Thursday, May 19, 2005

Why do Liberals accept PC bigotry

There are some liberals who are genuinely good people that I sometimes agree with.
Kafkaesq of USD law and B of Moral Authority are good Patriotic liberals and decent
people. JRH and the Disgruntled Chemist are angry Liberals who are still patriots in their own way.

The two questions that upset the liberals
1 Why do Liberals put up with Anti-Semitism and other types of bigotry ?
2 Is there a significant faction of permanently angry liberals ?

The Recidivist is an example of this bigotry and most of the Liberals I mention regularly interact with the clod who has a 167 IQ. He regularly rails about perceived racist Islamophobes and Homophobes. Yet he turns right around and indulges in his own form of bigotries that he denies. Today's post is typical of a PC hierachy
of victims.

05/19/05 actually

"....I have to confess that I would generally think of George Galloway as a bit of misguided tosser.

Under most circumstances , the very mention of his name would induce the same vaguely unclean syphilitic feeling that tends to sweep over you when someone mentions Mormon missionaries, Cliff Richard, Born Again Christians, Jehovah witness
door steppers and the Socialist Workers Party... But on the subject of Iraq and the whole fascist Judea-American Neocon war on terror fraud, I happen to agree with him
and think that compared to his racist islamophobic accusers he is a saint."

I add to this his linkage of Simon Jones a pathological Anti Semite whose works appear in the anti Semitic Jewish Tribal Review. This is not a case of bad links as
the Recididumbass linked a post that claims all Joooos perceive Gentiles as the enemy
and Jews are responsible for Alienation and pollution , both conditions precede Jews.
The post is We are all Jews which claims Westerners are defacto Jooos. We do know and have demonstrated the man with the 167 IQ is barely literate.

Lets count the bigotries in the long run on sentence. Mormons, Born Again Chistians,
Jehovah's Witnesses and allegedly the Socialist Workers Party. His previous statements tend to make that dubious so far three. Americans, Jews and Republicans are his next group. He has uttered at least six slurs in a run on sentence. Yet he is concerned about racism and islamophobia.

Lets get to some basic facts about Mormons. The worst thing a Mormon has ever done is inflict us with the Music of the Osmonds. No Mormon has ever committed a terrorist
act or committed treason. They live in peace and have been persecuted for their largely beliefs. If you their vision of religion is objectionable pick another Church
that is more to your liking or be an atheist.

Born again Christians have their own religious views and are almost entirely peaceful. The abortion clinic bombers do not act with Church sanction . Nor are these incidents anywhere near as deadly or common. Nor do the vast preponderance of born again Christians call for the deaths of Jews, Gays or Atheists.

In sum the Recididumbass has slurred Christians because the left deems that PC. This is why it is okay to bash the Pope and make snide remarks about Jews . The Recididork
swears he is not anti Joooooooooo but anti Zionist so how will he spin the above remarks. My guess is that he has never been challenged amongst liberals.

Now turning again to his preoccupation with Jooos. The phrase phrase Fascist Judeo- American is a slur against America. The fiction of a Joooish cabal of neocons pulling the strings of President Bush like a marionette is standard anti-semitism.
Yet Kafkaesq has defended this person in the past . This legal challenge may be more then he can handle.

What would these liberals do is we started a similar notions about the velvet Mafia
running the DNC ? How quick would they run and scream if a conservative slurred blacks, Hispanics or Indians ?

The whole notion of telling a church what its policy on gays should be is bigotry. Religious doctrine belongs to church theologians and personal political views have zero place in the discussion.For example the Old Testament is quite clear on the subject. The fact that my own personal views do not match the scripture is relevant.
I will not accept Homophobia in the work place or by government. Nor do I desire to live in a country that persecutes Gays. Gays should be left alone and get no special or adverse treatment from society.Yet these mostly secular types including the Recididolt who announced his depbatism ;feel they have the right to lecture people who practice the religion. The Recididupe condemns churches for teaching gays will go to hell because he reserves that for Zionists like Richard Poe.

Moving along to Islam that he is so worried about. Islamic governments actively persecute Gays as government policy. Has the Recididummy said a word about this persecution.No he clings to a fantasy where Gays are persecuted in the USA. The US government prosecutes people who commit crimes against gays. If one is interested one can view the post at this blog in March on the sodomy laws in Muslim nations.

