Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sometimes Dreams Come True

My journey began on 9-11. I had one of those meaning of life conflicts all of us go through. I had incorrectly assumed the religious were spared these moments that are part of thehuman condition.

I started out and took a test. My path went through many bad jobs where I was treated by abusive owners. In one company the workers went on strike for heat. In another the owners wife would castigate me most of the day. For a person who has worked with halfway house inmates to complain must give you some idea of the magnitude of mistreatment.

I took a voyage away from home into the unknown in Vermont. It was a term job in a land of contrasts. The land was frozen with temps sometimes 60 below when I left in the morning. I had a tree hit me and many close encounters with cars and wildlife.

The people were mostly good but very different. Fortunately there were enough ex NYC types
to keep me company. Northwind was interesting but not to be taken seriously. Then there was Earl the ever hungry cat always scaming a meal and a warm place to stay. Sometimes Earl would even let me have mt flanel shirts.

The Vermont job was a temporary job with an axe hanging over my head. Many people couldn't take the last second reprieves from the govenor and took different jobs. I never expected to have the opportunity to take the writing test, much less pass it. Sadly, every time my candidacy for a permanent job appeared in Vermont it was just out of my grasp. I decided not to wait for fate and create my own destiny in NYC.

I had forgotten about the job and thought I did poorly on the interview when months later I was offered a job back home. I would miss many special friends and there were many touching parties and sad goodbyes especially to that always hungry cat. I was quite sad when I left VT as I doubt I will ever have a reason to return.

I had many amazing adventures in the remote Northeast Kingdom. My parents even came up and experienced the savage beauty for themselves. The Green Mountains are nothing compared to the rugged beauty of the White Mountains. I enjoyed my trips to the Kingdom, NH and Maine. The Kindom is a place of rugged beauty where vacation homes are next to the grinding poverty of Tobacco road. I also enjoyed seeing a Moose in person but it is easier to find them with a police scanner. State Troopers follow Moose to keep cars at a safe distance.

I am finally getting the training I need to be a full time member of the staff. Like everything else the toughness of the new training has been ramped up just as I get there. Nothing ever seems to come easy for me. Yet this is just part of what makes my life unique and we don't appreciate things that come without effort.

I never strayed from the East coast except for a trip to Chicago and Milwaukee. I took several trips to DC and a few to Boston and Florida. Now I will be in GA, Lees Summit MO and LA in a job related adventure. I will try to meet with some of you along the way. I have contacted Z off line and plan to meet with her in CA. I will try to see if I can visit with Florian and Russet in GA and perhaps Freedomnow in San Diego. Part of me is disappointed because I would have met many more had I got the TX tour. The TX tour would have been compact enough for me to use my own car.

I want to point out that the local office is not PG rated. There is very serious work that goes on each and every day with very dedicated people whose sole concern is public saftey. Criminality and fraud are taken very seriously here.

The work is very depressing at times. The constant steady flow of criminals, conmen and depressing testimony does wear on ones soul at times but there is nothing I would rather do.
Some of the testimony is hair raising and is far worse than you have read in the media. Yet persecuted people remain silent to protect loved ones who are held hostage by vile governments like Syria, Iran and Zimbabwe.

I am amused when Commies point to me and ask what I sacraficed for my beliefs. I sacraficed my career because I believe in the ideals of America. I could no longer push numbers on ledger sheets for ego centic fashionistas, it just wasn't enough. If my life ended tommorow I would consider myself blessed for the honor of serving the country I love. Had History placed me elsewhere on 9-11 I would probably just be a number on a ledger sheet.

I ran on that day and out of nowhere the song that my people sing before preparing to die sudenly came to my lips. It was odd that a non-religious type like myself should sing Ani Mamin.
Moreover, a proclimation of faith in the middle of impending doom is rather odd. Yet there were many odd things about that day such as the greatness of man ( the firefighters) and our most bestial evil on display in one place with a cast of thousands of ordinary folk like myself caugh in the winds of history.

I found what I believe in upon the ashes of that day, America. My story began on the confusion of that days that followed. Hopefully the rest of you will find a subtler way to examine the meaning of purpose and being a part of something you believe in.

Beamih in 08

Friday, September 28, 2007

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Beakers

I will be spending five weeks on a naval base near Savanah. I will not be able to visit Florian as my calsses are six days a week 7-3. From there it is back to NYC for one day and two weeks in Lees Summit followed by one week in LA and two in Laguna Nigel. My class got CA instead of TX. I would have prefered visiting Dallas and Houston.

