Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Jewish New Year

I have been moving my schedule around so I can take off for the Jewish New Year. On Friday I had to do all the yearly computer courses required in my profession. I took
four classes of EEO material, two on ethics, one on the Constitution, office safety, fire safety and Flu prevention. Luckily I took the computer safety course earlier and
one EEO class has to be taken every two years.

Tomorow I will go in at 5AM to do my monthly statistics. I have to fill out monthly
statistics, in addition to daily reports, local databases and national ones. Then the folks wonder why nothing gets done probably because we spend all day counting instead of working.

It has been over a year since I returned from Vermont. I miss Earl who is apparently either gone to the great beyond or has found a better food source than my frend Neil.
I enjoyed my trip across the country met interesting people. I went from coast to coast but missed out on Lee's Chicken. When most of my crew returned from the trip they were talking about Sea World or Disney. My favorite was still Fat Burger and Romano's Macaroni Grill.

The real highlight was spending veterans day with actual veterans at the Golden Coral. The restaurant wanted to comp us due to the nature of my work. I insisted on paying and many of the veterans shook the hands of my fellow officers. Three of us were actual veterans of the Navy.

My assignment has changed for the new year. Somehow, I was appointed to an elite squad. I did not expect or campaign for this type of unexpected honor. I did my best
and someone appreciated it. I never worked for honor or glory but for the American people. Hopefully I will return to ordinary work, but a stint of high profile cases is expected.

The years bring change and at these times it is good to reflect upon what has happened. I assumed that my career was largely over and I could glide off into anonymity. This assignment will likely land me on the path to an investigators slot
at some future date. I do not aspire to management a I have done that as a civilian.

I certainly miss my friends from Vermont and those from the road trip. I miss a couple of friends who do not come around like Florian, Kuhnkat, Esther, Bargholtz and
Justin. I am always greatful for those who are around and too numerous to mention and those I will meet in the new year.

In Vermont I did not socialize with the coworkers. Now I never eat lunch or go to the gym alone. My social calender is always full. Oddly women in NYC are much more aggressive than those in VT and they frequently ask you out.

I was lucky to get my last raise as a pay freeze and layoffs look imminent. I expect
the government to offer buyouts to the older workers first. Then all the recent hires
will go at a certain point. Government workers tend to return when the economy gets better. I am entirely sympathetic but having endured the inhuman process a break will come for those who persist.

I await my final adventure. Officers who reach the highest grade go for a two week training and are given the status as "journeymen". My paper should be delivered in either VA or TX. Either way it will be a road trip and likely my last adventure. I am on path to be appointed an there investigator at some point in the future so will be more at a future date.

Nobody knows what is in store for the future. When one door closes look for another to open.

I will return to normal posts after this moment of reflection tomorrow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stephen Schwartz the Other Islam Confused

I am reading the second chapter and it is somewhat confusing. Many of the Sufi orders appear to be humanistic blends of Islam and regional religions. We have a stereotype of the Pagan as inhuman and uncouth. However, this is inaccurate and while human sacrifice
was a real phenomena it did not produce endless jihad or mindless genocide ala communism or Nazism.

The question of what is Islam will be decided by Muslims themselves. The question of originalist is not a Muslim question itself but is something that crosses denominations. The mess at the Anglican church is also largely originalists vs Marxist hacks. This is seen in Judaism with Modern Orthodox vs the reform and some of the reform movement is Marxist.

Immigration declines

In some recent posts I noted the empty stores and for sale signs in the immigrant communities in NYC. The newspapers reported that immigrants are going home as the construction industry declines.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not that Stupid

There is some talk about an Al Queda plan to interrupt the American election. Americans
are not Spaniards and any major attack would eliminate Barak Obama's chances in and potentially even swing states like NJ into the McCain column.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Time for Rangel to Go

Charles Rangel has always been a disgrace. The media has allowed him to get away with
remarks that should have killed any other politicians career. He is also directly responsible for inflicting Hillary Clinton on the people of New York.

Rangel now has serious ethical problems to go with his history of loopy remarks. He has
been caught not reporting income from a rental property in the Dominican Republic. This
is far more serious than Fossela's DWI and adultery.

