Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Apparently the raid did happen

Once again we see the danger of allowing a regime run by an unstable Communist goon with a bad hairstyle to keep nuclear weapons. The nut in North Korea who starves his own people exported nuclear weaponry to a criminal state in Syria.

The government of Syria is a criminal state run by an Alawite clique that is around 13% of the population. The Syrian Baath Party is another gift from the Communist left. The fact that this state does knowingly frequently arm terrorist and is a repressive police state with a joke of an economy is not surprising.

I am somewhat surprised the usual anti-semitic cheerleaders are not providing more sanctimonious over the top Israel bashing. If anything Israel has been too restrained considering the daily provocations from the adjacent countries. One needs look no further than Chechnya to look at how a nation responds to terror.

I want to point out that Muslims are not the only oppressed people on the planet. In reality they are more apt to oppress than to be oppress. Ask yourself what other people line up a school full of children and shoot them in the back or smack planes into office buildings. This is not to claim every Muslim is a terrorist. Moreover, the constant Communist patting them on the head and rationalizing this behavior has made matters worse.

For an excellent look at the historic roots of Communist anti-semitic dementia read the article by Ben Cohen in Front Page Magazine.


Ducky's here said...

Well Beak, you got one right. If you want dementia a good place to go is Frontpage.

You can smell the rotting brain tissue there. L'il Davey the Hoe, Jughead Glazov. What a rogues gallery of carnival barkers.

FLORIAN said...

so I guess we're in for a real treat in the near future concerning Syria also. Israel needs new leadership though in order to take on this task. I have no faith in Olmert anymore. A strange but unholy alliance between the atheist communists and jihaid muslims is forming.

Always On Watch said...

Did the msm report the raid? If so, I missed the coverage.

The Merry Widow said...

AoW-I had a post on this at my site, with a graphic of the route in and out. Apparently Turkey gave Israel permission to overfly...I don't blame Turkey, I wouldn't want a noodle-head like Assad to have nukes!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


mah29001 said...

Turkey was responsible in giving Israel the intel on where the targets were. Such as nuke facilities, along with weapons caches meant for the PLO-trained front group Hezbollah.