Friday, March 25, 2005

Race Republicans and the Left

I post in a variety of Forums and a question came up from a liberal friend who uses the screen name Tricky Blaine. My contention is that conservatives think about race
very infrequently.We have discussed race as a tangent to the middle east conflict. My contention that Palestinians are Arabs has zero racial content. Arabs are semites and thus by definition white. The contention was there is no Palestinian ethnicity contains zero racial content.The argument was based entirely on history and sociology. The left leveled charges and were asked to point them out. They failed to find a fact out of order or a bigoted quote.

Tricky Blaine who is a liberal would be the first to tell you I do not like race baiting. The truth is that even when provoked I will not respond in that manner. The truth is that people who respond with racial taunts look uneducated. Therefore when my friend Uptown Steve engages in his frequent angry man routine I never respond in kind. I tend to offer a comedic reparte aimed at him personally. He does have a rather unusual fixation on the Gorton's Fisherman. The poor guy even suposedly has the outfit. Were I to respond in similar racial terms it would not accomplish anything. The other problem is I do not hold hatred based upon race in my heart. I see people as individuals rather than members of subgroups.

The truth is that the Conservatives I associate with spend little time on the subject. The little time they do spend is in reaction to the professional race hustlers Jackson, Sharpton and Farakhan. The fact is I like certain authors Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell , Julius Lester , Larry Elder who agree with my point of view. I like JC Watts , Condi Rice and Collin Powell and would not hesitate to vote for them unless Rudy were running against them. The black experience is part of my cultural heritage as an American. The joy of being an American is that you are part of something greater than your individual community.

Race, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation are largely irrelevant to me. Do any of those qualities affect on the ability to perform a task. Do they tell me if you would make a good friend or neighbor ? Do they tell me what kind of person you are ? This is why
I perceive people as individuals. I also do not take things too seriously and enjoy a good joke. I wish that some of the critics of this blog would be more creative in their personal attacks.

The bottom line is that we are all Americans. All of us are going to agree all of the time. Yet we should respect cultural and ethnic differences. This blog is dedicated to a celebration of the First Amendment. You do not have to agree with me to get my respect. Come in speak your mind and be eloquent if possible. America is a big tent and there is room for all.

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