Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Final Gasp of the Current Left Matrix

In the course of time there are turning points. There are moments where the world around us changes. The days of the Arab strongman are behind us. Despite an army of wonks, none of us know what this means. The era of entrenched power in the Arab world is over. The despots that remain will be more brutal to survive.

One thing is certain viewing all events in the Middle East with a paranoid focus on Israel is passe.

From Greece to the USA the days of Big Labor are over. The days of the left's bloated votes for payola are history. Labor must tighten its belt and recognize the days of wine and roses are over. The old ways depended upon much larger population growth that is a thing of the past.

The future begins now. Leftism has never been more irrelevant.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't want to hear about it

The left feigns ignorance of who Khadafy is. His buddies Chavez and Ortega should be clear enough. Ronald Reagan scared him into submission with a pointed message. We would be better off if he sent the same messages to Saddam.

The left plays this familiar ignorance when the leftist history of support of Saddam Hussein is discussed. The presence of T-series tanks, MIG jets and scores of Soviet experts on the great communist tactics of massacring your own people make any serious discussion of this comedic. Nevertheless, one will hear commies like Capo Ren make claims to the contrary.

The future is unknown. Those who view all events in the middle east through Marxist obsessions about Jews are making too much of events. Watching entrenched regimes crumble is exciting. No doubt Chavez is not sleeping well at night. He can offer his friend refuge while Ren and Ducky pretend the friendship is based upon love of eggplant.

My Guyana

My trip to Guyana has created quite a local stir. The local community is quite interested in the views of a non native to some remote areas.

I want to state that I love the people of Guyana. They are a great group of people who have the misfortune of being governed by incompetents.

Nothing, I can ever write can make one fully grasp the reality of Guyana. No amount of discussion or reading can prepare you for the challenges.

I am notorious for packing lightly. In Guyana one really can not do this, especially when traveling with natives. In my case I started off with a small duffel bag that can carry my 20 lbs of gear. My girlfriend sent me back for a larger suitcase. I did realize neighbors would ask us to carry items to families. Some of the items were odd.However, I will be better prepared for future trips.

1) Have a few good hats available. My odd tropical wt NY Fedora proved not only practical but very popular. A good hat must be collapsible, let air out, keep sun off the skin and dry quickly. My girlfriend's brother ditched his baseball cap quickly after I left.

2) Most homes have DVD players, but the DVD's are dreadful. Bring that copy of Ben Hur, The Godfather or quality Disney offerings for children. Leave it there as families watch the same things multiple times.

3) Triple the amount of toiletries and medical kits.

a) Gillette Odor Shield body wash and deodorant works very well in Guyana.
b) Nutrogena Sunscreen 100 SPF was very effective. Oddly, even dark skinned Guyanese who have been in NYC will use it.
c) A few bars of oatmeal soap or body wash for every fourth shower works well. Leave the excess with your hosts and explain it is medicine for rashes. In my case I have delicate skin so the build up of continued perspiration for days would create skin problems quickly.
d) Immodium
e) Mucinex
f) A small first aid kit
g) Hand cranked radio and flashlight.
h) Gold Bond anti itch powder was helpful.
i) Insecticide I did reach for the wrong can and tried to kill a huge spider with air freshener. The locals are still laughing at that one.
j) Bug repellent

4) Buy all new socks and have extra packages especially if one is staying with Hindus. Socks get wet quickly and need to be changed. I have no problem going barefoot at home or in the garden like the locals.

5) Shoes must be able to deal with mud. Unfortunately as my feet require Rockports I can not wear work boots without creating foot pain. A lightweight goretex boot would be a boon and valuable.

6)Cosmetics are great gifts and are light to pack.

7) Bring paperback books. I gave away a few books to people who asked.

8) Keep your dollars. The currency changers will find you, trust me on this one. Most Guyanese can find one in seconds. The currency traders will gladly take tens.

9) Lock your luggage.

10) Bring your own music unless you like local Guyana fare. I should have brought some Surf Rock and some classic rock.

11) If possible let a local drive. Watch the scenery and not how the locals drive unless you enjoy thrill rides. My driver was excellent and I had no qualms.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The problem with government

The truth is that government unions are still needed today. The sad truth is that our
system of governance rewards incompetence and that despite fantasies from some I have witnessed extensive bullying by management.

