Sunday, January 18, 2009

Disadvantages of Weight loss

For the first time in my life I genuinely feel cold. I feel it in my bones on a cold day like never before. I am typically good up until 15 degrees and seldom cold even
in Vermont.

I have from dreams of women to dreams of pot roast. Sunbeam meets my needs for love, but I hunger for a good old pot roast. I am so wound on this new diet I was talking about cheating the other day with a small slurpee after work. Sunbeam encouraged me to go for it as I put in a twelve hour day. It is odd that such an item on a cold day would stir me so.

I am very careful about what I eat. I gave up regular soda around four years ago. Salted Snacks around six months ago and candy before that. I now eat a roll with margarine, Fish and vegies with a cup of lentil soup for dinner and a small tuna sandwich for dinner. I see chicken on Fridays at dinner or perhaps at lunch.

I decided to lose the weight because I want to have as much time as possible with Sunbeam. Her love is the difference between existing and living. Her smile and a gentle hug are all I need.

She does read this blog and will probably joke about pot roast. I have always loved pot roast. It is very funny as I can cook gourmet fish and poultry with ease. However, if given my own devices I would sooner have a pot roast or any odd chicken in a pot dish than restaurant fare. There is something about a pot dish made by a person who loves their audience that gets lost in an industrial setting.

Pot dishes do have their weaknesses. They are not suitable for candle light dinners
or even dinner parties. They are almost familial affairs and are off at another level.

I also find my sense of humor is not as rich as when I am eating junk food. I also think I am less patient and more grouchy. I am definitely more confident romantically, but that is all Sunbeam.


Elmers Brother said...

try a pot roast in a crock pot with chopped green chilis, salsa, cream of mushroom soup and carrots and potatos

It's sooooooo good and will make your house smell heavenly

it's a Sunday favorite in our house

beakerkin said...


Any pot dish is filled with love. It gives the house a smell and a warmth.

The Merry Widow said...

EB-Cream of mushroom soup with pot roast is non-kosher...sounds delicious though...