Thursday, March 31, 2005

Revenge of the "wingnuts"

One of the things that people fail to notice is I enjoy posting and debate. If everyone sat around we would be like bobble head dolls. Post like that are lifeless
and dull. People who read this blog regularly know I respect honest liberals who are civilin dissent like Kafka and the Chemist. I do not hate the sneering left as typified by the Recidivist . He is entertaining but I stand by my earlier assertions. However he has a problem with dissent of any type. The truth is he is not as open minded as he thinks and should lighten up. I do tip my hat to him for being a sport yesterday. I salute the Chemist for providing an excellent blog every day.

The new term from the left to disparage us on right is wingnut. The term doesn't bother me one bit and I have grown fond of it.Wingnuts are fasteners and keep the screws in place.

1 I visit the Recidivist and I spot a Post Get Drunk Vote Liberal. " So Has Get Drunk Vote Liberal ...He thinks it could be fun to run the Gay adgenda down America's throat".

I pointed out thereis a wide variety of thought on the gay issue and the GOP. I listed the three major battle groud issues involving gays.
1 Most Americans favor civil unions. The issue was not presented that way
2Don't ask don't tell is the policy of the service. Gays can serve and the government is not allowed to ask or inquire on the matter.
3 In school districts the issue of orientation is being presented in early education.The critique is that the material is being presented way too early.

A poster named Hawke
"Y'see this sounds all nice and homo friendly but if the government ( you know, those people in power, not the general public) don't publicize thisview then it isn't the widely held views of American Republicans.
The US Government are anti gay in every way,shape and form.If there was any samples of this not being the case gays wouldn't feel so persecuted there right now.

Civil Unions? Quashed
Gays in the Military ? Not on my watch Pardner
Sex ED in schools? How about any Education in schools"

A pause on this for the reader who may be new. I did a post on Gay Rights Israel and Muslim nations combined. Mr Hawke who is respectful should look at that post before he talks of persecuted gays. The fact that Israel grants assylum to Gays fleeing the PA for their lives is meaningless to the Recidivist.Compare the US, Israel and most of the Muslim world on gays. Then tell me about where gays should feel persecuted.

The Recidivist "This is what happens when you have a semi-illiterate President who comes under the influence of religious fundamentalist Fuitcakes . ( Obvious gay pun
left alone )... All Abord ,this is the 9:11 to Sharia Law:)"

I reiterated my earlier points and added Your remarks about the Presidents intelligence are typical. Bush has an Ivy MBA and was found by the military to have a higher IQ than Kerry.
Republican's are made of several wings Rudy types are liberal on this issue.Libertarians also tend towards liberalism on social issues. The stereo type of the Bible Tumpers is Simplistic.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Ultimate Troll - Socrates on Trial

There is an evil person who posts on Front Page Forum who uses 30 known handles. He is the worst known troll and human being I have encountered. I do not say this lightly as I worked in a facility that hired people in half way house residents. I supervised hardened criminals who were ordinary reasonable people and often hard working.

What makes this troll unique is he fancies himself a writer . His usual title is Socrates but he posts under thirty names with identical writing styles. He targets
women in general and several notably. Commenting on a woman's intimate body parts is not good form. He uses the crudest and most vile descriptions to describe Donal who post here. He is also has a vendatta against Morgaan who reads this blog.

What makes him annoying is that he posts to himself . Then he uses the same style and claims independent identities. If misogyny is not a great enough crime he tells
Jews "Get in the Oven", has made a series of racist remarks aimed at blacks, latins,muslims. He has running skits with Chinese charachters that use gramatically
perfect Chenglish with no pronouns. The typing style is identical to his other personas. He will then have a persona scream bigotry at posters that do not post on race.He also steals identities and posts profanity under other peoples identities. He also uses old handles and claims to be back but the styles are identical to Socs.

Soc fancies himself a talented writer but his posts are devoid of substance and creativity. He mistakes spelling and sentence structure for intelligence and content.
David Horowitz, Yeagley and Richard Poe have visited this blog and not flayed me. Stephen Schwartz's assistance sent me a correction and I will repeat it. Stephen Schwartz does not bash Western Culture as he is a brilliant man. Soc asked Horowitz for a job as a staff writer and he was turned down. Horowitz knows talent and charachter when he sees it and Soc fails on both accounts. Richard Poe allayed my fears of being banned as I am a Rudy Republican. Poe explained that is easy to tell the difference between an honest person and a knave. Soc is worse than a knave he is a parasite and a predator.

Soc is lucky I am not Horowitz because if I was he might be looking at jail time. Soc confessed that he was rejected by Horowitz this Sunday on the Kaplan thread. The key with a criminal is to let them talk and they dig their own gaves. The problem is
that egomaniacs are never as smart as they think. Soc also demonstrated the stealing identity routine and demonstated it on a Gladzov thread. Soc has been trying to damage Horowitz financially. He has hurt FPM by turning the forum into the temple of Soc. He has his alleged cult of admirers who post on nothing other than Soc or target his foes.

I will not adress the more serious charges against Soc. There is about a one in fifty chance he did not commit the heinous crime . I did read the confession in the archives of FPM. However he is a sick and deranged person and may have said it for attention. The circumstantial evidence is that he teaches in a prison not a school.
The security check to work with children is tougher than to work in a prison.

Attention is like a drug to him and he plays this Sophomoric game of his clones worhiping him. He has an alias Muster Quark who has never posted on a topic only Soc boosting and attacking his enemies. The other crime is serious he is a bore with no imagination and creativity. He is the stupidest poster on the board as one has to repeat the same point dozens of times. The lack of creativity and intelligence is profound especially considering he aspires to godhood.

Now is the time to testify let FPM know our stories are here. An ordinary pest like Uptown or Ducky can stay. They post under one or name and are just comedic relef. I would not even complain about an ordinary troll. This is above and beyond tolleration
it is time to prosecute Soc.

I want to thank Richard Poe for opening my eyes. It is shameful what a fine place has devolved into. Responsible dissent is fine but self promotion needless abuse, harassment and being an uncreative boor is too much. We must aspire to greatness rather than sink to the lowest common denominator.

Fight Back and lets look ahead this is the first step.

The Beak

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Electronic Bar Part 3

There is something about a small enterprise that is intimate. Larger concerns loose the personal touch due to size. This blog which was originally was devoted to comedy has strayed from its mission. Some critics would argue my posts are still comedy.

Unexpected the previous instalment of this blog was picked up by Moonbat Central's
Richard Poe. His points are well stated and valid in his case. Moonbat Central is a professional site with a comunity oriented approach and standards. As a smaller blog I aspire to something entirely unique. I celebrate the first amendement here every day. I welcome all points of view but we tend to lean to the right. Civil dissent is respected. I even permit personal attacks but I wish they would be creative. Mr Poe
pointed out that if this blog were larger I would face tough choices and he may be correct. My first allegiance is to the first amendment that is the policy of this blog.

Mr Poe asked what would I do if neo nazis targeted this site. Mr Poe is an excellent
writer and brilliant man. He has limitations that I do not have here. As a serious
intellectual he may not be inclined to use such comments as comedic foils. This blog was intended as an outlet for my comedic aspirations. I demonstrated that approach in another forum. The white nationalist did not enjoy being lampooned. The worst thing one can do to a crank is be honest and candid. Therefore the first poster who posts crank classics like Larry Silverstein blew up the Twin towers will be labeled a crank.

Another crtiticism is I do not provide an email link. This was a choice I made early
in the set up of this blog. This forces my critics to post their complaints in public. You want to take a shot at me fine do it in the comment section for all to see. I live in NYC and have been threatened by leftists and Islamic Nationalists . I do not fear these types in person but the safety is a reasonable precaution. One crazed lunatic was enraged to near violence because I called my self a nationalist.
Yes I love my country and I am not ashamed to admit it. If you have a problem with that god bless you. I do not care what they think in some Salon in Paris. I do care what people think in Indiana,Newark etc.

Our commitment to the first amendment has never changed. Forums like Moonbat Central,
Bad Eagle and Free Republic have missions . They cater to a large but select audience
and wish to keep their message . As a large enterprise they run the risk of being swarmed with unrully types. My motto here is bring it on ,being small allows me to dedicate individual attention.Sometimess less is more and I count my blessings.

Monday, March 28, 2005

My take on the Left and culture of insanity

I am one of those rare birds a proabortion Republican. I do not like the procedure and wished we lived in a world witout it. Yet I am a realist and know that mistakes do happen. I would like to keep the law as is. My view is that partial birth abortion
is infanticide and should stop. There should also be parental notification. One needs
permission slips for every other procedure an it is hypocritical to place it in a special category.

I also favor the death penalty and wish it were used more frequently. Society has predators who need to be removed. It should also be used to eliminate criminals who misbehave in jail. Terrorists should get it automaticaly and in an ideal world swiftly.

That being established there is insanity on the left with the Schiavo case. If she had a murder spree they would be up in arms protesting. I do not like men in black robes deciding whose life is valuable. The arbitrary whims of her husband should carry no greater weight than that of her Kin. This choice should be arived at in family consensus.Any Yahoo that would try to pull the plug on my gradmother who had Alzhiemers would have body parts broken. She lived and we loved every last moment of time with her.The fact that she couldn't recognize me didn't chang my love one iota.
This was grandma for better or worse and that is what families are about. Maybe you
want to live in a society that puts seniors out in the cold to die but leave me out of that vision.

That being said if it were me I would want the plug pulled. However it is not me and her family thinks otherwise. I respect the wishes of her sibling and parents. A spouse should not have sole power . Spouses come and they go but families remain .
What about their rights ? I would feel the same way if the sides were reversed. Kin should have a say in this matter.

