Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Communist Stupidity and waste of Art

In this chapter Flynn recounts the absurd era of communist goonery in the arts. Commies
had decided that art is a weapon and must serve their insane cult. While commies rail about black lists they do not acknowledge that party goons often dictated what artists
could write.

This episode illustrates why works by communists should be viewed with suspicion and why they should not be employed in education or government. A communist by nature is a herd animal whose fealty to a genocidal cult trumps all other factors. Communists have no loyalties except to the cult and there are numerous examples of betrayal of this country and others by communists. They can not be counted on to follow directions or to
maintain professional ethics and as such should be excluded from hire.


Ducky's here said...

Actually that is only true of the Stalinist dictatorship. He forced "socialist realism" on us and it is worth noting that this is the only painting style accepted by Ayn Rand.

Now prior to Stalin we had the supremacist movement in the graphic arts. Eisenstein, Dovzhenko, Pudovkin in film ... a movement superior to anything America has produced. It is a shame what they did to Shostakovich but we have hardly produced a composer as good.

It's ugly what tyranny can do to art whether it is political tyranny or the tyranny of the "free market" but either way you get dumbed down.

I'm also quite sure that Mr. Flynn doesn't know crap about any of the artists I've mentioned. If you would like to debate me, I'd enjoy slapping you down.

FJ said...

Amen. What the hell are ex-Weathermen terrorists running educational programs in Chicago under the CAC and doling out millions to Leftist "trainers"?