Rangel has served for too long and is a walking example of everything that is wrong
with Congress.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Schwartz's The other Islam Chapter 1

Those of you looking for a humanistic cosmopolitan version of Islam should read this book. It is best understood by those who have a propensity toward the theological.

I have to admit that I am somewhat crossed up and confused with what the Turkish Alevis are. According to Schwartz they are sufis and fairly tolerant. Yet according to other sources they are a fused type of blended religion that is from the ancient Kurdish religion known as the Cult of Angels. Schwartz may be right as the Alevis of Turkey are
very dissimilar to the Alewites of Syria.

Even the Yezidi venerate a Sufi mystic but are clearly not Muslim. The question with blended religions like Santaria boils down to authenticity.

This is interesting reading to the theologically inclined.

The logical progression of terror

The last week served to remind us that terrorism is still here. We are far more apt to
encounter it in areas like Yemen and Pakistan. The reaction of the Pakistani government
will be interesting as its military has been reluctant to fight the extremists on its soil. The government of Yemen is a joke at best and can be expected to do little or nothing.

Muslims like the person who was here last week miss an important point. It is one thing
to be upset by foreign policy. However, that does not give one license to commit acts
of violence targeted at civilians. The Hotel that was blown up probably employed over 100 locals who are now unemployed. An extension of this illogic has Americans upset at Muslims attacking NYC nuking Mecca. Sorry, but as Schwartz notes terrorism is a disgrace and hurts Islam and there is no excuse or word games.

The reality is that the terrorist problem in the world has two causes Islam and Communism. Commies are quick to point out the odd abortion clinic bomber. However, Christians do not attempt to hide such criminals or make excuses for such behavior.
Commies do make excuses for the antics of Ayers, Chesimard and so forth and actively
aided them avoid justice. Furthermore when communist criminals are caught they mysteriously wind up with high paying jobs at an academic gulags.

Communists like Renegade Eye pretend that Bill Ayers was a spoiled child. He was a spoiled child who acted in the name of communism. Just as Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Trotsky and Jim Jones also committed their crimes in the name of communism. Similarly, Osama Bin Laden, Mougniyeh and others commit their brand of terrorism in the name of Islam. In the case of Fattah and perhaps one or two others one can have both causes acting in concert.

The problem with American Muslims is that the excuses need to stop. There is no excuse for 9-11, there is no excuse for Beslan, there is no excuse for terrorism. Amoral communists fail to differentiate between an attack like one at Beslan designed to kill children and the reactions caused by needless deaths due to populations allowing terrorists to act in their midst. Thus a marijuana Marxist like Graeme Striecher will point out the higher death tolls in Israeli responses to repeated provocations in a self righteous stupor. What the communists omit is that terrorists
purposely try to inflate these numbers by hiding in civilian areas. In actuality the Israeli response to the repeated provocations in Gaza has been muted. A Grozny type response is how a typical government deals with these provocations.

However, it should be noted that the Civil war between sides in Gaza has produced scores of atrocities without comment from Marijuana Marxists or the Toilet Trotskyite
from Minneapolis saying a word. I am watching the situation in Gaza carefully as a report on the situation there has the commies of Fattah now aligning with Al Queda backed elements in Gaza. The John Batchelor show generally has superior intelligence analysts. Commies are amoral and have a history of aligning with actual Nazis while pointing their finger at everyone else and calling them Nazis. This prospective alliance should come as no surprise to students of history.

Schwartz stands alone as a giant in his vision of a more rational type of Islam. Those who continue to dream of a global caliphate are madmen who endanger all of us with their blood lust. Those who believe utopia in this world is possible will rationalize all excesses to create it.


What we learned in the NFL this week.

Teams are not as good or bad as we make them out to be, unless they are the Rams and they are close to being as bad as their record. Usually a good running game will cover up other weakness but Jackson has not gotten on track.

The Bengals played with nine men in the box to slow the Giants running game. Had they
been more creative Kevin Boss could have had a big game.

New England will regroup from their surprising loss. Other than their defensive line
the rest of their defense is a step slow and subpar. The exception is rookie LB Mayo.
The Dolphins will win around six games with a decent running game and a QB who doesn't make stupid mistakes.

