky.

They can also do a flagelate an American segment. Anti American forieners can abuse guilt ridden liberals. The most obnoxious forigner can win cash prizes for Anti American nonsense. The material does not have to be factual or logical. Just get on the phone and rant away. We can even have a lberal host as the target of all this abuse. He would need no brains and have no pride as a job requirement. This sounds like a new Career for Franken.

Other People in line For Shows

Legal Advice with Lynne Stewart.
Ward Churchill : Ameicans get out of America Show.
Rev Al Sharpton : Reigion and Comedy . Sharpton is funnier then Franken
Michael Moore : Junk Food with Michael Moore
Sheik Rahman's : Kiddie show . Who needs Santa Claus when Rahman delivers more bang
Janet Reno: Confict Resolution and Beauty Tips
Sandy Berger: National insecurity
Jason Blair and Mary Mapes: Journalism Ethics
Louis Farakhan : Brotherhood show.

Think of the possibilities. Liberals get the programing they want and the rest of us get to laugh. Most of these shows would get better ratings then the current line up.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

9-11 and You

Regular readers know I was an eye witness to 9-11 and a survivor of WTC 93. My city was attacked by nihlistic muslims twice. These were part of other plans to commit mayhem and death in my City. To deny that there was a common dennominator is to deny

What is your responsibility in the post 9-11 world ?

The days where we could sit back and ignore the problem are over. Maybe if you are in Canada or in Europe the threat is exagerated. So the warriors of Jihad kill a few
thousand American. This is not acceptable and I do not want to hear rationalizations
from the left or Islamic Americans. There is no excuse for attacking civilians ever.

I hear alot of self righteous hand ringing over alleged abuse at Guantanomo. Shooting
School children in the back and beheading are human rights abuses. Homicide bombing
of busses and civilians are human rights abuses. Much of the complaints at Gitmo involve humiliation . I am for humiliation if used in interrogation. The Geneva conventions do not apply to non uniformed terrorists. These attacks are seldom aimed at military personel . In fact any civilian casualties in Iraq should be blamed on terrorists.

What are your responsibilities in the 9-11 world
1 Attacks aimed at civilians are always wrong. No excuses , no rationalizations for disgusting behavior ?
2 Stop the PC strait jacket that is worried about offending Islam and Leftist .
A Islam was spread via war and a Jim Crow culture of humiliation . This culture of discrimination exists today.
B Leftist Utopians are heirs to a culture of death and mayhem. Liberals should step away from the Communists before we even discuss anything with them.
C The truth hurts and do not worry about it. Osama bin Ladden killed 3000 Americans and we heard idiot conspiracies from the leftist utopian and Islamic media. Label anyone that blames 9-11 on anyone other then Al Queda a Crank.
3 Accept that the world has changed and there will be inconveinces . Do not blame the government for this blame the terrorists and their appologists. I had to go through well over an hour of delays at Wall Street yesterday. This is the fault of Muslim radicals and their leftist appologists like Lynne Stewart.
4 Never appologize for being American ever. Even if you are a Liberal state that you disagree with the policy but stop feeding overseas paranoia. If you see an Anti American statement speak up.

The country has changed forever but acceptance of excuses for terrorism is unacceptable.3000 dead is not a plea for attention it is a crime. The crime was commited by those who felt they were acting in the name of Islam. The responsibilty
of American Muslims is to say those people do not speak for me. This is not the message Americans are hearing from the Islamic Community. There was a recent rally in DC and it was a good step but more needs to be done.

National Security is not a luxury it is a matter of life and death.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Limits on Religon

The previous point mentioned my reservation about secularists pushing their values on me. If you want to be secular this is up to you. This does not make you smarter or
more moral then I just different. I accept that religion will always be ethnocentric
and is not PC.

I do not have a problem with denominations that say as a non Christian I am hellbound. I do not have this problem comming from a mosque as well . Thus I do not understand the Fury of the Gay rights activists at churches that do not accept their agenda. The recourse is to find a Church or temple that is more Gay friendly and there are plenty. Life is unfair and everyone does not get every wish under the sun.
I would love to paint like Renoir but the problem is I have not one iota of talent.

However I do think the limit is reached when a religion starts advocating violence.
Thus that Redneck Church that 167 rails on would be endangering human rights if it
advocated killing Gays or assaulting them. They do have the right to say homosexuals
will burn in hell. They do not have the righy to create a lynch mob or a pogrom.

Thus my problem in this country is that there are some Mosques that advocate violence
in their sermons. If one wants to reside in this country there are some basic resposibilities .

Number 1 Your religious freedom ends when one you endanger the lives of others.
Number 2 Remember there are other religions and lifestyles be respectful as possible.
Number 3 Obey the laws of the land
Number 4 Residing in the USA is not a right unless you were born here. If you violate the laws out you go.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The battle of Oriskany , thinking outside the box

Most American kids learn about the battle of Oriskany as a side bar to the Saratoga
campaign. If one reads Drums Along The Mohawk One gets an intense portrayal of the Battle of Oriskany . The book is much better then the lame movie version.

I will set the stage for the battle of Oriskany. If this is familiar territory skip to comments.

The Brittish have a master plan to have three Army columns meet in Albany . The most famous column was the march of Burgoyne to Saratoga. He was stopped in a series of battle that included the battle of Bennington. Burgoyne never made it to Albany .

A second column also was headed from Canada led by Barry St Ledger. It was to travel
down the Mohawk Valley and was comprised of 2135 men half were Iriqouis. The Iriquios were led by Joseph Brant also known as Thayendanega.

St Ledger laid siege to Fort Stanwix . The Americans sent a relief column to alleviate pressure on the Fort. Along the way they picked up 60 friendly Oniedas to act as scouts. Herkimer sent a party led by Captain Demooth to sneak into the fort.
The men were to ask the Comander Gansevort to send out a sortie to distract St Ledger from intercepting the column.Gansevoort was to send out three straight cannonshots as a signal the message was recieved. St Ledger was alerted about the column by Brant's sister. He set up an ambush for the unsuspecting Americans. What happened to the Indian scouts and Rangers who were ahead of the column is a mystery.

The Americans found a gap and formed a line using trees and natural cover . The fleeing rear guard was slaughtered by the Indians. Herkimer told the men to work in pairs. Thus the tactic of Indians charging while the American's reloaded stopped.
A heavy thundersorm prevented gun powder from being used and hand to hand combat ensued .

A Collumn of men dressed in Gray marched down the road towards the battle. A cheer went up from the American's thinking it was a relief sortie from the fort. A sharp eyed Captain Gardinier screamed out "They're torries open fire". But nobody did so and a man ran out to greet his friend and was taken prisoner. They were a detatchmement of Tories led by Maj Stephen Watts. Gardiner charged the enemy branishing a spontoon . Garndiner was met by three of the enememy pinned to the ground with bayonets in each of his calves. The third wenet for the kill but Gardiner
parried the bayonet with his bare hand and pulled his attacker down on top of him as a shield.One of Gardiners men came to his aid and Gardiner rose to his feet and killed the man he was using as shield. The man he killed was Lt Angus Macdonald. The Tories messed with the wrong American as an enragered Captain Gardiner returned to his lines and ordered his men to fire . The volley killed thirty tories and more brutal hand to hand combat again ensued .

The men returned to their lines and there was a lull. Three cannon shots were heard in the distance. Captain Demooth had made it into Ft Stanwix and a sortie was on its way.The Indians let out a cry OOnah Oonah and withdrew from the battle over the objection of the British Comander Butler.