Beamish in )*

The Protocols and Communists

Communists who readily betray America and have a history of deception lies and revolutionary defeatism, now think they are the arbiters of who is an American. The irony of warped political cultist advocating the overthrow of the United States government deciding who is a patriot is amusing.

The game that commies play is the standard dual loyalty bit. Aerican Jews are deemed suspect unless they advance Communist positions. Thus the usual suspects often play up their ethnicity in a vain attept to gain authenticity from their peers and deflect charges of anti-semitism.

The history of this dual loyalty canard go back thousands of years and is standard anti-semitic jargon that has become a cliche. We do not place Italians, Poles or Irish under similar standards and to do so would be bigoted.

There is also the standard talk of cabals and too much influence in the media that is also a cliche.
The comments from Walt about silencing critics of Israel on campus are quite amusing. How long has Noam Chomsky, Joel ( Insane) Kovel and many others been on campus decades. If anything there is a cabal of Communists and fellow travelers who have excluded conservetives from faculty positions. Will Walt explain how 1% of the population is exponentially over represented and the 30% that are Conservatives are not there at all. Over representation is only a problem when Asians, Whites or Jews are slightly statistically over represnted.

The real question for Walt is how did a clown at MIT get away with admitting making up Truman quotes, making up mythical US-Nazi alliances, back Holocaust deniers, call eyewitnesses to Pol Pot's commie Killing Fields liars and remain employed. How did Norman Finkelstein get four jobs with zero peer reviewed articles and a decades long history of mental instability. How do fake Indians become Indians in Colorado State? How has Joel Kovel held a job for decades when it is apparent the man has never held a coherent thought in his life. The answer is if you toe the communist party line all your mediocrity gets ignored.

The proof of this is Walt himself. Before he presented this Protocols of the Elders of Zion who heard of this clown. Now Walt feigns distress as he counts in the dollars from book sales and basks in the adulation of the clique of comunist peers in higher ed. Walt is now a household name
and has his own little fan club of anti-semitic groupies.

Norman Finkelstein, noted crank and mental case, has parlayed hiself into an icon for this crowd. Perhaps Finkelstein should market Finky brand toilet paper and consumer products.
If you are irregular take Finky brand dietary suplements and you will no longer be constipated.

Walt imagines a cabal of Israel supporters while ignoring reality in higher ed and got fame and a fist full of dollars in the process.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Book Review True Believer by Carmichael

This book is a rather interesting book about the capture of Cuban spy Ana Montes. The author is 1005 correct that the case generated no publicity. Montes was removed from her job ten days after 9-11. The USA could not allow Montes to endanger the lives of Americans in the upcomming war with Afghanistan.

Montes treasonous activities were motivated by her communist political views. This is yet another example of why communists should be prohibited from working in the government and under scrutiny of law enforcement.

The book gives one an inside look at a real investigation. Conducting security related interviews is a tough task and much of the job often is subtle. As a fellow investigator, I appreciate the difficulties presented by the author. The book also details how the government works from an insiders view.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why don't most of you know the name Ana Montes

Communist antisemites like to bandy the name Johnathan Pollard and play up minor cases of spying for Israel. We can name the usual suspects largely because Commies repeat the absurd charge that Jews who support Israel have dual loyalty issues.

This is quite amusing comming from Communists who have no such concerns. Communists have no loyalty to the USA and the well documented cases such as Hiss, Rosenbergs and so forth are part of a series of traitors communists knowingly lied about for decades.

Ana Montes betrayed her country and served as a spy for Cuba. Her crime was motivated by her inane beliefs in Communism. Montes serves as yet another reminder of the governments failure and refusal to eliminate Communists from positions where they can endanger security. The lawyer culture of the far left would lead one to believe that one has a right to work in sensitive areas. Common sense dictaters we do not employ pedophiles in day care centers nor do we employ bank robbers in banks.

Communists should be barred from all governmental employment, especially those that deal with national security.

The reality is that Cuba has had several spy rings broken up in this country. The media seems to down play Cuban espionage.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Did 167 write Ahmadinejad's responses

I am hardly surprised by the off the wall comments of Ahmadinejad. Over a year ago Gay Communist Antisemite 167 made similar claims about Saudi Arabia and Iran amd gays on Rob Bayn's blog. According to the rabid Communist Anti-semite all gays who were executed in Iran and Saudi Arabia were guilty of pedophelia and were fairly tried before sharia courts.