We are also learning the value of experience in the QB position as Kerry Collins and Kurt Warner show they still have life. Collins will probably take the team further than Young. He somehow manages to get better production out of the WRs than Young.
Warner was always better than he was given credit for. Hopefully he is mentoring Lienart as he mentored Eli Manning in NYC

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stephen Schwartz the Other Islam the Introduction

When one reads anything produced by Schwartz one should bear in mind he is a professional writer who is dedicated to his on craft. His style is easy the reader even when you do not agree. Schwartz is a man of great passion and great integrity who should be respected even when one disagrees.

Schwartz is a Sufi Muslim and in this work his passion for his subject is quite evident. One gets to understand Schwartz as a person who is very sincere about his beliefs even if one disagrees. As a pragmatist I always have respected the peaceful practice of all religions. However, I am on a plane of existence that is somewhat below mysticism.

The thirty plus page introduction is highly entertaining and informative even though I disagree with the author on many points. Ultimately, his vision would lead to a better world but on a pragmatic level it is improbable.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Final Review For Flynn's Conservative Hstory of the American Left

The book is enjoyable and entertaining on many levels. The early sections on Owen and George are interesting. The basic problem with the left today is its myth making is mistaken for history. Commies pretend George was a kindred spirit, but George had a genuine disdain for Marx. The fable of commies and Anarchist leading labor is also debunked.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Note for Book Review Fans

We will be reviewing and discussing Stephen Schwartz's new book The Other Islam. It is important to note that I support the peaceful practice of all religions. Schwartz represents the Islam that we wish were the norm tolerant, cosmopolitan and appreciative of the larger culture.

I am still bothered by the words of Broken Mystic who fails to understand that 9-11 has nothing to do with US foreign policy. The fact that a group has a grievance does not excuse or rationalize a criminal act. A similar thought process would be that since a Muslim radical attacked the USA America has the right to nuke Mecca.

Americans wanted to hear American Muslims unequivocally denounce all terrorism. The folks at CAIR spun and played word games. Almost entirely alone Stephen Schwartz and the CIP stood out in denouncing terror without word games. Schwartz's honor, craftsmanship and skill as a writer and human are noted and surprisingly we even agree with him every now and then.

The folks at the local Borders assured me the book will be in next week.

The Good Part of Federal Employment

A coworker had a heart attack and has been out for a while. It appears unlikely she will be returning to work any time soon. The Federal government allows workers to transfer sick time to those in need. I started the drive and gave up 40 hours.

The move postpones her placement on disability by a week. Hopefully some of the workers will kick in a few days and we can stall this for a bit longer.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Communist Stupidity and waste of Art

In this chapter Flynn recounts the absurd era of communist goonery in the arts. Commies
had decided that art is a weapon and must serve their insane cult. While commies rail about black lists they do not acknowledge that party goons often dictated what artists
could write.

This episode illustrates why works by communists should be viewed with suspicion and why they should not be employed in education or government. A communist by nature is a herd animal whose fealty to a genocidal cult trumps all other factors. Communists have no loyalties except to the cult and there are numerous examples of betrayal of this country and others by communists. They can not be counted on to follow directions or to
maintain professional ethics and as such should be excluded from hire.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rough times locally

Much of life is timing. People with my degree tended to walk into back office jobs in Wall Street. Unfortunately, right before I graduated a major crash in the market eliminated those jobs. Thus my career path took me to several jobs before a long stint in the fashion industry.

The crash was a temporary thing but time had closed the door in my face. A few years later the doors reopened but central casting wanted fresh graduates. I always wondered what my career would have been like with better timing. I looked at a few of my HS classmates who did well by signing on right after high school and worked their way up.I looked at college friends who graduated two years before and after me wondering where my skills and ability would have taken me.

Wall Street is a local industry in these parts. It is very hard to see good people lose their jobs. Many of them thought the good times would never end and had lifestyles that never accounted for this. I took a friend who has seen his hopes and dreams go up in smoke to lunch. The reality that some of these jobs may never return
has not hit my friend. I hope his marriage survives this but strains are natural.

I have been through the same thing as my friend. I worked hard for several companies
that closed. It is a hard thing to see as the company and coworkers become like family. I am starting to wonder if my current career is a divine blessing as I just am not equipped to handle what my friends are going through.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Flynn's A Conservative History of The American Left

I had read the roots of eugenics before in prior works of Flynn. Eugenics was another
really bad idea from the far left. It is important to note that Margaret Sanger did meet with the Klan. Communist fraud WEB Dubois was also in favor of this scam.