You can rail about theocracy and the party of God. I ask you what exactly do you fear about the religious right ? Given the choice between Falwell and Robertson vs Michael Moore and Chomsky I choose Falwell. I know that Falwell is a loyal patriot
whom I disagree with quite often. Those terms do not describe Moore or Chomsky in any definition.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Electronic Bar Part 2

The policy of this blog remains its dedication to the First Amendment. Yet there are
those I respect who at times dissent from this ideal. Dr David Yeagley removed a group of white supremacists from his site. Yet this is an aberation as his site is dedicated to Indian Patriotism. The White Hate element did not fit in with his overall goals for his forum. He wrestled with the choice and made the correct choice
for his forum. Yeagley has invited me to post there and I do in the Jewish section . I seldom post beyond those sections as it is a forum dedicated to Native Americans. I read those sections but rarely post in respect for the goal of the forum. Native Americans should decide their own affairs.

Richard Poe is also a writer who I also respect. Yet he is dealing with the same problem on Moonbat Central. There is a disruptive element on that forum . He is deciding how to deal with it . His choice was to ban the disruptive posters. I strongly dissent from that choice but it is his forum. However Raimondo and Lerner do not provide any forum at all. My dissent is a respectful disagreement with a writer I admire.

The policy of this blog remains unchganged. If you are a fan or agree than lets hear from you. If you disagree that is fine as well and speak up. We serve all customers
at The Beak Speaks Bar but lean to the right. We allow entirely personal attacks but wish they were more creative. Warren and myself are not allowed on the Recidivists site but he is welcomed here. He is an example that Horowitz is right about intollerance and mindless bigotry. His supporters have been on this site for three weeks calling me a liar and bigot. They have yet not found a single quote or fact out of order.

I salute all who are dedicated to open forum even those who disagree with me like the Chemist & Kafka who run excellent blogs.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Take your best shot at David Horowitz

This is a sad but true fact that there are some cowardly leftist. This does not include the Chemist of Kafka. Yet I notice there are some bogs that do not allow Email . Conveniently these are the blogs with the most strident attacks on David Horowitz. I implore all you brave critics sent your comments directly to him. If you are not brave enough put them here and I will forward this post.

Do you think I would miss an opportunity to tell Rabbi Michael Lerner , Noam Chomsky or Dennis Raimondo off ? No I would step to the plate and send my thoughts. The problem is they do not post their adress. Horowitz is a giant and you can post directly to him. He isn't hiding so step up and give it your best effort. Do not be shy and let go of your anger.

Let us talk about some of the claims about David Horowitz. He was a former Communist and wised up. This is better than the Gnome of MIT who is still calling himself an anarchist. The fact that he has wised up and departed from the totalitarian left is to his credit.How many of you level similar charges against David Brock. I live in NYC have met this mindless cult of doctrinaire insanity. Do you think Lynne Stewart exsists in a vacum ? There is no excuse for anticapitalism, anarchism , communism or any form of totalitarianism. These extreemists have no place in the debate and deserve scrutiny. Freedom of speech does not preclude my reaction and notation of those comments.This does not preclude their right to be heard. It is ironic that they are protected by rights they readily deny others. DTN is protected under the same First amendment right you enjoy. Raise your hand if you complained over Hillary's "vast right wing conpiracy ". If you did not complain about that then you are a hypocrite.

Horowitz has every right to excersize free speech . The left uses the same tactics with less validity . How manny posters came to this site and called me a zionist, liar and a bigot. They produced zero quotes or incorrect facts. They also presume that because Horowitz,Farah, Trifkovik ,Alvin Schmidtt and Stephen Scwartz produce facts they do no like they are Zionist. Are they practicing hypocrisy by presuming all dissent is tainted ?

The religious right is not seditious . Jerry Falwell nor Pat Robertson have urged the violent overthrow of the government. What changes do they want that the left is hyperventilating over. Roe vs Wade would merely turn the matter to the states. For the record I am in favor of the existing law . The other demands school prayer and no gay marriage. Gays made a mistake in not accepting civil unions. The majority of America prefers that option.

The left has a history of sedition and should be watched. The Venona cables proved conclusively the left betrayed America. Does this mean all dissent against the war is sedition. Horowitz nor I make this claim but there are some important distinctions.

1 The dissent should be based on the policy.If you think that this is not in America's best intrest this is okay.

2 You should not attack Capitalism , America's History or add conpiracy theories.

3 No signs that advocate violence against officers or defeaism.

4 Distance yourself from Totalitarian Extreemists like Answer or Code Pink

5 Stay on message protest the war and stay on message. Palestine , Animal Rights and housing belong in seperate forums.

In the internet era everyone comes under scrutiny including Horowitz. If you are not up to the challenge do not publish . Horowitz has a right to interpret what you say and to add his two cents. Have any of you protested the Neocon Cabal routine ? Raimondo and others have been pushing variations on that theme. If you failed to say yes and are complaining you are a hypocrite.

Another familiar theme is the cheap shot over the death of Betty Van Patter. If one spends the time and reads his account the point is clear. Horowitz was a true believer in the cult of the left . The Pathers were the revolutionary vangard of the left. Like most followers of cults he did not believe the press acounts. Anyone who has contact with the far left knows they live in a seperate reality. Horowitz detractors conceed that his friend was killed by the Black Panthers. If one reads Pearsons Shadow of the Panhther on realizes that they were a streetgang with good PR.They told the brain impaired White leftist what they wanted to here. Horowitz and the true believers did the rest of the heavy lifting. The death of Van Patter started his move away from the left. He began an objective look at the lies of the left. One can read them in his excellent Second Thoughts Book.

There are a whole range of Authors who made the same journey. One can read Julius Lesters Journey in Lovesong. Ronald Radosh doccuments his journey in Commies. Peter Collier and Stephen Schwartz made this same trip. Christopher Hitchens is making the
break currenty.The extreeme left is a dead end commited to nothing other than obstructionism. I love my country and most liberals do as well. The time has come for
the blame America first crowd to go. Chomsky, Moore,Lerner, and Benjamin should be pushed out the door.

Do not blame Horowitz for pointing out the disease. Purge the extreemists and move forward with the rest of us. America does not benefit from one party rule. Conservatives become Lazy without competition. We are in danger of becoming a one party Country. That is a recipie for corruption and stagnation for our country.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Race Republicans and the Left

I post in a variety of Forums and a question came up from a liberal friend who uses the screen name Tricky Blaine. My contention is that conservatives think about race
very infrequently.We have discussed race as a tangent to the middle east conflict. My contention that Palestinians are Arabs has zero racial content. Arabs are semites and thus by definition white. The contention was there is no Palestinian ethnicity contains zero racial content.The argument was based entirely on history and sociology. The left leveled charges and were asked to point them out. They failed to find a fact out of order or a bigoted quote.

Tricky Blaine who is a liberal would be the first to tell you I do not like race baiting. The truth is that even when provoked I will not respond in that manner. The truth is that people who respond with racial taunts look uneducated. Therefore when my friend Uptown Steve engages in his frequent angry man routine I never respond in kind. I tend to offer a comedic reparte aimed at him personally. He does have a rather unusual fixation on the Gorton's Fisherman. The poor guy even suposedly has the outfit. Were I to respond in similar racial terms it would not accomplish anything. The other problem is I do not hold hatred based upon race in my heart. I see people as individuals rather than members of subgroups.

The truth is that the Conservatives I associate with spend little time on the subject. The little time they do spend is in reaction to the professional race hustlers Jackson, Sharpton and Farakhan. The fact is I like certain authors Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell , Julius Lester , Larry Elder who agree with my point of view. I like JC Watts , Condi Rice and Collin Powell and would not hesitate to vote for them unless Rudy were running against them. The black experience is part of my cultural heritage as an American. The joy of being an American is that you are part of something greater than your individual community.

Race, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation are largely irrelevant to me. Do any of those qualities affect on the ability to perform a task. Do they tell me if you would make a good friend or neighbor ? Do they tell me what kind of person you are ? This is why
I perceive people as individuals. I also do not take things too seriously and enjoy a good joke. I wish that some of the critics of this blog would be more creative in their personal attacks.

The bottom line is that we are all Americans. All of us are going to agree all of the time. Yet we should respect cultural and ethnic differences. This blog is dedicated to a celebration of the First Amendment. You do not have to agree with me to get my respect. Come in speak your mind and be eloquent if possible. America is a big tent and there is room for all.

Be careful what you wish for .

I was at the RNC protests in NYC and met with plenty of far left extreemist. Most of the time the arguments were fairly civil. Many of the protesters had a hard time believing a person who spoke with the same accent was a Republican. You are not the typical Republican was the most frequent response. The truth is there is a big tent in the Republican Party . It is almost impossible to tell what our views are on any particular subject unless we tell you. In general we are united by Nationalism and a Pro business approach with great variation.

The highlight of my time was meeting with the older protesters. There was a conversation with these older protesters that was interesting. These older protesters admitted the greatest mistake was pushing the Watergate story. These older radicals shocked me by saying they would vote for Nixon instead of Kerry. This
is not shocking to me as Nixon was a pragmatist. He was a mighty Cold War Liberal whose domestic policy was more liberal than Clinton's.

The premise was that the destruction of Nixon paved way for the Conservatives to dominate the Republican party.This led to Reagan - Bush domination of the landscape.
They had come to understand that Nixon had vision and acted upon it. There was some
grumbling about his Latin American policies but the older protesters still claimed to prefer Nixon to Kerry.

