Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More Stupidity From the UK

I am thoroughly amazed at the ignorance of people in the UK when it comes to the American political scene. The self proclaimed America experts and their Cocktail Party
( Fake Americans) lackeys think Palin is stupid and Obama is getting treated unfairly by racist Tea Party types.

A) Obama sat in a racist anti semitic crank church for two decades and somehow missed all the racist bile anti Semitic and anti American musings of crank Pastor Wright. This is not a one time speech quoted out of context but a two decades relationship with a bigoted crank pushing idiotic theories that AIDS was a US Government Plot.

B) There is zero evidence that Obamas grades were exceptional as his transcripts remain sealed for reasons unknown. Further more as a far leftist hack, many of his grades were likely increased by toadying lines from fellow far leftists.

The left has a history of calling anyone right of Castro dumb. Supposedly Clinton is dumber than Nixon. However, reading My Life and any Nixon writing shows this is incorrect. JFK did not even write Profiles in Courage, but should not be included in his Brothers foul deeds.

Birthers are Racist

A) Some like Dr Yeagley are certainly motivated by race and we have dealt with that.

B) Obama could have cleared the matter by sending the document to the Federal Document Lab for analysis. The hard core haters like Yeagley would scream cover up but 90% of the remainder would accept the professionalism of the lab.

A true determination may only be made at the lab by trained experts. So called web experts are not representing their training properly. US documents due to regional
and time variations are harder to verify than most foreign ID.

I want to state that I do not nor have ever endorsed trutherism. The best information
currently available indicates Obama was born in Hawaii.

However,it is important to note that at the time of the law there was an unpopular rule that citizenship to children born abroad could only be passed along by the father. Civil servants, have been known to look the other way at unjust rules like this and take matters into their own hands. Currently, even militant by the book types, ignore US laws regarding legitimation of foreign born children. One such militant took me to task for a question in a sworn statement that used the term illegitimate children. The view of this militant by the book type is that no child should ever be stigmatized by the circumstances of his birth. Even going forward I altered the questionnaire to more neutral wording. In my entire career I did attempt one denial on the subject of legitimation. A supervisor persuaded me with superior logic that the decision was wrong and I reversed myself. In short the person in question did present a valid blood test and the child in question was two. The government was blocking the person from forming a relationship with his child. Had the child in question been 40 this would not have been the case. Many officers refuse to apply this law because they object to its sexist basis.

The birth certificate could have been altered for various other reasons. Barak Obama Sr was a practicing Polygamist and might have had his name removed. Essentially, as Obama Sr was married to someone else the marriage to Obama's mother was null and void making Obama our first President technically born out of wedlock. This is not a
big deal to me but to some religious types...

There could have been many reasons that the birth certificate of a child born in Hawaii was altered. All of the above is speculation that could be ended by a routine examination of the document and an honest discussion of Barak Obama Sr. The media has done a very poor job examining the life of a very loathsome man and the odd mother of Obama. Obama is not responsible for the quirks of his parents but a discussion should be held.

C) Glenn Beck is a Anti Semite because 400 Rabbis Say So

One should be wary when "Rabbi" Michael Lerner whom we call Rabbi Snagelpuss and Arthur Waksows name is on anything. In fact one can find more genuine anti semitic rhetoric including praising the Karl Marx whose virulent anti semitism is a matter of historical fact. Lerner also has signed a "truther" petition and when caught feigned ignorance. At its essence much of trutherism boils down to either jewish/ Zionist conspiracies to kill Americans.

One can go down the list and see a whole range of Marxist political hacks like Rabbi Waksow and so forth whose careers and statements are odder than anything uttered by Beck.

These are not 400 ordinary Rabbis these are political hack hypocrites and frauds whose support of Marxism ( a virulent anti semite) pales in comparison to anything uttered by Beck.

For the record Barbara Streisand is a distant blood relative and quite homely and obnoxious. Usually described as brilliant, she barely graduated high school and is a classic example of the left portraying someone who repeats their cliches as brilliant.

Criticizing Soros, who is a self proclaimed atheist and has business dealings that may be reasonably considered unethical is also not anti semitic. Soros is as popular as herpes in the Jewish community. This is evidenced by the discrediting of J Street when the organization lied about his funding. Even the lackies and Cocktail Party Freaks ( this means you Gene) of Harry's Place were dismayed by the deception.

Accurately, quoting radical professors who happen to be ethnically Jewsish but stoke populist antisemitism like Chomsky and Finky or promote violence is in no definition anti semitic.

4) I am amused by the antics from the UK that pretend to be experts in all things American and describe the Tea Party movement as racist because some fringe kook associated with it is a dullard. Of course when Americans point out much more notable bigotry at so called Peace Protests they are called Talk Radio Groupies by people who never listened to the shows in question based upon articles by folks who have never listened to the shows at Huffington or ever spent a moment at a Tea Party Event.

One can readily see anti Jewish bigotry with zero effort at any so called Peace Protest in the USA. Truther material is prominently displayed. Pictures of Cop Killer Mummia Jamal are spotted in second. The organizers include a variety of Communist Front Groups such as ANSWER, Code Pink and UPJ. I have even encountered Holocaust Deniers at Peace Protests in the USA and Kooks talking about evil Talmud. One amusing rant was Jesus was a Palestinian. This must be news to a person whose linneage is traced to King David and followers called him Rabbi. The area was not even called Palestine until years after his death. Folks can peruse Josephus for references to Palestinians as an extant people but it is not in the book that describes Jews everywhere.