Ganesvoort sent a small detachment of 250 men led by Willett. They took 21 wagons of blankets ammunition clothing but made a special effort to Grab all the the cooking utensils. In fact they took everything not nailed to the floor.The Indians made it back to a looted camp further straining relations between the Brittish and their indian allies.

Willet then snuck out at at 1am and made his way through enemy troops , swamps and forrests to General Schuyler at Stillwater. Schuuyler was informed of the battle of Oriskany and the siege of Stanwix. He selected Major General Benedict Arnold who managed to scrounge up 950 men to face StLegers force of 1700.

A subordinate came up with a brilliant plan and Arnold accepted.A local German Hon Yost Schuyler was under sentence of death for recruiting troops for the Brittish. Yost was considered a moron by thr whites but was well respected by the indians. He was told to go ahead and tell the Indians that the most danerous man on the frontier Benedict Arnold was on the way with 3000 men bent on revenge. The indians wanted no part of Arnold and packed their few remaing belonging and left. St Ledger tried to persuade the Indians to stay. On their way out the Indians looted the British. They took clothing and liquor. According to St Ledger the disorderly Indians were worse then the enemy. St Ledger had no choice but to withdraw leaving his artillery and ammunition.

Arnold arrived at the Fort and pursued St Ledger . He almost caught St Ledger as his advance parties arrived just in time to see St Ledgers men departing on boats across Lake Onieda. Arold left 700 men Fort Stanwix and departed with 1200 men. They were to play a critical role in the Battle of Saratoga. Herkimer and his men never made it to the Fort but they held the battlefield and allowed Willet to loot the Indian camp. This led to a series of events where Arnold's creative thinking led to a victory , St Ledgers men would be unable to reinforce Burgoyne at Saratoga.

The moral of the story is that even half wits have their uses.

Keep your secularism out of my Religion

I have a problem with the Leftist Utopians. Leftist Utopians feel it is fine to bash
Judaism and Christianity if we do not march lock step with the most radical elements
of the Gay agenda. They never do seem to get around to criticizing Muslims for advocating killing Gays. Remember axiom 4 .Muslims are not expected to conform to the
norms of human rights. Thus any critique of their behavior is racist although they do not constitute a race. Thus if a Jewish School denies the right of Gays to be Cantors is it much more important then the norms of the PA that kill Gays.

I am not a Christian but I have respect and admiration for the Christian faith. I understand the deep impact of Christianity on Western Civilization. Western Civilization has often sadly used my people as a speedbump on the path to enlightenment. Those who persecuted Jews in the name of Jesus acted contrary to his message. Yet I also have zero problem with denominations that say I am going to hell
as a non Christian. I would also have zero problem when an Imam says the same thing of compares me to an Ape. My problem start when clergymen start advocating violence.

The problem is that alot of people on the left feel that they have the right to determine what is in scriptures . When religious people do not agree with their interpretation ,they feel they have a license to say whatever they wish about the Pope etc. This rationale is faulty and bigoted.

I was on another board and another Utopian Leftist not 167 was on a tear on Christianity. He blamed the Holocaust and the fall of the Roman Empire on Christianity. I pointed out that I lived amongst Holocaust survivors and never heard
this from them. He went on to call me historically ignorant. The truth is I have likely read seven books to each one he has read on the subject of the Holocaust.

Admitedly like 167 this critic is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I do hope that his first language is not English. I also never thought I could find a person who seriously give me a run for the title worst speller in the USA. This person shall
be nicknamed 170.

" Bush lied because most people like him think everything can be solved through guns
and Jesus."

Religion is not meant to be PC and all religions have a natural tendency to portray
the faithful more favorably. Thus I have zero problem with religocentrism as long as there is Civil law and no violence.

The question is why do the PC brigades feel it is their right to tell me what the Torah says about Gays ? The Old Testament is quite clear on this subject .Does this
mean that I approve of discrimination against Gays ?

I accept and am thankful for the cleavage of Civil Law from religious law. Gays should have the same rights as everyone else within reason. This does not entitle them to superceede theological laws they deem unfair. Thus Gays are not entitled to be cantors or Rabbis in an Orthodox Temple. They can do so in a reformed temple if this is their calling.

The comparison with racial and ethnic minorities is invalid. I also hope that a gay gene is never found. This would lead to the possibility of children being aborted due to orientation . I am pro choice but that would be evil. It would also lead to the possibility of potential cures and that is uneccessary. It would lead to the possible labeling of gays as genetic defectives or freaks. 167 is a freak but that is because he functions without a brain. The safest view for society is to view it as a matter of peference. I prefer petite brunette females , the next guy prefers redheaded females and Clive likes mediteranean men. If we all desired the same type
life would be boring and 9/10 of us would never see any romance. I honestly do not care what someones sexual peference is . Does my love of pettite brunettes make me a better person then 167 who is gay ? 167 gayness tells us zero about him by itself.
His stupidity , arrogance and assorted bigotries tell us all we need to know.

The question of who is forcing their values on whom is not readily apparent. I am all
for teaching children to respect everyone including Gays. I am against the teaching of sexual techniques. A perfect example is on a recent post this website
http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/ . scroll down to I am not a homophobe. Do kids realy have to learn about fisting and watersports ? This material crosses the line of good taste and is inapropriate.

Respect for everyone includes religious people. The fact that their religious views
do not agree with your politics does not create open season for bigotry. I do draw the line when violence is urged religiously. Human rights are civil matters they should be discussed sans religion . Most religions accept a separation of Church and state. These left wing utopian blowhards hurt their cause each and every time they
go on a anti-religious rant.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Is this the Hill you wish to Die on

I understand the frustration with the idiocy of the left . We are supposed to have every respect for Islam , althougth some show zero respect for anyone else's religion. My problem is not with Muslims but with this liberal PC police. Thus any discussion of Islamic history or Culture becomes racist. The fact that Muslims do not
constitute a race is obvious to all except the bigot with an IQ of 167.

I do not like the idea of book burning in general. Books are meant to be read and burning religious texts serve no purpose other to inflame. I know the idiocy of the Conyers resolution especialy when one considers his statements on flag burning. Conyers is part of the Progressive Caucus and has ties to Far left groups. He also voted against bills on Flag Desecration and Burning the Flag. Now he wants us to suddenly respect symbols.

Burning books was a Nazi tactic there were mass burnings of Jewish books. Communists
also had banned books and people written out of history. I am vehemently against cencoring books like Huck Finn for use of the N word. I also do not want the Canterbury Tales and Shakespeare banned for anti-semitism. The burning of libraries and books always portend something ominious.

Yet I understand the necessity to stop sanitizing history. Islam was spread by violent conquest . Minorities were brutalized and subjected to Jim Crow dhimmi laws.
Slavery was practiced on a wider then the American slave trade. Nor were the only slaves black in the Eastern Slave trade.There were plenty of slaves from Christian areas but blacks were the most common. Thus when the NOI talks about Christianity as
a slave religion this becomes comedic. Then again according to Stephen Schwartz the NOI is not an Islamic group but a cult.

We must talk openly about terrorism . Terrorist do not opperate in a vacum as my posts on Mugniyah and Nidal show. They opperate with the intelligence agencies and as proxies for rouge states. Initialy the USSR trained men like Nidal to do their dirty work. The media incorrectly portrayed terrorists as disaffected revolutionaries. Men like Nidal and Mougniyah serve a paymaster and are mercenaries.
Terrorism is asymetrical warfare attacking a military convoy is different from shooting School kids in the back in Beslan .