The basic problem with unions is that they need to stick with work place issues and get out of politics. The unions have so closely identified with following the lead of the Democratic party that they have become irrelevant.

If unions wish to become relevant they need to focus on real issues like bullying workers. This is not about professional criticism of actual work performance. A work place bully mentally harasses and abuses workers with physical and psychological abuse.
Many of us can convey stories of abuses that last years. It takes a toll on our daily lives even outside of work.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Return Home

I will be at my desk interviewing cases and going about my normal routine. The absence of surf music for ten days will be welcome after Guyana style Carib/Countrty
music. I have spent the last three days with the beloved Sprite who wil be called the Princess. The other Princess is off in another area no doubt annoying the rest of the planet with her ignorance and lack of work ethic.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New York Beakerkin meets the Tarantula of Doom

In a scene straight out of James Bond, a tarantula wandered into my shower in Guyana.
As I was unarmed my sole defense was a wet towel. The Tarantula escaped out of a hole in the cinder block wall. Now Tarantulas do not have tounges but I think the chap was laughing at me as it fled.

I did enjoy seeing kingfishers, hummingbirds, lizards and huge frogs in Guyana. There was a mongoose and I made sure Sidney the small cat was safe at home.

Democracy everywhere but the USA

It seems the self righteous types at Harry's Place of eurodolts and europhiles has decided that everyone except the freely elected govenor of WI has a right to govern.
Teachers unions like every other union including my own must tighten the belt through rough times. The sinister payola deals by the teachers unions which are political adjuncts of the democratic party need to be re-examined. The days where the public could afford corrupt deals between unions and no accountability are over.

The folks of the Cocktail party elite talk about the working man. The working man is being raped by high taxes, government sloth and political hacks stealing from the public funds. While the folks at HP move from DC Cocktail party waxing about Gore Vidal novels and blather on about Huffington and the NYT the rest of us are being crushed by tax burdens caused by the corrupt left.

Of course peaceful protesters who want to dismantle socialism and the welfare state are beyond the grasp of the HP cocktail party gadflies and rakes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have very mixed feelings about Guyana. I love the country and the people. However, it is just not safe to visit for Americans of my complexion. This is not my opinion it is the opinion of my girlfriend's family. It is tough to enjoy a vacation where you must be escorted everywhere and locked up after dark.

I want to be very clear that the country is in sad shape due to Marxist malfeasence. The political parties were run by Marxist criminals who pitted Blacks and Indians against each other while mismanaging the place and looting the public.

One can even see communist brainwashing in a standard primary reader. The sons of Marx resort to brainwashing the youth with BS about co-operative farms. The roads are non existent in places and the country is in such a mess that almost everyone wants to leave.

Someday, the local community will organize and make demands for aid. There is no reason that Haiti should get exponentially more aid with zero results.

The aid should be directed towards specific projects with the aid distributed by the US Government.

1) An second airport for New Ansterdam. The airport would be largely a cargo airport with limited passenger flights from Georgetown and the USA.

2) Improvements to the docks at New Amsterdam.

3) Garment Import Quotas taken from China's large share.

4) Improvements in police training and techniques.

More Guyana

I took a boatride down the Berbice river with the brother of the Tranquil Sea. Like everything else in Guyana negotiation for the boat was complicated. It involved some
purchases of fish for some prawns the size of my hand, a red snapper minus the eggs,
local currency for the owner, driver and fuel. The locals insisted I wear a life preserver as safety was always a top concern. The waters were muddy but teaming with sea life. Herrons and shore birds went about their business as our boat moved towards the floating bridge.

We passed loaded freighters and into a mangrove swamp. There I saw kingfishers and mudskippers. I stepped out of the boat and onto a sand bar. I collected a few shells and head towards the area the locals clim is teeming with crabs and saw a few.

The boat moved along the shore and we spotted the inlet towards the Canje Creek. The current was too strong for the boat and had we been there at high tide passage would be possible.

I landed back at the dock and the boat owner welcomed me back and asked if I got sea sick. In truth Lake Champlain and the Hudson were far worse on many a day I crossed them. I smiled and said hardly noticed to the laughter of all on the dock.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Trip

As Poultry and many of you deduced I have returned from Guyana. No amount of reading
or even conversation with expatriates can prepare one for a journey there. Things that are odd and seem insane make sense only after a trip there.