167 went on a comedic tangent that the execution of Tookie Williams proved the USA was evil because it was racist. He went on to describe Iran as homosexual friendly place that he was an expert in because he lived there six months.

Other odd tangents from 167 were Jews stole the Holocaust. Allegedly 167 quotes a number of 25,000 gay victims but doesn't quote a source. In reality professional researchers have a hard time naming 1,000. However, 25,000 is probably a fraction of the gay community of Berlin. He is also fond of a tangent about Jews making up stories about soap and this is proof in his demented mind the Holocaust was exagerated.

Rob and Justin did not put up with that garbage. Sadly as Rob frequently deletes his blog that classic exchange is lost. It was Justin's shining moment and the end of 167.

Update: If you place into a site called the way back machine you
can view the hysterical response to the above described exchange. Sadly, the service does not include comments.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Is Ahmadinejad Reality Impaired ?

Those who critiqued Lee Bolinger certainly can not fault him for being passive in his questioning of Ahmadinejad. Bolinger may not be confused with Bill O"Reilly but was far more O'Reilly than Larry King.

I am sorry that the focus and attention has been placed on Holocaust denial and claiming amazingly there are no gays in Iran. This must come as a surprise to the people who are executed or to his commie style religious police who harass gays.

Of course one wonders if the far left who continue to rationalize this nut in their anti American and anti semetic mania are also reality impaired or are practicing revolutionary defeatism.

Beamish in 08

Mr Beamish demonstrates the correct way to handle Ahmadinejad

Long term readers of this blog know I am a fan of classic Marvel comics. There used to be a series with alternate timelines called What If. The series was pesented by a charachter called the watcher.

This timeline will have a debate moderated by Larry King with John Madden on the telestrator.

King: I would like to thank the students from this fine institution for inviting a largely irrelevant codger like me to moderate this vital debate between Mr Beamish and Ahmadinejad. Seated to my left is President Ahmadinejad.
Ahmadinejad: You stooooopid Jooooish media fooooool I am standing.
King: My mistake but Napoleon and Stalin weren't Giants either.
Now introducing Presidential candidate Mr Beamish with his personal assistant the incoherent Beakerambo.

Madden: Mr Beamish is entering the room WWE style to Sweet home Alabama. This is a hostile crowd and they seen to be throwing papers at Beakerambo and Mr Beamish. Beakerambo is holding an oversize American flag.

Beakerambo: Me Meeeeep Miiiii Ticker Tape Parade Meeep Mi.

Madden: Listen to the crowd booo.
Summerall: It is hard to believe this place is part of the United States.
Madden: So that is why I haven't seen Juan Valdez or any of Bret Farve's errant throws.
Summerall: No we are not in Columbia the country we are in the University.
Madden: Who has that ugly Mule over there
Summerall: John that's no ugly Mule it is a Professor of Woman's studies.
Madden: She looks like she has been playing against Lyle Alzado what a mug.

King: So President Ahmadinejad what are your views on the Holocaust.
Ahmadinejad: I did not deny the Holocaust I said the Jews have created a myth of the Holocaust that they revere above their God. We do not see any evidence of ........ Hey you zionist gas mask wearing thug you just hit me.
Mr Beamish: I deny I hit you.
Ahmadinejad; What are you talking about you just punched me in the face in front of hundreds on TV in front of thousands.
Mr Beamish: Kind of like the Holocaust was seen by millions of participants, survivors and bystanders. There are thousands of photos and artifacts.
Ahmadinejad: Hey you Joooooish gangster you just hit me again.
Mr Beamish: I deny that I hit you. Who are you going to believe your own eyes, the pictures ....

Madden: This is obviously some sort of trick play.
Summerall: The crowd seems to be laughing and has started to chant Beamish in 08. It would appear that Mr Beamish has made his point with some pointed irony.
Madden: Isn't midget abuse a 15 yard penalty.... I think I can make out a smirk under the gasmask.