We must take a look at the lack of rights in the Islamic world . We must take a look
at the dreadful treatment of minorities in the Muslim world. We must not accept excuses or rationalization . The cult of low expectations endangers each and every one of us.

I will say this to the leftist Utopians and Muslims. I am an American you can not and will not intimidate me into silence. Americans cherish their rights and freedom.
Our culture extends you the right of freedom . If you can not live in a culture of free speech then leave. I will not cater to you or anyone else.

A Valid Liberal Complaint ????

People who regularly read this blog know I respect real liberals. In fact other then my zero patience policy with Communists and Green imposters we have much in common.
The accusation is that I use a broad brush and paint every one on the left with the same brush. There may be some truth to this but the left does the same thing with talk about the religios right. The difference is the religious right has never been subversive nor killed 100,000,000 people. The ties of the progessive caucus to Code Pink, ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice are more incendiary. Even a comparison
to the KKK is unfair as the KKK never killed 100,000,000 people. The KKK and David Duke are also vile and loathsome and I would protest them as well.

An examination of who and what Neocons are leads to the left. Most of the Neocons revere Scoop Jackson who was a tough Cold War liberal. Sadly the definition of what is a liberal was warped by Cold War obstructionist like John Kerry, Tom Harkin and Ted Weiss. The Neocons were welcomed into Reagans big tent and were a voice in the Contra Wars. The Contras were the most prominent in a series of proxy wars that rolled back Communism. The question should be did the policies of Cold War obstructionism cause the Neocons to bolt ? The failure of liberals to push out elements that do not belong hurt them in the long run.

I will search for a better phrase that upsets liberals less. Leftist Utopians would also include the Greens who are mostly mislabeled Communists. It would be nice if familiar bloggers like the Disgruntled Chemist would cut the party of God nonsense.
The difference between this blog and some of the liberal blogs is we do not use profanity or parody anyone other then 167 and Simon Jones professional Anti-Semites.

I will try to use Leftist Utopians as a substitute.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Short Post

In my interactions with liberals they get touchy about some charges I make

1 They blame America First
Absolutely, rather then give the USA credit they join the overseas anti American chorus. This is why on a familiar liberal blog the statement that Abu Gharib is typical behavior. I immediately responded and let the dunce who said it get an earfull. The problem with the liberals is they tend to believe evey anti American chage. Sadam in his Underwear is linked to alleged abuse in Guantanamo.... No a corrupt gaurd sold some photos and I got a good laugh

2 They make Common cause with Communist and other far left seditious types.
Code Pink , International Answer , United for Peace and Justice are Communist led front groups. Democratic Political figures speak at their rallies and have connections to these groups. The Antiwar movement is Communist led and organized. The failure of liberals to denounce or distance themselves from seditious parties
discredits the liberals. The liberal response is we are not Communists. No but you made common cause and failed to distance yourself.

3 The left has a range of officialy sanctioned bigotries. Thus liberal blogs can parody Religious Christians , Catholics , Jews, Mormons, Hindus. Thus the Chemist and company can Pope bash for a week , no problem. They can portray Fundamentalists
Christians as mental defectives with no problem . The reality is they are pushing their liberal views on Christians and Jews. I certainly know what the Torah says on homosexuality. This does not mean I want to see them persecuted.
All human rights including Gay rights are in the Constitution. They origins and source of human rights is civil law not theology.

More Proof That Left Wing Jooos do not practice the religion

I want to thank 167 who is so worried about racist islamophobia but ignores his own
pathologial anti- semitism, anti Americanism, Born again Christian, Jehovas witnesses,Catholics and Republicans victoriously has backed 4 Axioms about the left
without trying.

Axiom number 1 Liberals are great people who have reading comprehension issues. They
demonize authors and books they have not read. They will make long posts based on materials they have not read. When presented with obvious anti- semitism and anti Americanism they clam up. Thus liberalism may be a learning disability that when someone on the left says something we dismiss it as meaningless or rationalize

Take this reading test a quote from 167 "But on the subject of Iraq and the whole Fascist Judea- American Neocon war on terror Fraud "

Every conservative viewed this as Anti Semitic and Anti American.
1 Use of the term Fascist to link Americans and Jews to Right wing hate groups
Except that Fascist refers to the Italian version of Socialism. The original name of the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party. The old model of a left right line is outmoded. Thus the similarities of Nazis and Communists (genocide and removal of
all civil liberties, central planning) are hardly mere coincidence.
2 The linkage of Jews and Israel to the war on terror. The war is being fought for Israel and the Joooos.The fact that if it were Israel direction the targets would be
A Iran developing Nuclear missiles and Funding Hezbollah B Saudi Arabia the sponsor
of terror C Syria Funder of Hezbollah D Lebanon Home of Hezbollah E The PA where 95%
of the terrorism originates F Iraq with an incompetent army and zero airforce
3 The phrase implies a jooooish cabal to run the White House. Jewish Cabals are anti semitism 101 and were standard in Nazi propaganda and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Classic Blood libel.
4The war on Terror as a fraud. My city was attacked twice and several plans were caught before fruition and the suspects had a common denominator Islamic fundamentalism. We can cite a series of provocations dating back from the RFK people
forget Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian. The USA waited too long to respond to this
and the Lone Bright spots were Reagan's Personal message to Quadaffi in 86. He has since stopped funding terror. There was also the brilliant capture of the Achille Lauro hijackers planed in part by Col North.

When confronted with this quote American Liberals say
1 Not anti semitic but the Author is stupid . The respondent is unaware of the 167 IQ
2 No Comment Please
3 Anti Zionism is not Anti Semitism ....When the quote was broken down the respondent
where have I said the war on terror was being waged for Israel or spoken of Jewish
Cabals. The problem was that he did not see the blatant biases in the original.

2 Axiom 2 The extreeme left is an inherently seditious movement treasonous by nature.
Thus Chomsky , Finkelstein , Lerner , Kovell have no qualms about betraying Israel or
America for the Cause. Jewish Critics of Israel are found almost exclusively on the hard left. The myopia is that those on the left deny the presence of Communists in their ranks. They merely march in anti war rallies organized by them and there were
DNC volunteers and shirts every where. People like Kovell and Finkelstein now call themselves Greens to escape the Communist Stigma . Chomsky hides behind the Anarchist label.
The critique that the protesters weren't Communists is because the left allows a fiction game. Known Communists create a front Group and Claim it is independent Answer and Code Pink are two of the more prominent ones. Would they be as tolerant if David Duke started a Green movement to save the Dung Beetle ?

Liberals want us to ignore that Maxine Waters has spoken at events for ANSWER. Howver we are supposed to get outraged by GOP people speaking at Bob Jomes. Yet we
are to to ignore Tom Hayden and the Progressive Democrats . If one looks at the list of speakers at any of the Communist Sponsored Peace Rallies one will typicaly find members of the progressive Caucus. We are also to ignore Henry Waxman's role in helping Code Pink Founder Madea Benjamin get 600,000 in money and medical suppiles in Fallujah. What administration did Ramsey Clark serve in ,but there are no ties of
the Democratic Party to Communists.

Axiom 3 Left wing Joooos are not Jews and seldom practice the faith or have basic knowledge of the religion. Jewish Women Watching

" Jewish Theological Seminary will not knowingly admit Gays to its Rabinical or Cantorial School"

Good for them as it shows that they still read the Torah. The Old Testament is quite clear on the subject of homosexuality. The matter of sexual conduct is discussed in the Bible. The fact that this group is protesting a Jewish seminary for following scripture is proof the Leftist are illiterate.