The Tranquil Sra was well aware of what I packed. I travel very light and take exactly what is needed. I was planning to take a small bag. The Tranquil Sea sent me back for a larger suitacase and stated she was going to pack an extra one as every passenger was allowed two 50lb bags. My clothing was prepared by the clothing store across the street at work. The owner provides an excellent service and if you tell him the destination and the length of stay he prepares an excellent wardrobe. The owner told me to take my August hat.

Going to Guyana is an event and family and neighbors send small items ranging from
personal toiletries to produce items. One person sent 5 lbs of Cherries and in the small costal villages such items are unavailable. The Tranquil Sea repacked my bag so it was just more than half and placed her shoes and other clothing to het close to the 50 lbs as we left it was near 42 lbs. The other bag she assigned to me was
all her clothing and some toiletries, cosmetics and yet more shoes. That bag was just over 50 lbs.My carry on was just a couple of books, my medical kit and had plenty of room. The room got filled with some in laws sending over playstation CDs and some odd nick nacks obviously from tourism in the USA.Every inch of space was utilized and the envelopes of cash for relatives mostly around 200 was taken. I made sure the number was well short of 10,0000.

Arrival at Guyana is an odd experience. The plane went through four banks of clouds
before we could see land and the view is trees as far as the eyes can see. The airport is on a huge hill and is cooler than the costal villages. The airport itself
had a very dreary enterance terminal. In customs I had a few quirks, such as not knowing the exact addressnwhere I was staying. As it was a rather small village it would take little effort to find me.

The situation with crime in Guyana is a very serious problem. The embassy was helpful and my girlfriends family was extreemly cautious.

1) Find a reliable driver and hire him for the day. The driver was invaluable.

2) If you stand out as a foreigner always travel with at least three locals and feign that you do not understand English if approached.

3) Do not throw things away so fast. The Sandwich bags that contained my toiletries
were used for other things. The extra toiletries were apreciated as American quality body wash is expensive and not readily found in the countryside.

4) Let the locals deal with the vendors

5) Money changers will find you quickly. I bought a piece of jewelry and three changers were there in seconds.

6) Do not bother using phones. Internet cafes are all over the place. I would have posted more frequently but I was hampered with shopaholics who inflicted me with a steady diet of relatives and friends who live all over the place.

7) Stay in a locked compound after dark with family or close friends.

It was a good trip but I am not rushing back.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I have returned from abroad. I have spent the last few hours asleep. I was awakened by the Sprite afraid of a shadow in the yard.

I made a special friend abroad Sidney the cat. Sidney is so small I can pat his head with one finger. She is a gray tabby with black tiger stripes. She takes food from your hand like a baby and sleeps under the bed. The locals are starting to get quite fond of my tiny cat and it will be unlikely that I can get him from abroad.

I woke up every night at 2AM to play with Sidney. Unfortunately, the rest of us are quite charmed with my tiny cat as well.

Monday, February 14, 2011

alive and well in parts unkown

My trip is going well and I am safe in country.

Will be back Thursday. The people are cool. The food is good and the insects are on steroids. I had a clase encounter with a Tarantula at 5 AM. I tried to kill it with my suspenders but it got away.

The LL Beamish hat is popular.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Review Bruce Bawer's Betrayed

I did manage to complete this book while in the holding pattern. Bawer is an excellent writer and even though the material is familiar it is still a great experience.

The only material that I was unaware of was that Prof Massad, the ill tempered obnoxious leftist hack Prof at Columbia, is gay. Despite being well aware of how religious zealots treat gay people he is still consumed by a cause that would place a toe tag on him.

Even the non criminal left at places like Harry's Place is quite clueless that the moral rot on the left is esentially populism at its worst. This does not infer that the lazy Cocktail Party set at HP is criminal, just naive about the reality we see every day. I am quite amused at the lazy left calling Glenn Beck an anti semite based upon a letter signed by Rabbi Michael "Snagglepuss" Lerner. Lerner is more apt to stoke populist antisemitism than Beck.

Holding Pattern

My trip will start shortly. I am headed to JFK shortly. It with the Maltese at the vet. He learned quickly that ferrets are rough playmates. He enjoyed playing with the other dogs at the vet and on the way home.

