Friday, March 25, 2005

Be careful what you wish for .

I was at the RNC protests in NYC and met with plenty of far left extreemist. Most of the time the arguments were fairly civil. Many of the protesters had a hard time believing a person who spoke with the same accent was a Republican. You are not the typical Republican was the most frequent response. The truth is there is a big tent in the Republican Party . It is almost impossible to tell what our views are on any particular subject unless we tell you. In general we are united by Nationalism and a Pro business approach with great variation.

The highlight of my time was meeting with the older protesters. There was a conversation with these older protesters that was interesting. These older protesters admitted the greatest mistake was pushing the Watergate story. These older radicals shocked me by saying they would vote for Nixon instead of Kerry. This
is not shocking to me as Nixon was a pragmatist. He was a mighty Cold War Liberal whose domestic policy was more liberal than Clinton's.

The premise was that the destruction of Nixon paved way for the Conservatives to dominate the Republican party.This led to Reagan - Bush domination of the landscape.
They had come to understand that Nixon had vision and acted upon it. There was some
grumbling about his Latin American policies but the older protesters still claimed to prefer Nixon to Kerry.

The moral of the story is be careful what you wish for least you receive it.


kajando said...

you're on to something with the Nixon v Kerry discussion. It is worth further research. Just a step or two back for perspective gives us a glimpse of a huge, scary picture. I believe, that we have not had a true choice for President since Watergate. Possibly long before that. When you connect the Clintons to the Bushes, and it doesn't take that much work, it will start to make sense. Ask, why didn't Kerry talk, at all, about Iran-Contra, even though he led the "deepest" investigation into I/C at the time? He talked about his role in exposing BCCI, but only once and never broached the subject again.

beakerkin said...

Welcome to the blog Kajando. Your
blog was featured above mine on Waypath. Apparently any time Michael Moore's name is mentioned in a blog it gets listed there.

There is an obvious reason Kerry never went near Iran - Conra. The reason he avoided the topic was that would have exposed his lack of
vision.Kerry was tied to Daniel Ortega and the infamous "Dear Comdante " letter.The fact that the
Sandanistas were voted out would make him look foolish. It would also focus more attention to a pattern of soft on communism history.

The problem is that the primaries are closed. This allows extreemists
and special interests to manipulate
the process. An open primary that allowed independents to vote would
produce more moderates. The poor performance of Joe Lieberman is an example.

We would get better candidates with
an open primary process. This would increase participation in primaries of independents and moderates. The two step dance would end. Primaries stept to side
and in the general election move towards the center.