This recurring question of the role of homosexuals in Churches and Temples is left wing bigotry. The scriptures say something we do not like so lets throw a temper tantrum in a Cathedral. The question of who is being disrespectful to whom is obvious. If you do not like the teachings of a religious movement you are free to leave or go to a more liberal denomination. The complaint about the left in these matters is the left trying to force its values upon the majority.

The group also rails against Falwell,Robertson and Reed all friends of Israel. Thus pretending that this is a non partisan group becomes laughable. Lets see they can't
read the Torah and Rail against the religious right. They wail about Michael Steinhard sending youth to Israel . However Kudo's to the AJC for firing progressives. The nerve of the AJC asserting that its offices uphold Jewish and mainstream political vales.Now if the DNC could follow this example and boot the progressive Caucus . The group seems way more dedicated to condom distribution then
actual Judaism.The illiterate message spends an amazing amount of time griping about
the sexism of one blessing and complaints of bad treatment in a bakery. Bad service
in Bakeries and a blessing rank right up there on the feminist agenda with honor killing,Female genital mutilation, dowery burnings, footbinding and forced wearing of Bhukhas and Chadors. Yet the independent group manages to get a few gibes at Israel and Zionists. However as I have said earlier the groups illustrates that leftist who call themselves Jews are not Jew but Joooooos. Joooooos know zero about
their religion and history and care only for the left wing cause. Thus Joooos like Chomsky and Finkelstein readily serve the movement at the expense of their people. The Communist term is useful idiot and idiocy seems to be the chief occupation of the communists when not killing 100,000,000 or protesting.

Axiom # 4 There is a victim hierarchy on the left. At the top of the list is Muslims.
Thus any look at Muslim history that is unflatering is Racist. Muslims become a race
only in the language of the brain dead left. When one points to the Muslim equivalent of the crimes of Western Civ it is racism. This is used to justify a series of colonial excesses and abuse of a range of people. A partial list Jews, Assyrians, Copts, Yezidi, Greeks, Armenians,Hidus,Sihks , Budhists ,Slavs, Bhai and Zorastrians. The fact that they are exempt from bigotry against Gays. Thus the fact that Gays can't be Rabbis is more important then countries that kill and imprison gays. In fact Muslims have a right to ignore all norms of human rights in their countries and create fictional indigenous people. They also get to harass real indigenous people in their own lands. They also have the right to commit depraved
terrorist acts . If you defend yourself it is called racism.
Second On the list is Communist Countries such as China, Cuba , Vietnam etc. Communist get commit human rights abuses and to supress indigenous people. One can not ever talk about human rights in China, Vietnam, Zimbabwe or Cuba. Pictures of Sadam in his underwear is more important the 30 years of human rights abuse in Vietnam
3 Gays unless it violates rule one or two. Thus a cantorial school denying admission
is more important then Saudi Arabia that kills gays as law or Zimbabwe where Gays are persecuted.
4 Blacks unless it comes into conflict with 1, 2 ,3
Thus Sudan was allowed to persist for 20 years .Arab Muslims were alowed to kill black Christians. Now that Arabs have started to kill black muslims as well some on the left want to get involved . The fact is that religious Conservatives were the only ones talking about this subject in the context of slavery. Muslims were alowed to practice slavery up until today with nary a peep. Cuba is allowed to treat its blacks as second class citizens due to rule.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Why do Liberal talk about books and authors they have not read

I do admit to interacting with Liberal bloggers and with one exception they are all
great people. The person with the IQ of 167 is the exception as he is brain dead and
pathologicaly bigoted and incapable of defending his posts. I have alot of respect for Kafkaesq and B of Moral Authority. Rob of Dirty Liberal Words just has the best sense of humor on the net. The Chemist,JRH and AC Patriot are good guys who are a bit
angry at times. Still they are good blog hosts and that is our most important Job.

The Chemist has put up at least three posts about David Horowitz on his blog under Paranoid Conservatives. I asked him how many David Horowitz books he has read. The response was zero. He asked me how many Michael Moore books I read the response was one but I do not post on Moore. Moore is not a liberal and left Mother Jones because
he was too radical for them. Moore is a Far left anti-capitalist nostalgic for the good old days of Marx. He is an intellectual lightweight and best described as Groucho Marxist.

The fact that the Chemist read zero books did not deter him from posting on the subject. I have read six of his books and scores of articles . I have exchanged emails with David Horowitz. I do not blog on Horowitz often except to say his writing influenced me. The writer that was most influential was Eric Breindel.However if I post on Breindel only Jason and Pam know who he is. There should be a site dedicated to Breindel.

Another book liberals love to discuss but have not read is Unfit for Command.I have asked the Liberal critics did you read the book.Well.......How did you know what was in the book if you did not read the book .But none of the guys that testified were in the boat. Wrong Steve Gardner spent more time with Kerry then any other crewmate.
"He is disgruntled". What about the second half of the book about his activities as a protester ? " You conservatives will never forgive .... Typical liberal will tell
a person about a book he has not read.

I will print my favorite snippet about LT Ted Peck . Peck knew a jerk when he saw one. pg41
"But in Kerry's own unit Coastal div 14,his attempt to gain an award through fraud marked him as someone who could not be trusted. When Kerry was dispatched to An Thoi
with LT Ted Peck ,Peck told him "Kerry follow me no closer than a 1000 yards . If you get any closer I will show you what a real Purple Heart is."
pg43 "..Peck remembers Kerry's constant gripping about the transfer. In Tour of Duty
Brinkley writes that both Kerry and Peck were opposed to this assignment. Following Kerry's account Brinkley qoutes Peck telling his men,"Thereis no way I was leaving Cam Rahn Bay Voluntarily to go up the rivers. That was a suicide mission. ....Peck remembered Kerry distinctly objecting saying he did not volunteer for the war that was occuring in Nam Can and U Minh forests. Peck believed that Kerry did not belong in the Navy. In Brinkley's account the one guy who got his ire up the quickest was John Kerry, who he found standoffish and condescending. "I didn't like nothing about him" Peck proclaimed "Nothing". For his part Kerry liked Peck and decades later recalled none of this supposed animosity between them.

According to Peck,it was simply easier to get Kerry out of Ann Thoi then to lisen to his constant bellyaching about how he had not voluntered for this kind of danger. Better to just get rid of Kerry and let him be somebody else's problem/

William Franke echoes Pecks explanation of why Kerry was so quickly transered out of An Thoi:
Kerry vigorously protested being transfered to An Thoi arguing that he voluntered for coastal patrol and not for the more hazardous duty of missions within the inland waterways. Indeed his objections were so strong that upon his first assignment to An Thoi he was transfered out in a week"

This is my favorite Kerry Story pg 94-95
" The real home coming that most Swiftees will never forget occured at St Albans Naval Hospital in early 04/69 where Peck the commander of PCF94 lay recovering from wounds he suffered on 01/29/69. Peck was horrified to learn that PCF 94 and his crew was turned over to Kerry after he had been wounded . He thought "How can the Navy do this to me after all I've suffered.

Still in pain and suffering from his wounds, Peck was stunned to see a well groomed Kerry pop into his room compette in dress whites and attache cord. " Kerry you son of a Bitch" Peck Said " What are you doing here ? You were there a couple of months"

Kerry replied (lying about his own request to come home) "Tedd the Navy decided it was time for me to come home" Kerry explained he was visiting the wounded as an Admiral's aide.

Within a short time ,Kerry sought to recruit Peck for the VVAW, which Kerry described as a group he had oganized. Peck dumbfoundedasked Kerry "John how can you do this? All of our guys are still over there in Vietnam.