I have a nice collection of culinary whiteout for my trip abroad. The quinine has me feeling better than ever. For the first time in well over a decade I haze zero stomach pain.

I will try to post from abroad, but the remote locations make this seem unlikely.

Beamish in 12
Send the Duck to Gitmo

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Year of the Rabbi???

My young daughter asked me if the Chinese were celebrating the year of the Rabbi. She thought that plural form of Rabbit was Rabbi.

In another development a young kid at work told me his mom makes him eat healthy. She tells him to eat fruit and brains every day. The mother corrected him and said grains.
I told her in NYC being a zombie or an accountant are perfectly acceptable alternative lifestyles.

I will be at my destination early in the morning. My phone will not work deep in the jungle. I have my fedora along with a set of clothing from LL Beamish for Americans that Kick A$$. As I am a NYC type carrying a bull whip would send the wrong message and a machete is more practical in the jungle anyway.

In case of emergency AOW can contact me via email.

I am still reading Bruce Bawer's Betrayed. He does a wonderful job conveying the familiar story of conveying the sad tale of the antics of the faux Syrian singing group on the airplane. Apparently, I did miss the story that someone tried to book this group and found they do not exist. I do remember the people reporting the strange behavior on the plane were called bigots by leftists.

Beamish in 2012
Ducky to Gitmo

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Bruce Bawer's Surrender

I am reading this book and despite many of the events being familiar it is still a fresh experience. Bawer is a writer by trade and it shows in his excellent presentation. An example of this is when he writes of the familiar story of the self righteous and untalented Dixie Chicks. The far left music establishment handed them awards for their dreadful work. They were not silenced by anyone. The reaction of the music industry was to make a political point with an inferior product. Bawer also lists the hysterical claims of censorship and over the top claims of facism by the Bush administration. Bawer also points out that Laura Sclesinger and Michael Savage were silenced after making comment that offended gays.

This will be an easy book to read on my vacation.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Finnished Reading Wafa Sultan

Those who need this book like the bird brained Duck are the last to read this blunt assessment.

If you do not have the time to Read The Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt Sultan in terse terms reminds us Mohammad is not and should never be confused with Jesus or Moses. From this starting point we see the imprint on the societies created by the followers of different religions.

The familiar refrain from the religious fanatics is about the decadent West. I am not bothered by pornography or a gay coworker. Smacking planes into office buildings and beheading people in snuff films is not exactly moral. The above is not a jab at Muslims like Stephen Schwartz who has never minced words about terrorism and gratuitous death as a publicity stunt.

The book is decent reading but you can likely do better with Falachi.

Coercion and health fascism

I am hardly surprised by the rulings in the court against the Obama Plan. No doubt those on the left and their European clowns echo chambers are unfamiliar with our legal system. We have not heard the last of the Obama Health Care Plan, but it will be a long process. Hope and Change with no common sense or clue was a mistake of the American voters.

I will be traveling shortly to destinations unknown. The place is very dangerous and crime is a real problem. I will not be like the Euroweenies at Harry's Place and proclaim myself an expert based upon a short trip. I am concerned about the members of my family and my close friends in various countries.

I will miss the Sprite, the Little Maltese and of course my family for a week. I have my fedora ready. NYC types can not walk around with Bull whips and handcuffs as it would give the wrong idea.

The antimalarials and the lack of Red Meat and cheese is killing me. The Sprite asked if I missed the beef. I do at times but I explained to her that I do not miss burgers and steaks , but do miss Stuffed Cabbage and Kreplach. I packed away 100 SPF sun screen from Nutrogena and two bottles of Off. I have yet to create Marxicide so the Visine will have to do.

I am packing two books The Deerslayer by Fenimore Cooper and Bruce Bawers second book. I will try to finish Wafa Sultan's book before I go.

The cost of medical care is a serious issue. We do need insurance and legal reforms
before anything else is discussed. Obama has not learned from his mistakes and his Amen corner largely in the European left is more shrill than ever. Obama has not deduced that pandering to Big Education, Big Media and Cocktail Party Gadflies like the losers at Harry's Place will cost him dearly.

I am not a Palin fan. I am hoping for Mayor Bloomberg to step in and create a division. I will vote for Bloomberg as a leader who can govern and get things done.
His candidacy as an independent will end the Obama debacle.

