Monday, May 16, 2005

Brain Impaired in the UK. Part one

Our friendly neighborhood bigot and mental defective is at it again. One can check my sources as I post them . We reserve the spanking series for major flubs. One would think after being spanked and ridiculed one would learn his lesson.

One can visit the brain impaired one at

Elsewhere 5/16/05

"It wasn't only gays and lesbians that opposed Israeli actions in the occupied territories who were against the event though;Jewish religious leaders in the supposedly tolerant Israel- where a certain halfwit apologist would have us believe Gays are never persecuted, but where gay bars are firebombed - had complained that homosexuality is a sin, and that such a gathering would invoke Gods wrath and Yehuda
Levine , or the Rabinic Council of America would said the event would be a "spiritual rape " of the city of Jerusalem."

First of all this is one of his famous run on setences. He talks about other people being halfwits and writes an 87 word sentence. Obviously grammar is also not part of this 167 IQ he brags about.

He provides no source for his claim of gay bars being firebombed in Israel. I certainly know of bus bombings , pizzeria bombings, dance club ,restaurant bombings and shooting up of school children. That is the actions of the noble Arabs and he has said zero about that. If a gay bar was firebombed Israeli justice would prosecute the offender. Where are the Gay bars in the PA ? Ooops the brain impaired one forgot that Gays are persecuted by the security forces of the PA as government policy. Why didn't the Gays hold their World Pride festival in Mecca ? Most gays have uses for their heads and like them attached to their bodies. The Recidivist has never used his brain so he can travel with no risk. They also do not allow non Muslims into Mecca unlike Jerusalem.

We are also supposed to be outraged over the Rabbi's statement .Yet this is the same person who defended Ken Livingstone meeting with an Islamic Cleric who authored a book advocating killing Gays. He could have easily read the views of Qaradawi but bashing Joooooos was more important. Plenty of Hindus and gays with brains objected to that meeting but he forgot about them.

Now we are of the opinion that our friend is in the Red Closet. The Recidivist never
attacks Communists despite of 100,000,000. The Recididumbass posts material from far left people who call themselves Greens.

" George Bush has thus far snubbedall calls to join in a coalition of nations committed to action on poverty and if this failing continues , Eidinburgh - and indeed Brittian itself - will hopefully turn into an unprecedented anti- Bush and anti-capitalist protest being given wall to wall coverage by the BBC . If this happens Tony Blair's continued support for Bush and his one sided coalition will become totaly untenable."

Yet another run on sentence by the man with the 167 IQ. Anti Capitalists protests
will not bring down Blair. I am glad he labels the protesters correctly.

" Some claim that unadulterated Capitalism has served the world well. I ask where is the evidence for this is ?......."

I can tell you that everywhere collectivism is tried Famine follows. China and Russia
are examples of Famine caused by Marx. There are plenty of other examples in the Black Book of Communism. Rhodesia was a brutal racist countrty and a food exporter . Now it is a Marxist Thugocracy that has endured famine. Zimbabwe is another country that persecutes Gays as policy but escapes critique from the man with the 167 IQ.


Elijah said...

I hate to hear people bash gays. I have known a few in my day, all great people.Nor do I like Jew bashing. Many of my clients have been Jewish and all have been wonderful.Unfortunately, working in construction I hear a lot of "bashing" and it makes my blood boil.
Remember Mao's great leap forward?...many {millions]deaths.
Stalin and Kaganovich in the Ukraine?
Even Stalins persecution of jews, we could go on, ad infinitum.

Esther said...

So has this blog fighting between you and the high IQ guy been going on for a long time or is this a new squirmish?

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

Ok let me see if I understand the left. There is no proof that Capitalism is the best economic system but wait don't liberals the world over hate us because so many of our people are wealthy? Wealthy without having the luck to be sitting on an oil field.

When did we stop teaching our children about the stories of poor immigrants making something of themselves here in America. Oh yeah when we turned our children over to the government indoctrination system (public schools).

beakerkin said...

Always Sourced

That is a great point that the Recidivist missed. He delettes comments that disagree with him.

I think there are several examples of forced famine as a tool of Communist policy, Ukraine , China and Eithiopia come to mind. The problem is not Capitalism but the lack of it.

The Recidivist makes statements like this but gets angry when I call him a Communist.


More troubling is the failure of his liberal friends to recognize real Anti - Semitism and Americanism.