Saturday, March 19, 2005

Double Standards and Bigotry

There is double standard on the left that is abhorent. In my well crafted response to the Recidivist he places terms and conditions. He is allowed to slander and represent history from folk tales with no evidence. I am not allowed to respond with Islamic history and Current events. Presenting Islamic History in anything other than a positive light is bigotry.
The Recidivist and others have zero problem comparing our President to a Chimp or with Totalitarian regimes. In fact his contant focus on a democratic state with a good record on human rights is pathological. His initial statements were judged to be bigoted by neutral observers. His word games with sources that are zionist arre an attempt to dissmiss a range of sources. The truth is that the extreeme left is a seditious movement .The most powerwful bond is between mother and child. The Rosenbergs felt no objection about orphaning their children for the cause. If one reads the Rosenberg File the government offered the Rosenburgs several opportunities.
They chose to marty themselves for the cause. Similarly Jews like Chomsky and Lerner feel no loyalty to their culture. This description does not apply to democratic leftists but unfortunately they make common cause with these extreemists like Code Pink , ISM and International ANSWER.
The left talks about the evils of Western Civ non stop. I have no problem with this evils as Western Civ progressed . The usual crimes are Colonialization, Slavery, Etnocide and sometimes geoncide did occur. However each of these crimes were also perpetrated in the Islamic world. The crimes were worse because indigenous people are still under occupation today. One of these indigenous people mistreated under Islam were Jews.
There is no such thing as a Palestinian ethnicity. Palestine was a region on a map much like Brooklyn . Do we talk about the Nation of Brooklyn ? No because Brooklyn was part of something larger. Ethnicity is on one or more of three variables and the Palestinians fail on all three counts. The Palestinians do not have their own language they speak Arabic. They do not have a unique religion as they are Sunni muslims. They do not have a unique historical identity it dates back to 1964. The reason is simple they are generic Arabs who invaded and opressed a range of people. Now they want to claim more land that they have no legitimate claim on.
Let us compare the Palestinians to the Jews, Assyrians and Coptics. Jews, Copts and Assyrians all have their own language. All of the groups have their own religion that is distinct. All have histories that are at least 4,000 years old. Have we heard a peep from the Recidivist on Copts or Assyrians. The Copts and Assyrians yearn to be free but have not resorted to pushing senior citizens in wheel chairs off of cruise ships.
Arab conquest is detailed in Alvin Schmidtt's Great Divide.Serge Trifkovic details the crimes of Islam in his book the Sword of the Prophet. One can google Black Holocaust and read about 12-20 million dead. We can detail the crimes of Islamic Colonialism in books . Yet people like the Recidivist call this bigotry. Do they feel it is bigoted when they play the sam game with Western Civ ? Do they think about this when comparing Bush to Hitler ? What is their thoughtprocess when they compare the US policy on Homosexuality to that of the Islamic countries.Am I supposed to feel regret that some Muslims feel uncomfotable here. Do not come here Illegaly and tell CAIR to denounce terrorism without equivocation. This would help the image of Islam in America immeasurably. Stephen Schwartz understands and has no problem naming the Culprit Nihilistic Wahabism.
I have cited numerous articles debunking this fantasy of Palestinian ethnicity. Start with Joeseph Farah and work your way to Serge Trifkofiv.From the PLO Charter Article 13 Arab Unity andthe liberation of Palestine are complimentary objectives,the attainment ofeither of which faciltates the attainment of the other. Thus Arab unity leads to the liberation of Palestine,the liberation of Palestine leads to Arab Unity;and work towards the realization of one objective proceeds side by side with the work towards the realization of the other.
14 The destiny of the Arab Nation , and indeed Arab existence itself , depend on the destiny of the Palestinian cause. From this interdepndence springs the Arab nations pursuit of ,and striving for,the liberation of Palestine.The people of palestine play the role of the vangaurd in the realization of the sacred goal.
The PLO charter admits the goal of the Palestinian movement is Arab unification. Thus these mindless folk stories repeated by leftist noobs abot Palestinian ethnicity is refuted by the Palestinians themselves. Thus the fantasies of the noobs are refuted by the Palestinians own doccuments. Palestinians are Arabs and thus not indigenous and on soil that doesn't belong to them in a number of places.

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