The crime of the Obama Presidency was that he really can not lead and he has been a flunky all of his life. He has sucked up to lefty elites like Bill Ayers, Rahid Khalidi and professors who are too doctrinaire for left wing governments in Brazil. We wanted a post racial President who would unite the country and instead we got a semiconscious doctrinaire lefty who has never displayed independent thought, leadership or demanded accountability from anyone. On second thought he did fire a General who similarly stated he was out to lunch.

The Need For An Anti Bullying Laws In The Workplace

Long term readers know of my role as a union member, who has been described as an activist by management. This differentiates me from the fake labor activist gadflies of
Harry's Place who run from DC Cocktail Parties waxing off in an incoherent alcoholic stupor about Gore Vidal novels and feign expertise on talk shows they do not listen to, books they do not read and protests that are up the block that they are too lazy to attend in person.

The United States does have a serious problem with its labor laws. The problems are not being addressed by mainstream unions who are more interested in power lunches with Obama Zombies than real issues facing Workers.

1)Weingarten Rights must be respected at all times. Currently, the law requires an employee who is under fire and being coerced to ask for them. Thus a manager threatens an employee with a ten day suspension if they do not sign a paper now. The paper is later used to terminate an employee.

Currently, the employee must invoke the right of union representation before their right to representation is granted. This right should be granted to any dues paying member automatically. Penalties for violating this law should be real and steep for managers who repeatedly violate these rights.

For those of you in Union Work Places. You do not have to testify or talk if that you or another person is subject to disciplinary action. You have the right to a consultation with a union representative.

I am not in favor of sloth, poor performance or incompetence. However, the reality is that work place bullying is very real and needs to be addressed. No supervisor has the right to publicly humiliate and harass workers in their job description.

2) Searches of desks should be carried out with two managers and a union representative present. Employee X is accused of theft Manager X searches the office and finds drugs. Such searches should be based on probable cause or random selection.
In theory a lone supervisor could say they saw anything with zero corroboration.

3) Bosses who are in violation of their employers training on the law need to be held personally accountable. Boss X harassed worker Y clearly in violation of his training. This Boss needs to be personally held accountable and his employer should have secondary liability.

4) The federal government needs to do a better job making sure that performance appraisals are objective and based upon fact. The standards must be attainable and critical errors must be clearly defined and not unreasonable.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Last Gasp of the Regime

The Pro-Mubarak forces probably did their worst yesterday. The military did not join their ranks and his fate is sealed. At 83, Mubarak seems more apt to follow the example of Pinochet and leave with his money than be a commie zombie in perpetuity like Ducky's boy Castro.

I am off to spend time with the daughter. I will be leaving for parts unknown next week. I started the anti malarials yesterday and the side effects are not too bad.
The results came back from the lab and apparently my health is very good, but must be monitored. The exact cause of the frequent violent bouts of illness remains unknown. It was commonly assumed that my pet was accidentally transmitting food poisoning but this may not be the case.

I am going to try to go to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday morning. My daughter got this crazy idea that my mother made one plate of food for five kids. My mother explained that everyone ate the same meal and there was plenty of food. The notion of a kid getting a special meal never happened when I was her age. I do buy her a special meal
as she hates curry and it makes me violently ill, but this is different. I will be eating falafel and baby spinach and she doesn't like that stuff.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Left out in the Mix

While the upheavals in the Middle East are in the news the plight of the religious minorities has not been discussed. The few Jews of the region can safely emigrate to Israel or in the case of Syria the government insists they go to the USA.

The USA, Canada, Australia and the EU need to come up with a plan to deal with Christian refugees from Egypt and Tunisia. Now that Hezbollah is in power in Lebanon the USA should consider TPS for Maronite Christians until the situation sorts itself out.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More Stupidity From the UK

I am thoroughly amazed at the ignorance of people in the UK when it comes to the American political scene. The self proclaimed America experts and their Cocktail Party
( Fake Americans) lackeys think Palin is stupid and Obama is getting treated unfairly by racist Tea Party types.

A) Obama sat in a racist anti semitic crank church for two decades and somehow missed all the racist bile anti Semitic and anti American musings of crank Pastor Wright. This is not a one time speech quoted out of context but a two decades relationship with a bigoted crank pushing idiotic theories that AIDS was a US Government Plot.