The moral of the story is be careful what you wish for least you receive it.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Birth of a Neocon and defending Horowitz

People who pass this blog assume I am a far right idealouge. The truth is I am a Rudy/Arnold Republican and a moderate. I do enjoy civil debate and I wish we had more of it here. A true Conservative is dedicated to free speech that we endorse here each and every day. I have allowed attacks on myself that were entirely personal. This is part of the burden we must share for the privilege of being an American. Someday there will be white power nuts and their posts will be dealt with as comedic relief. Traditional liberals shared this view and understood this reality.
This is why I am glad when liberals like the Chemist or Kafka come here and share their opinions. We are celebrating the tradition of our American heritage by having open forums.
Kafka makes valid points that I often agree with. The truth is that if we took Israel
and the current war off the table my views are closer to his than the average reader assumes. The question is how do people who agree on so much end up on opposite sides ? I have described how I ended up as a Republican in previous posts. Now I will
detail my dissent from my logical home.
The issue as adressed by Kafka is that I am obsessed with Israel. The truth is I do not like talking on the subject. The reason that we spend so much time is that the left devotes itself to absurd anti Israel mania. There are entire blogs dedicated to nothing but Israel bashing and I am obsessed ? The claim was that the leftist critics
want balance. Have any of these blogs said a word about PA abuses such as harboring terrorists , lynching collaborators or rampant corruption ? The excuse given is well....... I never endorsed terrorism. Another critic expected the David project to be critical of Israel. Do you extend this logic to ISN or the lefty blogs ?
This disproportionate and often bigoted approach has pushed myself and others away. The acceptance of the blame america first crowd hurts the party. Republicans use Rudy, Arnold and McCain as surrogates appealing to middle America. The Democrats had Bill Clinton who polarizes in several key states. Kerry was a poor choice who was he appealing to "big media staffers". His intellectual incohernce and inability relate to common people were a disaster.
What does America see when they see the opposition ? They see extreemists like Chomsky,Michael Moore, Code Pink , International Answer. They see tinfoil hat conpiracy clowns and a host of communists and anarchists. They see extreeme hatred and moronic signs Bush = Hitler, Brooklyn out of Palestine and no vision.If the Democrats are ever going to rehabilitate themselves there must be a purge. Communists , Anarchists and bigots have no place in a functional party. Let them have their own parties and be kept at arms length.

Where does a social liberal,anti communist & nationalist belong ?

Enter into the mix the Late Eric Briendel,David Horowitz, Stephen Schwartz ,David Yeagley, Ronald Radosh and Monica Crowley.

These are nationalistic view points clearly dedicated to the ideals of our country without Communist blame America first bagage. Horowitz has the same right to free speech that every other American has. Unlike Raimondo , Chomsky and Michael Lerner he provides an open forum. He hides from nobody and reads this blog occasionally. I have exchanged numerous emails the rule is keep it short. Interestingly most of the criticism of late comes over the accademic bill of rights. The issue is abuse of power and professionalism in academia. I have discussed this on other blogs and the critics see this as a zionistic attempt to silence the opponents of Israel. The issue
is largely about abuse of power. Professors do not have the right to indocrinate students. They should be held accountable to act professional in a classroom. His forum has docummented a pattern of unethical behavior of some educators. Even in a business college (Baruch )I had to grit my teeth at times. The most absurd moment came when a professor called Anatoly Scharansky a CIA agent . He was still in the gulag at the time. However the vast majority of the educators were dedicated to their craft. There was an English professor who had some minor issues with NY Post readers .

The other critique of Horowitz is that his work is considered apostasy by the left.
His books describe a disillusionment with a cult like left wing. His life is chronicled in Radical Son. However one can read a host of similar accounts in the Second Thoughts conference. Ronald Radosh also has a wonderful and often comedic book Commies on the same subject. As a NYC member of this same ethnic group I had my own experiences with the similar types.His cult like description described people that were familiar.Michael Savage does a lampoon calling this crowd "Red Diaper Doper Babies " . The truth is there is an even more insanely liberal school than NYU up the block The New School for Social Research. I know the cast of charachters
first hand.

Horowitz has dedicated the later part of his career to informing the public of the tactics and members of the left.The left has perpetrated a series of lies , treason and sedition. The greatest lie was the Rosenberg myth and that CPUSA was independent of Moscow. The Venona Cables destroyed this myth and should be required reading. The
problem is the Totalitarian left uses front organizations to influence policy. The National Lawyers guild , ISN and ANSWER are front groups used to advance the extreemist influence. The public has the right to know that the woman in charge of health care cites a radical nut Michael Lerner. These extreemist do not belong anywhere near mainstream political parties. Let them form their own party and restore liberalism as a patriotic movement.

Horowitz has documented the abuses and abnormal fixation on Jews, Israel and Neocons.
This pattern of intollerance exists in the blogospere as well. Pro Israel posters are not allowed to post their side. We had visitors to this blog call me every name
under the sun. They have not refuted one fact in a post that was merely 1/3 complette. Still they come here and call me a liar and a bigot and have no quotes
or faulty facts. "You cant trust Plaut , Horowitz ,Farah as they are Zionist stooges". Horowitz , Dershowitz and the David project have a right to voice their opinions and perceptions as the leftist radicals.

Raimondo and others put the same scruitiny on Horowitz that he places on others. Do these leftists complain about neocon fixations ? It is healthy for the process that everyone is held accountable including Horowitz.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Are Jewish Consevatives Uncle Toms ?

This is the familiar charge leveled by me daily by a man called Uptown Steve.He feels that Jewish Conservatives sell out their own community be being Conservative.
He seems to feel that our community is in more danger from Falwell than Hammas. He also sees a vast network of right wing extreemist ready to slaughter the Jews. He also views Michael Lerner as an authentic voice in my community. Uptown Steve is not Jewish but feels he knows more about my culture than I do.Uptown also knows more about being a Native American than Dr David Yeagley. How does one aquire so much knowledge ?
"Beaker isn't a Christian but a Christian Suckup. He has deluded himself into buying the lie that Antisemitism is solely in the black and Islamic community and will deny white Christian antisemitism up to and until they shove him in the oven.
It's pathetic."
Uptown Steve FPM forum 3/23/2005 3:17
Thank you for your quote Uptown.

The fact is everyone has the right to their own opinions. The first amendment gives all of us the right to independent thought. I do not call myself a Jewish leader nor do I frame any position as Jewish. This is contrary to the Leftist Radicals who scream calumnies against Israel while proclaiming their ethnicity. The funny part is that the Recidivist fails to note leftist radicals are seditious by nature.The writing of Briendel are filled with examples of treason from this crowd. The Rosenbergs were guilty and Comunist Party USA did get a Soviet Subdidy. One needs only a short glance at the Venona cables to verify this. Therefore it is not surprising that the home of sedition should continue this. This does not imply that liberals like Joe Lieberman are seditious. This refers to the radical Chomsky - Lerner variety. The Recidivist names a Female Rabbi as his example of a Jew that sees his view of the world. This shows how amazingly out of touch he is with reality.
Traditional Jews do not ordain female rabbis and my comment stands. I have yet to meet a Jewish radical that can identify common prayer items. The only time they claim this heritage is to get a microphone and be a parasite.
Lets compare that crowd with my younger brother. My younger brother is an orthodox Rabbi and a Lieberman democrat. He practices the faith leads a congregation and raises his kids as religious Jews. He can conduct a sermon on each of those items. I am a non observant Jew and can easily name those objects. Neither one of us represents their positions as the Jewish position. We represent ourselves as individuals. The fact is the vast majority of American Jews support Israel. The leftist critics are outcast as are the Satmar and Neturai Karta. There are similar Arabs that see Israel as legitimate such as Joeseph Farah,Wahlid Shoebat but the left uses a double standard. Arabs and Muslims who support Israel's right to exist are caled Zionist propagandists.
When I enrolled as a Republican in 1980 it was considered unusual.There were some who called me a traitor over that choice. I was a fervent anticommunist Coldwarrior who was pro defense. The party of Reagan of Jimmy Carter was an easy choice especially with John Kerry types in the Democratic ranks.
The facts are my views on a range of topics place me in the Rudy/Arnold wing of the party. The failure of some is that they do not grasp the diversity of thought within our ranks. There are libertarians, paleocons and relgious conservatives. All of whom
think differently on key issues. I am as likely to be called a liberal by a paleocon and a far right extreemist by leftwing dolts. In reality I am a moderate who leans right. Every one of the other forms would be legitamate for a Jew to hold. The sole criteria is be true to your beliefs.
I have never been isulted or mistreated in a Church or at a gathering of any conservatives. I have identified myself as a Jew and been welcomed in numerous Churches. I was always treated with respect and courtesy and invited to return. I was never called a Christ Killer or a Pharisee in a church. Once or twice I was pestered with amusing questions. The key is that I sat in the back followed the service and listened respectfuly. This is what any good guest should do in similar situations.
I have attended meetings of conservatives and never heard a bigoted word. Had they been uttered I would have dealt with it. I have always been welcomed and well treated
and in NYC far from alone. The Republican party is far more tollerant than the hysterical leftist Radicals.
I went to a recent NYC peace rally and heard the following. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an accurate text, Jews Controll the media,Holocaust Denial ,Evil Talmud, Jews (Neocon -Likud -Larry Silverstein ) blew up the WTC, Jews are Khazars, Zionists are Pharisees, Jesus was a Palestinian,Jews control the Slave trade and Jews control education in America. Zionist was used as a curse word by people calling themselves Communist and Anarchist. This is strange given the blood baths both of the latter bear responsibility for. In one day I had experienced more Jew hatred that I did in my entire life. Even friendly leftist radicals have admitted we resemble an Anti Jewish mob at times. Mayor Bloomburg is called a "Jew Mayor" in some speeches. If one has a problem with policies than stick with policies.

I have asked some Jews why they remain loyal despite so much hysteria against our kind. I hear the well its just young hot heads excuse. I hear the tradition excuse for remaining in the party. I hear the working to change from within and that has some validity. Others have moved away from the Democratic party. It is not uncommon for a young Jew to register Republican. Free Republic has scores of Jewish Conservatives and there are some at Front Page Magazine.

