Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dr David Yeagley and book potential

Dr David Yeagley is one of several writers that I correspond with. He is one of my favorites because he is modest and has a great sense of humor. Warren and I post at Dr Yeagley's forum Bad Eagle. Bad Eagle is a site dedicated to Native American patriots (Warren) and their allies ( me). I post in the non Indian areas and am most
often found in the Jewish Forum.

Dr David Yeagley is a Commanche Patriot who does not buy into the cult of victimology. He does not sit up and blame the white man for the troubles in his community. Rather his message is that one can be a Native American and a patriot.
Yeagley writes of the joys of being a Native American . He celebrates being an American with pride each and every day on Bad Eagle.

I relate to Dr Yeagley on several levels. I am a Jewish Republican and a fervent Cold Warrior. These were not popular positions in my community in the 80's. History
has proven my side correct and it is more common to see Jewish conservatives now.Yeagley has his set of extreemists such as Ward Churchill that paint his comunity as victims in an anti American message. The fact that Churchill was never an
Indian was conveniently overlooked . I have a set of left wing utopian traitors to choose from Chomsky, Zinn, Norman Finkelstein and Koevell etc. These people are no longer Jews but claim to speak for me. They have zero knowledge of Judaism (including faux Rabbi Lerner) and are members of the far left cult of death . I speak for myself in this blog and elsewhere. The fact is that the more one practices the religion the more conservative one becomes.

Like Dr Yeagley I do not blame people who have persecuted my people in the past. I have an admiration for Christianity as a life affirming religon. Those that abused my people in its name were acting contary to the message of Jesus. I relish Western Civ and sadly my people were often the speedbump on the path towards enlightenment. In fact much of the European antisemitism , masking itself in antizionism is just the latest speedbump in the path towards progress. We parody the writings of a Euro-redneck Mr 167 to show the utter ignorance of this mindset. I should also pull more of the scribilings of Simon Jones to demonstrate left wing utopian antisemites are barely funtioning idiots.

I also do not hold todays Germans responsible for the Holocaust. In fact one of my favorite Bad Eagle posters Nora Brinker runs a German Blog and will readily tell you I am too forgiving. I have been trying to get her to post here. She is a friend of America's and the Jewish people and she is brilliant.

The type of book that I love is the personal growth autobiography. Radical Son by David Horowitz and Commies by Prof Radosh are two excellent books on this genre.
Lovesong is Julius Lester's account of growth and identity and one of my favorites.
Sharansky's Fear No Evil is an often comedic but inspirational story of growth. A Yeagley book along the same lines would be a smash hit. He would need to do more PR
on Talk Radio and key sites but it would sell .

Dr Yeagley writes on a wide variety of subjects including Poetry ,Fashion, Persia, Jews, Germany and more. Each trip to Bad Eagle is an intellectual adventure of surprise. One never can predict exactly what will happen there on a given day but it is never dull.

I hope a smart publisher with vision picks up on this opportunity . Talents like Dr Yeagley are rare and should be viewed by as many people as possible.

Dr Yeagley's blog is
Nora's blog is it is mostly in English.


Always On Watch said...

Excellent post, Beak!

I tried the link to Dr. Yeagley's site and found that I needed to use (without the /journal portion); then clicked on the journal icon on the left sidebar. Other readers may need to take the same steps I did.

Crying "Victim!" and blaming others, to the exclusion of getting the word out, are counterproductive tactics. One has to move on and take charge of one's own life--without forgetting the past, but without wallowing in the past, either.

My personal journey here...I could sit around all day long and moan about some nasty events two generations back in my own family--lots of injustices--but those bad times are over now, so I've moved on, after doing the necessary research and visiting the graves.

As to the Holocaust, I am a Christian and of German descent many generations back, but I personally wasn't even born yet, and should not be held guilty. I am, however, very alarmed at the recent upswing in anti-Semitism. Has the world learned nothing? The warning signs are everywhere, and are being ignored by so many.

beakerkin said...

Always on the Watch

Dr Yeagley is a great man and a friend. He is one of many authors who have helped me out. Julis Lester , Monica Crowley , Richard Poe were also helpful.

Most authors will help you if you ask a short question

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The_Editrix said...

"...Nora Brinker runs a German Blog ..."

Do you want my street address and telephone number too to publish them, asshole?