Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beak on Poverty Dignity and Human Nature

I seldom talk about my life and career path.I meandered through many different paths and at one point was considering pursuing a degree in Psychology leading to either law school or an MSW. The first set of classes were real fun, but the further along I got the more disillusioned I got with the field. A certain familiar group of parasites has infiltrated what should be a noble calling and has politicized and perverted it into a politically and socially damaging shameful craft.

I began to question the entire profession and no doubt there are a few good ones out there and many situations where it helps. There is an almost entrenched effort by some to declare all forms of male behavior abnormal. I was subjected to unsubstantiated idiocy such as a presentation where a speaker said "All males are potential rapists".My response was that potential is meaningless unless it is followed. The speaker was a self actualized asshole and were such comments directed at women the speaker would have been censured. Among the other classics was marriage is a form of prostitution.Men invented marriage to control women. The notion of bringing up children in a stable family unit was termed paternalism.

Life interfered with my studies as I met a woman and fell deeply in love. It was apparent that she would not earn much so I shifted focus to a business degree. I was still planning to go to law school but my girlfriend could not handle being made to wait more time. Before I graduated Wall Street crashed and the jobs that were supposed to be there were gone. I was cast adrift without a plan to the winds of fate and ended up in the fashion industry.

I am studying with Sunbeam the texts for her MSW classes. One book is entirely political with sweeping generalizations written by a Marxist dolt. What relevance does Reagan's alleged paranoia about Communists have to do with learning the skills required to be an effective social worker. FYI The communists were actually Stalinists beholden to a genocidal mass murder and a hostile foreign power. There are other passages about immigration policy, global warming and political analysis.
This material is actually poorly written Marxist propaganda that would not survive even the most routine critical scrutiny.

I am not the type to be subjected to this type of atrocity and remain silent. Perhaps I am where I belong as a law enforcement officer. Sadly, much of the policies and training material is written by the same University garbage as the books
Sunbeam has to read. It is important to respect diversity, gender and orientation in and outside of the workplace. Yet the reality is that the rules and procedures are abused in a witch hunt manner at times by opportunists. Two men talking about motor oil and car parts is normal, but to a militant was termed creating a hostile work atmosphere. Questioning if a 53 year old woman gave birth in a third world country known for polygamy was termed racism by the same crew.


Beamish said...


I would have replied "All audience members are potentially going to whip your ass in the parking lot."

Brooke said...

Having a father is "paternalism?"

All men are potential rapists? HUH?!?

How did such a bonafide psychopath get behind the podium?

beakerkin said...

Mr B

That was better than my response.


Sadly this is what passes for thought
in Universities. We need to get the Bolsheviks out and restore logic.

Ducky's here said...

Far out. An entire post without blaming Commies.

You're shaping up Beak.

Ducky's here said...

... oh sorry Beak, I only read the first two paragraphs.

Carry on Comrade.

beakerkin said...

commies need to be expelled from all professions, The damage to the a psychology profession is profound.
Sunbeam's classmates had no idea what the material was about and how political analysis was remotely related to being a social worker.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you mix pure reason w/Marxist moralizing. Unless you're standing on a firm foundation of two true premises before you start your analysis, ALL your conclusions aren't going to be worth a crap.

Beamish said...

The point is that what the left lacks in the capacity for rational thought they more than make up for in paranoia.

"All men are potential rapists" sounds like it was written by some fat mullet-wearing horse of a woman more likely to take a rape whistle back to the store she bought it from because she blew it all day long and still no one would rape her.

Always On Watch said...

This material is actually poorly written Marxist propaganda that would not survive even the most routine critical scrutiny.

Of course.

The brainwashing begins in kindergarten and intensifies at the university level.

troutsky said...

beak, you are where you belong. Be happy.

Warren said...

Commies should be lobotomized!

Sorry, my bad. That would be redundant. (plus the waste of an ice cream scoop)