I have spoke with a few former Radicals in NYC. The anti Israel and Jewish sentiments have forced them to leave. Who would want to stay in a party that requires litmus tests ? I opt for the freedom to be myself in the GOP

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Why do Jews vote left

This is an old question that I have answered in many forums. There is a tradition of social justice within our religion. Jews were often the underdog and mistreated in most societies they lived in .There is a larger answer to the extreeme left radicals who are deviod of common sense and articulation.
The Jewish Community tends to turn to messianic figures in times of stress. Jesus and Shabetai Zvi are the most familiar of these figures. In this latter age messianism is no longer an option. The responses have been Chasisidism, Extreeme left marxist secularization and proto zionism. There is a loss of innocence that pevents religious Utopianism from being accepted. Man has achieved disasterous results when he aspires to become a god. The truth is that we need a set of checks and balances on power to control our bestial nature. Communism and Nazism are totalitarian attempts to reinvent man and create a new utopia. The problem is Utopia is impossible and man himself is flawed.
The harsh world of my grandparents gave birth to this horrible radicalism. Jews were not the only people who embraced Communism. Life was bad for everyone except Jews and Gypsies who were worse off as outsiders. My great granfathers life was typical.He lived in a forgotten village on the Bug river called Janover. He was drafted into the Czars army . The duration was 17 years with no vacations. Opressing ones own people was a side benefit. He took an axe and took off his trigger finger. This was apparently not original.
The reaction to this horible world of misery often had households where Zionists,Communists,Chasidic and regular folk . These divergent views would clash at a dinner table. Following emigration these arguments played out in America. The fact that my grandfather was from the wealthiest family in the poor village counted for little in the face of a pogrom. It meant that one was an outsider with a few extra possesions and diets.My grandfather served in the Polish army and was known for his marksman ship. He served and was still considered an outsider equaly likely to be beaten in a pogrom.
In America there was an identification with the outsiders blacks. People who lived as outsiders identified with outsiders in America. The unwritten part is that a great number of these people were Communists. They were motivated by a fantasy of a revolution of the masses. The revolution never came most moved on after one disaster of Communism followed by more. My Uncle was a firm Communisthe left Poland and went to the USSR. He sat out the Holocaust in Siberia. The experience cured him of Communism.
Most Jews gravitated towards the democratic party. When I registered in 1980 as a Republican it was considered a shocking development. Several people reminded me "but you are Jewish". I was a Cold War anti Communist and loved my country and the choice seemed logical.

Ham Handed Allies and Labotomy Detractors

I enjoy posting on Front Page forum in articles that Stephen Schwartz writes. He is a talented articulate author and I sometimes agree with him. I may disagree with him but at all times I respect his intellect and dedication to his craft,people and religion. Schwartz is a Muslim who wants to have his faith purged of the Nihlistic death cult called Wahabism. The highest praise is the respect of your opponent and as an opponent I respect Schwartz.I often agree with him on a variety of issues. The greatest threat is a needless war of Civilizations. Needless death suits no human with a soul.
I depart from Schwartz on Islamic history and the legacy of that history. Any ill of Western Civ has an equal or greater Islamic corrolary. This renders the Zinn styled indict a civilization game effective in debating this topic. Schwartz is an intellectual and would likely remark that we can do this with any culture. The Recidivist is too illucid to notice the point. We can not attack the West with charges of Colonialism,Slavery, Ethocide and genocide without an equal look at Islamic history. If my attacks on Islamic culture are bigoted than his attacks on Western Civ are bigoted.
I want to be honest with my views on the Balkans. I called a family friend in the Jewish community of Sarajevo. I was prepared to level Schwartz with a full scale refutation. The simple problem is that the Jews of Sarajevo agreed with Schwartz. I had the choice of telling the truth or silence. In good faith there was no choice because so many people lined up to wrongly attack Scwartz.
The most fervent of these attackers is a man called Michael Averko. I am a natural ally and he did the impossible pushed me into the other camp. His comparison of Israeli tactics in Jenin and Russian tactics in Grozny are illucid. This is not a critque of Russia. Unfortunately, this is what the world does when presented with this type of problem.The fact is the Israelis use less force than in similar situations world wide . This is not enough for the Israel bashers who hold Israel to absurdly high standards. I have not seen a single post on Chechnya , Assyrians , Copts or Tibetians in the Recidivists blog. I have seen mindless post on Zionism and he deems all those who disagree with him bigots.
Averko would have done himself a favor by sticking with History.Serbs are indigenous to the region and Albanians are not. The province has always been a part of Serbia and should be administered as such. He could have stated the numbers were overstated and stuck with Trifkovic. He is on solid ground when he describes Bosnian and Croation collaberation with the Nazis. Any advantage he had he lost while calling a 70 year old family friend a moron.
I have my differences with Schwartz especially on Assyria and the Copts. I support their right to independence as indigenous people . His position on the Armenian - Assyrian genocide is disturbing. Toynbee is a reliable historian and should be taken into perspective.
Still the message of the post is that some opponents deserve respect like Schwartz who is articulate . Other opponents like the lazy bigoted Recidivist deserve contempt. Some allies like Red Beard and Warren deserve respect on thoughtful contributions. Other allies like Averko need to do their homework and should be kept at an arms length.
I hope each and every day Schwartz is right. For if he is fighting windmills mankind will inherit death.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Double Standards and Bigotry

There is double standard on the left that is abhorent. In my well crafted response to the Recidivist he places terms and conditions. He is allowed to slander and represent history from folk tales with no evidence. I am not allowed to respond with Islamic history and Current events. Presenting Islamic History in anything other than a positive light is bigotry.
The Recidivist and others have zero problem comparing our President to a Chimp or with Totalitarian regimes. In fact his contant focus on a democratic state with a good record on human rights is pathological. His initial statements were judged to be bigoted by neutral observers. His word games with sources that are zionist arre an attempt to dissmiss a range of sources. The truth is that the extreeme left is a seditious movement .The most powerwful bond is between mother and child. The Rosenbergs felt no objection about orphaning their children for the cause. If one reads the Rosenberg File the government offered the Rosenburgs several opportunities.
They chose to marty themselves for the cause. Similarly Jews like Chomsky and Lerner feel no loyalty to their culture. This description does not apply to democratic leftists but unfortunately they make common cause with these extreemists like Code Pink , ISM and International ANSWER.
The left talks about the evils of Western Civ non stop. I have no problem with this evils as Western Civ progressed . The usual crimes are Colonialization, Slavery, Etnocide and sometimes geoncide did occur. However each of these crimes were also perpetrated in the Islamic world. The crimes were worse because indigenous people are still under occupation today. One of these indigenous people mistreated under Islam were Jews.
There is no such thing as a Palestinian ethnicity. Palestine was a region on a map much like Brooklyn . Do we talk about the Nation of Brooklyn ? No because Brooklyn was part of something larger. Ethnicity is on one or more of three variables and the Palestinians fail on all three counts. The Palestinians do not have their own language they speak Arabic. They do not have a unique religion as they are Sunni muslims. They do not have a unique historical identity it dates back to 1964. The reason is simple they are generic Arabs who invaded and opressed a range of people. Now they want to claim more land that they have no legitimate claim on.
Let us compare the Palestinians to the Jews, Assyrians and Coptics. Jews, Copts and Assyrians all have their own language. All of the groups have their own religion that is distinct. All have histories that are at least 4,000 years old. Have we heard a peep from the Recidivist on Copts or Assyrians. The Copts and Assyrians yearn to be free but have not resorted to pushing senior citizens in wheel chairs off of cruise ships.
Arab conquest is detailed in Alvin Schmidtt's Great Divide.Serge Trifkovic details the crimes of Islam in his book the Sword of the Prophet. One can google Black Holocaust and read about 12-20 million dead. We can detail the crimes of Islamic Colonialism in books . Yet people like the Recidivist call this bigotry. Do they feel it is bigoted when they play the sam game with Western Civ ? Do they think about this when comparing Bush to Hitler ? What is their thoughtprocess when they compare the US policy on Homosexuality to that of the Islamic countries.Am I supposed to feel regret that some Muslims feel uncomfotable here. Do not come here Illegaly and tell CAIR to denounce terrorism without equivocation. This would help the image of Islam in America immeasurably. Stephen Schwartz understands and has no problem naming the Culprit Nihilistic Wahabism.
I have cited numerous articles debunking this fantasy of Palestinian ethnicity. Start with Joeseph Farah and work your way to Serge Trifkofiv.From the PLO Charter Article 13 Arab Unity andthe liberation of Palestine are complimentary objectives,the attainment ofeither of which faciltates the attainment of the other. Thus Arab unity leads to the liberation of Palestine,the liberation of Palestine leads to Arab Unity;and work towards the realization of one objective proceeds side by side with the work towards the realization of the other.
14 The destiny of the Arab Nation , and indeed Arab existence itself , depend on the destiny of the Palestinian cause. From this interdepndence springs the Arab nations pursuit of ,and striving for,the liberation of Palestine.The people of palestine play the role of the vangaurd in the realization of the sacred goal.
The PLO charter admits the goal of the Palestinian movement is Arab unification. Thus these mindless folk stories repeated by leftist noobs abot Palestinian ethnicity is refuted by the Palestinians themselves. Thus the fantasies of the noobs are refuted by the Palestinians own doccuments. Palestinians are Arabs and thus not indigenous and on soil that doesn't belong to them in a number of places.