Eugenics fell into deserved disrepute with the advent of the Holocaust. Prior to that it was just another failed idea of the left. Of course there was a semi official junk science rationale that evolved into mass murder.

Science without morality can be quite deadly. The usual suspects appoint themselves God
and mankind must look out.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beakerkin Goes to an Old Car Show

I went to the local used car show and was somewhat disappointed. There were plenty of vintage sports cars. However the cars that we drove every day do not seem to be there.
Preserved sports cars are fun to look at but where are the Dodge Darts or even a 1970's
Gran Fury.

I am amazed at how much simpler the engines were and one has space to work under the hood.

Part of me misses the open road adventures in VT. However, I am on schedule to be delivering a research paper in Dallas. I plan on driving that trip but it will be a GPS
adventure. I plan on finding Lees Chicken, Fatburgers and Luby's along with some minor trips along the way.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Blog Talk Radio interview

I will be doing another interview on blog talk radio. Those of you familiar with my previous appearances know that mostly I mix humor and the serious. AOW has generously
invited me to appear on an upcoming show.

Those of you who know me off line know the man behind the blog is the same as I am in real life. I serve with honor and live by one code "the ends do not justify the means". This is what separates true heroes from Minnesotan gassy Trotskyite sandwiches and jihadist lunatics.

Americans are a different breed of man famous for our can do spirit. This spirit is our natural state and born in our men like Ronald Reagan and our women such as Sarah Palin. We do not sit around in a gin induced stupor like the pompous useless leftist Eurotrash saloniastas or their traitorous Marxist epigones. The ends do not justify the means and their utopia will not come on my watch.

AOW will post the details and some of you will tune in. I do not carry the ratings draw of the person behind me, so the ratings will reflect the second guest.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin The Anti Hillary

Palin is the anti Hillary candidate who has changed the way in which women run for office.

1 Palin embodies the can do spirit that is uniquely American. She does not sit around focus groups to decide her vacation. Palin does not want your sypathy she wants the job done.

2 Palin arrived where she is independent of her husband. Her career is entirely her wn creation.

3 Palin balances her family life vs a career like many women who have multiple children.

4 Palin support is not limited by gender. She does need to divide people along gender

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kahanist Clowns, Mickey Marxists and Rubberoom Rejects

There are those among you who mistakenly think that the views of MZ are the authentic
and official viewpoint of the Jewish people. The views of MZ are not representative
of the Orthodox community. They are the views of a hateful crank, who Utopian idiocy is not reality based.

MZ now wonders if I am closet messianic. I would have become a Christian long ago if I felt that his inane hateful views were representative of my people. However, as a member of the Jewish community I am well aware how off the wall the views of MZ are. When I want a lecture about Judaism I need look no further than my younger brother the beloved Rav Roov whom I honor with every post. The Rav was known as Beaker for his resemblance to the beloved muppet. My pen name means relative of the Beaker whom I am very proud of even though we walk different paths.

MZ is what is known in our community as a baal teshuvah. He did not become religious until later in life. As such he often fails to get the substance of our religion wrong while screaming about the letter only when it suits his agenda. He is well aware that he lied when he falsely wondered if I was a closet Messianic Jew. However,
do not hold your breath for him to come over to this site or post an apology even as the religion he lectures the world about warrants it for the high holidays. For the record I do not consider being wrongly called a messianic Jew an insult. I do consider being called a Kahanist an insult.

What does the dullard MZ base his speculation that I am a closet Messianic Jew on? I admire and respect true Christians. I do not consider the Liberation theology crew to
be Christians. There is no basis for this claim and MZ has knowingly committed Lashon Hara oddly right before the high holidays because it suits his self centered agenda.

MZ was asked by Papa Frank to post what evidence he had that Yehudi was a Christian missionary posing as an Orthodox Jew. He has made the off the wall claim that Papa Frank was in cahoots with Yehudi. Do not wait for MZ to provide the proof of his wild
claims. If he had it he would have posted it just as he posted my name.