King: President Ahmadinejad. You have provided weapons to Hezbolah and to terrorists in Iraq.
Ahmadinejad: These are zionist media lies. The Zionist colonial state will be wiped off the map soon.
King: Your response Mr Beamish.
Mr Beamish: Beakerambo will you hand me my laser pointer.
Beakerambo: Meeeee Miii Meeep Manual Labor miii oooooops
Ahmadinejad: Hey get that red dot off my car you Zionist thug.
Beakerambo: Meeee Mee Meep Bombs Away Mee Meep
Ahmadinejad: Your steriod abusing retarded slave just blew up my new limo ......... %&%&&^ Jooooish %^*^*^( Zionist %&^*^

Madden: There goes the ref with a yellow flag. Lets get the call
Ref: Insulting speech inpaired learning disabled Ahmadinejad has been thrown off campus.
Madden: It would seem Mr Beamish has won this debate by out thinking his opponent.
Summerall: Listen to the crowd chanting Beamish in 08.
Madden: Isn't this the University whose football team went four years without winning a game.
Summerall: Now you have done it John the audience is throwing paper at us. Back to Terry and JB in the studio.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Where else should an Anti-semite speak

Many are surprised that Columbia has invited the rouge Holocaust denying President of Iran who has pledged to wipe Israel off the map. I am more surprised that they did not offer him a job as a Professor. This is not outlandish in that the school's Middle Eastern Studies Department allready is home to the typical generic anti-Israel pseudoscholars with a record of harassing students who disagree. In fairness none of the Professors at the criticised MELAC department has been on record denying the Holocaust.

I am in favor of free speech even for this clown. It would be nice if the goons at Columbia would allow David Horowitz or Daniel Pipes to practice their first amendment rights without similar hassles. It would even be better if the University invited Pipes to ask questions to this utopian nut.

President Bollinger has been on record stating he will personally question the Iranian leaders comments on the Holocaust and wiping Israel off the map. Sadly questions about the persecution of Bhai, a legal system that kills gays and midevil dress codes are unlikely to appear.
I wonder if a Bhai asking about persecution of his coreligionists might end up tasered.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ashamed of the Knicks

I want to point out the disgraceful behavior of Isiah Thomas and the caveman like antics of owner Dolan are a disgrace to NYC. Dolan's attitude and arrogant testimony earned whatever massive award the plantiff in a sexual harassment suit is awarded.

Under ordinary circumstances I am against large scale payouts on sexual harassment cases. I have witnessed the intimidation and abuse of false accusations in the workplace. It is apparent the plantiff attempted to reason with Thomas and work within the system. The system not only did nothing to remedy the situation it made it worse.

Most of these sexual harassment cases are minor disputes that can be resolved with firm communication between coworkers. I do not like it when you do x please don't do it. However, two men talking about car parts is not an attempt to exclude women from a conversation. Nor is two men joking about a tie in a newspaper grounds for a complaint.

Ordinarily a single instance of profanity should not trigger sexual harassment. If women want to work in high pressure offices they have to be understanding and the notion that women are immune or more sensitive to profanity not aimed at them is somewhat sexist. No worker should be submitted to verbal abuse about personal matters. However a worker saying Darn of venting in his cube should be understood. If this person has an issue with the venting explain it diplomatically if possible.

Dolan's cavalier disregard for sexual harassment claims and immediate termination of the complainer is vile. He should at least have investigated the matter or spoke to the plantiff. Dolan's arrogance and ignoring legal advice makes him look like a blathering idiot. His stone age mentality is a reminder of why these laws were enacted in the first place.

I will be rooting for the Devils yech and the Nets groan until Dolan sells the team.

Communist Chavez Forces Communism into the Classroom

Hugo Chavez must think he is an AMerican University Professor. He has mandated that all students be brainwashed with Marxist dogma and has threatened to nationalize schools that do not adopt his madness.

This is part of a Hitler Youth type of strategy Communists attempt to impose via subversion of our educational system. The idea is to brainwash the young with eroneous information and false history. The goons of Marcuse add the everyone is a victim except for white males and Joos.

No doubt the next step is Chavez posting giant pictures of himself everywhere. The mind impaired apologists feign ignorance of the obvious parallels. Welcome to a slow motion version of Zimbabwe or Cuba redux. Future starvation and mass repression coming to Caracas aided by an army of seditious apologists.

In more amusing news a speaker at a John Kerry event was tasered. Kerry was against the tasering before he voted for the tasering. The notion that this person was tasered for criminal conduct has eluded many. This demonstrates the unhinged criminal antics of militant Gomer Kerry far left election conspiracy nuts.