Kerry had no answer.

We have never been give any more of a real answer from Kerry then the one Ted Peck recieved while lying in his hospital bed."

Patriotic Dissent versus Paranoid and Bigoted

My position on the War on Iraq is well known to readers of this blog. I want to qualify for my readers and non readers my position on the antiwar movement. Unlike the typical prowar blog I am not a Conservative . Others may refer to me as a Conservative and the term is relative. Compared to a far left lunatic I am considered conservative.

There are ways to dissent on the war on terror and still be a patriot. The point is
that the correct form of dissent is rare. Liberals get upset when I point to the excesses of the left. Liberals also get upset when I point to the perpetual misguided
rage of the left. The point is if you can not talk to a moderate like myself you will
never get back in power.

1 Proper Dissent - I do not agree with the war in Iraq it is not the best way to handle terrorism. The terrorist problem can be resolved better by doing x. Lets get out of Iraq and bring the troops home.
Not a dissent I agree with but patriotic.

2A Unpatriotic Dissent - Any association with groups led by Communists such as Code Pink and Answer. Any discussion with a proven seditious movement that has caused
the death of 100,000,000. The issue is terrorism not Capitalism and much of the anti-
war movement is thinly diguised anti Capitalism .

2B Blame America first crowd . This part is comedic because it is a tactic used by Zinn etc. However when we apply the exact same model on Islam the left cries racist
except that Arab, Muslims and Palestinians do not qualify as a race. Thus the left
loves to play this game but when the tactic is extended to its logical conclusion it is unfair. If indict a group by its history is acceptable on Western Civilizations then Islam and every other group shall be judged similarly. The ironic part is that this is a Marxist perspective on history and the followers of Marx are responsible for 100,000,000 deaths.

3 Bigotry and Conspiracy Cranks.
Recidivist 5/19/05 " On the subject of the war in Iraq and the whole fascist Judea- Neocon war on terror fraud.

This is anti American bigoted and laced with conspiratoral thinking.This brings up
standard anti- semitic cannards of dual loyalty and the cabal of Jews trying to rule
the world. A similar discussion of a conspiracy involving a velvet Mafia by conservatives would be dismissed as Crank talk and bigotry. The failure of liberals to adress this issue is amazing. I have zero doubt that the majority of liberals are
not anti- semites. I know Kafkaesq and B are not anti- semites but it would be nice to hear them adress the issue.

The portrayal of religious Christians as less intelligent or brainwashed. This is standard fare among some liberals . There was a disturbing amount of bigotry aimed at
the new Pope in familiar blogs. The teachings of any Church belong to the Clergy and members of the Church . There are many interpretations of every scripture and for outsiders to lecture the Church on its teachings is arrogance and bigotry. If you
do not agree with the positions find a Church or religion more suited to yours or fight from within.

My position on the treatment of Gays in society is a Civil matter. I do not wish to live in a country where they are persecuted. However I also do not wish to live in a Country where kids are taught about homosexuality in the second grade. The context should also be respect for difference rather then graphic sexual technique. I also do not wish to live in a culture where the government lectures churches on theology.
I do find it interesting that some of the loudest voices on the Christian position towards Gays say zero about Islamic teachings. In fact they say next to zero when
sermons advocating the killing of Jews, Christians ,Gays etc are translated by MEMRI. The usual cry is Islamophobia at the mention of those speeches.

I have recently been hearing anti India and Hindu themes . The usual cries are the BJP is the new Likud. Hiduism is a racist religion and is barbaric. India is stealing alll the tech jobs. This nascent bigotry is new on the left and surprised me. I guess adding Hindus to the list of accepted bigotries is a form of multiculturalism. However if one sneezes in the direction of Islam that is bigotry.

The Bush equals Hitler bit is standard bigotry. Intelligent Liberals run from it but
our friend in the UK seems to run towards this. We can disagree on policy and one can safely say the president is a bad man, I disagree. There are no extermination camps. There has been zero attempts to mass convert the population . There has been zero attempt to permanetly occupy the country. Once the nations have armies and can stand on their own we will depart.

The equivocation of those on the left of Bush and Osama as equals. Osama killed 3000 Americans in a sneak attack . This act was aimed at Civilians who were going to work.
I am an eye witness to 9-11 and seeing people drop from the WTC has given me a another perspective. I also survived WTC 93 a blast that was tied back to Saddam. Ramzi Youssef worked with Iraqi intelligence and is bin Al Sheebs of Al Qeda's nephew. The fact is Clinton did zero about WTC 93 but this is not his fault. The path to WTC leads to the Kahane assassination and Bush 1. The refusal to dig into wider networks to assure that the public was safe seems to be a multi administration
failing. The PC brigades are reponsible for this failing. We learned the wrong lesson from the Cold War our enemies hid behind red baiting. In the 9-11 age added scruitiny on Muslims is reality. Where should we look for terrorists Nascar races,
Senior citizen centers , Buddhist temples, Rap Concerts ,Star Trek conventions or Mosques. The reality is that we are facing Islamic Radicalism and the answer is obvious. We should also look at those on the far left with more scruitiny. My usage of the term far left does not include liberals but the Reds, Anarchists some of the Greens. Many former Communists call themselves Greens or Progressives.

The profusion of conspiracy cranks who run around blaming everone for 9-11 except Osama . Most of the suspects in these conspiracy theories are Jews. The whole discussion Bush lied and war for oil are a step above. Every intelligence agency has the same estimate on WMD including the French, Russian,Israeli , Egyptian and the WMD were likely moved to Syria that has had chemical weapons from the 70's. The fact that Syria and Egypt both have had Chemical weapons for such a long time is ignored
by idiots like 167. Egypt allegedly used Chemical weapons in the Yemen civil war in the 60's.

I have discussed the bigotry and the communists on liberal sites. The response is the
expected denial. My advice to the liberals from a moderate.

1 Ditch the Communists and disavow any association. Code Pink and Answer are Communist led get them out of your protests and keep them away from the democratic party.

2 Loose the anger and try to talk like lucid people. People do not listen to foul mouthed angry voices. You don't like the war in Iraq is a far cry from Bush = Hitler.

3 Clean up your mess with bigotry in your ranks. The portrayals of the Pope and Religious Christians is bigoted and arrogant. The word games with Jews and Zionism should cease. The second we start talking about cabals you have veered into bigotry.
The Iraq war has zero to do with Israel . If srael were the motivator Iran,Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon (Hezbollah) would rank higher.

4 Come up with an alternate plan for dealing with Terrorism. Law enforcement and diplomacy failed. The denial or minimization of the problem does not work.

5 End this PC foolishness that may get us killed. There is a problem and it comes from a certain area. Denial of obvious realities may get us killed. Lack of human rights and the cult of low expectations for Muslim countries are another form of bigotry (not race as Muslims and Arabs are not a race)

6 Human rights come from the Constitution focus your gay rights issues there. Complaining about Church teachings is arrogant and a waste of time.

7 Avoid the reflexive America is the focus of the world evils bit . Avoid blame America first reaction

8 If the Zinn historical model used on Islam is bigotry do not use it on Western Civ
or American History.

9 Stop telling us what people think overseas . Tell us what you think.

10 When people make anti American statements stand up for your country. I do not agree with this policy but your assesment of this a typical American behavior is wrong.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Why do Liberals accept PC bigotry

There are some liberals who are genuinely good people that I sometimes agree with.
Kafkaesq of USD law and B of Moral Authority are good Patriotic liberals and decent
people. JRH and the Disgruntled Chemist are angry Liberals who are still patriots in their own way.