Judaism has always recognized free will and as an American I embrace the concept as well. If Yehudi has decided he has embraced Jesus as the messiah than so be it. In a classical sense aboriginal Christianity was very Judaic. This is hardly surprising as a classic belief in Christ would consider his life to be the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. Aboriginal Christians considered themselves Jews and prayed in the same houses of worship.

I am a proud member of Western Civilization. What we have built is a product of the life affirming message of Jesus. There are times that my people were not treated abysmally. However with the odd exception of Pat Buchanan when one encounters
an antisemite who quotes Jesus it is almost entirely due to the fealty of these lunatics to Marx. For a look at the role Christianity played in the development of the world we live in today read the Great Divide by Alvin Schmidt.

MZ talks of his pipe dream Torah state in the same manner Renegade Kidney talks about a Trotskyite paradise, both are about as real as Munchkin land. Rav Roov would never
dream of enforcing religious law with religious goon squads ala Saudi Arabia. MZ's religious goons need to keep the world safe from Onanism, miscegenation and those evil homos. Sorry, but the beloved Rav Roov and the majority of Orthodox do not endorse such lunacy that would surely cause the destruction of the State of Israel.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Desperation Time

A desperate Renegade Eye has started a false claim that yours truly is a messianic Jooooo. To his credit the usually unhinged Kahanist stooge MZ questions this idiocy.

This episode reveals some stupidity on the part of MZ. I am not familiar with the blogger that was banned but lets assume this charge is true that he is a messianic Jew.

This person has 100% supported the actual Jewish people and the State of Israel. MZ tolerates the communist fake Jooo who deliberately stokes populist Antisemitism in an
effort to boost the ranks of his Trotskyite cult. The comment section at his blogoften resembles the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a and the anti semitic sections of Stormfront. He currently is linked to a blog of an actual blogger whose Nazi like content is recognized by the folks at Stormfront LWB.This actual Nazi is encouraged and welcomed at his site without critical comment. Diverse bloggers such as Jams, Sonia, CB and many others have noticed and commented on the anti semitism of LWB. Ren also keeps an Islamocommunist antisemite on board MILF from Lebanon (pun intended) whose brain impairment is amusing.

The record indicates that Ren has claimed "Zionist do not care about Jews" and made some asinine comments about Zionists working with Nazis on Sonia's site. He ignores
the actual record of Communists alliances with Nazis such as the infamous Nazi-Soviet
pact to enslave the Baltics and Eastern Poland. Ren also rationalizes the extermination of Jews by Arab terrorists and fantasizes about a workers state replacing Israel. This idea would actually bring Peace to the region as neither Jew nor Arab would want to live in a Middle Eastern Cuba or North Korea. Ren has also ignored the anti semitism of his God the cokehead commie Hugo Chavez.

I do not condemn a persons right to see God as they choose. The original Christians were considered a Jewish sect and the classical interpretation of Jesus is the fulfillment of Judaic prophecies. I have never condemned messianic Jews as they routinely support Jews and Israel. They have chosen a different path but I recognize
freedom of thought. Likewise I have been on record supporting former friend Mecurial
Justin Morris who now oddly calls himself a messianic Jew.

There is something wrong with Kahanists when they castigate and expel a messianic Jew
while embracing a Communist Impostor who actively stokes the most rabid forms of anti
semitism. Communists cease to be Jews or Americans the second they sign onto the wacky Marxist cult. The religious dimensions of Marx have been recognized by many scholars notably Toynbee.

Onto the latest amusing claim by Renegade Eye who has in the past speculated I have committed murder or that a well known anti communist is a "Stalinist" ? This new claim is that yours truly is a closet "Messianic Jew". This claim is false and quite amusing to my family and friends. The beloved Rav Roov would term who is an actual practicing Orthodox Rabbi as well my brother would never describe me as such. Traditional Orthodox Jews (Not to be confused with hateful Kahanists) tend to be more optimistic about non practicing Jews who do not practice the faith and would use the term non observant. My brother does chide me in private but always gently and loving as a family member should.

I do not consider the term messianic Jew to be an insult as I know several who are decent people. However, I remain a traditional Jew who respects Christianity with the
exception of the "Liberation Theology" crew who are and remain communists.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rare Post Beakerkin Admits He is Wrong

I want to say that in retrospect the selection of Palin is a stroke of genius. I really wanted to see JC Watts, Ridge or Jindal, but the base is energized. Most importantly the left has been revealed as hateful and the over the top reaction he cost Obama in the polls.