The police should taser disorderly "peace protesters" when they commit arson, vandalism and harass local residents. The first amendment does not protect criminal acts. Of course tasering Cindy Sheehan the next time she breaks the law should be on pay per view.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Apparently the raid did happen

Once again we see the danger of allowing a regime run by an unstable Communist goon with a bad hairstyle to keep nuclear weapons. The nut in North Korea who starves his own people exported nuclear weaponry to a criminal state in Syria.

The government of Syria is a criminal state run by an Alawite clique that is around 13% of the population. The Syrian Baath Party is another gift from the Communist left. The fact that this state does knowingly frequently arm terrorist and is a repressive police state with a joke of an economy is not surprising.

I am somewhat surprised the usual anti-semitic cheerleaders are not providing more sanctimonious over the top Israel bashing. If anything Israel has been too restrained considering the daily provocations from the adjacent countries. One needs look no further than Chechnya to look at how a nation responds to terror.

I want to point out that Muslims are not the only oppressed people on the planet. In reality they are more apt to oppress than to be oppress. Ask yourself what other people line up a school full of children and shoot them in the back or smack planes into office buildings. This is not to claim every Muslim is a terrorist. Moreover, the constant Communist patting them on the head and rationalizing this behavior has made matters worse.

For an excellent look at the historic roots of Communist anti-semitic dementia read the article by Ben Cohen in Front Page Magazine.

Monday, September 17, 2007


There seems to be plenty of reports that Israel knocked out a Syrian WMD facility a mere 50 miles from the Iraqi border. I am somewhat sceptical as the usual suspects have remained silent. Moreover, such a feat would require some cooperation with the USA. Our radar would have picked up such a large attack. Oddly, if this is true it would seem amazing that the Assad thugocracy (communist Baath) would not try to blame the USA.

On other subjects Victor Davis Hansen writes about the new virulent strain of anti-semitic mania. He does not point out the convivance of communists in spreading this malady. He also notes the use of neocon as a code word for Jooo.

The sanctimonious Ren has claimed he does not permit adhominem on his site. John Brown is writing under several alliases and has clearly done so multiple times. I was quite amused at listening to actual Hitler speeches and noted their familiarity with the themes posted by Brown when he writes as LWB. Lets see Hitler claimed America was controled by the Jews and Roosevelt was a Joooo. This is identical to material posted regularly by LWB minus Roosevelt. The question is why Ren who claims he is anti-Nazi lets an actual Neonazi rant unchallenged. The answer is that as long as neo nazis kiss Ren's posterior he is okay with it. Now Brown writing as Terry has added profanity, threats of violence and slurs against Christians. Ren's alleged lectures about tone are nowhere to be seen. Even Beatroot has chided Terry, this is surprising in that he excuses most of Ren's flights of fancy. Anyone with a basic familiarity with Farmer John knows he is not exactly a religious man. How the deranged Brown writing as Terry
uses Christian as an epithet is amazing. Ren the souless communist hack does not see anything wrong with the repeated use of Christian as a slur. He does get worked up if one uses the term Pseudostinian. He calls the use of such term racist, but how Pseudostinians qualify as an ethnicity much less a race is a mystery. Arabs and Muslims also do not qualify as races either. The Psuedostinian ethnicity is based upon what??? Of course if Pseudostinians are generic Arabs than what we are dealing with is "Greater Arabia". Also Jordan was created as a Judenfrei state on 80% of the land. How many ethnically cleansed states do Muslims need. They get a state in Pakistan that is ethnically cleansed and demand yet more land. We turn to the Balkans where phantom new ethnicities are created out of whole cloth Kosovars.

Bat Yeor writes of Palestinianism as a religion. The insane notion that a contrived ethnic group as the worlds official victims is a communist creation. Prior to 1967 we do not hear much about Pseudostinians. In fact the term is used to describe Joooos. Communist stooge Nasser whose policies actually made poverty worse in Egypt created the Pseudostine Liberation Organization in 1964. He placed an Egyptian in charge of this group and one could write an entire post about Arafat's false bio, theft of aid and terrorism. The reality is that any claim that Pseudostinians are
an indigenous people is an insult to indigenous people everywhere. A basic look at Basques, Kurds, Assyrians, Egyptian Copts or any African or Indian tribe shows the Psuedostinian case to be comedic in comparison. Even a comparison to Texans, Brooklynites and Quebecois shows the claim of Pseudostinians to be inferior. Lets see the reason Brooklyn is not a country is that its residents are identical to those in Queens, extend this logic.