B) There is zero evidence that Obamas grades were exceptional as his transcripts remain sealed for reasons unknown. Further more as a far leftist hack, many of his grades were likely increased by toadying lines from fellow far leftists.

The left has a history of calling anyone right of Castro dumb. Supposedly Clinton is dumber than Nixon. However, reading My Life and any Nixon writing shows this is incorrect. JFK did not even write Profiles in Courage, but should not be included in his Brothers foul deeds.

Birthers are Racist

A) Some like Dr Yeagley are certainly motivated by race and we have dealt with that.

B) Obama could have cleared the matter by sending the document to the Federal Document Lab for analysis. The hard core haters like Yeagley would scream cover up but 90% of the remainder would accept the professionalism of the lab.

A true determination may only be made at the lab by trained experts. So called web experts are not representing their training properly. US documents due to regional
and time variations are harder to verify than most foreign ID.

I want to state that I do not nor have ever endorsed trutherism. The best information
currently available indicates Obama was born in Hawaii.

However,it is important to note that at the time of the law there was an unpopular rule that citizenship to children born abroad could only be passed along by the father. Civil servants, have been known to look the other way at unjust rules like this and take matters into their own hands. Currently, even militant by the book types, ignore US laws regarding legitimation of foreign born children. One such militant took me to task for a question in a sworn statement that used the term illegitimate children. The view of this militant by the book type is that no child should ever be stigmatized by the circumstances of his birth. Even going forward I altered the questionnaire to more neutral wording. In my entire career I did attempt one denial on the subject of legitimation. A supervisor persuaded me with superior logic that the decision was wrong and I reversed myself. In short the person in question did present a valid blood test and the child in question was two. The government was blocking the person from forming a relationship with his child. Had the child in question been 40 this would not have been the case. Many officers refuse to apply this law because they object to its sexist basis.

The birth certificate could have been altered for various other reasons. Barak Obama Sr was a practicing Polygamist and might have had his name removed. Essentially, as Obama Sr was married to someone else the marriage to Obama's mother was null and void making Obama our first President technically born out of wedlock. This is not a
big deal to me but to some religious types...

There could have been many reasons that the birth certificate of a child born in Hawaii was altered. All of the above is speculation that could be ended by a routine examination of the document and an honest discussion of Barak Obama Sr. The media has done a very poor job examining the life of a very loathsome man and the odd mother of Obama. Obama is not responsible for the quirks of his parents but a discussion should be held.

C) Glenn Beck is a Anti Semite because 400 Rabbis Say So

One should be wary when "Rabbi" Michael Lerner whom we call Rabbi Snagelpuss and Arthur Waksows name is on anything. In fact one can find more genuine anti semitic rhetoric including praising the Karl Marx whose virulent anti semitism is a matter of historical fact. Lerner also has signed a "truther" petition and when caught feigned ignorance. At its essence much of trutherism boils down to either jewish/ Zionist conspiracies to kill Americans.

One can go down the list and see a whole range of Marxist political hacks like Rabbi Waksow and so forth whose careers and statements are odder than anything uttered by Beck.

These are not 400 ordinary Rabbis these are political hack hypocrites and frauds whose support of Marxism ( a virulent anti semite) pales in comparison to anything uttered by Beck.

For the record Barbara Streisand is a distant blood relative and quite homely and obnoxious. Usually described as brilliant, she barely graduated high school and is a classic example of the left portraying someone who repeats their cliches as brilliant.

Criticizing Soros, who is a self proclaimed atheist and has business dealings that may be reasonably considered unethical is also not anti semitic. Soros is as popular as herpes in the Jewish community. This is evidenced by the discrediting of J Street when the organization lied about his funding. Even the lackies and Cocktail Party Freaks ( this means you Gene) of Harry's Place were dismayed by the deception.

Accurately, quoting radical professors who happen to be ethnically Jewsish but stoke populist antisemitism like Chomsky and Finky or promote violence is in no definition anti semitic.

4) I am amused by the antics from the UK that pretend to be experts in all things American and describe the Tea Party movement as racist because some fringe kook associated with it is a dullard. Of course when Americans point out much more notable bigotry at so called Peace Protests they are called Talk Radio Groupies by people who never listened to the shows in question based upon articles by folks who have never listened to the shows at Huffington or ever spent a moment at a Tea Party Event.