Friday, March 18, 2005

A word on the environment

In general I support the goals of the conservation movement. It is important to protect our water and air quality. Most Conservatives recognize this principle but we vary on degrees. The sole exception are the extreeme Libertarians who want to do away with regulatory agencies. The libertarians have some points but the notion of businesses regulating themselves is absurd. The goal should be simplification of codes and restrictions. The laws should be understandable by lay people and strike a balance between business and nature.The laws should not hamper business needlessly but be enforced strictly.
Jared Diamond's book Collapse is misread by those on the left and the right. He endorces sustainable, responsible use of the resources. Clear cutting on wide tracts are not ecologically sound. However the modern methods of planting and replacing the trees is a sound. Moreover roads insome cases serve as firebreaks and fire was part of natures plan. The key is to harvest a sustainable ammount.
There are responsible ways to drill for oil and mine metals. The technology has improved and there is a bleak dilemma caused by the Western Ecological movement. The hostility to natural resource production in the West may have shifted the ecological burden on the third world. Is the ecological movement accidentally creating an unintended consequence ? The stories about pollution in the third world are in his book and on the web. Is the answer world wide minimal laws ? Is the answer we should promote safe practices here and use taffifs to advocate healthy environmental practices.
There is another part of this debate that is more complex. There is a serious problem with invasive and alien species. House Sparrows , Ring Necked Pheasants are some of the more well known introduced species. Canada Geese have become sedentary local budens in Parks. Their fecal droppings ruin fields and lakes. Other scecies are harmed by their over abundance.
I was at a local lake and shocked to see a redeared slider (turtle) in NYC. The historic range of that species is further south. People releasing unwanted pets into
the environment create problems. I have not seen a painted turtle in years and I have looked. I also saw huge goldfish that are clearly not native to NYC.
The other question is that species have come and gone due to competition for eons. I do not know if Red Eared Sliders would have eventually displaced smaller and related painted turtles anyway.
The news isn't all bad locally interms of wildlife. The other day I saw a bunch of Wild Turkeys on Staten Island. As a kid I dreamed of seeing them but now I was able to walk up close. I saw a few beaver dams in Upstate NY and they were not common years earlier. Maybe I will get lucky and see an otter in my travels.
The environmental movement hurts itself with the gloom and doom talk at time. There is work that needs to be done. However, as I have said on other topics people do not listen to hysterical voices.

The Beak

Thursday, March 17, 2005

A crime against humanity

The debate over the Palestinian ethnicity is important for an obvious reason. For the sake of this post table all previous posts momentarily. The implications of my premise are stark and readily apparent. If Palestinians are merely Sunni Arabs they have been used and abused by their brothers not Israel. This changes the entire debate to the need to creat a second Palestinian state to the failure of Arab nations.

The "Palestinian " people have been used as human hockey pucks. They are slaped around and placed in refugee camps for generation by their Arab brothers. They are entitled to humanity but are dennied this reality in refugee camps. At any time these Arab nations could have intergrated them into society. There are no linguistic,cultural or religious reason these people should be in refugee camps. They are human beings being deprived of their dignity for no reason.

The Jewish state of Israel welcomes and intergrates its refugees into society. More Jews fled Arab lands than the converse. One can easily find their stories on the web sites JIMENA and the David Project. No Jew sits in a refugee camp and goes without medical care. The nation of Israel exsists for this purpose entirely. Many Jews are getting fed up with the bigotry and harassment in Europe . There were recent polls that a significant percentage were considering emigration. Israel will welcome them with open arms into their nation.

The obvious question is why would a rational society mistreat its own. The entire Arab world ruled by a series of despots of varying brutality and corruption. The Israeli bogey man serves as a safety valve for political pressure and serves to unify the nation. Syria for example is a one party repressive state ruled by 11% of the population . The Alawites are a historicaly persecuted people and considered heretics by some Muslims. They maintain a monopoly on power within Syria. Without the Israeli bogeyman its citzens would demand services.There was a revolt in the city of Hamma with plenty of fatalities. Yet we heard nothing from the usual suspects.

The treatment of the Palestinians by their Arab brothers is a crime against humanity.
Progressives should demand all the refugees be intergrated into the socities where they currently reside at once. We do not hear this from the left as it is far more fashionable to denigrate and exclusively obsess over Israel.

Best Wishes
The Beak

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Praise for Stephen Schwartz

The highest praise a man can get is from one who disagrees with him. I have been exchanging posts with Author Stephen Schwartz. We seldom agree but I admire his courage and determination. He ducks no question much like I do in this blog on a far smaller scale.
Schwartz is clearly a very talented writer and a dedicated craftsman. Like all great authors I have exchanged posts or emails he has a huge ego. The two exceptions to this rule are the wonderful Monica Crowley and the modestst Dr. David Yeagley. Part of marketing these days is an oversize persona and Schwartz has it in abundance. However, in light of some of the genuine abuse he takes about 90% of the barbs are waranted. I have been hit with enough of Schwartz's bolts from Mt Olympus to last a lifetime.
Part of the problem that I did not understand until I got this blog is that one is going to attract detractors. I have dealt with mine with ease and hardly broke a sweat. My opponent and his toadies come here daily with personal rants. They cry LIAR and your response is based on fiction. The problem is when asked to name where they failed . Several people have made the same request but no response. Unlike my oponent I have a strictly open blog. I hide from no one like Stepen Schwartz . The fact is that my opponent has had to adress me in his own blog. He issued a policy of the blog statement long after mine. He even adressed the bigotry charge in a neutral forum before I made it. Hmmmmmmmm
Schwartz is an Muslim American Patriot who deeply cares about his faith and his country. He has no problem telling you who was responsible for 9-11. I had a front row seat on that day. What you saw on TV was a fraction of the horror. I am a WTC 93 survivor . Shwartz will readily tell you we are fighting an evil Nihlistic screed called Wahabism. The problem is that Saudi money is here financing mosques , schools and think tanks. Schwartz is fighting the good fight from within his community . From the outside it looks like he is fighting windmills at times. Schwartz remains optimistic about the future of his community. The truth is that if he is right we can be spared the war of civilizations. All you lefties should get behind his efforts if you want to avoid a generational war.
Schwartz Rx appears to be the use of the big stick in Saudi Arabia. The monarchy gets to stay as figure heads. The governmemt is transitioned into a democracy with Constitutional protections. Wahabism is discredited as the oficial version of Isam in the state. Mecca is to be opened to people of all faiths.No invasions , no revolutions but plenty of Teddy Roosevelts big stick.
If Schwartz is wrong this can easily devolve into the war of civilizations. The days when Islamic terrorism went unpunished are over.The invasion of Iraq changed alot of minds in the Arab world. The image of the paper tiger is finnished and state sponsors are more careful.Lybia has dismantled its WMD program and is moderating. Bashar Assad is weakening and a deal is probable down the road. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have made early moves towards democracy. Lebanon is looking promising at the moment. However things can change there in a hurry. There are signs of popular unrest in Iran. History will judge this war but things look promising at this current juncture.

Cowardly BS from the Recidivist

My contention that the Recidivist is bigoted by visiting his own blog. He has anti Israel post about four in the last week. He has spent zero time on other indigenous people yearning for freedom . His exclusive focus on the topic is clearly part of a pathological problem with Jews.
His excuse was show me where I have ever said that I support.... The problem is that exclusive villification of the world's only Jewish state is bigotry. The funny part is his post Zionism is Racism was placed on a neutral forum. My response and dimissal of his inane post contained no personal refferences. He felt obligated to say he is not a bigot before I ever said it there. Obviously, it is a charge he must be fairly familiar with.
His supporters have visited my site and called me a bigot against Islam. My crime was using historical facts about Islam in a way they do not like to hear. They have not been able to find a single error in the original post. I would like to know how my use of history is fictitous if one can not find a single fact that is wrong.
The essence of the Cowardly Recidivist and his fans is hypocrisy. My forum is open to all. I leave all posts up even ones that are entirely personal attacks. Does the Recidivist leave my post on his board of course not ? My posts indicate the deep flaws in all of his material even non middle east material. Rather than debate and defend his positions he hides and ducks. The difference between Conservatives, Liberals and Totalitariarian radicals is evident. My board is open at all times for the free exchange of opinions. The chemist who I disagree with also maintains an open board. The Recidivist allows only bobble heads who agree with his absurdities. All views that dissent are removed.
He nor any of his friends have been able to establish that there is a distinct Palestinian etnicity. I hate playing dictionary games Merriam- Webster ethnic n a member of a minority group who retains its customs or language.
Lets look at " Palestinians " . The Palestinians speak Arabic they do not have a distinct language.The religion of the Palestinians is overwhelminly Sunni Muslim the same as Arabs. There is no connection to prior connection biblical Phillistines.

Respond to those questions

The truth is Islam was spread via Colonialism , Ethnocide and Genocide. These are not opinions but facts. Arabs invaded and Colonized a variety of areas. Jews can not colonize an area they are clearly indigenous to. The truth is that Islam has been involved in conflict either current or historic with every other religion on the globe except Shintoism. It has brutaly surpressed dissenting versions such as Shia, Druze , Alawite and Bahai. Non muslims were forced into living under Jim Crow Dhimmi laws and paid a poll tax Jiyzah.

Current Islamic societies outside of Europe and Turkey are models of repression. Even the cowardly Recidivist conceeds this point. However he has not spent more than a paragraph except for a post on Sudan. His exclusive focus is on Israel and he has yet to explain the rationale . What makes the " Palestinian "case more sacrosanct than Assyrians, Copts or Tibetians ? All of those groups have clearer case for nation status than the Palestinians.

His supporters have come here and failed miserably. They have not made the case on point 1. If there is no seperate Palestinian Identity than the truth remains there is no need for a second Palestinian state. Why does the PA have a right to a Judenfree state and Israel does not ? Why does the PA have the right to establish Islam as the state religion ?

The problem with the Recidivist is he has no answers. I have answered and adressed every major point . He nor his followers have disproved a single fact . They claim my posts are fiction. Go find it and prove me wrong and unlike you I will conceede if I am proven wrong .

Bring it on.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What do we want in a President ?

On a post from the Chemist an interesting question arose. What do we expect from a President ?