The two questions that upset the liberals
1 Why do Liberals put up with Anti-Semitism and other types of bigotry ?
2 Is there a significant faction of permanently angry liberals ?

The Recidivist is an example of this bigotry and most of the Liberals I mention regularly interact with the clod who has a 167 IQ. He regularly rails about perceived racist Islamophobes and Homophobes. Yet he turns right around and indulges in his own form of bigotries that he denies. Today's post is typical of a PC hierachy
of victims.

05/19/05 actually

"....I have to confess that I would generally think of George Galloway as a bit of misguided tosser.

Under most circumstances , the very mention of his name would induce the same vaguely unclean syphilitic feeling that tends to sweep over you when someone mentions Mormon missionaries, Cliff Richard, Born Again Christians, Jehovah witness
door steppers and the Socialist Workers Party... But on the subject of Iraq and the whole fascist Judea-American Neocon war on terror fraud, I happen to agree with him
and think that compared to his racist islamophobic accusers he is a saint."

I add to this his linkage of Simon Jones a pathological Anti Semite whose works appear in the anti Semitic Jewish Tribal Review. This is not a case of bad links as
the Recididumbass linked a post that claims all Joooos perceive Gentiles as the enemy
and Jews are responsible for Alienation and pollution , both conditions precede Jews.
The post is We are all Jews which claims Westerners are defacto Jooos. We do know and have demonstrated the man with the 167 IQ is barely literate.

Lets count the bigotries in the long run on sentence. Mormons, Born Again Chistians,
Jehovah's Witnesses and allegedly the Socialist Workers Party. His previous statements tend to make that dubious so far three. Americans, Jews and Republicans are his next group. He has uttered at least six slurs in a run on sentence. Yet he is concerned about racism and islamophobia.

Lets get to some basic facts about Mormons. The worst thing a Mormon has ever done is inflict us with the Music of the Osmonds. No Mormon has ever committed a terrorist
act or committed treason. They live in peace and have been persecuted for their largely beliefs. If you their vision of religion is objectionable pick another Church
that is more to your liking or be an atheist.

Born again Christians have their own religious views and are almost entirely peaceful. The abortion clinic bombers do not act with Church sanction . Nor are these incidents anywhere near as deadly or common. Nor do the vast preponderance of born again Christians call for the deaths of Jews, Gays or Atheists.

In sum the Recididumbass has slurred Christians because the left deems that PC. This is why it is okay to bash the Pope and make snide remarks about Jews . The Recididork
swears he is not anti Joooooooooo but anti Zionist so how will he spin the above remarks. My guess is that he has never been challenged amongst liberals.

Now turning again to his preoccupation with Jooos. The phrase phrase Fascist Judeo- American is a slur against America. The fiction of a Joooish cabal of neocons pulling the strings of President Bush like a marionette is standard anti-semitism.
Yet Kafkaesq has defended this person in the past . This legal challenge may be more then he can handle.

What would these liberals do is we started a similar notions about the velvet Mafia
running the DNC ? How quick would they run and scream if a conservative slurred blacks, Hispanics or Indians ?

The whole notion of telling a church what its policy on gays should be is bigotry. Religious doctrine belongs to church theologians and personal political views have zero place in the discussion.For example the Old Testament is quite clear on the subject. The fact that my own personal views do not match the scripture is relevant.
I will not accept Homophobia in the work place or by government. Nor do I desire to live in a country that persecutes Gays. Gays should be left alone and get no special or adverse treatment from society.Yet these mostly secular types including the Recididolt who announced his depbatism ;feel they have the right to lecture people who practice the religion. The Recididupe condemns churches for teaching gays will go to hell because he reserves that for Zionists like Richard Poe.

Moving along to Islam that he is so worried about. Islamic governments actively persecute Gays as government policy. Has the Recididummy said a word about this persecution.No he clings to a fantasy where Gays are persecuted in the USA. The US government prosecutes people who commit crimes against gays. If one is interested one can view the post at this blog in March on the sodomy laws in Muslim nations.

Moving to the war on terror my city was attacked on 9-11 and I am an eyewitness. 3000
dead people lost their lives at the WTC because a twisted evil man sees it as his path to god.When your path to God endangers my life and that of other Americans it is time to clean house.

This was not the first time my City had been attacked . The same crew blew up the WTC in 93 and I am a survivor. Bill Clinton never visited the site or did anything and it was well before Monica. This is not to blame Clinton as he could not have imagined 9-11. There were also plans by Muslim terrorists to blow up bridges and tunnels . There was also the millennium plot that was foiled.

Do Jews blow up Mosques in NYC ? Muslims have blown up synagogues in Argentina, Turkey and Algeria. Still the recidunce is so worried about Neocons persecuting Muslims and Islamophobia. If one reads the article on Abu Nidal and Mougniyah the conventional view that terrorists are disaffected shadowy disgruntled people is a lie. Abu Nidal was a mercenary who worked for various governments including Iraq , Syria , Lybia and Egypt. Mougniyah works for Iran and Syria and has ties to Bin Ladden and Abu Nidal. Terrorists are supported by states and when the trail of Bin Ladden is complete I have zero doubt that it will lead back to Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq. Mougniyah is a Shia and it did not prevent him from collaboration with a Sunni Fundamentalist Bin Ladden or the Socialist Abu Nidal.

The man with the 167 IQ has some more bile to spew
05/19/2005 The Politics of Fear
Talking about a BBC documentary which speaks volumes about what is wrong with the BBC. In fact it is called the Baghdad Broadcasting Network in local NYC radio shows

"The series which casts Wolfowitz , Perle (two bad Joooooooooos)and Rumsfield ( affirmative action Gentile) as the counterpart extremists to Osama Bin Ladden and how they deliberately used carefully nurtured angst and largely illusionary fear of terror ( I must have imagined seeing the people falling from the WTC) and hidden webs of evil to reinforce their authority and rally the cause of Islamophobic neoconservative- in much the same way that an earlier generations exaggerated the danger of Communism and the Soviet Union"

Lets do this slowly for the liberals who are in denial.The Recidivist believes
1 Osama bin Laden and the Neocons are moral equivalents. This defies logical thought
and is more proof of brain impairment.
2 Terrorism is an illusionary threat. 9-11, WTC 93 were just incoveniences. 3000 dead
Americans is just a trivial detail. School kids shot in Beslan just civil disobedience. Trains in Spain blown up without planes is a line from My Fair Lady.
Hotel Bombing in Bali well that was somebody upset over roomservice. Synagogues in Tunisia, Turkey and Argentina well that must be an insurance scam. The flight over Lockerbie was a malfunction. This defies rational thought.
3 No vast networks of terror
Read the section on Mugniyah and Abu Nidal. Abu Nidal was often a tool of Communists as well.
4 Thus is you are for the war on terror you are an Islmophobe.
If you have the nerve to say this is barbaric and must stop or defend yourself you are an Islamophobe. The Government of Egypt must also be Islamophobic as it actively
hunts the Muslim Brotherhood when not persecuting Copts. Musharaf must also be Islamophobic as he has made some attempts to hunt these extremists . He was prodded by a few inconvenient assassination attempts.
5 I will get to Communism later.

"Durring the Cold War conservatives eaggerated the threat of the Soviet Union . In reality communism was collapsing from within and brought itself down , but now Neocons misrepresent the fall as a great epic victory for Capitalism so that they can
justify inflating the dangers posed by the Islamic extreemists , because it fits the American vision of an epic battle...the irony being that this all suits Al Qaeda just fine,because it justifies their existence and makes them look much more powerful then they are".