One can readily see anti Jewish bigotry with zero effort at any so called Peace Protest in the USA. Truther material is prominently displayed. Pictures of Cop Killer Mummia Jamal are spotted in second. The organizers include a variety of Communist Front Groups such as ANSWER, Code Pink and UPJ. I have even encountered Holocaust Deniers at Peace Protests in the USA and Kooks talking about evil Talmud. One amusing rant was Jesus was a Palestinian. This must be news to a person whose linneage is traced to King David and followers called him Rabbi. The area was not even called Palestine until years after his death. Folks can peruse Josephus for references to Palestinians as an extant people but it is not in the book that describes Jews everywhere.

5) Anti Jewish Material is Racist

Jews in no definition are considered a racial group except by Nazi kooks and imbecile lefties in the UK. Jews come in every shade and skin tone as do Muslims.
Studies of Jews have shown genetic links, but this does not in any definition other than that of Nazi nuts and dimwit lefties in the UK rise to a racial group.

Anti Jewish sentiment is a bias against an ethnicity and culture. This is most commonly expressed by Marxist, Jihadis and then by a small minortity of Nazi kooks.

6) Pinochet is a Fascist

The word fascist used by dullards in the UK who seek to censor plays they do not like and fire talk show hosts whose programs are not even available in their country is amusing. The USA is a country that is governed by the first Amendment it protects idiotic communist like Ducky and Bill Ayers, KKK clowns and obnoxious racists like the circus freaks of AMREN and reasonable political discourse between rational folks. Anyone who does not Glen Beck can switch the channel. Anyone who likes the cartoon views of Michael " Rabbi Snagglepus" Lerner can read his comic book magazine that should include rolling paper.

The word fascist has been abused to include anyone who opposes Marxism in any form. It is odd that people opposed to freedom of political speech should call anyone fascist.

The Cold War was an ugly chapter and Civil Wars including our own are nasty affairs. Allende won 36% of the vote and led a government that illegally siezed homes and factories. Armed Generals did not wait for their country to be turned into Katyn. The usual count given is 3,000 which is low for a Civil War. Had Cuba and the Soviet Union not supported turning Chile into a Marxist mess and arming and advising the left and importing foreign supporters of tyranny there would have been no Civil War in the first place.

The left is quick to get their panties in a knot while ignoring the fact that Pinochet stepped down non violently and unlike Chavez and Castro did not get involved in affairs beyond his border. Chile is in better shape than Cuba by any objective measure.

That being said I have been in favor of trying all the Cold War despots from starting with Castro, Ortega, Kim Jong "Mentally" Ill, Pinochet and so forth. Any comparison of the record of Castro, Mugabe and the Loon in North Korea is an insult to Pinochet who did not starve his own people or spread discernible violence beyond his border.

I have never seen a Conservative wear Pinochet or Rios Montt T Shirts. I have seen leftists wear the image of the developmentally and hygenically challenged Che, Castro, Ortega and Chavez on T Shirts. For the record I have not seen Mugabe or the Dear Loon of Korea on a T Shirt.

It would be nice if leftist despots could follow Pinochets example and step down peacefully. However, Castro is intent on perpetuating his criminal regime after his passing.

There is zero evidence that Pinochet was anything other than a generic strongman. A generic strong man does not qualify as fascist. Moreover, by any discernable measure Pinochet's Chile was freer than Castro's Cuba and those who disagreed with Pinochet for the most part were free or were encouraged to leave as opposed to having guards to keep people from leaving.

7) Those who oppose Obama's Health Care are manipulated by Talk Radio

The law was unpopular and passed against the wishes of the American people. Its language was unconstitutional and has been confirmed in Court rulings. The bill was passed with a variety of exceptions and it can be argued the slow recovery started after a GOP sweep moderated the excesses of the clueless and inept Obama administration.

8) Criticism of Obama is racist.

Some criticism of Obama is racist. However, Abe Lincoln endured Ape Lincoln cartoons. Every GOP President in my memory has been lampooned as a Nazi by the left. Jimy Carter and Bill Clinton were also mocked and sparing Obama of the abuse that comes with the job is racist.

Obama can't lead and is indecisive and his policies are dreadful are political points. Comments, like those of Yeagley laced with Obama as Negro are quite different in substance and style from the earlier points and should be condemned by all. Mathematically speaking Obama is still mathematically as white as his looney critic Yeagley.