Wednesday, September 03, 2008

NY Post on Pravia Killing "Risky Sex"????

There was an oddity in the NY Posts description of a local murder. I was quite confused by the use of the term "risky sex". What this described is open to imagination S&M ...or who knows what... The NY Post should have just simply stated the victim was gay and moved onto the details of the story.

In fairness to the local media, sadly it is not uncommon for local college students to kill themselves. However, an extension chord is not a likely mode of doing this.
It should have been obvious that it was almost certain a crime had taken place.

The should have shown more class to the victim and not noted his promiscuity.
It is bad enough the individual in question has been brutally killed, but there is really no need to trash the victim. This promiscuous part is not limited to gays as sadly Jennifer Levin's sex life was splashed through the media as well.

The only good part about the local coverage is the genuine mental illness is being highlighted. This is a depraved act by a sick and evil man and drugs were probably very central to the real story.

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