While Joe Biden adds nothing to an Obama ticket except mediocrity, Palin brings energy.

Political Extreemism and Mental Illness

The Neonazi site linked by commies has some rather amusing examples of Elmer Fudd antisemetism. There is a rather deranged post by a lunatic that the ADL has videotaped him having sex and he has complained to his local FBI office. There is a second who claims the Zionists derailed his acting career in Pittsburgh.

The site in question regularly posts antisemitic fare with a wild hypothesis that there was a nest of Israeli spies who by nature of their close proximity must have known about 9-11. What these dolts also leave out is that in the same general area are about 30,000,000 people of all types including midgets, imbeciles and fans of Vanilla Ice.The fact that in such a large number there is any particular subgroup is irrelevant.

The logic of this imbecility is that if we look at any cross section of people we can find any anomality we wish. No doubt there may be a cluster of people eating green jello when a car accident happens across the street. However, eating green jello has no relationship to car accidents.

We have written that political extremism of various types is often a mask for severe
mental illness. Paranoid delusions about the ADL filming bedroom antics is a good indicator of how insane the nuts are.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Momentum McCain and football.

A recent poll indicates that McCain is now leading Obama. No doubt those on the left
will make a variety of excuses. However, the far left is doing the best it can to derail Obama.

The far left is a hateful cartoon with such classics as Bush=Hitler, General Betrayus and a series of sexist attacks on Gov Palin. There is an unhinged element that thinks
calling Condi Rice " Aunt Jemimah" or Eli Wiesel a "Shoah Pimp" is acceptable discourse. In actuality the left is more bigoted than the old cartoon of Archie Bunker.

Every day goes by with another disgusting episode from the Daily Konstipation. The latest was caught by the folks at LGF and the folks at the Konstipation removed it. Obama at some point may have to address the hate at the Daily Konstipation.

I am somewhat saddened that the media largely ignored the antics of the RNC protesters. Had middle America been shown exactly who these people are the election
would be a rerun of the Nixon victory in 1968. I am amazed at the clueless left crying about the arrest of Amy Goodman who looks like she needs a bar of soap. A police officer clearly warned her to stop her behavior and she ignored the warning. Even on the highly edited version the law enforcement officer talks about his rights being violated by Goodman.

I can tell you from experience at the RNC convention in NYC that far left media types
do provoke and edit things. I looked out the window of my apartment and witnessed what appeared to be a protester tossing a tennis ball at the back of a cops head. Of course the cameras never picked up the initial provocation and started filming only after lawless types attempted without success to prevent police officers from doing their jobs. This is starting to look like a publicity stunt who should not be confused with a serious journalist.

Our former friend Justin has endorsed Obama. We do recognize that Justin like the rest of us is entitled to intellectual freedom. However, as stated earlier Justin has
always been somewhat mercurial in that one never knows which Justin will show up. His
sidekick has returned to rooting for the dreadful Detroit Lions after jumping joining
the axis of evil and rooting for the Cowboys. Now some of you may presume this move
was caused by mistaking the QB of the Cowboys Tony Romo with a Rib joint Tony Roma's
but he clearly knows football.

Speaking of football do not expect the Patriots to tank due to Tom Brady's injury. They play in a dreadful division and should still get 11 wins. The season is somewhat
early and injuries play a very large part. NE can get by without Brady easier than the Cowboys without Owens or SD without LT. Seattle and SD are better candidates to tank than NE.

Now some of you may ask about the Giants. I was not impressed with last weeks win.
This squad is very thin along the defensive line and LB. I am not sold on these units remaining healthy. I do think they can win next week, but beyond that injuries will determine their overall record.

Maybe for fun I will post my picks with Mr B and whomever else.
The rules are you have to pick every game with a score such as Giants 27 Rams 13.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another 9-11 Post

I want to apologize to older readers for having to endure another one of these posts.

This post is aimed at the newer readers. I will provide some back story to this blog and my life.