The reality is that this contrived ethnicity has proven an obstacle to peace. Long ago Arabs should have settled their own refugees like every other group on the planet. Instead they keep their own in refugee camps and create a myth. The myth is largely a Communist creation and needs to be placed to rest with Communism itself.

I am quite amused at the list of crimes that the Communist imbeciles claim are Capatalist crimes lets see El Salvador, Turkey, Korea, Gulf War One, Colonialism, Trench Warfare, Cancer etc. This says more about Ren's stupidity and ignorance of genuine history.

Colonialism was an ancient practice that predates Capitalism. Moreover as Communists created satelite states and invaded a series of countries with genocidal results this becomes funny. Moreover Ren has continually ignored Islamocolonialism while railing about Western Colonialism. The evil Western type went home and the Islamic variety still oppresses genuine indigenous people on their lands today ooops.

Trench Warfare was a battle tactic and how a battle tactic is considered a crime remains a mystery. Perhaps Ren will complain about the use of horses and chariots next. Speaking of WWI
a certain group practiced revolutionary defeatism and colaberated with its enemy in its rise to power. Ren also list Nazism as a Capatalist crime. However Nazis aligned themselves with Commies and divided Central Europe. Ren has defended this alliance with Nazis even as he claims to be anti-Stalinist. Moreover, there are plenty of examples of Commies using identical tactics against ethnic groups including planned starvation, relocation of entire ethnicities and the use of slave labor. Communists actually created neoslavery in gulags.

The Turks who commited genocide against Christians were a far left movement. They were secularists who mandated how people should dress and persecuted minorities that did not buy into this Ottoman creation much like the false "Soviet" and "Yugoslavian" identities. Like the Bolsheviks they were aligned with Germany in WWI.

Lets see El Salvador and Nicaragua were countries where Cuba and the Soviet Union armed and fostered a genocidal unrest. When the subsidies from both ended the insurection ended. The Sandanistas were a corrupt repressive bunch of thugs who commited genocide on Indians with Pseudostinian and Eastern European mercenaries while Chomsky and Gomer Kerry sang theur praises. Where communist insurection survived it is narcotics funded. Three cheers for communist drug pushers of the people. Of course Gomer Kerry who was so concerned about alleged Contra drug smugling said nothing about decades of communist narcotics trade that includes Fidel Castro and Hugo the Cocacommie.

Gulf War One was started by Communist client Saddam Hussein of the Baath party (Arab SOCIALIST) invaded Kuwait. Saddam was a good commie who also relocated who ethnicites, funded and sheltered terrorists and used chemical weapons on his own people. The humorous G
claims Saddam was our man. We do not make T series Tanks, Mig Jets, AK-47 or Mirage Jets. Actally the Soviets also supplied Iran as well via Syria and Lybia. China and North Korea also armed Iran as well.

Cancer is a human disease and living in a communist country reduces the possibility one will die of cancer. This is because the planned starvations and executions would kill one earlier.

The comments about Korea where waves of communists Chicoms invaded are amusing. The legacy of communism is seen in the North where people starve each and every day. When commies violate the laws of the US they should be sent there.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You get to vote on Beakerkin Theme Music

Our President Candidate of Choice was introduced on AOW's show with intro music Sweet Home Alabama. Warren will apparently be introduced with Dirty Deeds as the buffer music. I will allow the readers of this blog to pick my theme music.

1 The theme from Kojak. I loved the show but wished Savalas would toss the picture of Mao out the window. It is a classic NYC series.

2 The A Team theme a salute to my combative style of showmanship.

3 "Now you are messing with a son of a B576%&^&*(Beaker)" by AC DC another tribute to my feistyness.

4 Yes We Have No Banannas by Jimmy Durante a tribute to the frequent humor

5 The Theme from the Searchers For those who view ne as relentless

You may also enter your own idea.

I will add Beakerkins top ten NYC based TV shows

1 The Odd Couple better than the movie
2 All in the Family
3 Friends
4 Seinfeld " I hate Jerry, but the rest of the cast rocks"
5 Kojak
6 McCloud
7 The Honeymooners
8 Welcome Back Kotter
9 Different Strokes
1o The Jeffersons

Honorable mention

1 Dear John
2 Taxi
3 Head of the Class
4 Law and Order
5 Spin City

Friday, September 14, 2007

The secret of this blog

Communist, Anarchists and other social pariahs over estimate their IQ's by a factor of around ten times. They depend on your ignorance and desire to seem sociable. Few of us want to pound commies into hamburger meat, so we allow them certain liberties with the truth. Meanwhile they place every aspect of American and Israeli history under intense scrutiny. Any similar scrutiny of their own history is greeted with cries of Red baiting, McCarthyism, Islamophobe and racist.