Moving to the war on terror my city was attacked on 9-11 and I am an eyewitness. 3000
dead people lost their lives at the WTC because a twisted evil man sees it as his path to god.When your path to God endangers my life and that of other Americans it is time to clean house.

This was not the first time my City had been attacked . The same crew blew up the WTC in 93 and I am a survivor. Bill Clinton never visited the site or did anything and it was well before Monica. This is not to blame Clinton as he could not have imagined 9-11. There were also plans by Muslim terrorists to blow up bridges and tunnels . There was also the millennium plot that was foiled.

Do Jews blow up Mosques in NYC ? Muslims have blown up synagogues in Argentina, Turkey and Algeria. Still the recidunce is so worried about Neocons persecuting Muslims and Islamophobia. If one reads the article on Abu Nidal and Mougniyah the conventional view that terrorists are disaffected shadowy disgruntled people is a lie. Abu Nidal was a mercenary who worked for various governments including Iraq , Syria , Lybia and Egypt. Mougniyah works for Iran and Syria and has ties to Bin Ladden and Abu Nidal. Terrorists are supported by states and when the trail of Bin Ladden is complete I have zero doubt that it will lead back to Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq. Mougniyah is a Shia and it did not prevent him from collaboration with a Sunni Fundamentalist Bin Ladden or the Socialist Abu Nidal.

The man with the 167 IQ has some more bile to spew
05/19/2005 The Politics of Fear
Talking about a BBC documentary which speaks volumes about what is wrong with the BBC. In fact it is called the Baghdad Broadcasting Network in local NYC radio shows

"The series which casts Wolfowitz , Perle (two bad Joooooooooos)and Rumsfield ( affirmative action Gentile) as the counterpart extremists to Osama Bin Ladden and how they deliberately used carefully nurtured angst and largely illusionary fear of terror ( I must have imagined seeing the people falling from the WTC) and hidden webs of evil to reinforce their authority and rally the cause of Islamophobic neoconservative- in much the same way that an earlier generations exaggerated the danger of Communism and the Soviet Union"

Lets do this slowly for the liberals who are in denial.The Recidivist believes
1 Osama bin Laden and the Neocons are moral equivalents. This defies logical thought
and is more proof of brain impairment.
2 Terrorism is an illusionary threat. 9-11, WTC 93 were just incoveniences. 3000 dead
Americans is just a trivial detail. School kids shot in Beslan just civil disobedience. Trains in Spain blown up without planes is a line from My Fair Lady.
Hotel Bombing in Bali well that was somebody upset over roomservice. Synagogues in Tunisia, Turkey and Argentina well that must be an insurance scam. The flight over Lockerbie was a malfunction. This defies rational thought.
3 No vast networks of terror
Read the section on Mugniyah and Abu Nidal. Abu Nidal was often a tool of Communists as well.
4 Thus is you are for the war on terror you are an Islmophobe.
If you have the nerve to say this is barbaric and must stop or defend yourself you are an Islamophobe. The Government of Egypt must also be Islamophobic as it actively
hunts the Muslim Brotherhood when not persecuting Copts. Musharaf must also be Islamophobic as he has made some attempts to hunt these extremists . He was prodded by a few inconvenient assassination attempts.
5 I will get to Communism later.

"Durring the Cold War conservatives eaggerated the threat of the Soviet Union . In reality communism was collapsing from within and brought itself down , but now Neocons misrepresent the fall as a great epic victory for Capitalism so that they can
justify inflating the dangers posed by the Islamic extreemists , because it fits the American vision of an epic battle...the irony being that this all suits Al Qaeda just fine,because it justifies their existence and makes them look much more powerful then they are".