I was there on 9-11 just another face in the sea of humanity that ran on that day. The media does not seek my opinion as I am a faceless ordinary man. They seek out the vocal
far left Jersey Girls who think they own that day. Sorry, but unlike the Jersey girls I was there. I could tell them of the haunting looks on the faces of the firemen who raced past me into history as I moved away from it. I will never forget the haunting look on the faces of men called to duty trying to save lives knowing they may not return. The Jersey Girls do not speak for me. I speak with my own voice, for better or worse.

A twist of fate in the life of this New Yorker had me in the building the first time it was bombed. Many of you forget that it was bombed in the Clinton years. Bill Clinton did nothing as usual and never visited the site.

On the Saturday after 9-11 the city was filled with the stench of burning evil. The buildings were smoldering in the distance at Ground Zero. Most of us were wondering who we knew who was dead and the estimates at that time was 30000 dead. Communist held a Nuremberg rally in Union Square Park and blamed the Joooos. The media gave extensive coverage to Fallwel's stupid remarks but not a single sentence to this hate
fest. I was prepared to fight and told my girlfriend I would meet her at home. Somehow she read my body language and she said " I am not going home without you". My
duties to my household were more important than the anger of the moment. However, at that moment the Cold Warrior was reborn.

If I were young enough I would have signed up to fight. Once again my duties at home and my age prevented me from doing so. I took a test for a security related government job as the best I could do. The rest of the story is familiar a stint in Northern Vermont and my return home to my beloved NYC. I was to leave for a trip to GA, MO,KS and CA before returning home again.

That is my story.

Recently, I had a chance to hear a different perspective from a young and hopelessly
naive Muslim American. He remembers the anger and hate directed at Muslims in the days after 9-11. Now it is 100% wrong to blame Muslim Americans for 9-11. However, America did not get a honest reponse from the community. What should have been said was this attack was inexcusable. Instead we got rationalizations about foreign policy
and BS about poverty causing terrorism. Even in the discussion about Rudy's remark we
still get the story about "well it is US foreign policy".

What bothers me even more is the Mickey Marxist version of Islamic history being taught in our University by MELAC hacks. Most Americans remember the droning on about the evils of colonialism. However, Muslim students seem to think Islamocolnialism is a different animal from its western counterpart. What is being taught is a cartoon version of history that is more Disney than fact. Muslim students are never told about invasions of Christian lands, genocide in India or the kidnapping of people from all over the planet for slavery.

The section about the treatment of minorities ruled by Islamic tyrants is especially odious. Imagine a presentation of the American South with happy slaves and Blacks thrilled to live under Jim Crow. The presentation of such history would be dishonest
and racist. The usual response of leftists and Muslim students is usually well Jews were treated worse in Europe. In actuality this is as absurd as claiming American slaves were treated better than their counterparts in Africa. One does not justify crimes against humanity with the claim that other crimes elsewhere were worse.

Lost in the mix is that Muslims try to restrict the conversation to Jews. This is also misleading as Christians and many other minorities are ignored. The fact that these Jim Crow systems were dismantled by the West and in the case of ancient Iran the supposedly barbaric Mongols. Muslims are presented as victims of the Crusaders, Mongols, Europeans and now Jooooos. The Crusades were a belated response to a series
of invasions by Muslim colonialist. Unfortunately, they often terrorized Jews who had
nothing to do with Muslim colonialism.

Thus Muslims are presented a wildly inaccurate history where they have never mistreated or invaded anyone and are perpetual victims. It takes a genuine feat of academic malfeasance to create this history.

It may be a serious undertaking but we may have to push for genuine changes in our school curriculum. It seems the wrong people are being given historical guilt trips.
A more inclusive curriculum including the horrors created by communism and Islamic colonialism need to be added.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Not Impressed

McCain appeared too reverential to Obama. The speech appeared too contrived and not on point.

Obama is a potential disaster and his attempt to be above it all is just bad tactically. The McCain campaign should address Ayers, Pastor Wright and the recycling
of Caterite Brezinski as an adviser.

At some point the campaign needs to highlight the excesses of the Daily Konstipation
especially the anti military, anti American and Anti Semitic material. The campaign needs to highlight his arrogant remarks about bitter people embracing God and Guns. Obama as an arrogant elitist who cares more about what people think in Brussels than at
Bob's Coffee shop is a winner.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not so impressed

As usual Rudy is a tough act to follow. His speech was the best by far of night. Just exactly what did Obama do before going into politics. "Community Organizer" does not exactly seem impressive at all.

