Thursday, May 26, 2005

Baghdad Bob as the face of Air America

The ratings for Air America speak for themselves. The Conservatives on Talk Radio still dominate but it is time to change the line up. Air America should replace Al Franken with Baghdad Bob.

Baghdad Bob is genuinely funny and has a great style. He has a campy style that conservatives would laugh at . Some liberals take a peverse pleasure in flagelation by obnoxious foriegners. Liberals can break out their black berets that have been in the back of the closet since the Lewinsky days. Who else wears black berets other then Saddam cronies and Monica Lewinsky.

They can also do a flagelate an American segment. Anti American forieners can abuse guilt ridden liberals. The most obnoxious forigner can win cash prizes for Anti American nonsense. The material does not have to be factual or logical. Just get on the phone and rant away. We can even have a lberal host as the target of all this abuse. He would need no brains and have no pride as a job requirement. This sounds like a new Career for Franken.

Other People in line For Shows

Legal Advice with Lynne Stewart.
Ward Churchill : Ameicans get out of America Show.
Rev Al Sharpton : Reigion and Comedy . Sharpton is funnier then Franken
Michael Moore : Junk Food with Michael Moore
Sheik Rahman's : Kiddie show . Who needs Santa Claus when Rahman delivers more bang
Janet Reno: Confict Resolution and Beauty Tips
Sandy Berger: National insecurity
Jason Blair and Mary Mapes: Journalism Ethics
Louis Farakhan : Brotherhood show.

Think of the possibilities. Liberals get the programing they want and the rest of us get to laugh. Most of these shows would get better ratings then the current line up.


Esther said...

Very funny. Until they take your advice. ;)

beakerkin said...

Esther They might get ratings and draw an audience.

bum from jersey said...

What I think Air America's biggest problem is they do not realize the perception their hosts give off. With maybe the exception of Randy Rhodes (sp?), the rest of their 'hosts' aren't people you would think of as people who take politics seriously, so how do they expect the listening audience to take them seriously either. For instance, Al Franken might make an excellent point but me and probably millions of other Americans are probably thinking...hmm, intersting point but you are a comedian, so is this a joke or are you for real?

Anonymous said...

It's Randi Rhodes, Bum from Jersey. My guess is that only the loony right would have trouble differentiating a comedy segment from straight commentary. The right isn't known for it's smarts.

beakerkin said...

Baghdad Bob is a unique talent and is so funny . He should be given his own talkshow. Air America is in the toilet due to a lack of talent. Franken is just not funny
and Rhodes is a bore.

Baghdad Bob has a style that even conservatives like. President Bush
is a fan of Baghdad Bob.

Sheik Rahman could be his side kick.

beakerkin said...

Anonymous : We are known for our intelligence and courage. You on the other hand are too cowardly
to post your name. It is okay Viper
you can report back to master 167.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I think Baghdad Bob would be better off taking Dan Rather's place at CBS.

beakerkin said...


Great idea but one can never put a price on camp.

Warren said...

How about John Kerry and Jerrold Nadler doing a takeoff on Abbot and Costello.

Instead of "who's on first", they can do "who's for the war" or "who owns a SUV".

Franken would do better on the rubber chicken circuit where his true genius would show. (I heard he has a 167 IQ!)

I particularly like the "Legal Advice with Lynne Stewart".

beakerkin said...

Warren I was surprised how many people outside of NYC heard of Lynne Stewart. She is real scary in person. She isn't ugly , no she is fugly. I met her in Union Square
and she believes in this revolution crap for real

Anonymous said...


The revolution crap is for real, and it comes from more than one idological source.

AA appears to be doing just fine, a drop of even 1 full point (not 2 tenths) would not have meant much, the folks who do listen are solid and there are plenty of stations that would sell their employees first born for them.

Lynn may not be my favorite personality but personal dislike does not excuse government abuse.

Warren said...

And what, pray tell, "government abuse", is that?

Even when a lawyer breaks the law it is still illegal, (at least at this point in time). She has skirted treason her whole professional life and gamed the system in a self admitted attempt to destroy it.

So when she finally goes too far its "governmental abuse".

I only wish for her the exact same fate her 'clients', gave their victims!

beakerkin said...


Have you ever been in a builing that has been blow up while your in it. I wae there in 93 and had a front row seat for her clients handiwork. Maybe you think it is a
joke but I lived through it .

She was found guilty of aiding and abeting a terrorist . I also know some of her other wacky clients .
They are just as evil as Rahman.

May be a joke to you but I was there.

Jason_Pappas said...

Lynn Stewart and Jerold Nadler ... boy, your blog is really talking trash ... NYC trash. Perhaps Fidel will award them his Friends of the Revolution medal. Stewart, of course, is a traitor. Nadler is just wrong - too many years on the Upper West Side.

I was on the Upper West Side the other night and overheard the conversation at the next table. "What's the big deal with Ward Churchill speaking at Hamilton College?" To hear them, poor jet-setting big fee-talking Ward was the maligned party. My wife has to hold me back at moments like that.