1 100,000,000 million dead plus a series of proxy wars is not an exageration. 100,000,000 represents the largest crime ever perpetrated by mankind. However a good
Communist like the Recididupe will dismiss that number while railing against zionism
for way less even in his inflated numbers .
2 Communism did not collapse from within . Reagan started a series of proxy revolutions aimed at rolling back Communism. People like the Recididummy were singing the praises of the Sandanistas. Yet when the people spoke they sent the Sandanistas packing. The proxy armies drained the resoures and morale of the Communists. The prospect of matching the Reagan military build up was a battle the feeble communist eccconomies couldn't do. It was an epic struggle between Capitalism and a murderous totalitarian death cult called Communism.
There are numerous people in NYC that lived under Communism . There are entire Russian and Polish enclaves and they sing the praise of one man Reagan. Had we listen to the resdidope the Soviet Union would still be here and the weapons would
be pointed at us.
3 The Recidumbass thinks that the threat is exagerated and that the war on terror is a joke. He spends zero words on another nihilistic death cult . Thus we Americans should just sit here and wait to be blown up. Maybe thats the way braindead Communists think but the time has come to take the battle to the enemy and it is 25 years overdue. We have tried ignoring the problem since Carter. The exception was the message Reagan sent Quadaffi . The message was delivered to his doorstep and France did what it always does tried to sabotage the mission . Quadaffi stopped his support for terrorist activity shortly after. For the most part we ignored the attacks. Terrorism is not a criminal act it is assymetrical warfare carried out by proxy groups in concert with intelligence services of countries. We allowed the communists and the arabs to propogate the myth of the terrorist that hide in the shadows. It was easier to maintain that illusion then to deal with the sources directly. 9-11 changed the way we respond to terror and it is long overdue. People in the Middle East do not talk about paper tigers, they talkof Cowboys. Rouge states are not exactly lining up to help terrorists strike at the US.


Elijah said...

This idea of a cabal of jewish neocons running the show has been voiced in canada as well. To me this seems naive, or as you say rascist. Is Cheney jewish, or rumsfeld?
For me, the islamic persecution of gays is a clear example of thier backwardness, antiqauted to say the least.

beakerkin said...

This is where the denial comes in .
The left loves word games we are not anti Jew just anti Zionist and neocon. The fact is that to imply a small cadre of Jews is running the country is standard anti semitism. In Nazi Germany Jews were the bankers ,bolsheviks etc.
It is part of the game anti semites play when they claim Jooos
have too much influence. A similar claim about a velvet mafia would correctly be percieved as bigoted paraniod idiocy.

The Recidivist also dismisses the points about persecution of gays
and minorities living under Islam as Islamophobia. In other words my friend Sammy the Copt from Jersey
city is a Neocon liar. My friend
Win from East Timor is also a liar.
The Assyrians at AINA news are working for the Neocons. How absurd
does this illogic get.

Real bigotry against Jews is OK but
percieved Islamophobia is evil.

Elijah said...

Can you elaborate on that last statement.

beakerkin said...


This statement is called Racist
by the Recidivist

" There is no Palestinian ethnicity
and Palestinians are Arabs . Arabs
are not indigenous to Israel as the arrived via conquest in the 7th century. There are allready 22 arab states "

If one mentions anything that is negative about Muslim countries or history one is an Islamophobe. However one can say anything about Jews , Amaericans and Christians.

Elijah said...

I see i didnt see the irony in your statement, thanks. Put it down to

Esther said...

Beakerkin, you are so smart and sensible -- so what are you doing wasting so much time on this person? You're giving him way too much press and will probably increase his traffic. ;)

beakerkin said...

That is true but there is a reason
for todays excursion . A couple of
liberals swore to me there is no Anti-Semitism on the left. I lived not far from NYU and I had to endure this for almost five years.

You have a point.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I have no problem saying "it." Islam is an inherently evil ideology, much as communism and fascism are inherently evil ideologies. The Western call for reformation in Islam is misguided. Osama Bin Laden is the reformation. He's the freakin' Billy Graham of Islam.

As soon as people understand this, the more clear the threat to our civilization becomes apparent.

Always On Watch said...

mr. beamish,

I was so pleased to read the words you've posted! I've uttered almost identical words and have encountered disbelieving gasps as I step all over politically correct toes. I remain convinced that your and my analysis is correct, however,

Yes, islam is an inherently evil ideology. "Inherent" is a crucial part of the definition. Notice I refuse to capitalize the word "islam" when I refer to it as an ideology. My little quirk, but I'm not always consistent about the caps, I must confess.

A few weeks ago, I was speaking with an FBI acquaintance, and I asked him, "Does anybody in high places understand the truth?"
He said, "Yes, but they can't say it in public."
I said, "Well, I WILL. The problem is islam-on-the-loose. It's the same as it always was. An evil ideology, which does not deserve to be called a religion, anymore than communism did."

Osama represents the true face of islam. He's even at peace with himself--that's how evil islam is.

