Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beak on Poverty Dignity and Human Nature

I seldom talk about my life and career path.I meandered through many different paths and at one point was considering pursuing a degree in Psychology leading to either law school or an MSW. The first set of classes were real fun, but the further along I got the more disillusioned I got with the field. A certain familiar group of parasites has infiltrated what should be a noble calling and has politicized and perverted it into a politically and socially damaging shameful craft.

I began to question the entire profession and no doubt there are a few good ones out there and many situations where it helps. There is an almost entrenched effort by some to declare all forms of male behavior abnormal. I was subjected to unsubstantiated idiocy such as a presentation where a speaker said "All males are potential rapists".My response was that potential is meaningless unless it is followed. The speaker was a self actualized asshole and were such comments directed at women the speaker would have been censured. Among the other classics was marriage is a form of prostitution.Men invented marriage to control women. The notion of bringing up children in a stable family unit was termed paternalism.

Life interfered with my studies as I met a woman and fell deeply in love. It was apparent that she would not earn much so I shifted focus to a business degree. I was still planning to go to law school but my girlfriend could not handle being made to wait more time. Before I graduated Wall Street crashed and the jobs that were supposed to be there were gone. I was cast adrift without a plan to the winds of fate and ended up in the fashion industry.

I am studying with Sunbeam the texts for her MSW classes. One book is entirely political with sweeping generalizations written by a Marxist dolt. What relevance does Reagan's alleged paranoia about Communists have to do with learning the skills required to be an effective social worker. FYI The communists were actually Stalinists beholden to a genocidal mass murder and a hostile foreign power. There are other passages about immigration policy, global warming and political analysis.
This material is actually poorly written Marxist propaganda that would not survive even the most routine critical scrutiny.

I am not the type to be subjected to this type of atrocity and remain silent. Perhaps I am where I belong as a law enforcement officer. Sadly, much of the policies and training material is written by the same University garbage as the books
Sunbeam has to read. It is important to respect diversity, gender and orientation in and outside of the workplace. Yet the reality is that the rules and procedures are abused in a witch hunt manner at times by opportunists. Two men talking about motor oil and car parts is normal, but to a militant was termed creating a hostile work atmosphere. Questioning if a 53 year old woman gave birth in a third world country known for polygamy was termed racism by the same crew.

Sorry for the Gap in Posts

There has been an abnormally heavy work. I am still with Sunbeam who amazes me more every day. I am lucky such a beautiful and kind woman is interested in me. I treasure our moments together and she makes me happier than I ever felt in my life. I always wanted to be with her and she is even better than anything I ever dreamed of. She made a wonderful pot dish with beef and barley. My blood pressure and weight is way down and I generally do not eat beef or poultry. I love them but keeping my weight down as well as trying to get closer to kosher are important.

The cast of characters is the same. The Princess and I have not spoken for well over two weeks. Cafeteria food was not good enough for her when I was fetching. Now it has become acceptable as she is paying for her food. She desperately wants some contact but my door is always closed. The vegan is a good friend who is genuinely happy for me. I like her as a person and hopes she finds someone to make her happy. M is still sweet and desperately trying to lose weight. She is trying my diet but it does not look good but it is better than before. For her this weight loss is a matter of life or death as she has had one stroke already. J is an amazing person who
is the company gossip. I will be with Drummaster and Rav Roov for the Superbowl. I chose not to hang with the coworkers as they tend to get smashed and do things that were never appropriate for me.

I will write some political stuff later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Mideast Mess

The truth is the mideast is the way it is because certain people need it so. There could be peace tomorrow if the following truths were known.

1 There is not nor were there ever any Palestinians. There are Arab refugees who are in fact colonial invaders with a lengthy colonial history. That being said Egypt and Jordan are responsible parties that should make workable agreements. Certain land on the West bank should be retained by Israel and there needs to be some population transfer.

2 Certain thuggish Muslim countries need Israel as the other to justify their brutal
control. Syria is a Marxist mess run by an Alawite clique that is 12% of the population. Iran also plays the Israel card to bolster its popularity.

3 Communists need Israel so that they can stoke populist anti-semitism and form grand
aliances with jihadis, Nazis and other freaks.

The truth is that certain people benefit from the current situation and require a perpetuation of the status quo.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Still the Same

Those of you reading this over the last two months are probably wondering what happened to Beakerkin. I am still the same man with the same opinions and humor, just there is a lot less of me these days.

