Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kahanist Clowns, Mickey Marxists and Rubberoom Rejects

There are those among you who mistakenly think that the views of MZ are the authentic
and official viewpoint of the Jewish people. The views of MZ are not representative
of the Orthodox community. They are the views of a hateful crank, who Utopian idiocy is not reality based.

MZ now wonders if I am closet messianic. I would have become a Christian long ago if I felt that his inane hateful views were representative of my people. However, as a member of the Jewish community I am well aware how off the wall the views of MZ are. When I want a lecture about Judaism I need look no further than my younger brother the beloved Rav Roov whom I honor with every post. The Rav was known as Beaker for his resemblance to the beloved muppet. My pen name means relative of the Beaker whom I am very proud of even though we walk different paths.

MZ is what is known in our community as a baal teshuvah. He did not become religious until later in life. As such he often fails to get the substance of our religion wrong while screaming about the letter only when it suits his agenda. He is well aware that he lied when he falsely wondered if I was a closet Messianic Jew. However,
do not hold your breath for him to come over to this site or post an apology even as the religion he lectures the world about warrants it for the high holidays. For the record I do not consider being wrongly called a messianic Jew an insult. I do consider being called a Kahanist an insult.

What does the dullard MZ base his speculation that I am a closet Messianic Jew on? I admire and respect true Christians. I do not consider the Liberation theology crew to
be Christians. There is no basis for this claim and MZ has knowingly committed Lashon Hara oddly right before the high holidays because it suits his self centered agenda.

MZ was asked by Papa Frank to post what evidence he had that Yehudi was a Christian missionary posing as an Orthodox Jew. He has made the off the wall claim that Papa Frank was in cahoots with Yehudi. Do not wait for MZ to provide the proof of his wild
claims. If he had it he would have posted it just as he posted my name.

Judaism has always recognized free will and as an American I embrace the concept as well. If Yehudi has decided he has embraced Jesus as the messiah than so be it. In a classical sense aboriginal Christianity was very Judaic. This is hardly surprising as a classic belief in Christ would consider his life to be the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. Aboriginal Christians considered themselves Jews and prayed in the same houses of worship.

I am a proud member of Western Civilization. What we have built is a product of the life affirming message of Jesus. There are times that my people were not treated abysmally. However with the odd exception of Pat Buchanan when one encounters
an antisemite who quotes Jesus it is almost entirely due to the fealty of these lunatics to Marx. For a look at the role Christianity played in the development of the world we live in today read the Great Divide by Alvin Schmidt.

MZ talks of his pipe dream Torah state in the same manner Renegade Kidney talks about a Trotskyite paradise, both are about as real as Munchkin land. Rav Roov would never
dream of enforcing religious law with religious goon squads ala Saudi Arabia. MZ's religious goons need to keep the world safe from Onanism, miscegenation and those evil homos. Sorry, but the beloved Rav Roov and the majority of Orthodox do not endorse such lunacy that would surely cause the destruction of the State of Israel.


Always On Watch said...

MZ now wonders if I am closet messianic.


As for Pat Buchanan, he's an ass. Does he have some form of senile dementia? I don't recall his being an anti-Semite until recently.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, what crazy site contains all this?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, does this mean you love the Pseudostinians?

As seriously demented as Mad Zionist is at least he airs his Zionist bigotry in the open.

You remain troubled by yours and can't adjust.

Ducky's here said...

MZ is what is known in our community as a baal teshuvah.


You are known in my community as faszystowski

Beamish said...

he said she said