The most comedic of these clowns are the anarchists. History proves several times Commies and Jihadis kill them when their uselessness is over. Just as predictably they still align themselves with those who treat them like Old Yeller. However, to be an anarchist one has to be a clueless imbecile to start with.

This blog has never bandied philosophy as it is not relevant to me. The empty words of philosophers mean absolutely zero, but the actions of the followers are the the only meaningful
evaluation. I do admire Farmer John and Jasons approach but it is not nor will it ever be in my repetoire.

I am quite amused by the antics of genocidal lunatics who forget that others are familiar with their tactics. We were amused by the lectures of the souless Renegade Eye about tone. Now it is apparent the one of his followers has used profanity and threats directed at Mr Beamish and Farmer John. Oddly a Marxist freak has decided the term Christian is an epithet. I will permit the reader to decide if apologists for class genocide and property theft should point their fingers in self righteous terms at the followers of Christ. Obviously Ren is now okay with anti Christian bigotry, adhominem and threats so long as the person making the statements kisses his posterior. We have allready seen his encouragement of a genuine neoNazi named LWB to post at his site.

We do not allow commies to feign noble motives. The historical record clearly indicates Communists make poverty worse. The starting point for all social problems is that Communism doesn't work. We can then move ahead to dependency and learned helplessness.

The fun part is no matter how many times commies rant, rave and cry we do not care. Nor do I care about the feelings of Neonazis, Jihadist or KKK types. Political freaks are best used as comedic props.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not Funny

I want to point out that those of you who think Renegade Eye is a benign enlightened Commie should think again. Renegade Eye claimed that starvation under Communism was limited to Pol Pot on Sonia's blog. Reluctantly, he added Mao and Stalin did this as well. He is now claiming there was no starvation in the Russia prior to Stalin. Moreover, he ommits plenty of examples of past and present use of starvation as a weapon by communists.

When does such knowingly false statements rise to genocide denial ?

Commies like to talk about helping the poor and try to control the language. Once in power they use food as a weapon and resort to brutality. It is our shame that we allow such appologists to feign noble motives. When you are dealing with a commie you are dealing with a elitist totalitarion pseudo religious brain impaired communist goon.

Oddly Commies often point their fingers at Christians who feed the poor and provide genuine medical and educational care for the indigent. Commies claim this is a good thing when done by Hezbollah to ignore their terrorism and drug dealing.

How is it that Christians if left alone will take care of the poor without class genocide and corrupt
power schemes? Any pretense of commies helping the "people" is a lie unless the help is to avoid aging or to die prematurely.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Stories keep comming in

One constant of this new job is the regular stories of imprisonment by communists of political opponents. Last week alone we had stories of persecution of Christians in China and the former USSR. We also had Muslim persecution stories from Albania.Several coworkers are Russian Jews with the familiar story communists deny.

American communists range from the young and foolish to the bold faced liars. When communists claim they are in favor of multiple parties or brand x is different this is a lie. They are totalitarian punks whose stock and trade is deception.

I wish I could sit these punks down in a room with some of the ordinary people sent to jail for being Catholic or because their father owned land. No doubt the usual suspects will claim their brand x communism is different but that is more deception. Eight years in jail for being Catholic says what to the dolts who preach the idiocy of Liberation theology.

The stories never end, nor does the denial, rationalizations and deception of American Communists.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Beak on the disabled list

There are many unique experiences in NYC. One of the most unique is street food. The trucks that serve huge vocational spots are called "roach coaches". I have a fondness for them dating back to my days as a fasshion executive. We had an excellent one in NJ that served resturant quality food and even cashed company checks, for a fee.

I saw an old truck that I was familiar with from my days in NYC. It was about to pack up and I steped in a pothole while trying to get to it. I sprained my foot quite badly. I am much better today but yesterday I my father drove me to the ferry. He did not think I was going to make it to the bus. It took me three hours to get home.