I have known Sunbeam for well over thirty years. She was always a very special person who I have had very deep feelings of love for. Growing up one could always tell she was loving and giving. When I heard her name again it took me seconds to contact her. At first I did not want to meet her because I do not look like I did when she last remembered me.

In college I was a very good looking man who did not lack for attention. In many ways
this hurt me as a person because too many opportunities were available. I fell in love with the wrong person and drifted through a series of bad relationships.

Unlike me Sunbeam has only become more beautiful with age. She has a vibrancy that I never expected and is even better than my dreams. She is really much smarter than I am and has a better temperament. An immigration officer and a social worker seem like
an odd match. However, I have always followed my heart to the extent allowed by the law. Sunbeam is not adverse to locking up those who deserve it. My greatest pleasure
as an officer is fixing what had been previously wrong. Sunbeam has chosen gerontology as her field and serves those who need an ear in their last days. I am blessed by her presence and her love will extend my days and enrich my nights.

My coworkers had a hard time accepting the new me. They were used to the cynical type who was aloof. One idiot even suggested that I was never married and pestered me for a picture of my ex wife. I did show a picture without figuring my coworkers could deduce who the other person was. The picture created quite a stir and the cleanin woman placed it with the other black and white movie photos. I dated but without a purpose and many times I just never even bothered when opportunity knocked.

My whole outlook has changed. People ask me where I would go on vacation. If I was alone a drive in a wild section would do. However, now that I have Sunbeam I want to
go everywhere and anywhere so long as she is with me. Her smile brightens my day and makes everything special.

Even a simple trip to the grocery store with her is an amazing experience. In my previous incarnations I had to cook and shop. I actually cook quite well and use different ingredients. I can not use some of the dishes because Sunbeam is kosher. However, this is not an impediment as it was my natural state as well. I adapted to
the demands of previous relationships, but can just as easily revert to my natural state. This may sound odd but I really do not miss much of the non kosher stuff. Perhaps the only thing I will genuinely miss is swordfish. As stated earlier left to my own devices any pot dish made in a loving home is better than the best restaurant
fare. I made them in a previous relationship and they were appreciated, but never tasted right to me. I was not my grandmother, mother, sister and no woman in a relationship ever made me a pot dish. I was always more skilled or perhaps nobody cared enough to make me one.

I am still interested in politics and am the same person with the same passions. I still loathe communists, support Israel, love America and am more or less a social
liberal. I do not see anything wrong with helping a married couple who has a kid or two with an occasional helping hand. There is a difference between a married couple in a committed relationship with children and a never been married woman with children from different fathers.

I still support the right of gay people to live with dignity. I also do not support changing the definition of religious terms to suit the tastes of manifesto carrying black robed freaks. Religion is important as long as it respects life and builds communities. Even Rav Roovs congregation seems to cater to the lost among us. I feel very at home there and can not explain why. The notion of a God ordering me to kill
unbelievers to create utopia is an abomination. In reality a Junglemom or a Papa Frank help the poor as a religious calling and that is the way it should be. These
true religious types manage to serve their communities without gulags, power mad scams or insane liberation theories.

Sunbeam has not changed me as much as she has enriched my life. The other day she gave me a beautiful card. Part of it is sad because nobody has ever given me a card like that with such a loving personal message. Then again I never wrote rich love poetry for anyone else either. Sunbeam is my equal in all categories and I can talk about anything except raising children with her.

If one were to observe me at work you would see a person of contrasts. I am very sensitive to victims of crime and domestic violence. I know when to let the gentler side of my persona take hold. When it is a genuine relationship I work hard to make it a pleasant experience. Yet when it is not I can also fight tooth and nail for a withdraw. I let the evidence speak to me and sometimes the book is just wrong. My boss once told me I do not care what the book says that couple is married for over thirty years. Over time he was proven correct and I learned that a gut feeling sometimes is more insightful than the book.

The magic of a true love is that the changes are subtle and the best qualities are enriched. Sunbeam has changed my life for the better and I am content to do my best to fill the remainder of our days with love and warmth.

I am a very lucky man who is blessed on many levels. I have a great job, a good family, wonderful friends, I reside in an ideal spot and I have the rarest of all gift the true love of a soul mate. My life has never been better.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beakerkin Goes to War

Not Exactly

A great number of my coworkers will be taking the day off to watch the inauguration. I do not share their enthusiasm for Obama. Many of them voted for him out of ethnic pride
and I understand symbolism.