1 100,000,000 million dead plus a series of proxy wars is not an exageration. 100,000,000 represents the largest crime ever perpetrated by mankind. However a good
Communist like the Recididupe will dismiss that number while railing against zionism
for way less even in his inflated numbers .
2 Communism did not collapse from within . Reagan started a series of proxy revolutions aimed at rolling back Communism. People like the Recididummy were singing the praises of the Sandanistas. Yet when the people spoke they sent the Sandanistas packing. The proxy armies drained the resoures and morale of the Communists. The prospect of matching the Reagan military build up was a battle the feeble communist eccconomies couldn't do. It was an epic struggle between Capitalism and a murderous totalitarian death cult called Communism.
There are numerous people in NYC that lived under Communism . There are entire Russian and Polish enclaves and they sing the praise of one man Reagan. Had we listen to the resdidope the Soviet Union would still be here and the weapons would
be pointed at us.
3 The Recidumbass thinks that the threat is exagerated and that the war on terror is a joke. He spends zero words on another nihilistic death cult . Thus we Americans should just sit here and wait to be blown up. Maybe thats the way braindead Communists think but the time has come to take the battle to the enemy and it is 25 years overdue. We have tried ignoring the problem since Carter. The exception was the message Reagan sent Quadaffi . The message was delivered to his doorstep and France did what it always does tried to sabotage the mission . Quadaffi stopped his support for terrorist activity shortly after. For the most part we ignored the attacks. Terrorism is not a criminal act it is assymetrical warfare carried out by proxy groups in concert with intelligence services of countries. We allowed the communists and the arabs to propogate the myth of the terrorist that hide in the shadows. It was easier to maintain that illusion then to deal with the sources directly. 9-11 changed the way we respond to terror and it is long overdue. People in the Middle East do not talk about paper tigers, they talkof Cowboys. Rouge states are not exactly lining up to help terrorists strike at the US.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Delusions of Gradeur from Mr 167 IQ

The Recididumass now thinks he has upset the Neocons . It is an amazing thing when
someone is so clueless that he doesn't realize he is being laughed at. He doesn't have a clue as to who is and who isn't a neocon.

Dr Yeagley is not a neocon and is a classic conservative. Poe seldom writes on Israel and is closer to a traditionalist. I am a Rudy Republican but have been interpreted as a Neocon, the label may have some validity.

Do you want to look at the site meter for Moonbat Central or Bad Eagle. People listen
to and respect Dr Yeagley and Mr Poe. Who listens to the man with the 167 IQ Craig B
and the useless idiot Viper ? I see more names on my blog lately then his. Every poster on my site except one has a blog that the public can acsess.

The Man with the 167 IQ has not figured out we conservatives are using him as a comedic prop. He has become a foulmouthed low class rubber chicken good for a laugh
and not much else.

Poe is laughing as we speak at a low class,stupid untalented blogger. Nobody is upset at all we are too busy laughing . Do you want to ask another one of your friends to ask me to stop picking on you. Listen up Mr 167 I am a Jooooooo and an American Patriot. I walk on two legs as opposed to the aptly named Viper who slithers on the ground. Any poster that comes here walks on two legs like men . We are Americans and proud of it. If that does not suit your wishes too bad. The shame is that there are Americans who do not recognize an Anti Semite and a probable Communist. However Jason , Pam and myself are NYC residents and we know your kind well. Warren and Bubba served in Vietnam and they have heard your kind as well.

Message from "Hell Bound Zionist " to Recididope

I correspond with several writers most take the time and answer my questions. Mr Poe
has been rather helpful and has changed my mind on a few subjects with brilliant points. Imagine my surpise when the man with the 167 IQ starts attacking Mr Poe.

A person is known by the company they keep and the Recidivists best known writer friend is Simon "Butthead " Jones anti - semite whose works can be found in the equally notoriously anti-semitic Jewish Tribal review. Among the thirty writers I have corresponded with are David Horowitz, Richard Poe and Dr David Yeagley. I guess the recididimwit choice of an anti semitic writer is an accident .

" My eternal thanks to Red Jalepeno for poining me in the direction of this comical
thread over at DTN's Fucktard Central where the slime creatures were in a boil........ "

"The potty -mouthed moron himself Richard Poe wants George Lucas and all the good folks at Lucas films LTD. to know they have placed a burr under my saddle.. does he imagine that the good folks at Lucas films actualy give a shit what an insignificant
paranoid dunderhead like Richard Poe thinks"

Potty mouthed is odd claim from the notoriously foul mouthed poster who just used
the word Fucktard and has his middle finger on his blog today . More examples of his sophisticated manners include putting a pigs snout of Ariel Sharon.

Poe has written several books and to the best of my knowledge never wrote a 93 word sentence with 13 commas or in the Recididummy's case comas. When Mr Poe goes to the bathroom what he flushes in the toilet is smarter then the Recidope who by the way has an IQ of 167. Mr Poe , Dr Yeagley or David Horrowitz do not have to brag about how brilliant they are, their writing speaks for itself. I have never seen or heard any foul language from Mr Poe. Poe does not suffer fools easily ,so the man with the 167 IQ would last ten seconds or long enough to say duh.

Some Classic Recididope comments Druze, Palestinians, Egyptians ,Iraqis are not Arabs. More Homosexuals are killed in the US then the total number of people killed in the UK. I could go on but regular readers are aware of more intellectual attrocities from the brain injured Great Dane in the UK.

"Perhaps the dimwit imagines that he is threatening freedom of artistic expression with a second coming of McCarthyism ? .. under his leadership perhaps ?

This charge coming from a person who bans Zionist from his own forum is absurd. The
mere fact that one believes Palestinians are Arabs is racist.The fact that it is accurate and mentioned in the PLO charter is lost on the man with the 167 IQ. Those
references are linguistic references , only to people who are brain injured.The fact that Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians are in no definition a race is more proof of his
inate stupidity.

" What do a handful of irate neocons trying to flex wholly imaginary political muscle
really think that they coud do in the way of damage to Lucas Films ?The more they complain and whimper , the wider the already huge international audience gets...
because the world generally hates Bush with a passion , thinks that he is the reincarnation of Hitler and will be drawn in greater numbersto the $$$ magnet "

The only people who think Bush is the reincarnation of Hitler are those who are so far off to the left they are irrelevant. Most leftwing people in the USA are embarassed by the Bush Hitler talk. They claim that idiots like this do not talk for them vehemently.

Another post from the comatose one 5/17/05

" Would NNDB being left wing autimatically make it evil and propagandist ? No and other than saying that it is a left wing propoganda site , Richard Poe hasn't actually managed to present a single fact to show that it is or why it should be dismissed .. in all of its enteries he hasn't found a single inaccuracy ...... But of course , we mustn't forget that being branded left wing by the dimwits at DTN simply means that you aren't a rabid hell bound Zionist and that you dare to have a view different from theirs and must therefore be a threat to them and their twisted vision of the world"

I coresponded with Richard Poe who wrote this......"The breif snippet you quoted in which he implies that I am "rabid hell bound zionit" tells me all that I need to know. As you correctly note, I seldom write on Israel , prefering to focus on issues
closer to home".

Perhaps the brain impaired one confuses Plaut with Poe. They both write at Moonbat Central and Plaurt writes on Israel and his favorite Jooooooo Norman Finkelstein extensively.Finkelstein is a goooooood jooooooooo because he is a left wing seditious
joooooooo. Plaut and myself are bad jooooooooos because we support the right of Israel to exist and refute stacks of Arab and left wing lies.