Now onto the speech of the VP it seemed about average. Perhaps I am disappointed as the buildup was a bit much. I would have preferred JC Watts or Bobby Jindal as the VP pick.

I want to thank the folks at the Daily Konstipation for their over the top anti-semitism. Their comments about Joe Lieberman pushed a good man out of the Democratic party. I keep waiting for Charles Schumer to speak up about the mess at the Daily Konstipation. Schumer is eventually going to get some of the same basic anti-semitism when he runs again. Schumer is strangely silent on this subject and that is a feat.

Why didn't Obama pick Bernie "Col" Saunders moron VT for VP. It seems that there are rules that require VP picks to have some brain function and a pulse. Picking the potted Senator would have fired up the folks at the Daily Konstipation. Saunders is their type of candidate incoherent, dumb and spineless.

Flynn's A Conservative History of The American Left

I am spending time on the earlier chapters. The chapters about the Knights of Labor and Henry George are very interesting reading. Those chapters depict infiltration and the serious damage done by Anarchist freaks to the early Union Movement. Also depicted is the attempt by Marxists to subvert George's political group. George was critical of Marxists who ironically today try to co-opt his goofy message. In fairness George's inane musings do not deserve to be placed anywhere near the criminal history of Marx.

NY Post on Pravia Killing "Risky Sex"????

There was an oddity in the NY Posts description of a local murder. I was quite confused by the use of the term "risky sex". What this described is open to imagination S&M ...or who knows what... The NY Post should have just simply stated the victim was gay and moved onto the details of the story.

In fairness to the local media, sadly it is not uncommon for local college students to kill themselves. However, an extension chord is not a likely mode of doing this.
It should have been obvious that it was almost certain a crime had taken place.

The should have shown more class to the victim and not noted his promiscuity.
It is bad enough the individual in question has been brutally killed, but there is really no need to trash the victim. This promiscuous part is not limited to gays as sadly Jennifer Levin's sex life was splashed through the media as well.

The only good part about the local coverage is the genuine mental illness is being highlighted. This is a depraved act by a sick and evil man and drugs were probably very central to the real story.

Being a Marxist Bird Brain is easy

An example of how easy life is as a Marxist hack is the relative ease that hatred and stupidity gets displayed without critical comment.

"Dan Quale with breasts" is a sexist statement. No doubt if one of us made a similar comment the duck would be in overdrive. Then again the Duck seems to think perjury, treason and decades of stupidity are okay when done by Gomer Kerry. The Duck also has no problem with crack use, membership in a communist racist church led by a crack pot pastor for two decades and having a personal relationship with a communist terrorist for two decades are not relevant.

The Duck is very ignorant about the actual way tax revenues work. States with large populations subsidize smaller states like Vermont and Alaska. Alaska also by nature of where it is located also has a few military bases. Even in states large municipalities subsidize rural areas. How ever as someone who places credence in Marx his IQ is probably too low to understand these basic points.

Beating up on the teenage daughter of Pallin is going to backfire especially amongst
women. This backlash will be similar to the one the folks at the Daily Konstipation
got for the General Betrayus ad. Parents who are familiar with these situations are
going to react to these hateful attacks. Moreover, it shows how out of touch communists are with basic humanity.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Obama doesn't get it

Obama is guilty of thinking the election was over and playing it safe. He picked a very mediocre Senator who may be the dumbest person in the Senate as a safe pick. He went into histrionics about a book and has done nothing of substance.

Obama's big mistake was the trip to Europe. He has had difficulty connecting with regular people who live in rural areas. His condescending remarks after Pennsylvania
about God and guns have hurt his candidacy.

Into this mix comes a breath of fresh air. Gov Pallin is the true outsider who has not been into the salons of Europe. She was a working mother who has held a real job and has executive experience. Oddly the pregnant daughter bit probably helps her with parents who know first hand that kids even given the best of parenting sometimes fall off track.

Pallin is as real a person as we are likely to see in a National election. If she did not live in Alaska where everything is so expensive she could probably tell us what a box of Captain Crunch is. She is the opposite of Gomer Kerry's windsurfing and inability to name baseball players such as Manny Ortiz.

Pallin is more qualified to be President than Obama based on her executive experience
and holding a real job.