Thursday, March 17, 2005

A crime against humanity

The debate over the Palestinian ethnicity is important for an obvious reason. For the sake of this post table all previous posts momentarily. The implications of my premise are stark and readily apparent. If Palestinians are merely Sunni Arabs they have been used and abused by their brothers not Israel. This changes the entire debate to the need to creat a second Palestinian state to the failure of Arab nations.

The "Palestinian " people have been used as human hockey pucks. They are slaped around and placed in refugee camps for generation by their Arab brothers. They are entitled to humanity but are dennied this reality in refugee camps. At any time these Arab nations could have intergrated them into society. There are no linguistic,cultural or religious reason these people should be in refugee camps. They are human beings being deprived of their dignity for no reason.

The Jewish state of Israel welcomes and intergrates its refugees into society. More Jews fled Arab lands than the converse. One can easily find their stories on the web sites JIMENA and the David Project. No Jew sits in a refugee camp and goes without medical care. The nation of Israel exsists for this purpose entirely. Many Jews are getting fed up with the bigotry and harassment in Europe . There were recent polls that a significant percentage were considering emigration. Israel will welcome them with open arms into their nation.

The obvious question is why would a rational society mistreat its own. The entire Arab world ruled by a series of despots of varying brutality and corruption. The Israeli bogey man serves as a safety valve for political pressure and serves to unify the nation. Syria for example is a one party repressive state ruled by 11% of the population . The Alawites are a historicaly persecuted people and considered heretics by some Muslims. They maintain a monopoly on power within Syria. Without the Israeli bogeyman its citzens would demand services.There was a revolt in the city of Hamma with plenty of fatalities. Yet we heard nothing from the usual suspects.

The treatment of the Palestinians by their Arab brothers is a crime against humanity.
Progressives should demand all the refugees be intergrated into the socities where they currently reside at once. We do not hear this from the left as it is far more fashionable to denigrate and exclusively obsess over Israel.

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