I expect leadership and vision in my president. The President must make tough choices and some of them will be unpopular. This is the reality of anyone who is a manager or owns a business. There are long term goals and one is not going to please everyone. As a manager of a department with 25 workers I faced this dilemma on a small scale. The eventual thing I learned was that it was stupid to even try. The task at hand was always of utmost priority. My job as a manager was to set the priorities and distribute resourcs . This is what a President does each and every day on a much larger scale.
The Chemist suggested that he sees nothing wrong with a President that uses focus groups. I strongly disagree with that idea. I find it odd that he then blast the cabinet as yes men. Essentially, what he wants is a yes man in the White House. The job of the President is not to stick his finger in the air and check the direction of the wind.
A President is elected for his leadership and vision. People think that intelligence is the most important charachteristic of a good manger. This is not true at all in the real world. The ability to set priorities , leadership and delegation are more important than intelligence.

Honest Dissent and Bigotry

My main problem with Israel's critics are a lack of accuracy and a monofocus on Israel disproportionate to reality. There are alot of problems in the world but the focus on Israel almost exclusiely by some is pathological. There is a world of difference between points raised by some and others who also favor a Palestinian State.
The twisting of history into comic book forms is symbolic of bigotry. Israel has never engaged in any form of ethnic cleansing. Israeli Arabs live in Israel and enjoy more rights than they do in almost any other Muslim Nation. Check the country indexes of Freedom House and look for yourself. How does one ethnically cleanse a population that grows exponentialy ? One can look at the fate of Jews in Muslim countries to find out about real ethnic cleansing. Kindly vist JIMENA and read for yourself. Google the demographics of any Muslim country if one wants to look at ethnicaly cleansed territory try Turkey, Jordan & Pakistan.
The other terms are absurd comparisons between South Africa and Nazi Germany. Israel is not an Aparthied state. Jews not Sunni Arabs are the indigenous people and this is backed by history and archeology. The left has a decided blind spot for Muslim and Arab colonialism. Where does the Recidivist stand on Assyrians and Coptic nationhood ? Is he consistently against indigenous people when they are Jews or is he a Muslim first person. This rationale would explain the scant attention or interest in Assyria or Copts. Pointing out an oasis of democracy and rights in a sea of violent totalitarianism is disingenuous.
Zionism as Racism is another staple he posts. The Jewish people are cosmipolitan and have every race represented in Israel. Have the Falsha's become martians ? Zionism is the legitimate right of the Jewish people to self determination. The law of return is similar to laws in Russia , Germany and elsewhere. The fact remains Jews are the indigenous people , Sunni Arabs are not. The Recidivists mono focus on Jews and Israel is part of a larger problem.
Then there is the initial comment anout US Jews being paranoid. All sources that disagree with him are tainted by Zionism. The fact that a writer writes somethingthat disagrees with his opinion makes him a Zionist Schill. The facts of the writers are impugned merely because they support Israel. David Horowitz is a fine author and writes the facts as he sees them. The responses and tone of the responses of the Israel critics (kafka & zombie, chemist excluded) prove his theseis about bigotry on the left against Jews and Israel. His premise about Zionist propoganda comes close to the David Duke line of Jewish media control.
The response of the Recidivist about his European Jewish comrades is typical of a US Redneck. Do not say I'm a bigot I got plenty of Jewish friends who agree with me. The point is that when we dissent from his view we become propagandists and paranoid.The truth about the extreeme left (not you Kafka )is that it is a mindless Utopian cult. You have your daily two minutes of hate against Bush and Israel and a series of PC views.
The problem with the left is that it has gone overboard. A typical post on an excellent blog the disruntled Chemist " the President is a Pussy ". These angry voices do not convert a single follower. In fact they push them away as people do not listen to angry people. They also do not listen to Conspiracy nuts. Fortunately, we do not have them here yet.
If you support the Palestinians there are better arguments and organization. The David project takes a balanced views of the entire ME situation . They do not white wash Islamic History or current events. They talk about all the minorities in the Middle East. They do favor a Palestinian State and human rights for eveyone. There is a major difference between that group and the bigoted fulminations of the Recidinist and Jews Sans frontieres.
If you care about Islam get behind Stephen Schwartz. Stephen Schwartz wants to purge his faith from the Wahabi nihlistic cult of death. He is an American patriot who is working to reclaim his faith. He has thrown enough thunderbolts at me to last a lifetime.

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Electronic Bar

The Beak Speaks as a blog is an electronic bar. We love when you come in and bring your friends. We like it even better when one disagrees with us. Of course every bar caters to a clientele and ours leans to the right. Still as a public establishment we are open to all.

This blog has been seen by people that might surprise you. So please if you are going to be outlandish increase the vollume . Bring your friends relatives and come on down. We even relish personal attack but ask for creativity. Be more creative than troll, bigot is that the best you can do ? Redbeard had the best quote " How is one a troll on his own blog ".

The truth is we have had yet another lesson in cowardice from Mark Jordan and his comrade the Recidivist. Will you invite everyone on this forum to see your wonderful blog Jews Sans Frontieres ? My door is open but if you are looking for a bigot I think you guys should look in the mirror.

1 What constitutes a Palestinian. Language Bzzzzzzzzz They speak Arabic. Religion Bzzzzzzzz they are overwelmingly Sunni Arabs History Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz They date back to 1964. There is zero connection between Phillistines and Palestinians .

2 What is the difference between a Jordanian, Most Saudis , Syrians and residents of the Sunni Triangle ?
Zero They are the descendants of Arab invaders who arrived in the Seventh Century. A vast number were not there for generations. Dershowiz discusses this in Chapter 2 that there were Circasians, Egyptians and others. There were excellent articles on the original post.
3 How is Zionism Racism . Are the Falshas from Mars ? The Shinlung are Asian or a breed of Gerbil ? There are North Africans and Europeans all united by a culture. Every other state has Islam as its official religion and most were defacto ethnically cleansed. Dershowitz Chapter 21.
4Is the Recidivist pathologicaly bigoted against Jews yes. According to Irwin Coter Absolutely. He certainly is against the right of the Jewish people for self determination, he vainly seeks to delegitimize the state of Israel. He has a lengthy blog Zionism is racism. He most likely also falls in to the category of Cultural AntiSemitism. Oh I forgot he can't be that because Arabs are Semitic too. He also holds Israel to standards that do not apply elsewhere except the USA.He also calls anyone who disagrees with him a liar. So If Dershowitz writes a defense of Israel he is a liar or bad joooooo. Chomsky agrees with him good joooooooooo.
5 Why do some Jews agree with the Recidivist. Jews do not lynch Collaborators and Israel is a Western Democracy . Leftist do not care about their culture or justice.The goal is revelution and destruction of the existing order. This is why the Rosenbergs orphaned their kids for the cause. Think of a madness strong enough to sever the bonds between mother and child. This is the world of the extreeme left of Chomsky , Zinn and the Recidivist and his side kick Mark Jordan.

Now if you can repond to those points.

Best Wishes
The Beak

The Policy of This Blog

This blog is open to all agree or disagree. We have the comments section set at the most open available at all times. If there is something one doesn't like we encorage dissent . I even tolerate an enjoy a good jokes at my expense.I do not wish to live in a world of bobble head dolls. I am an American and I believe strongly in the First Amendment.In fact it is practiced here where all are invited.
Traditional Liberals are my friends and family and I cherish them. The also recognize that this freedom extends to Conservatives. This is a far cry from the radicals who push speech codes and throw objects at Conservatives . In crying right wing Fascist they are the ones using Fascistic tacticts by preventing ideas and opinions. The test is if one is a liberal I challenge you to have the same policy we have here. Open your doors to those who disagree exchange a post or two.
Anything less than the model I use here is a waste of space. If you restrict your space to those who agree with you one becomes lazy. We open our forum with a hello and bring a friend to those who dissent.
The two works that are below this are works in progress. I halted a human interest post to respond to the cowardice of the poster known as the Recidivist. His behavior and anti Jewish and Israel mania promted the posts on Israel. I like to do comedy and local issues as well.
Best Wishes
The Beak

Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Cowardly Recidivist and Intollerant Radicals

