Friday, September 05, 2008

Not Impressed

McCain appeared too reverential to Obama. The speech appeared too contrived and not on point.

Obama is a potential disaster and his attempt to be above it all is just bad tactically. The McCain campaign should address Ayers, Pastor Wright and the recycling
of Caterite Brezinski as an adviser.

At some point the campaign needs to highlight the excesses of the Daily Konstipation
especially the anti military, anti American and Anti Semitic material. The campaign needs to highlight his arrogant remarks about bitter people embracing God and Guns. Obama as an arrogant elitist who cares more about what people think in Brussels than at
Bob's Coffee shop is a winner.


Ducky's here said...

Why did John McCain refuse to wear a flag pin?

FJ said...

I agree, to a degree.

Always On Watch said...

I wasn't impressed with McCain's speech, though it did have a strong ending.

Always On Watch said...

Curious....Just now on the NBC Nightly News, I heard that McCain's audience was the largest of any of the convention speeches -- DNC or RNC.

Beamish said...

I thought McCain spoke well, and it was a nice contrast to the John Kerry-homemade-war-footage-on-a-stage-shaped-like-a-boat and the Oracle of Obamapolis theater.

Apparently, America did too. John McCain's speech was watched more than any other televised convention speech from either party in American history.

And then John McCain surged ahead of Obama in the polls by 4 - 6 points. The Rasmussen numbers this coming Wednesday will be the first of the Palin effect being measured by Rasmussen's tracking poll methodology that has proven to be the most reliable in the last few elections. They already know Sarah Palin has a 58% approval rating - higher than Obama's and McCain's, and WAY higher than Joe Biden's.

It's about to get sick with glee up in har, y'all.