Islamophobia is not irrational. The threat is very, very real. Whoever denies that threat is, in effect, playing into the jihadists' hands.

Of course, to those like the Recidivist, it's every other group which is the threat. More playing into the jihadists' hands.

Always On Watch said...

One more thing...There's nobody more inconsistent than the Recidivist type. Talk about bigoted!

beakerkin said...

Guys here is the basic problem he wants to pretend we have not been attacked. Our country has been attacked a 9-11 changed things. The days that we could ignore the problem are over.3000 dead American changed the world.

Terrorists do not opperate in a vaccum . Governments sponsor and use these people as foriegn policy
tools. I am certain when Bin Ladden books are open we will find
Connection to dissident factions in the huge Saudi Royal family.

Warren said...

Beakerkin said:
"I am certain when Bin Ladden books are open we will find Connection to dissident factions in the huge Saudi Royal family."

That's a given!
But I believe that our government is forced to play along with the game and try to influence a turn toward the more moderate faction. I believe there is an element within the family that would try to rest power from the Wahabists.

Beaks focus on 167 is a logical position. Its seldom that we find all, (or almost all), of the lunatic positions of the far left in one stalking horse. 167 acts like a magnet drawing the truly looney to his defense and, at the same time, those leftists of a more rational nature are repulsed by his dissonance. This can cause them to question whether they truly wish to be in the same ideological camp.

BigBubba said...

I thought it was 12 Jewish banker guys running the world.

Hey Beakerkins, look what I found,

“I remember a thread back when I usd to post at FrontPageMag's comment boards where I posted that the Draft is tantamount to slavery. A bunch of people asked how I could be so crazy as to suggest that, and one poster, "Big Bubba" as I recall, kept calling me a "mindless twit." (He used this epithjet whenever he didn't feel like actually supporting his ideas with logic). Only one poster who disagreed with me somewhat gave a rational response. He felt that the draft was more like involuntary servitude, being temporary.”


Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

I think there is more to the story than simply pointing out that Liberals have their own bigotries and prejudices while they smile and tell us they do not.

Consider the treatment of women and blacks at the hands of the Democrats when these fine folks happen to disagree with Democrat dogma. I guess for Liberals equality for all really means just those who think like us.

And for those Liberals that do think like them they are told to turn over their wallets and minds (especially when they can claim a 167 IQ). After all who is better to manage your affairs, you with your puny IQ or me the great Mr 167 IQ.

beakerkin said...

I think I was the one that made the involuntary servitude remark.
There is a comparison but slavery
is not valid.

In the case of my great grandfather
and the Czars army it may be valid
as the period was 17 years with no vacations. He cut off his trigger
finger and emmigrated rather then serve.

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

I just finished reading the recidivist journal blog as you suggested.

Maybe Marx was wrong maybe TV is the opium for the masses and not religion. I could not believe that this guy seriously thinks a TV series passes for credible research. Sorry I forgot this is the same crowd that believes Newsweek and CBS are not biased.

As for the reference too surrending wallets and minds, no offense to those that actually suffered under a totalitarian regime.

I was loosely speaking to more and more taxes and duplicit thinking with respect to when a crime is not a crime because you like the perpetrator (If Clinton had been a Republican and had his way with an intern we would have heard for days that a rich powerful Republican had taken advantage of a poor defenseless intern).

beakerkin said...

Always Sourced

I hope you did not leave comments
there . I will get blamed regardless but you raise a valid point. TV and mass media may be the opiate of the masses but on
the site Upon Further review JRH
told me that he sees a conservative media. Until recently
the media has been left but in the inernet age eveyone can get the news from wherever they like.

People on the left like 167 think they are smarter and are entitled to tell us how to live. The fact is
that 167 is an example of how stupid and bigoted they have become.

There are good patriotic liberals
but they need to talk to some of the people who agree with them.

beakerkin said...

Always Sourced

I hope you did not leave comments
there . I will get blamed regardless but you raise a valid point. TV and mass media may be the opiate of the masses but on
the site Upon Further review JRH
told me that he sees a conservative media. Until recently
the media has been left but in the inernet age eveyone can get the news from wherever they like.

People on the left like 167 think they are smarter and are entitled to tell us how to live. The fact is
that 167 is an example of how stupid and bigoted they have become.

There are good patriotic liberals
but they need to talk to some of the people who agree with them.