It will be a tough day at work as the remaining folk will have to work very hard. I plan on bringing my A game with me.

Obama was elected on the heels of a financial mess largely by a compliant media that let him get away with saying hope and change endlessly.

Disadvantages of Weight loss

For the first time in my life I genuinely feel cold. I feel it in my bones on a cold day like never before. I am typically good up until 15 degrees and seldom cold even
in Vermont.

I have from dreams of women to dreams of pot roast. Sunbeam meets my needs for love, but I hunger for a good old pot roast. I am so wound on this new diet I was talking about cheating the other day with a small slurpee after work. Sunbeam encouraged me to go for it as I put in a twelve hour day. It is odd that such an item on a cold day would stir me so.

I am very careful about what I eat. I gave up regular soda around four years ago. Salted Snacks around six months ago and candy before that. I now eat a roll with margarine, Fish and vegies with a cup of lentil soup for dinner and a small tuna sandwich for dinner. I see chicken on Fridays at dinner or perhaps at lunch.

I decided to lose the weight because I want to have as much time as possible with Sunbeam. Her love is the difference between existing and living. Her smile and a gentle hug are all I need.

She does read this blog and will probably joke about pot roast. I have always loved pot roast. It is very funny as I can cook gourmet fish and poultry with ease. However, if given my own devices I would sooner have a pot roast or any odd chicken in a pot dish than restaurant fare. There is something about a pot dish made by a person who loves their audience that gets lost in an industrial setting.

Pot dishes do have their weaknesses. They are not suitable for candle light dinners
or even dinner parties. They are almost familial affairs and are off at another level.

I also find my sense of humor is not as rich as when I am eating junk food. I also think I am less patient and more grouchy. I am definitely more confident romantically, but that is all Sunbeam.


I went with Sunbeam and her family to visit Rav Roov I picked a bad day as it was 3.7
degrees when I left on a four mile uphill walk. My time in VT prepared me well as I wore layers. Normally my legs are fine but they were cold. I have lost well over 30lbs in six months.Near the end I stopped in at 7-11 to buy a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich as I needed the extra calories in the extreme cold. It took about 15 minutes to warm up and another 5 to get the bus to the next leg.

This may sound funny but I had a problem sweating from the layers and it is potentially dangerous in those temperatures. I used the ferry ride as time to alter the layers for the next part of the trip.

I made it to synagogue but elected to tell the curious that I was a friend of the Rabbi. Rav Roov quickly told the curious that I was in fact his younger brother. I am his younger older brother but this is a running joke.

Sunbeam came with her father and my brother greeted them as honored guests before his sermon. For those of you who think Kahanism is authentic Judaism, listening to this sermon should be mandatory. In short those who commit evil and pretend they are religious disgrace our community and Baruch Goldstein was one of many singled out.

I met Sunbeam's dog and it went as well as such an event can go with a shi tzu. I am
not a fan of small dogs as my temperament is more geared to a lower tempo less caffeinated type like a pug, bull dog, lab or most good old mutts. The dog does like me but alternates between love and warfare in as short as a five minute span. I am like King Kong so the attempts to bite are at worst annoyances.

This was the first time Sunbeam or I met a sibling and my nephew was present. My nephew is a good kid and he had a very interesting friend. He is always well behaved and about the worst behavior he does is watch the Mets.

This was also the first time both sets of parents met. It went well except for my mother's desire to be a detective/ Dr Phil. She likes to solve mysteries that do not exist and accidentally blows things out of proportion. Nothing terrible, just same old foolishness and my not dealing better with it.

I went to a Pro Israel rally and was surprised by the high turnout. The assorted politicians were there and a guest appearance by Rep Wiener. He got a huge response
when he called Jimmy Carter an "abomination". His speech was excellent and this comes from a person who has loathed him previously. I wish Gov Patterson would dicth
Kennedy and Cuomo and give the job to Wiener who is far better prepared. I did enjoy
the speeches of Councilman Oddo and our Borough President Molinaro. However, after being exposed to a typical Col Bernie Saunders ( Clown from VT) rant anything is an improvement. Obviously, there are no IQ or drug testing requirements for public office in VT.