The problem is that Left wing Communists , Nazis and Paleocons all play a disguting version of who is a Jooooo . Thus people who do not consider themselves Jews are labeled Jooos by Bigots. I am a Jew and if you have a problem with that it tough. The
whole issue is to create Joooos where Jews do not exist. The suggestion is dual loyalty on the part of the left. The same people are the first ones to scream racist at the mere hint of a similar sentiment against Muslims. Richard Poe is a Catholic and has never been Jewish or called himself Jewish . His father is Jewish but his mother was not and he was raised Catholic. Stephen Schwartz was raised in a secular home and is a Sufi Muslim. Jaimie Glazov is a Christian but calls himself a Christian Jew in recognition of his heritage. The point of many of these bigots is that the mere hint of Jewish blood makes one a Joooooo.

The truth is Jones and the Recidivist are left wing educated rednecks. Both are longwinded and have Joooooooooooo fixations. Jones is a prime contributor to the virulently anti semitic Jewish Tribal Review. The Recidivist's bigotry has been exposed various times. He cries that I am trying to silence him , but how anyone silences another blog is beyond me.

http://therecivistjornals.blogspot.com/ . He deletes comments
http://simonjones1.blogspot.com/ He is a clown

Eric Breindel takes on Holocaust Minimizers

Most anti- semites have enough brains to steer clear of the Holocaust. They avoid a the subject and move straight to Israel. Unfortunately , I get to read the Beavis
(Mr 167 IQ ) and Butthead (Simon Jones) of anti semitism. These verbose neaderthal knuckleheads love to dance around the Holocaust.

Briendel 06-21-91

" Still, there is a lot to be learned from the annex- particularly as it regards the cocerns, predjudices and priorities of at least one of the reports star authors, Dr Ali Mazrui, a political scientist and an Africanist who hold the Albert Schweitzer Chair at Suny Binghamton.

Prof Mazrui comment focuses on the generally accepted meaning of the term Holocaust. He deplores as Judeo- centric the tendency to use it to solely refer to what he describes as the 12 year experience of the Jews under Nazi intolerance,

In Mazrui's view it is critical that this term not be reserved exclusively for the Jewish experience. According to the professor American children need to know that genocide was part of the birth of this nation.

He insists that the Holocaust begins at home

Some may note an immediate flaw in Mazrui's argument . Obviously there is another readily available term that serves the professor's purpose - the one he uses initially genocide."

An aside to those who would like to hear how Native American's themselves on this issue can go to Bad Eagle. Dr David Yeagley runs a site and disagrees with Mazrui's
assesment. The topic has been discussed at length by Native Americans on Bad Eagle.
The Native American experience was a dreadful chapter in our history but it does not compare with the Holocaust.

" Thus whether or not its appropriate or not to teach school children genocide was integral to Americas birth (it is doubtful that NY parents actually want this notion handed down to their children as accepted wisdom )Mazrui himself demostrates that it isn't necessary educationally or symantically to broaden the meaning of the term
Hollocaust thus depriving it of its Judeo - Centric charachter. Why then is Mazrui dead set on fighting this battle ? Why is he so disturbed by the fact that Holocaust has come to describe the mass murder of 6,000,000 Jews by Hitler and his collaborators ? Wherefrom this obsession- an obsession so pronounced as to provoke him into submitting a seperate annex to a long public doccument ?

As it happens Jewish scholars and essayists came rather late (the second half of the 1950's ) to view that one specific term Holocaust ( or, in Hebrew Shoah) should be used to refer to the Nazi slaughter ."


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

An open Challenge to Simon Jones

I have perused your bloviations at your blog and at the anti-semitic site Jewish Tribal Review. Anytime you or your minnions want to get hit with the facts come here
and we will be glad to do so.

I want a source for your claim that Jews perceived gentiles as the enemy.

I also want to go over your claims on the Holocaust.Holocaust minimization is a mental illness.

Show some courage and bring help you need it.You will not be censored or codled.

All those who wish to see Simon Jones's anti-semitic illucid Jew obsessed musings
go to www.Jewishtribalreview.org/ or http://simonjones1.blogspot.com/

Simon Jones has one goal in life to be certified as a crank. He is excelling at his role and should recieve recognition any day.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Temporarary Change

Due to spam we will change the comments to blogger. This is not an attempt to silence annyone we like trolls . Spam sucks and in a day or so we should be able to change back . It is curious that the spam is aimed at one post.

Brain Impaired in the UK. Part one

Our friendly neighborhood bigot and mental defective is at it again. One can check my sources as I post them . We reserve the spanking series for major flubs. One would think after being spanked and ridiculed one would learn his lesson.

One can visit the brain impaired one at http://recidivistjournals.blogspot.com/

Elsewhere 5/16/05

"It wasn't only gays and lesbians that opposed Israeli actions in the occupied territories who were against the event though;Jewish religious leaders in the supposedly tolerant Israel- where a certain halfwit apologist would have us believe Gays are never persecuted, but where gay bars are firebombed - had complained that homosexuality is a sin, and that such a gathering would invoke Gods wrath and Yehuda
Levine , or the Rabinic Council of America would said the event would be a "spiritual rape " of the city of Jerusalem."

First of all this is one of his famous run on setences. He talks about other people being halfwits and writes an 87 word sentence. Obviously grammar is also not part of this 167 IQ he brags about.

He provides no source for his claim of gay bars being firebombed in Israel. I certainly know of bus bombings , pizzeria bombings, dance club ,restaurant bombings and shooting up of school children. That is the actions of the noble Arabs and he has said zero about that. If a gay bar was firebombed Israeli justice would prosecute the offender. Where are the Gay bars in the PA ? Ooops the brain impaired one forgot that Gays are persecuted by the security forces of the PA as government policy. Why didn't the Gays hold their World Pride festival in Mecca ? Most gays have uses for their heads and like them attached to their bodies. The Recidivist has never used his brain so he can travel with no risk. They also do not allow non Muslims into Mecca unlike Jerusalem.

We are also supposed to be outraged over the Rabbi's statement .Yet this is the same person who defended Ken Livingstone meeting with an Islamic Cleric who authored a book advocating killing Gays. He could have easily read the views of Qaradawi but bashing Joooooos was more important. Plenty of Hindus and gays with brains objected to that meeting but he forgot about them.

Now we are of the opinion that our friend is in the Red Closet. The Recidivist never
attacks Communists despite of 100,000,000. The Recididumbass posts material from far left people who call themselves Greens.

" George Bush has thus far snubbedall calls to join in a coalition of nations committed to action on poverty and if this failing continues , Eidinburgh - and indeed Brittian itself - will hopefully turn into an unprecedented anti- Bush and anti-capitalist protest being given wall to wall coverage by the BBC . If this happens Tony Blair's continued support for Bush and his one sided coalition will become totaly untenable."

Yet another run on sentence by the man with the 167 IQ. Anti Capitalists protests
will not bring down Blair. I am glad he labels the protesters correctly.

" Some claim that unadulterated Capitalism has served the world well. I ask where is the evidence for this is ?......."

I can tell you that everywhere collectivism is tried Famine follows. China and Russia
are examples of Famine caused by Marx. There are plenty of other examples in the Black Book of Communism. Rhodesia was a brutal racist countrty and a food exporter . Now it is a Marxist Thugocracy that has endured famine. Zimbabwe is another country that persecutes Gays as policy but escapes critique from the man with the 167 IQ.