5) Anti Jewish Material is Racist

Jews in no definition are considered a racial group except by Nazi kooks and imbecile lefties in the UK. Jews come in every shade and skin tone as do Muslims.
Studies of Jews have shown genetic links, but this does not in any definition other than that of Nazi nuts and dimwit lefties in the UK rise to a racial group.

Anti Jewish sentiment is a bias against an ethnicity and culture. This is most commonly expressed by Marxist, Jihadis and then by a small minortity of Nazi kooks.

6) Pinochet is a Fascist

The word fascist used by dullards in the UK who seek to censor plays they do not like and fire talk show hosts whose programs are not even available in their country is amusing. The USA is a country that is governed by the first Amendment it protects idiotic communist like Ducky and Bill Ayers, KKK clowns and obnoxious racists like the circus freaks of AMREN and reasonable political discourse between rational folks. Anyone who does not Glen Beck can switch the channel. Anyone who likes the cartoon views of Michael " Rabbi Snagglepus" Lerner can read his comic book magazine that should include rolling paper.

The word fascist has been abused to include anyone who opposes Marxism in any form. It is odd that people opposed to freedom of political speech should call anyone fascist.

The Cold War was an ugly chapter and Civil Wars including our own are nasty affairs. Allende won 36% of the vote and led a government that illegally siezed homes and factories. Armed Generals did not wait for their country to be turned into Katyn. The usual count given is 3,000 which is low for a Civil War. Had Cuba and the Soviet Union not supported turning Chile into a Marxist mess and arming and advising the left and importing foreign supporters of tyranny there would have been no Civil War in the first place.

The left is quick to get their panties in a knot while ignoring the fact that Pinochet stepped down non violently and unlike Chavez and Castro did not get involved in affairs beyond his border. Chile is in better shape than Cuba by any objective measure.

That being said I have been in favor of trying all the Cold War despots from starting with Castro, Ortega, Kim Jong "Mentally" Ill, Pinochet and so forth. Any comparison of the record of Castro, Mugabe and the Loon in North Korea is an insult to Pinochet who did not starve his own people or spread discernible violence beyond his border.

I have never seen a Conservative wear Pinochet or Rios Montt T Shirts. I have seen leftists wear the image of the developmentally and hygenically challenged Che, Castro, Ortega and Chavez on T Shirts. For the record I have not seen Mugabe or the Dear Loon of Korea on a T Shirt.

It would be nice if leftist despots could follow Pinochets example and step down peacefully. However, Castro is intent on perpetuating his criminal regime after his passing.

There is zero evidence that Pinochet was anything other than a generic strongman. A generic strong man does not qualify as fascist. Moreover, by any discernable measure Pinochet's Chile was freer than Castro's Cuba and those who disagreed with Pinochet for the most part were free or were encouraged to leave as opposed to having guards to keep people from leaving.

7) Those who oppose Obama's Health Care are manipulated by Talk Radio

The law was unpopular and passed against the wishes of the American people. Its language was unconstitutional and has been confirmed in Court rulings. The bill was passed with a variety of exceptions and it can be argued the slow recovery started after a GOP sweep moderated the excesses of the clueless and inept Obama administration.

8) Criticism of Obama is racist.

Some criticism of Obama is racist. However, Abe Lincoln endured Ape Lincoln cartoons. Every GOP President in my memory has been lampooned as a Nazi by the left. Jimy Carter and Bill Clinton were also mocked and sparing Obama of the abuse that comes with the job is racist.

Obama can't lead and is indecisive and his policies are dreadful are political points. Comments, like those of Yeagley laced with Obama as Negro are quite different in substance and style from the earlier points and should be condemned by all. Mathematically speaking Obama is still mathematically as white as his looney critic Yeagley.


Ducky's here said...

Sounds like you've been listening to Michael Savage again.

Watch out, Beak, he makes you stupid.

troutsky said...

Didn't have all day to read the whole thing but it makes a lot of sense. How about something on Egypt?

The_Editrix said...

"Anti Jewish sentiment is a bias against an ethnicity and culture."

That explanation is too superficial. Bias can be reversed by information, second thoughts, the lot, Antisemitism can't. It is a rebellion against Jewish ethics. Moses gave his people at Sinai the decalogue and thus the human conscience. Every Jew reminds the godless of his condition and for that he will hate him. Hitler said it, by the way.

michael- said...

did someone say 'muslim'?? Get the guns! Round up the hoods; oh, wait, I meant placards. Lets git dem commie sand arabs who would distroy emerika home of the guns and the guns.


[pssst, guess what? your God won't help you when the poor and exploited and invaded and dominated people of the world rise up. FEAR that.]

beakerkin said...


The above post does not even mention. Muslims or environmental dimwits. Nor does your idiotic anarchist view have any moral compass.

As for Muslims, if they wish to live in peace, like 90% of them fine. I do not favor the creation of apartheid states for Muslims when they have an abundance of colonized lands already. Those that engage in terrorism should be killed after a trial in the USA or by the military if they are abroad. Communities that house them should be leveled. Thus if you are hiding Osama near a day care center bombs away.

The environmental movement has damaged itself by allowing kooks who are really commies and anarchists into their midst. People do not bother listening to rabid dogs or certified mental patients.

There is no fear on this blog. We despise Marxists, jihadis and racial hygiene kooks. When political bs turns criminal we favor arrests and deportation.