Monday, May 30, 2005

An Apology to Simon Jones

There are at least two people on the web with the name of Simon Jones. I would like to appologize to the owner of He is a religious and well adjusted man . He has a decent blog and is clearly not anti- semitic . As far as I can tell he is a nice human being.

The other Simon Jones at is a verbose,deranged anti-semite.
He should be medicated and given a vasectomy as there are too many stupid people on the loose . They seem to congregate at the man with the 167 IQ blog.


Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

It amazes my the depth of hatred some of these liberals possess. I just finished reading some of this guy's material and frankly I am sitting rubbing my eyes trying to figure out just what the heck he is talking about.

This guy needs medical help.

beakerkin said...

What kills me is that liberals excuse this and play word games with Zionist and Jew.

On a slow day I will post a breakdown of his post Jews and Gays
or Jews and Art. The man needs help
and his worst material is on Jewish tribal review.

Robert Lindsay said...

Jews and Gays is a very good article, better than anything you will ever write, you hyperactive tribalistic Jew. I don't agree with everything in that piece, but it has some great ideas. Basically, gays are becoming a tribe just like the Jews. You can't criticize gays either, all criticism is shot down in the usual swarm of DENY EVERYTHING that the self-deceived Jews have mastered. Also, similar to Jews, if you criticize gays, that means you really HATE them, or else it means, bizarrely, that you really are one, or are jealous of gays! LOL, too much.

Jews do the same thing. All criticism of Jews means hate, and genocidal hate at that. It also means that the critic is jealous of Jews. LOL, that's really funny! Who wants to be Jewish, anyway? Spare me! Also, gays have the attitude, "only gays can criticize gays". Jews have the same attitude, "only Jews can criticize Jews" except that they almost all lie about this, and deny that Jews do criticize Jews (they do, all the tribe, as long as they think we're not listening).

Jews and gays both prefer to live in ghettos and both want to resist assimilation, whereas, assimilation is the cure for extreme behaviors in both gays and Jews. The ghetto brings out the worst in the gay and the Jew. Gay, like Jews, love the word Nazi and heap it on their critics profusely. Gays are utterly self-deceived and do not seem to know who they are, what they do, or why they do it. They are clueless about themselves and react with rage whenever anyone holds up the mirror. Jews are the same way - totally clueless and full of self-deceptions about themselves. Gays are sadly now becoming hyperethnocentric (or many of them are) just like the Jews have always been, a very bad trend.

Both Jews and gays are accepted more by society and do less harm the more they are assimilated.

As you can see, there are indeed some similarities. I thank Simon for pointing this out to me.

beakerkin said...

Keep diging yourself a deeper hole
Lindsay.Hyperactive Tribalist Joooo
please show some courage and put it at the top of the page.

Courage is not your strong suit.

As far as Jews attitude on critism
calling Jooooos responsible for alienation and polution are examples of illucid commentary.

Jones will never show up here as he is a coward . I stand behind every word I post you are entertainment nothing more.