Of course there were about 20 clowns trying to counter protest. As the event was held
indoors at the JCC this was just vanity. The protesters were mostly Arabs with no communist lackeys. If this were in Manhattan there would be an army of Commies manipulating the event. Commies are the political equivalent of hemorrhoids.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The End of Sanity

I do not understand why certain groups think they have the right to make judgments.We take EEO classes that spell out what behaviors are acceptable. The training specifically states one is not to question the religious commitment of your employees.
I went to leave early to be with Sunbeam. My boss told me I am not a Jew and to stop pretending. This scenario is covered in our training and I reminded my boss who said it again.

I have dealt with stupidity at work including a coworker who asked me of Madoff "Why did the Jew rob people." I also had the classic about Jews on Welfare.

Oddly this came from the same person who seriously considers the term "sweatshop" racist. Sorry but my I worked in the fashion industry for years and that term is a given.

Of course these same people are given to anti gay slurs. I do not know why the very people who will deservedly crucify someone for using the N word will turn around and
call a person a faggot with impunity.

Victim culture has made Orwell's words a reality. All animals are equal, but some are
more equal than the rest.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Be Yourself

Those of you who regularly read this blog know of my deep love for a woman I call Sunbeam. She is the light in my life and warms my heart. I am a very changed man as her love has enriched my life.

Some of my coworkers do not like the new me. I am more confident, slimmer and less concerned by the whims of abusive types.

We define ourselves and the changes in my life were never demands from Sunbeam. When I divorced I walked away from many things and lived in the present. The coworkers who do not like the new me will have to adjust.

I have also learned my lesson about people who claim to speak for everyone. I speak only for myself and do not need everyone to talk for me. Cliques are the realm of very shallow and often very cruel people. In reality it was they who changed me into something I was not. Even when I was younger and very good looking I loathed dance clubs. I certainly did not need them to find dates. I liked a one on one date where my attention was focused and I could be myself.

The man about town is not me, it was never me. I walk with Sunbeam in a mall and we look like a married couple. Illusions are for those who can not deal with reality. My
life with Sunbeam is better than any illusion or fantasy of popularity.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Too patient

The Israelis have been far too patient with the situation in Gaza. The far left anti semites are going to complain anyway so invade away. The notion that firing rockets at Jewish civilians is just an inconvenient fact.

If the people of Gaza are suffering it is for a communist contrived myth of a fake ethnicity. Every pointless death is at the feet of the far left and its absurd twists
to co-opt populist antisemitism. The Pseudostinian is actually better off dead than living as an Egyptian.

Egypt needs to take back its territory and end this game.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Obvious end to the farce in Gaza

The demented morons of the world are now letting people suffer for a communist contrived fiction. The residents of Gaza have and always were Egyptian. The Palestinian
ethnicity is a contrived publicity ploy that was easier to market than Judenfrei real estate.

After the Soviets goaded and provoked the Arabs into escalating hostilities and the ensuing disaster ( Foxbats over Dimona) this fake ethnicity was contrived. The cry of
Jews into the Sea was too odious for anti semitic Euros to accept soon after the Holocaust so a fake ethnicity was created.

There is no case for Palestine and any comparison of Pseudostinians with Tibetians, Kurds, African and Indian tribes or the residents of Brooklyn shows that the case for Palestine is a joke at best. Lets see Palestinians have a regional accent but so do Brooklynites, Texans and many other places. People who were born in Brooklyn have no biological ties to the Canarsie Indians and neither do Arabs have any ties to Philistines, Finkelsteins or Phyliss Diller.

Commies are very fond of talking about colonialism and indigenous people except when those people happen to be Jews and other minorities under Islamic hegemony. These minorities lived under a Jim Crow domination in their own lands. When Muslims and their Marxist apologist deny this history they are on a par with Holocaust deniers.
Muslims live in denial of historical facts where the colonial oppressors are perpetual victims. How does a group colonized and treated worse than Blacks under Jim Crow become oppressors in any coherent discussion. Arabs as victims is as absurd as Indians and Black slaves oppressing white settlers.

If the world were serious about ending the mess in Gaza it would tell Egypt to end this farce now. Egypt should anex the area and end this farce. Let the residents of Gaza be what they have always been in the first place Egyptians.

True peace in the region requires the end of Cold War far left propaganda points. There are no Palestinians and this contrived label has been a Marxist ploy to make populist antisemitism socially acceptable.