Recently we had a visitor to this site who demonstrated my points about the left and their incoherent views of Jews, Israel and the USA. The policy of this blog is to allow and encourage posts. I do not back down from my assertions that elements of the left have devolved into a hateful clique. I encourage all leftwing Israel and Republican bashers to speak up. Your lack of civility, knowledge of history will be put on display for all to see. I respect honest liberals but this is a far cry from what we see daily. Real Liberals are patriotic and agree with me about open debate. The Radical left loves to place speech codes on campus. Dissent is fine as long as one agees with us. This is Orwellian logic right out of 1984 and has no place in America.
While this forum is open to all my opponent has changed the settings on his blog to a team setting. I am not afraid of his words or arguments and I encourage you come again and bring your friends. Bring them all here and express yourself on this blog.
Your lack of courage is typical of the left. I can not be a racist because there is no such thing as a Palestinian race or nation. The problem with the Recidivist is that he feels that all sources that disagree with his spurious points are tainted by Zionism.
Lets examine why this leftist has called me a bigot. He is upset because I claim there is no such thing as a Palestinian.There is no connection between biblical Philistines and Palestinians.The whole myth of the Palestinian is a moder creation after 1967. Prior to that the context of the wars had been Pan Arabism. The rallying cry was "Drive the Jews into the Sea ".
For more on these myths Http//
This new ethnicity does not have its own language. This new ethnicity has no history prior to 1964. This new ethnicity has the same religion as that of people in neighboring states Sunni Muslim. There is a simple reason for this Palestinians are the descendants of Arab invaders who colonized the area in the year 638 AD a mere 2600 years after the Jews were there. The fact is that Arabs are on real estate that does not belong to them in a variety of areas.
The Sykes- Picot treaty paved the way for Sunni Arab domination and created a series of bogus states. The people sold out in this fiasco were Assyrians and Kurds. All of the states in the region are creations of this treaty . Kurds and Shiites ware divided along illogical lines.
Lets compare Palestinians to these other stateless people. Kurds have a historical identity predating Islam and their own language. Assyrians are a mere 4000 years old have their own language and religion. Coptics are 4000 years old have their own religion and language. There are other groups with far superior claims Basques, Tibetians any Comanches .In fact I could do an entire blog on why Brooklyn NY has a greater case for nation hood than Palestine.
There is no connection to biblical Palestinian but if people like the Recidivist insist fine get out of the West Bank and move to the land of the Phillistines the Gaza strip. The connection to Cannanites is more absurd but coming from this crowd it is to be expected.
The left likes to talk about European Colonialism, American Colonialism and Israeli Colonialism. It does not say a word about Islamic Colonialism, Ethnocide and Genocide perpetrated on Jews, Christians and others. One can read about this topic in the works of Bat Ye'or or in Frederick P Isaacs Indigenous people Under the Rule of Islam.If Colonialism was evil when done by White Europeans it is doubly so when done in the name of Islam. The reason being is they are still on other peoples real estate today.
The sanctimonious left loves to indict Israel and America for its percieved crimes. Yet a simple book the Black Book of Communism shows the legacy of the left 100,000,000. There is debate as to what the Nazis were and there are certainly arguments that also place them among the left as well. I will leave them out for the sake of this post. The Recidivist ommits and neglects far more extensive ties between the Pseudostinians and Nazis. The ties were significant and part of a pathology of denial on the left.
Let us begin with the word indigenous. The Jews are the indigenous people and this fact is backed clearly by history and archeology. Palestinians are the descendants of Arab invaders who arrived 2600 years after the Jews. In fact Jews are but one of a series of indigenous people brutalized by Islam. A partial list of people brutalized includes Jews, Assyrians , Copts, Maronites, Zoroastrian, Hindus, Sikhs,Yezedis,Animists,Bhudists and a range of tribal people. In fact I challenge one to name a major religion that is not in historic or current conflict with Islam except Shintoism. Shintoism has yet to come into conflict with Islam. Jews, Assyrian Christians and Zoroastrians lived in peace amongst Hindus. How does Hinduism turn violent only when Islam is added. Jews lived so peacably in China they intermarried and converted. What ethnic group is causing problems in Western China ? We can go around the world and find mayhem bigotry and intollerance. The vast preponderance of ethnic conflicts involve Islam. Islam is in conflict with Bhudism and that religion is known for peace. The whole rest of the world is guilty of picking on Islam. Do you want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. Take a trip to Freedom House and look at the freedom index Israel has a better rating than Turkey. The two most consistant variables with a poor rating are Communism and Islam.
Islamic Colonialism spread across Africa and Asia and Europe. Spaim was invaded in 710 and torture was used to intimidate Goths. Tariq Ibn Ziyad boiled prisoners in a cauldron and sliced other. (Alvin Schidtt The great Divide 45) We are suposede to feel sorry for the Muslims when Ghenghis Kahn employed similar techniques later. They were stopped in France by Charles Martel in the battle of Tours 732. They remained in Spain for the mythical golden age.This myth has been dispelled by Bat Ye'or . Scmidtt 47 Almost all the Churches were destroyed.6,000 Jews massacred in Fez 1033 and 3,000 more in Granada 1066. In 1126 the Christians were forcibly deported to Morocco. In 1148 the Jews were ordered to convert or be deported. We read about the Spanish Inquisition of 1492 but zero about similar measures caried out under Islam. In 1492 the Moors were kicked out a mere 700 years after they invaded. This is longer than the European Colonization of other nations. Yet we hear silence from the left.
Islam goes on to Colonize Europe except that the legacy of this invasion is still being felt in the Balkans tody.*Schmidtt pg 49 1351 Muslims invade Thrace 1361 conquer Adrianople.* 50 1389 Turks defeat Serbs in Kosovo. *51 for 800 years the Muslims try to conquer Constintanople 1453 it falls. 4,000 masacred, 50,000 sent into slavery.*53 The Muslims were stopped in Vienna twice 1526 &1683.
This is only part of the story it gets worse. However if the Recidivist insists on playing the Howard Zinn indict a civilization by its history game I will respond. Islam is the single worst practitioner on Colonialism , Ethnocide and Genocide in history.
Scmidtt Frequent Massacres of Armenian set the motion for the First Crusade. Turks commit Genocide on

Friday, March 11, 2005

PT Barnum was right

I took a trip with a family friend to see one of those dreadful MLM presentations. In variably over the years friends have dragged me to one pitch or the next. The point was always about selling dealerships rather than moving product. Legitamate companies move product . The salesman exists to promote and get product into the hands of the consumer. Salespeople are territorial in nature and even have been known to sabotage each other. When they are promoted to the next level they mentor the ones below. There are exceptions who help each other but that is reflective of a superior company.
I have seen the drills before the number jumbles. The crowd with confederates going oooh and ahhhhhh much like a live infomercial. This particular one was high pressure and big dollars. They were looking for 5k minimun and they did not leave you alone for a second. This was far more serious than a standard MLM ripoff.
The people in the audience were an eclectic mix of mainly religious Jews. The speaker was one I recognized from a previous pitch. Obviously, his other Utiopian get rich scheeme did not work. The man was a pro and had done this innumerable times in other forums. I knew the routine he was a chemist who got tired of working for somebody else. Even if I had not heard his speach the routine was the same. Name an occupation insert a few details and a joke about the futility of working for somebody else. The familiar frustrations that plauge people throughout the work day .The other version has a destitute family saved by the latest marketing scheeme.
The salvation is always the new concept. There is a quasi religious messianic quality to the gathering.
The pitch on this particular item was household good made from natural fiber. There were absurd claims about synthetic fibers causing cancer. There were also claims that natural fibers have chemical agents that repell dust mites. There was also a tax strategy that was advised that according to CPA and the IRS would result in a heavy fine. My experiences in the garment trade revealed impossibilities in the product and business model.
The first thing that struck me as odd was a $4000.00 blanket being sold with care labels that sell for $30.00. Real vendors in high end merchandise spare no expense in care labels. A mistake on a carelabel can cost hundreds of thousand. I also looked for the RN number at this point an owner said to me . "What are you looking at ? We are legal business." This was before I said one word and now my doubts were confirmed.
I know the mark up in the higher priced goods is aroud 4x . The reason is the returns ratios become a killer at the higer end. I started to do an elelmentary QC check and I had all three owners demanding to know what I am looking at. I explained as a garment professional there are things I am trained to look for. At this point I was never left alone.
I asked " What is your return ratio ? ?What percentage of product is rejected for QC ?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gay rights Israel and Muslim Nations Compared

A recent visitor to this blog described himself as an openly proud homosexual. He was filled with invective and an illogical hatred for Jews which he couches in PC rhetoric. Good Jews are his European variety that agree with his view of the world. Bad Jews are the paranoid " American Jews "who disagree with him. He feels it is bigoted for me to sugest that people calling themselves Jews should be able to describe common cultural items. The only time a radical identifies himself as a Jew is when he is denouncing Israel. I have yet to encounter a radical who could identify common prayer items . Radicals are grievance parasites that flock from PC cause to the next PC cause. The fact that there are Jews like Noam Chomsky in the ranks of the radicals prove that radicals are more loyal to thier movements than their culture. In fact a Palestinian who behaved like Chomsky would be just another PA collaberator lynched. I do not hear Amnesty International crying about lynching in the PA. I also do not hear civil rights advocates complaining about use of the death penalty without a trial.
This information is from I will paraphrase and omit local ordinances
Israel homosexual activity is legal age of consent 16. No prosecution for satutory rape if the age falls within 3yrs. Gays serve in the military.There are antidiscrimination laws that affect some areas of employment. Foriegn partners of gay couples get residency rights in Israel. Civil Service extends spoucal benefits in pension to homosexual partners.

There is no listing for the PA I will post links to three stories that show Gays flee the PA to Israel for Safety. In short Being Gay in the PA is a quick way to become DOA.

Afghanistan (Taliban) Death penalty via thrown from a cliff or collapse of a brick wall/
Albania : No sodomy laws age of consent 18.
Algeria : 3 years and a fine
Azerbaijan: No sodomy laws
Bahrain: Up to 10 years jail with possible corporal punishment
Bangladesh:10 years in Jail possible deportation
Bosnia and Herzegovina Up to one year in jail 16 consent
Brunei: 10 years in Jail and a fine
Bulgaria: Age 18 consent . National Gay rights law
Egypt No specific law Immoral behavior punishable by 3 years
Indonesia: No sodomy laws age of consent 17
Iran: Death The meethod of execution is up to victim hanging ,stoning ,dropped from a cliff or cut halved by sword. This qualifies Iran as prochoice.
Iraq: No Sodomy Laws
Jordan : No sodomy Laws
Kuwait: Jail up to seven years
Lebanon: 1 year in jail
Lybia: 3 to 5 years in jail
Malaysia:Punishable by lashing and up to 20 years in jail. Homosexuals are not allowed on TV
Morroco:6month to three years in jail
Oman 3 years in jail
Quatar up to 5 years in jail
Saudi Arabia Death Penalty
Somalia : 3month to 3 years in jail
Syria: 3 years jail
Tunisia 3years in jail
Turkey: No sodomy laws. Gays banned from the military
Sudan: 100 lashes up to possible death penalty

It is clear that Israel is more tollerant than Muslim nations on this issue . The question is why a person who portrays himself as proudly gay would identify with a culture that oppresses his kind.
The fact is that Israel and the United States are held to impossibly high standards. The fact is that Israel is a tollerant society and one needs only to take a stroll to Freedom House and check the country indexes. There are two predictors that directly corelate with a poor rating Islam and Communism. You do not hear a peep about those societies because the bias is blatant.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Requiem for a Giant