Many of you who expressed concern about the scrutiny given to the cases would be proud of the job that is done. I can not go into specifics but there is far more scrutiny here. I am shocked at what I am seeing both good and bad. Be rest assured the work here is much more important than the work in VT.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Beakerkin on the road

My training in Brunswick GA starts on the 15 of October. I will be there on rhe 14. I will spend the night of the 14 with family in Norfolk. I will be in Lees Summit KS and San Diego next. I want to see this Lees Chicken Mr B is fond of.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


As I walk the streets of NYC I feel I belong. This is my city and I am a native. I walk with confidence never surprised by the energy and changes in my city.

The sunrise over Govenor's Island in the harbor is breath taking. I love the smell of the salt water in the morning. There are all kinds of newspapers and street food.

The job is brutal and I will have to rise to the challenges. This is not a job for the soft or indecisive.

I will be likely going to Brunswick GA on 10-15. I will stop by my brother in Norfolk overnight. I will probably return and drop my car there and proceed to Lees Summit and San Diego or Houston.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An Apology to the Readers

I decided not to run a small interview with Rav Roov over the appoaching Jewish Holidays. The Rav was generous enough to provide his time and some interesting answers. However, a certain party felt the cumpulsion to edit his responses. In this case the edit was over a single word. However, I am exceedingly peeved in the notion that this individual feels a need to censor or approve every comment he makes.

As a general rule I will only run the responses of the parties interviewed for better or worse unedited. In fact I refused to even read his responses as I am interested in his thoughts, not that of the editor.

It is rare that I am angered enough to walk out of the house, especially in the presence of my beloved younger brother whom I rarely see. Rather than say words I would regret I went out for a five mile walk. My anger at the situation was resolved by eliminating the interview. I also will not be spending any part of the holidays with Rav Roov. I find the entire episode offensive
and rather than say a words I would later regret avoid the subject at all.

I do love the beloved Rav Roov, but there is a reason my visits are infrequent. I have always respected and supported him in his choice to lead a very different life from my own. All of us have limits to what we can or can not deal with. Sadly, patience has never been one of my qualities. Also remember the old adage advice is worth what you paid for it. Sadly there are people who are experts in everything and feel a need to lecture others. This unwanted advice is of a vocational matters. People who have no clue as to what I do for a living and have marginal careers need to refrain from career advice. Rather, than say regretable words I walked away.

There will be no additional interviews with Rav Roov going forward. The Rav as always is a valued family member. It is possible to read too much and too little into this particular post.
Maybe I should have remained in VT.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Reality and Slogans

I want to point out there are logical arguments to be made with some of the points of sanctuary.
Most of us would not want crime victims to fear the police.We also do notwant people with infectuos diseases to fear treatments.

However, I can not even think of a thought process that protects felons. Then people wonder why these crimes happen many times over.

The Beak returns home to Staten Island

Apparently news of my return is common knowledge in Staten Island. My parents are part of a smaller local community and I largely keep to myself. I never was a religious type so I seldom mix into community affairs or attend local gatherings.

I was surprised how many friends and neighbors were aware of my return. The community is much larger than when I left. I have brushed back several invitations to singles events. I preffer to live appart just beyond local concerns. It is harder for me to return home than attend a similar function in VT where I am just a drifter.

I burried my car in the driveway. It will not see much action for now. The next big trip is my trip to GA. I did want to take a trip across country. This will wait for now. I certainly do not want to do this in winter.

Tommorow is my first day at the NYC office. There will be several Vermonters arriving later.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Staten Island Has Changed

There have been many changes to my hometown since I left. When one thinks of Staten Island one must realize within this county is 3/4 of the population that resides in the entire state of VT.
Staten Island has around 650,000 residents and would be the largest city in many states including Vermont.

I find myself somewhat uncomfortable with the six lane highways that are always congested.

Many of the subtle NJ goodies that I previously enjoyed are now in Staten Island. Marty's shoe store is a local chain with killer prices. I am used to 150 dollar Rockports that I wear for three years until they fall apart. At Marty's the same shoe is 89 but there never seems to be staff.
The chain has a parrot that says Marty's in their advertisements that played on local talk radio.

Long term readers are aware of my enthusiasm for Popeye's Chicken. There is now a Popeye's Chicken on Staten Island. Maybe someday we will get our own Walmart. There are also no large dairy farms and I will gladly take Fresh Kills landfill over dairy farms any day.

I can also break out my Misses Buterworth syrup in peace. Local Vermonters get upset but I like the product that is taboo in VT.

The radio station is filled with every talk show imaginable except Glenn Beck. There is the return of the great oldies station CBS FM and several classic rock stations.