In my previous post I alludued to a friend that is no longer with us whom I used to meet at the WTC. This is not my normal post but there is a place for a loving and comedic tribute to a man who is in a better place. I want to be sad but his smile and funny ways filled my life with joy.
My friend was named Larry but we called him Big Bad Larry after the song. He was a giant of a man at 6'5'' and 450 lbs and every thing about him was larger than life including a booming voice. He had a cherubic smile and a great sounding laugh. Larry was intense and did everything at 100% an hour . He had no stop buttom and was always on the go . Even going with him for drinks was tough because he would knock them back easily. Part of this intensity meant that if he were concentrating you could say anything to him and he would say Yeah Yeah. His name was changed to Big Bad Larry Yeah Yeah. He had a tough temper but it was like a thunderclap and he resumed his jovial but intense ways.
One day Larry and I went to the local all you can eat buffet with our crew. The look of horror in the owners eyes was priceless as the Giant went to the fix his plate. The little man said " Remember it is all you can eat not eat all ". The whole place started laughing including Big Bad Larry. He lit up the room with his patented smile and got all the good food. I scratched my head but never seemed to find the shrimp or the spare ribs. They seemed to be attracted to Larrys plate like a magnet. All I ever seemed to get at the buffet line was some rice.
We were at the WTC and on the train to Jersey when we were told that service was disrupted. Someoe had tried to commit suicide on the tracks. I was cheery as usual and made light of the situation. Maybe its a peer trying to get out of our boring staff meetings. Big Bad Larry almost had a heart attack and bellowed " Run the son of a ^&^*^& over !!!! I am going to be late to work and I have the keys." I could not stop laughing and I stared at another coworker Winston. My laughter was making Big Bad Larry progressively angrier.
Finally Big Bad Larry had enough and he got out of the car and moved to the end of the platform. Big Bad Larry yelled at the suicidal man "You son of a %&%&^9if you don't get back on the platform I'll go down there and do the job myself ".
Amazingly the sucidal man got back on the platform and the police took him away. We were on a train and there was dead silence. An old woman asked "Would you really have killed the son of a ^(*&*^(". I turned to her and said " You don't understand my friend . He hates people that say they are going to do things and fail". The whole car laughed and and Big Bad Larry gave me a swat on the side of the head that I felt for a month. Then he joined in the laughter and it was a running joke for weeks.
There was a Chinese resturant with a typo on the menu. Normaly I toss the menus but this was irresistable. L5 read Crap meat sticks instead of Crab meat. I played a series of prank calls with my weekly order and most of the time it was a big order around $40.00. The owner would get mad and start cursing and we would put it on a speaker phone. A typical call was as follows "I want an L5 what is that." I said . You lousy son of a low life ^&%%#$$@#% ." You do this same $#^@# every week you lousy(^%($%$ moron". No matter how many times we did this joke it was funny. Then other offices started to do the same joke and he had to hire two extra delivery men. One day he got tired and said , "You little ^%* piece of $%&^ I am coming down to whip your %*&*. What is your name ? " he said " Sure just ask for Big Bad Larry". The whole office starts rolling on the floor laughing as I give the money to Larry. The owner pulls up and asks Where is this Big piece of*%^^%* Big Bad Larry. The Chinese guy took a look at the size of a perplexed Big Bad Larryand said " you guy tip to well must kick %$*%$* later "got in his car and drove off. Larry was the only one who didn't get the joke. On a side note as soon as the owner fixed the typo his business went down . I walked and he told me " worst thing I ever do for business is fix those typos send my business down by 30%." . So he made new menus with the old typo and got some business back.
I recieved the word that my friend had died and I was heartbroken. I attended the funneral in Brooklyn and everyone noticed he was much smaller in the casket. My buddy Alphonso said " You know he's half the man he used to be . I'll miss the big guy". I turned to my friends and said " You know that diet he's on was a toughie but it only works once". Another friend Robert pointed out that " he lived such an intense life that it was bound to happen. He is in the great buffet in heaven".
I was fortunate to know Big Bad Larry and to have him as a friend . He was intense but had a good nature and better heart. The world has lost a giant but Heaven gained a smile.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

I am one of Churchill's Little Eichman's

I have spent some time thinking about who Ward Churchill was refering to when he called the victim's of 9-11 "Little Eichman's". I have read most of the articles and there is a point that cometimes is forgotten. Dr Yeagley and other Native American have every right and perhaps duty to say this man does not repreesent me. This is magnified by the fact that he is self appointed spokesman and not a Native American.
The question is who did Churchill insult with his remarks.My first reaction was he insulted the victims , their families and the survivors. Still this did not seem to be quite correct and too narrow. I felt insulted as a survivor of the 93 blast and I had a front row seat on 9-11. It was much worse in person and I will never forget that day.
I had come to the conclusion at this point Churchill insulted each and every resident in the NYC metro area. Those people in the buildings could have been any one of us. They were our friends , family,aquaintences and I think our first natural reaction was who do I know amongst the dead. I remember wondering about the faces of the people I glanced upon on my way to work and wondered who was gone.
Today I went for a long walk and I passed by some firemen doing their job at a Nursing home. Are these the faces of Little Eichmans. These are young family men of great cheer and are the foundations of any community where they reside. I would love to see Churchill make that statement in a firehouse. He would learn about reeducation real fast. Firemen have a great sense of humor and are great people. However they have a brotherhood that only military people and cops understand.
I passed by Ground Zero and paused to look where the beautiful towers stood. I had entered them frequently on my way to and from work. I paused to remeember friends whom I met with on the way to work . Sadly, some of those friends are no longer with us having nothing to do with 9-11. My life as a NYC resident was intetwined with that magnificent structure.
The WTC was like a mini city filled with Dynamic energy. There was the wonderful underground mall always filled with great merchandise. There were the white marble floors and brass fixtures always bright and shiny. There was a fancy French bakery where the Late Big Bad Larry Yeah Yeah and I met for breakfast and a great Hot Choclate on our way to work. In an irronic twist of fate that bakery was one of the few undamage spots amongst the wreckage. The facility was used as a transpotation hub and I would make my changes there on my way home. There was an energy and vibrancy in the building and people scurying in all directions. Even in a fast paced city the WTC was a rather faced paced place.
In front of the site were the inevitable cranks handing out conspiracy theories . They make a mockery of the dead at the site of the greatest tragedy in our nations history. They are inevitably part of an extreemist group generaly the No Police State Coalition a radical group with ties to Lynne Stewart. I have encountered David Duke , Lew Rockwell and Raimondo types all on line with the basic 9-11 premise it was the work of the Jooooooos. Some of the more articulate try to hide be hind code words like Zionists, Likud, Neocons and Corporate media. The bottom line when you question these cranks it is the Joooooos. Even Art Bell calls this an overtly Antisemitic movement and labels these people cranks. Art Bell knows a thing or two about cranks and he read a ton of Emails. The repeated words were Neocon in every letter and Bell is not Jewish.
A young girl about ten tugged on my back poct . She must have guessed I was a local because of my overized NY Yankee logo.
Her bright eyes anf smile changed my mood " Mister who died here ?"She said. I turned to her mother and said " All kinds of people died here" I said pointing to the names on the list on the fence. " There were people from every race , religion and ethnic group. They were going to work on a tuesday morning. The others were heroes rushing in to save lives while the rest were fleeing. You have rich financial executives, secrataries , dishwashers , firemen, security personel and watrieses all perished here on that day. " I said.
At that moment the wisdom of the child made it clear . The people Churchill are talking about are part of my American family and the family of Western Civilization. Churchill insult had moved beyond the victims and families and survivors. Churchill insulted the eye witness and all residents of the Tristate area. I looked at the sadness of the little girl and realized this too was not enough. Churchill insulted all those who idenified with the victims and shed a tear on 9-11.
Ward I am one of those Little Eichman's you casually think little of. I am non violent but I dare you to make that statement in a NYFD station. I assure you that there will be a re-education and an attitude adjustment.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Is ethnicity flexible

On another forum Bad Eagle I pondered the question about ethnicity in America. The Churchill saga leads to a series of questions about our society. Churchill was not a philoNative American he spoke in their name to further an extreeme political agenda. He exploited the tragedy in American History to tear down our society in his warped quest for Utopia. Where was the genuine expression of love for his adopted community ?
Dr David Yeagley a Native American talks about several comunities in a genuine loving admiration. Yeagley has intellectualy broadned his horizons as an intellectual.This is a healthy and admirable thing to do expand ones horizons and frame of refference. My identity as a Jew is not dimminished by my love for Assyrian Christians or Guyanese. In fact in many respects it leads me to understand the subtle ties of my culture better.
Jews suffer from a duality syndrome that I do not understand . On the one hand are people like Yeagley who have a strong affinity for my people. On the other side of the spectrum are the radical leftist and rightist who are united in an anti Israel mania. The right has created the fictional Jewish Superman capable of subverting the entire planet. The left has a similar contempt but they couch it in a way where Jews are never right . The left often tries to couch behind the zionism label but the littany of Jews in every crank conspiracy theory points to something more ominous. I often wonder what life would be like as a Norwegian. Nobody seems to get too worked up about Norwegians.
NYC is a wonderful place where one can literaly meet a person from every culture if one puts in the effort. I could fill this blogs about the wonders of the cultures I encountered. There are few places on earth where it is this easy to be cosmopolitan. NYC is not heaven and there are downsides to living here . Perhaps I will explore them in future blogs at greater length.
The joy about being American is all of the Culture belong to me as an American . My cultural heritage inculdes people from every corner of the globe. Malcolm X and Chief Joseph are part of my cultural heritage and they are symbols of my history. In America we have the culture that we were born into and some of us have so many it becomes a cafeteria selection. What does my lovely niece call herself with Irish, Scottish , Cheokee , Polish and Jewish heritage call herself. For me the issue was far simpler I am an Ashkenazi.
The truth is we should use one word to describe ourselves American.